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Organic Chemistry/AlkanesEdit

contane->connate? (switch2) context: ~~~ prefix is added to -contane.
contane. For example, C<sub>57</sub>H<sub>116</sub> is named as heptapentacontane. When the chain contains 20-29 atoms we have an exce ~~~

Organic Chemistry/Alkanes/CycloalkanesEdit

equitoral->equirotal? (switch2) context: ~~~ to cyclohexane in equitoral
equitoral positions, as this reduces their steric hinderance and potential energy.==Other cycloalkanes=='''Cyclopentane''' flips between slightly different conf ~~~

General Biology/Classification of Living Things/Eukaryotes/Animals/ChordatesEdit

hemaphrodites->hermaphrodites? (omit) context: ~~~ Tunicates are hemaphrodites
hemaphrodites and can reproduce asexually through budding.In urochordates notochord is confined to larval tail.These lack cranium.These have an open type of circula ~~~

General Biology/Classification of Living Things/Eukaryotes/Animals/ChordatesEdit

fisive->fissive? (omit) context: ~~~ An extinct class of fisive
fisive heads.===Class Chondrichthyes==="cartilaginous fish"Appeared about 400 million years ago with bony fish.Includes sharks, skates and rays, an ~~~

General Biology/Classification of Living Things/Eukaryotes/Animals/ChordatesEdit

dinsosaur->dinosaur? (adjacent) context: ~~~ [[dinsosaur|
dinsosaur|dinosaurs]], [[snake]]s, most stuff=====Subclass Synapsida===========Order Therapsids===========Subclass Diapsida=====includes Ichthyosaurs, marine re ~~~

General Biology/Animal EvolutionEdit

blastua->blastula? (omit) context: ~~~ filled cavity of the blastua
blastua stage of the embryo.To distinguish it from the next grade, this type of cavity is called a pseudocoelom.Major examples of pseudocoelomates include the ~~~


breiefly->briefly? (adjacent) context: ~~~ tion into parts and breiefly
breiefly identifies the main subject for each part.The overview is organized into a decomposition hierarchy.The hierarchy is presented two layers at a time.Sub ~~~

Cell Biology/Cell types/ProkaryotesEdit

posioned->poisoned? (switch) context: ~~~ robes, however, are posioned
posioned by oxygen. Some obligate anaerobes live exclusively by fermentation; other extract chemical energy by anaerobic respiration, in which substance other ~~~

Cell Biology/Cell types/EukaryotesEdit

cyotosol->cytosol? (adjacent) context: ~~~ are returned to the cyotosol
cyotosol for reuse. The lysosomes become engorged with indigestible substrates, which begin to interfere with other cellular activities. == Vacuoles ==Vacuoles ~~~

Cell Biology/Cell types/EukaryotesEdit

cyotosol->cytosol? (adjacent) context: ~~~ ee ribosomes in the cyotosol
cyotosol and by ribosomes contained within these organelles themselves. They also contain small amount of DNA that programs the synthesis of the proteins made ~~~

Cell Biology/Cell types/EukaryotesEdit

falgellum->flagellum? (switch) context: ~~~ h of the cilium or falgellum,
falgellum, connect the outer doublets to each other and to the two central microtubules Each outer doublet also has paris of protruding proteins spaced along it ~~~

Latin/Index IIEdit

prepostion->preposition? (omit) context: ~~~ . If there is no prepostion
prepostion in front of it then it is probably a dative, unless it is being used in an ablative construction that would likely be apparent. If there is a preposi ~~~

Organic Chemistry/GlossaryEdit

dontating->donating? (adjacent) context: ~~~ an electrophile by dontating
dontating both bonding electrons. Nucleophiles are Lewis Bases.*Nucleophilic addition reaction -*Nucleophilic aromatic substitution reaction -*[[Organic_Chemist ~~~


dissimilarites->dissimilarities? (omit) context: ~~~ ilarities and dissimilarites
dissimilarites of populations and how they replaced each other over time, and [[Wikipedia:en:Mendel|Gregor Mendel]] . The last subcategory is [[Wikipedia:en:Ecosyste ~~~

GCSE Science/TransformersEdit

disspated->dissipated? (omit) context: ~~~ tricity. The power disspated
disspated by a cable = I<sup>2</sup>R, where I is the current and R is the resistance. There is little that can be done to lower the resistance, so ~~~


komposit->composit? (sound) context: ~~~ === Imbuhan komposit
komposit ''(Composite Affixes)'' ===* [[Indonesian/affix ke an and ke i|Imbuhan ke-an dan ke-i]] ''Affix ke-an and ke-i''* [[Indonesian/affix pe an and pe i|Im ~~~

General Biology/Classification of Living Things/Eukaryotes/ProtistsEdit

alignic->alginic? (switch) context: ~~~ ). The cellulose and alignic
alignic acid help to retain water and prevent seawood from drying out when exposed to air at low tide. Since phaeophytes live in a tidal environment, they hav ~~~

