Europe is one of the world's smallest but richest continents. It's home to about 730 million people (11% of the world's population), hundreds of languages, a variety of climates and culture.

Wikijunior Europe is a book for kids about the countries of Europe. This book will give you the basic facts about the country, its people, its geography and its history and other interesting information. This book is currently being created so feel free to make an input. If you have any other ideas for this project then go ahead and do it or talk about it in the discussion page.


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* indicates countries which are partially or entirely located in Asia but are often considered as European for socio-political reasons.
¹ indicates member of the European Union.
° indicates candidate country of the European Union.
indicates countries located partly outside of Europe in continents besides Asia

NB. entities which are dependent on another country or whose independence is not widely recognized are not listed above. The Turkish Republic of Cyprus is talked about on the Cyprus page. Similarly, Crimea is discussed on the Ukraine page.

Former European CountriesEdit

  1. Soviet Union (USSR)* (until 1991) 50% developed  as of October 23rd, 2011
  2. Democratic Republic of Germany (East Germany) (until 1990) 25% developed  as of November 6th, 2012
  3. Yugoslavia (until 1992) 50% developed  as of December 20th, 2012

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This Wikijunior book is intended for kids but we hope it can be of use for anyone. If you want to read into these topics further visit the Europe and The EU pages on Wikipedia. Links for further reading should be added in the individual country pages so that readers can find out more about the capital cities, the language, etc.

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