Member since October, 2006
I live in China and as such I edit from behind a VPN. I often don't log in as it's often quicker that way.
I will still try to reply to messages occasionally.
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Hi, I'm ЗAНИA or Xania. I've been here at Wikibooks since 2005 and presently I'm an administrator here so happy to help with whatever problems you may have.

My specialties are linguistics (Romance, Slavic and Celtic languages and Basque), history, European geography, culture and politics.

I help out here with removing vandalism and spam, checking books for grammar or spelling mistakes, categorizing books, improving Cookbook pages by adding links and metric units and working on several books which I created or have contributed to.

I strongly support the European Union's recent Right to be forgotten which allows people to remove false, dated, libellous or overly-personal information about themselves from search engine results pages. I feel that Wikimedia is very wrong in its opposition to this basic human right. Wikimedia is being contrary by opposing this law while actively enphasising the importance of privacy on its own sites. Wikimedia is also biased in this way because it's based in the USA where freedom of speech comes above other rights no matter how incorrect that speech may be.

This user has never been further than...
Lake Inari.jpg north Rovaniemi, Finland Rovaniemi, Finland 67°5′49″N 26°7′6″E
south Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina 54°48′50″S 68°18′32″W
west Alberta, Canada Alberta, Canada 53°32′36″N 113°30′14″W
central Greenwich, London, UK Greenwich, United Kingdom 51°28′40″N 0°00′05″W
east Tokyo, Japan Tokyo, Japan 35°46′14″N 140°23′18″E
... and higher than 3776 m on Mount Fuji

Some Wikibooks that ЗAНИA is currently working on:

ЗAНИA'S Activity on Other Wikis:


I am an English language professional with experience teaching the language to native speakers and non-native speakers as well as developing materials for use by other teachers. I speak Italian and Polish to a reasonable degree. I also have a more limited knowledge of French, Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, Basque, Slovene, Serbian / Croatian, Manx Gaelic, Georgian and Estonian.

My Basic 'Policies' on Wikibooks

I spend a lot of time fighting vandalism on Wikibooks. I am always willing to give people the benefit of the doubt but I have no tolerance for racism, homophobia or edits on a youth-targeted page which would be considered inappropriate.

Contact me

You can often find me on IRC using the username Xania:

Useful Links

These are mainly a shortcut for pages that I commonly visit but which take forever to find because of the poor search feature on Wikibooks.

Useful Templates

  • {{Template:WikijuniorEurope}} - Wikijunior Navigation Template
  • {{dewikify}} - Dewikify template for material copied from en.wiki
  • {{SharedIPEDU}} - Template for shared Educational IP addresses
  • {{SharedIP}} - Template for general shared IP addresses
  • {{Recipe summary}} - Recipe summary template for Cookbook pages
  • {{#invoke:temperature|f|400}} - Useful for auto-converting Cookbook temperatures

Edit Warnings

  • {{subst:EditSummary}} - for removing text without using edit summ.
  • {{subst:please learn}} - suggests they read U.W
  • {{subst:Spam}} - concerns inappropriate links
  • {{subst:warn}} - quite strong but final
  • {{subst:please stop}} - rather strong
  • {{subst:blatantvandal}} - very strong
  • {{subst:Use categories}} - use categories on new pages
  • {{subst:blanking}} - blanking
  • {{subst:no thanks|Page|2=--~~~~}} - Copyright warning
  • {{cleanup|reason}}