General Biology/Classification of Living Things/Eukaryotes/ProtistsEdit

chryosophytes->chrysophytes? (adjacent) context: ~~~ ction cycle of chryosophytes
chryosophytes is particularly interesting. Note that diatoms reproduce both asexually and sexually. Since diatoms have a rigid cell wall with an outer layer of sili ~~~

General Biology/Classification of Living Things/Eukaryotes/ProtistsEdit

mucilagnious->mucilaginous? (switch) context: ~~~ ar is made from mucilagnious
mucilagnious material in seaweed. Of the six phyla of algae, which phyllum/phyla would agar be made from?4. Which of the following adjectives describe the major fo ~~~

General Biology/Classification of Living Things/Eukaryotes/PlantsEdit

diocious->diecious? (shape) context: ~~~ ** diocious
diocious (separate % and &trees)==Other gymnosperms====Angiosperms==* Flowering plants, Anthophyta ** monocots- single seed leaf (grasses, lilies, etc.) ** ~~~

General Biology/Tissues and Systems/Digestive SystemEdit

tripsin->trypsin? (sound) context: ~~~ like tripsin)
tripsin)'''Liver''' releases '''bile'''. Bile made from cholesterol, storedin '''gall bladder''', released in duodenum, emulsifies fats.'''''''''Emulsify''': ~~~

General Chemistry/StoichiometryEdit

nigward->ginward? (switch2) context: ~~~ complex compounds is nigward.
nigward. Aluminium carbonate, for example, contains aluminium, carbon, and oxygen. To find the molar mass, we have to be careful to find the ''total'' number ~~~

Cell Biology/Energy supply/GlycolysisEdit

glycosis->glycoses? (sound) context: ~~~ elease more energy. glycosis
glycosis occurs in the cytoplasm of a cell in a plant. glycosis ~~~

Cell Biology/Energy supply/GlycolysisEdit

glycosis->glycoses? (sound) context: ~~~ a cell in a plant. glycosis
glycosis is the first stage in Respiration.=='''Detailed explanation'''====Energy Investment Phase=='''Glycolysis''' occurs in the cytoplasm of a cell after gl ~~~

Atlas Shrugged/Synopsis/Chapters 6-10Edit

miasmaic->miasmatic? (omit) context: ~~~ sting their time in miasmaic
miasmaic milieus such as this party of aimless people. She has also been pushed to the edge by the inane ramblings of Lillian's guests. As she walks out, she ~~~

Atlas Shrugged/Synopsis/Chapters 6-10Edit

veneraable->venerable? (double) context: ~~~ , and the other a veneraable
veneraable old man. It is almost a dead end for Dagny, but Mrs. Hastings remembers that she has seen the man at a diner near the Lennox Foundry. *'''The followin ~~~

Atlas Shrugged/Synopsis/Section 2Edit

sobsister->subsister? (sound) context: ~~~ o the wedding. The sobsister
sobsister would be the one to drive Brooks to her wedding.** Cherryl also recounts her "romance" with Taggart. She had been surprised that Taggart had ~~~


sarcinea->sarcinae? (switch) context: ~~~ aphylo, strepto and sarcinea
sarcinea cocci)* Bacilus (diplo and strepto bacilus)* Vibro* Spiral* Flagellation (amphitrichous, lophotrichous, petritrichous, and monotrichous)True bacteria ~~~

William Shakespeare's Works/The Life of William ShakespeareEdit

repetory->repertory? (omit) context: ~~~ ondon, he worked in repetory
repetory companies, and became part of the Lord Chamberlain's Men as an actor, playwright and shareholder.In 1599 he became an part-owner of the Globe Theater ~~~

LPI Linux Certification/LPIC1 Exam 101/Linux FilesystemsEdit

nouser->houser? (shape) context: ~~~ uid, dev, exec, auto, nouser,
nouser, and async=== Exercises ===* [[LPI Linux Certification/LPIC1 Exam 101/Exercises results|Exercises results]]# Create a line in /etc/fstab that allows a ~~~

Inorganic Chemistry/CatalysisEdit

geneous->generous? (omit) context: ~~~ eneous (homo = same, geneous
geneous = phase) and heterogeneous (hetero = different). Homogeneous catalysis is concerned with catalysts that are in the same phase as the chemical reactio ~~~

Inorganic Chemistry/CatalysisEdit

adsoprtion->adsorption? (switch) context: ~~~ ording to Surface adsoprtion
adsoprtion theory heterogeneous catalysis has five stages:{| WIDTH="100%"|-| style="background-color: #F3F3FF; border: solid 1px #E7E7FF; padding: ~~~


shuold->should? (switch) context: ~~~ ry confusing, and you shuold
shuold just use a regular 4 way connection. in fact, i will make one:==Modified Klunky==I modified the Klunky available on the web. I added a bunch of new ~~~

Rueda de CasinoEdit

cunada->canada? (sound) context: ~~~ ** cunada,
cunada,... la hermana,... su madre,... la tuya** Enchufla por detrás* Evelyn {[ Media Noche video]}* Exhibe(la) ( ~~~

Lucid Dreaming/FAQEdit

goonna->gonna? (double) context: ~~~ very scared about it: goonna
goonna choke, gonna die, cannot move, arhg! But, after reading 'bout LD I got very interested in this phenomena and I started to wait fot getting it again. J ~~~

