Wikijunior Europe: Notes for Editors

Can you help? We are trying to build a Wikijunior book about the continent of Europe for young people to read. We have tons of information about countries and elements of Europe already but help is still needed.

Sections that will appear in every country page edit

  1. Introduction (name, neighbours, capital city, other cities, currency, EU membership)
  2. History of the country (brief but mentioning important events)
  3. Geography of the country (mountains, lakes, size, rivers)
  4. People of the country (nationalities, languages, religions)
  5. Sights of the country (tourist attractions, landmarks)

Contents edit

  1. a map showing the country's location within Europe
  2. the country's flag
  3. one or two photos showing images of the country (ideally 300px)
  4. links to other European countries when mentioned in the text
  5. a link to Wikipedia when the capital, currency and highest mountain are mentioned
  6. a link to Wikijunior Languages language page when talking about languages spoken in the country
  7. a template with a link to the country's article on Wikipedia at the top of the page
  8. a link to Wikijunior World Religions when talking about religions in the country
  9. a link to Wikijunior World Heritage Sites when talking about heritage sites in the 'Sights' section
  10. the bottom of the pages should contain {{Template:WikijuniorEurope}} which is the flag-linked navigation template

If you are using text from other resources like Wikipedia please ensure that you quote references and only use the most important information. A long blurb about thousands of years of history is not helpful in a Wikijunior book. Also please try to simplify language used so that it is easily understandable to young readers. When using terms that youngsters may be unfamiliar with use {{{{BOOKTEMPLATE}}/Define|word|definition}} to define important terms. Feel free to add other information about the country's food, climate, sports, etc. if you wish.

Other tasks edit

As the project nears completion help is needed with other things. It is important that there is consistency within the book. You can check individual country pages to make sure that there are no spelling or grammar mistakes, make sure that language is easily understandable for younger readers, check to make sure maps, images and flags are included on every page and that there is equal coverage of geography, history, etc.

Authors of this project edit

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