PostScript FAQEdit

paperh->papern? (shape) context: ~~~ paperw_nup paperh_
paperh_nup rs } if /pgx_nup pgx_nup 1 add @ nx_nup eq { ! 0 store paperw_nup 1 nx_nup sub mul / ~~~

The Design and Organization of Data Centers/Racks and CabinetsEdit

undeburred->undebarred? (sound) context: ~~~ ook for dangerous undeburred
undeburred edges.Determine if you can specify keyed-alike doors==Installation Suggestions==Whenever equipment uses the rear or mid-rails, try to keep thesame typ ~~~

Perl Programming/Exercise 1 AnswersEdit

denomenator->denominator? (sound) context: ~~~ # This is the denomenator
denomenator $answer1 = $numerator / $denomenator; # Answer to part i $dec_places=3;printf ("%.2f",$answer1); # End variable definitions print "$ ~~~


fossology->fosslology? (omit) context: ~~~ Lv2/GPLv3 licenses fossology
fossology found, what have explicit licenses in their comments. excluded LGPL, BSD/GPL dual licensed and programs (such as Prefs/Edit and BHFormat)<pre>AR ~~~

Introduction to Astrophysics/SunEdit

sunscape->sunspace? (switch2) context: ~~~ han the surrounding sunscape
sunscape (around 5,500°C). They appear move across the Sun as the Sun spins on its axis. Because the Sun is gaseous in nature and behaves like a fluid it does ~~~

Armour/Making Period Leather ArmourEdit

beand->beaned? (omit) context: ~~~ erlap them. You won't beand
beand sew it on there, if you are going to try to use it for SCA battle.==Making Vambraces==To make vambraces you simply measure the greatest and least circ ~~~

Physiotherapy Assessment/NeuromusculoskeletalEdit

scapualr->scapular? (switch) context: ~~~ lly elevated in the scapualr
scapualr plane with the arm medially rotated by the examiner.This passive stress causes= the greater tuberosity to jam against the antero-inferior border of th ~~~

BlitzMax/Modules/BASIC/BlitzMax runtimeEdit

width,height->width, height? context: ~~~ Field width,height
width,height Function Create:TRect(x,y,w,h) Local r:TRect=New TRect r.xpos=x;r.ypos=y;r.width=w;r.height=h Return r End Function Method Draw() DrawRect xpos ~~~

BlitzMax/Modules/BASIC/BlitzMax runtimeEdit

xpos,ypos,width,height->xpos,ypos,width, height? context: ~~~ wRect xpos,ypos,width,height
xpos,ypos,width,height End MethodEnd TypeLocal shapelist:TShape[4]Local shape:TShapeshapelist[0]=TCircle.Create(200,50,50)shapelist[1]=TRect.Create(300,50,40,40)shapelist[ ~~~

Hebrew Roots/Restoration/Grace & Law/GraceEdit

God,where->God, where? context: ~~~ relationship with God,where
God,where there was previously enmity because of our sins, and it is all based on the unmerited grace which He extended toward us. Justification saves us from ~~~

A Beginner's Guide to MS Windows OptimizationEdit

drive,external->drive, external? context: ~~~ um(CD,DVD,usb drive,external
drive,external hard drive). If you don't, then do this. And yes, it has to be external, don't just copy it over to another partition, cause if you format the disk or ~~~

A Beginner's Guide to MS Windows OptimizationEdit

viruses,trojans,->viruses, trojans,? context: ~~~ of all the viruses,trojans,
viruses,trojans, ad ware and other nasty stuff that may parasite your PC . And this is the method I recommend strongly. Its not that hard, really. Just follow the guid ~~~

Survey of Communication Study/Chapter 5 - Communication TheoryEdit

magazines,etc->magazines, etc? context: ~~~ ision, movies, magazines,etc.
magazines,etc.) and that by 2004 that number has dropped down to five corporations (Bagdikian)? Using Critical Theories Paradigm, we can begin to examine the messag ~~~

Basic Computer Security/PC Security/Data EncryptionEdit

encryptor,stegnomagic->encryptor, stegnomagic? context: ~~~ rivate encryptor,stegnomagic.
encryptor,stegnomagic.{{BookCat}}</text> <sha1>edag91yqz2vt38o178gaopccabakqf6</sha1> </revision> </page> <page> <title>Category:Book:Strategy for Information ~~~

Hinduism/Hindu FestivalsEdit

Light,is->Light, is? context: ~~~ as the Festival of Light,is
Light,is held between October and November and lasts for five days. This festival heralds in the Hindu New Year. It is celebrated by the lighting of oil lamps ~~~

Psychiatric Disorders/Anxiety disorders/Generalized Anxiety DisorderEdit

attitude,mood,thoughts,->attitude,mood, thoughts,? context: ~~~ the attitude,mood,thoughts,
attitude,mood,thoughts, and disposition of a victim's thoughts and emotions. This condition can go on all throughout the day and the person can worry about various minuscule ~~~


global,focused->global, focused? context: ~~~ em-global,app-global,focused-
global,focused-context})=== Buttons ===* Full featured input method switcher (<code>toolbar-show-switcher-button?</code> <boolean>)* Preference too ~~~

Structural Biochemistry/Proteins/Amino AcidsEdit

protons,first->protons, first? context: ~~~ , it loses two protons,first
protons,first from the amino group which has the higher pK value (pK=9.6). The pH at which Gly has no net charge is termed its isoelectric point, pI. The α-carboxy ~~~

Choose Your Own Pyventure/Midclass ReviewEdit

upper,lower,->upper, lower,? context: ~~~ al methods like upper,lower,
upper,lower, split etc. * sequences support slicing (see below)* construct <code>L,t,s</code> like this: L = [8,'a',[1,2,3],None,'b'] t = ('hallw ~~~

Structural Biochemistry/Proteins/Protein O-GlcNAcylation by O-linked β-N-acetylglucosamineEdit

organisms,but->organisms, but? context: ~~~ l muticellular organisms,but
organisms,but not in yeast, for example, Saccharomyces cerevisiae (Hart).== O-GlcNAcylation ==[[File:O-GlcNAc1.pdf|right|thumb|O-GlcNAc.]]O-GlcNAcylation shares mor ~~~

Structural Biochemistry/TransposonsEdit

transposons,also->transposons, also? context: ~~~ nce, called transposons,also
transposons,also move about in the bacterial genome. In addition to the DNA required for transposition, transposons include extra genes that go along for the ride, suc ~~~

Structural Biochemistry/Nucleic Acid/DNA/Transgenic AnimalsEdit

close,touching->close, touching? context: ~~~ lude being in close,touching
close,touching proximity of nearby cells, chemicals that are given off by other cells, and the presence of specific molecules in the immediate environment. Inside si ~~~

Structural Biochemistry/Lipids/Waxes, Soaps, and DetergentsEdit

aldehydes,etc->aldehydes, etc? context: ~~~ ta di ketones, aldehydes,etc.
aldehydes,etc. Waxes will form protective coating on plants and fruits, and in animal (example: beewax, whale spermacits, etc.). More commonly, wax is ester of alco ~~~

OpenSCAD User Manual/Mathematical FunctionsEdit

key,value->key, value? context: ~~~ key,value
key,value&gt; array : keys and values{| width="100%"'''Notes'''<br> There is a bug where out-of-range keys will return the first value in th ~~~

Honeybees' Impact In Our LivesEdit

nectar,the->nectar, the? context: ~~~ s when collecting nectar,the
nectar,the bee visits numerous plants collecting pollen; it will transfer some pollen from one plant to the next, allowing sexual reproduction to take place betw ~~~

Solutions to General Chemistry (Linus Pauling)/Elements and Compounds Atomic and Molecular MassesEdit

nuclide,so->nuclide, so? context: ~~~ d neutrons in the nuclide,so
nuclide,so what again will work out 203.<ref>In truth, the atomic mass is 204.3833.</ref> The complete symbol for this nuclide is then <math>\d ~~~

Structural Biochemistry/BindingEdit

helices,or->helices, or? context: ~~~ formed by only H1 helices,or
helices,or antiparallel beta strands,etc. ~~~

Structural Biochemistry/BindingEdit

strands,etc->strands, etc? context: ~~~ ntiparallel beta strands,etc.
strands,etc.====Research====Repeat proteins have become key targets for protein design. Two strategies have been employed in synthesizing new repeat proteins: 1) ~~~

A Guidebook for Managing Telecentre Networks/Telecentre network governanceEdit

officers,tenures->officers, tenures? context: ~~~ election of officers,tenures
officers,tenures and rules of succession* Decision-making procedures* Disciplinary/conflict resolution procedures* Merit recognition* External relationsThere may be ot ~~~

Structural Biochemistry/Proteins/Protein FunctionsEdit

kinesin,and->kinesin, and? context: ~~~ such as myosin, kinesin,and
kinesin,and dynein are also structural proteins. {{BookCat}}</text> <sha1>ccfej2wdievzctwf0ktpnbtofxjlj96</sha1> </revision> </page> <page> <title>S ~~~

Structural Biochemistry/Membrane ProteinsEdit

strands,or->strands, or? context: ~~~ a helices or beta strands,or
strands,or the combination of both alpha helices or beta strands. For example the channel protein called Porin is made up of entirely beta strands, while the enz ~~~

Structural Biochemistry/Cell Signaling Pathways/Problems in Signaling that cause CancerEdit

itself,followed->itself, followed? context: ~~~ the nucleus itself,followed
itself,followed by the entire cell, disintegrates. The chromatin in the cell begins to degrade and mitochondria break down with the release of cytochrome c. Some viru ~~~

Structural Biochemistry/Enzyme Regulation/UbiquitinationEdit

acetylation,and->acetylation, and? context: ~~~ sumoylation, acetylation,and
acetylation,and neddylation. Phosphorylation creates binding sites for E3s on substrates, oxidation is associated with ubiquitylation targeting, sumoylation blocks ub ~~~

Structural Biochemistry/Cell Signaling Pathways/Nervous SystemEdit

cell,and->cell, and? context: ~~~ endrocytes, schwann cell,and
cell,and myelination. Astrocytes are associated with capillary beds. It prevents capillary beds from leaking. It forms the barriers between the blood and the b ~~~

Hinduism/Hindu TemplesEdit

bhajans,which->bhajans, which? context: ~~~ r music called bhajans,which
bhajans,which are accompanied by a Dholak or Tabla soloist and/or Harmonium soloist. There are also dates and times for devotional dances such as the classical Bhar ~~~

Structural Biochemistry/Membrane Proteins/Active Transport/Sodium-Potassium PumpsEdit

volume,renders->volume, renders? context: ~~~ ells controls volume,renders
volume,renders neurons and muscle cells electrically excitable. ATPase requires MG+2 9(just like any other enzyme).we can calculated the change in free energy that ~~~

Security Architecture and Design/Computer Systems ArchitectureEdit

software,operating->software, operating? context: ~~~ hardware, software,operating
software,operating systems and firmware.The most important and common components being* Hardware Components like: CPU, Storage Devices, I/O Devices, Communication Device ~~~

Security Architecture and Design/Computer Systems ArchitectureEdit

modified,and->modified, and? context: ~~~ can be erased, modified,and
modified,and upgraded.** Flash memory- a special type of memory that is used in digital cameras, BIOS chips, memory cards for laptops, and video game consoles. It ~~~

Security Architecture and Design/Computer Systems ArchitectureEdit

components,memory->components, memory? context: ~~~ g hardware components,memory
components,memory management, I/O operations, file system, process management, and providing system services* OS Architectures** Monolithic operating system architectur ~~~

Security Architecture and Design/Computer Systems ArchitectureEdit

levels,are->levels, are? context: ~~~ or CPU privilege levels,are
levels,are operating modes for the central processing unit of some computer architectures that place restrictions on the operations that can be performed by the ~~~

Security Architecture and Design/Security Product Evaluation Methods and CriteriaEdit

effectiveness,and->effectiveness, and? context: ~~~ tionality, effectiveness,and
effectiveness,and assurance of a product during its evaluation, and it uses classes that were devised to address typical patterns of security requirements.* TCSEC provi ~~~

Security Architecture and Design/Security Product Evaluation Methods and CriteriaEdit

object,the->object, the? context: ~~~ mpts to access an object,the
object,the system must compare the subject’s and object’s security labels to ensure that the requested actions are acceptable. *** Data leaving the system mu ~~~

Security Architecture and Design/Security Product Evaluation Methods and CriteriaEdit

documented,and->documented, and? context: ~~~ y defined and documented,and
documented,and the system design and implementation are subjected to more thorough review and testing procedures. *** This class requires more stringent authenticati ~~~

Security Architecture and Design/Security Product Evaluation Methods and CriteriaEdit

restrictions,and->restrictions, and? context: ~~~ entication, restrictions,and
restrictions,and auditing.'''TCSEC Myths'''* It looks specifically at the operating system and not at other issues like networking, databases, and so on.* It focuses m ~~~

Security Architecture and Design/Security Product Evaluation Methods and CriteriaEdit

encryption,and->encryption, and? context: ~~~ ess controls, encryption,and
encryption,and physical protection of cables.** Traffic flow confidentiality Ensures that unauthorized entities are not aware of routing information or frequency of ~~~

BlitzMax/Modules/Audio/Audio playbackEdit

sound,channel->sound, channel? context: ~~~ t(1) PlaySound sound,channel
sound,channel pan# = MouseX () / (GraphicsWidth () / 2.0) - 1 vol# = 1 - MouseY () / 480.0 SetChannelPan channel, pan SetChannelVolume channel, vol*2 Cls DrawText ~~~

BlitzMax/Modules/Audio/Audio playbackEdit

sound,channel->sound, channel? context: ~~~ t(1) PlaySound sound,channel
sound,channel pan# = MouseX () / (640 / 2.0) - 1 depth# = MouseY () / (480 /2.0) -1 SetChannelPan channel,pan ~~~

BlitzMax/Modules/Audio/Audio playbackEdit

channel,pan->channel, pan? context: ~~~ SetChannelPan channel,pan
channel,pan SetChannelDepth channel,depth ~~~

BlitzMax/Modules/Audio/Audio playbackEdit

channel,depth->channel, depth? context: ~~~ etChannelDepth channel,depth
channel,depth Cls DrawText "Click to play...", 240, 200 DrawText "Pan  : " + pan, 240, 220 DrawText "Depth : " + depth, 240, 240 Fli ~~~

BlitzMax/Modules/System/File systemEdit

testbit,pos->testbit, pos? context: ~~~ local testbit,pos
testbit,pos local p$="rwxrwxrwx" testbit=%100000000 pos=1 while (testbit) if mode & testbit res$:+mid$(p$,pos,1) else res$:+"-" testbit ~~~

Hebrew Roots/Neglected Commandments/Sabbath/Apologetics/MillenniumEdit

rest,is->rest, is? context: ~~~ ompletely enter into rest,is
rest,is to completely cease from one's own works - spirit, soul and body. Such a state of would be to be in complete harmony with the Father in His eternal ~~~

Hebrew Roots/Neglected Commandments/Sabbath/Apologetics/MillenniumEdit

Day,the->Day, the? context: ~~~ is prophetic Sabbath Day,the
Day,the seventh one thousand years,we ~~~

Hebrew Roots/Neglected Commandments/Sabbath/Apologetics/MillenniumEdit

years,we->years, we? context: ~~~ eventh one thousand years,we
years,we enter into the eighth day of the Eternal Sabbath. This will be "a new heaven and a new earth" (Isaiah 65:17; 66:22; Revelation 21: 1, 5) in ~~~

Hebrew Roots/Neglected Commandments/Sabbath/Apologetics/MillenniumEdit

day,and->day, and? context: ~~~ l observation of the day,and
day,and eternally dwelling in His Presence.Yahweh gave the Sabbath to His people to more fully reveal His redemptive plan through the Messiah, including the m ~~~


text,tickerx->text, tickerx? context: ~~~ DrawText text,tickerx#
text,tickerx#,400 tickerx=tickerx-1 If tickerx<-TextWidth(text) tickerx=640 Flip WendEnd</pre>==DrawImage==''Function DrawImage( image:TImage,x#,y#,frame= ~~~

Digital Electronics/Digital AdderEdit

adders,so->adders, so? context: ~~~ der, there 32 full adders,so
adders,so the critical path (worst case) delay is <math>32*3=96</math> gate delays.===Carry look-ahead adders==={{main|Carry look-ahead adder}}To re ~~~

BlitzMax/Modules/Audio/OpenAL 1.1Edit

source,or->source, or? context: ~~~ applied, either at source,or
source,or on mixer results, at listener.<br>Range: [0.5-2.0]<br>Default: 1.0</td></tr><tr><td>AL_POSITION</td><td ~~~


red,green,blue->red,green, blue? context: ~~~ Local red,green,blue
red,green,blue window=CreateWindow("RequestColor",40,40,320,240)panel=CreatePanel(20,20,32,32,window,PANEL_ACTIVE|PANEL_BORDER)While True WaitEvent Select ~~~


label,font->label, font? context: ~~~ SetGadgetFont label,font
label,font SetGadgetText label,FontName(font)+":"+FontSize(font) EndIf End SelectWend</pre>==LoadGuiFont==''Function LoadGuiFont:TGuiFont(n ~~~


EmitEventHook,eventhook,Self->EmitEventHook, eventhook,Self? context: ~~~ EmitEventHook,eventhook,Self
EmitEventHook,eventhook,Self End Method Function eventhook:Object(id,data:Object,context:Object) Local event:TEvent = TEvent(data) Local app:TApplet = TApplet(context) app.OnE ~~~


textarea,filter->textarea, filter? context: ~~~ GadgetFilter textarea,filter
textarea,filter Print "KEY_TAB="+KEY_TABFunction filter(event:TEvent,context:Object) Select Case EVENT_KEYDOWN Print "filtering keydown:&qu ~~~


window,menu->window, menu? context: ~~~ PopupWindowMenu window,menu
window,menu Case EVENT_WINDOWCLOSE End Case EVENT_MENUACTION Print "EVENT_MENUACTION: eventdata()="+EventData() End SelectWend</pre>==Activ ~~~

Knowledge Management Cases in Asia/Implementation of Knowledge Management in Telecommunication IndustryEdit

department,designs->department, designs? context: ~~~ different department,designs
department,designs and changes should be tailored to achieve knowledge management effectively. Firstly, the telecommunication organization decided to focus on the custom ~~~

Textbook of Psychiatry/Dissociative Disorders/PhenomenologyEdit

amnesia,fugue,->amnesia, fugue,? context: ~~~ t episodes of amnesia,fugue,
amnesia,fugue, depersonalization, derealization, identity confusion, and identity alteration, age regressions, autohypnotic experiences, hearing voices, passive-infl ~~~

OpenSCAD User Manual/GeneralEdit

width,depth,height]->width,depth, height]? context: ~~~ cube( [width,depth,height]
width,depth,height] ); // optional spaces shown for clarity translate( [x,y,z] ) polygon( [ [x<sub>0</sub>,y<sub>0</sub>], [x<su ~~~

Biblical Studies/New Testament Commentaries/The Gospel of Matthew/Chapter 19Edit

Discipleship,the->Discipleship, the? context: ~~~ Discipleship,the
Discipleship,the Law, blessing the children, obtaining eternal life, and the teachings of Jesus.== Paraphrase =====<u>'''Matthew 19'''</u>===1 When Jesus w ~~~

Wiki Pedagogy/Templates and ToolsEdit

Netscape,etc->Netscape, etc? context: ~~~ ernet Explorer, Netscape,etc.
Netscape,etc.)* simple markup formatting instead of HTML [1]* no markups for links (pages, external links, images, etc)* supports HTML* text editing* image inserti ~~~

Digital Electronics/RegisterEdit

flop,this->flop, this? context: ~~~ ster-slave jk flip-flop,this
flop,this ff overrides the self(internal) recurring toggling through the pulsed clocking feature incorporated.[[File:JK Flip-flop (Simple) Symbol.svg|Symbol for ~~~

Managing Groups and Teams/SimilaritiesEdit

trait,if->trait, if? context: ~~~ imilarities in this trait,if
trait,if on the medium to low scale, can be beneficial so that team members have the same type of general composure and stableness. Similarities in this trait, ~~~

Wampanoag/Beasts and FowlEdit

together,and->together, and? context: ~~~ ten or twentie together,and
together,and sometimes more,and withall (if it be not too farre) wives andchildren also, where they build up little huntinghouses of Barks and Rushes (not comparab ~~~


twentie,or->twentie, or? context: ~~~ eere two hundred, twentie,or
twentie,or thirtiefires were made every night for the Guard(the Prince and Queene in the midst) andSentinells by course, as exact as in {Europe};and when we trav ~~~

Biblical Studies/New Testament Commentaries/The Gospel of Matthew/Chapter 1Edit

Lord,and->Lord, and? context: ~~~ tween Abram and the Lord,and
Lord,and his name changes to Abraham(Genesis 17:1-3). Abraham became the father of a great nation. He was in covenant with the Lord. This would have been signi ~~~

History of Western Theatre: Greeks to Elizabethans/CostumesEdit

symbolism,in->symbolism, in? context: ~~~ ostuming. Color symbolism,in
symbolism,in addition to height distinction, was heavily employed. Royalty was in purple, priests wore white, and young maids in yellow. Thusly an early tendency t ~~~

Children's Authors/Russell FreedmanEdit

can,even->can, even? context: ~~~ is to show that one can,even
can,even without any particular gifts, overcome obstacles that seem insurmountable if one is willing to face the fact that they must be overcome; that, in spit ~~~

Oracle Database/SQLEdit

number,empname->number, empname? context: ~~~ mployee(empid number,empname
number,empname varchar2(20),empdesignation(varchar2(20)));The above Query will create a table named employee with which contain columns <code>empid</code&gt ~~~

Git/Gerrit Code ReviewEdit

deny,allow->deny, allow? context: ~~~ Order deny,allow
deny,allow Allow from all </Proxy> # Reverse-proxy these requests to the Gerrit Jetty server RedirectMatch ^/gerrit$ ~~~

Social Research Methods/Reading and Writing Social ResearchEdit

population,sample->population, sample? context: ~~~ population,sample
population,sample frame, sample method, sample size,data ~~~

Social Research Methods/Reading and Writing Social ResearchEdit

size,data->size, data? context: ~~~ ple method, sample size,data
size,data collection method and data processing and analysis.** Be sure to clearly present information in table or graph form.4. Conclusions and Summary* Review ~~~

Information Security in Education/Network DefensesEdit

defenses,they->defenses, they? context: ~~~ through these defenses,they
defenses,they can live on a network, doing whatever they want for as long as they want. Hackers can find vulnerabilities in networks and silently gather sensitive i ~~~

Biblical Studies/New Testament Commentaries/Revelation/Chapter 8Edit

relief,vengeance,->relief, vengeance,? context: ~~~ e cries of relief,vengeance,
relief,vengeance, and retribution from the saints, and they lead to the final judgement, the seven Trumpets. It can be inferred from the text that these prayers are for ~~~

Biblical Studies/New Testament Commentaries/Revelation/Chapter 22Edit

Therefore,night->Therefore, night? context: ~~~ re the days. Therefore,night
Therefore,night is taken away because it is associated with evil and harm. Jesus was betrayed in the night time,and ~~~


no,xo]->no, xo]? context: ~~~ [no,xo]
no,xo] = gettaggedhist(h,tags);This histogram can be viewed with the MATLAB bar function. We exclude the first bin since it contains all of the zeros from th ~~~

Adventist Adventurer Awards/LadybugsEdit

Head,Thorax,and->Head,Thorax, and? context: ~~~ ting of the: Head,Thorax,and
Head,Thorax,and Abdomen.:- Head (which has the mouthparts, compound eye, and antennae) :- Thorax (the middle section which is where the 3 pairs of legs and the pairs ~~~

Loglan/The Power of Little Words/Numbers and LettersEdit

gao,afi->gao, afi? context: ~~~ * Alpha - gao,afi
gao,afi * alpha - afi* Beta - gaobeo* beta - beo{{BookCat}}</text> <sha1>twabeg1cv9xsc83iidqvdl9b26xg5qu</sha1> </revision> </page> <page> <title ~~~

Canadian Criminal Sentencing/Offences/RobberyEdit

Newfoundland,the->Newfoundland, the? context: ~~~ In Newfoundland,the
Newfoundland,the "low end" of the acceptable range is 18 months.<ref>R. v. P.J.B., [ 1999 CanLII 18938] (NL CA), (1999), 182 Nf ~~~

Canadian Criminal Trial Advocacy/Preparing for TrialEdit

themes,and->themes, and? context: ~~~ view your theory, themes,and
themes,and outlines==Organizing the File=====Trial Materials===There are a number of endorsed methods of preparing and organizing materials for trial. There is:# ~~~

Chemical Sciences: A Manual for CSIR-UGC National Eligibility Test for Lectureship and JRF/ChromatographyEdit

therefore,molecules->therefore, molecules? context: ~~~ dia and, therefore,molecules
therefore,molecules are trapped and removed from the flow of the mobile phase. The average residence time in the pores depends upon the effective size of the analyte mole ~~~

Chemical Sciences: A Manual for CSIR-UGC National Eligibility Test for Lectureship and JRF/Affinity chromatographyEdit

iron,zinc->iron, zinc? context: ~~~ teins or peptides, iron,zinc
iron,zinc or gallium for the purification of phosphorylated proteins or peptides. Many naturally occurring proteins do not have an affinity for metal ions, ther ~~~

Chemical Sciences: A Manual for CSIR-UGC National Eligibility Test for Lectureship and JRF/Direct-EI LC-MS interfaceEdit

Figure,where->Figure, where? context: ~~~ reported in the Figure,where
Figure,where a scheme of the interface is shown. The core of the interface is represented by the micro-nebulizer. The nebulizer tip protrudes into the ion source s ~~~

Compiler Construction/Syntax AnalysisEdit

30],ch,chh,o->30],ch, chh,o? context: ~~~ r name[30],open[30],ch,chh,o[
30],ch,chh,o[30]; char op[20]={'=','+','-','*','/','%','^','&','|'}; clrscr(); textcolor(3); cprintf("--Syntax Analyser--"); printf(&q ~~~

Compiler Construction/OptimizationEdit

improvement,but->improvement, but? context: ~~~ r to be code improvement,but
improvement,but opens up scope for other optimizations.==== Code Motion ===={{wikipedia|loop-invariant code motion}}This optimization technique mainly deals to reduce ~~~

Sidux/Useable applications/VirtualBoxEdit

defaults,auto->defaults, auto? context: ~~~ /vb vboxfs defaults,auto
defaults,auto 0 1:: to a file: /etc/fstab :: Don't forget to use "Tab" key not "Space".=== Windows OS as a guest ===: If you installed Windows ~~~

GCSE Business Studies/Business OwnershipEdit

wish,as->wish, as? context: ~~~ all business if they wish,as
wish,as there is no complicated paperwork and it is a straightforward process - you don't need to do anything except start trading. Most small businesses are ~~~

Of Mice and Men/OverviewEdit

back,so->back, so? context: ~~~ e tells him to fight back,so
back,so he crushes Curley's hand, this shows us the strength of Lennie. Curley agrees to pretend he got it caught in a machine so he isn't embarrassed by his ~~~

Global Issues: Austria & Czech Republic/Discrimination & RacismEdit

crisis,there->crisis, there? context: ~~~ to the economic crisis,there
crisis,there is even more of a cry out against any foreigner that gives any type of competitions for jobs.It is, however, interesting to note that the Czechs tend ~~~

Constitution of India/Fundamental rightsEdit

financial,political->financial, political? context: ~~~ conomic, financial,political
financial,political or other secular activity which may be associated with religious practice; (b) providing for social welfare and reform or the throwing open of Hindu r ~~~

Constitution of India/Fundamental rightsEdit

inflicted,forfeiture->inflicted, forfeiture? context: ~~~ ishment inflicted,forfeiture
inflicted,forfeiture ordered or other act done under martial law in such area. ===Legislation to give effect to the provisions of this Part===Notwithstanding anything in t ~~~

High School Earth Science/WeatheringEdit

ice,and->ice, and? context: ~~~ such as water, wind, ice,and
ice,and gravity. Well, water is also an agent of chemical weathering, so that makes it a double agent! Two other important agents of chemical weathering are c ~~~

Chemical Sciences: A Manual for CSIR-UGC National Eligibility Test for Lectureship and JRF/Rotational spectroscopyEdit

vib,rot->vib, rot? context: ~~~ E_{vib,rot}
vib,rot} = E_{vib} + E_{rot} = \left ( n + {1 \over 2} \right )h\nu_0 + hc\bar B J \left ( J + 1 \right ) </math>where <math> n </math> is t ~~~

Electronics/Flip FlopsEdit

flop,this->flop, this? context: ~~~ ster-slave jk flip-flop,this
flop,this ff overrides the self(internal) recurring toggling through the pulsed clocking feature incorporated.[[File:JK Flip-flop (Simple) Symbol.svg|Symbol for ~~~

Hebrew Roots/Torah observance/VayikraEdit

wickedness,but->wickedness, but? context: ~~~ of malice and wickedness,but
wickedness,but with the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth."Paul here admonishes the Corinthians to search their hearts for the “leaven” of sin and rem ~~~

Open Education Practices: A User Guide for Organisations/Librarians are criticalEdit

thin,hunched->thin, hunched? context: ~~~ ion, I passed a thin,hunched-
thin,hunched-over figure in uniform warming itself by a fire near the Winter Palace. The figure called out to me. It was Blok. We walked together.... I said, &quot ~~~

Hebrew Roots/Torah observance/SheminiEdit

badal,translated->badal, translated? context: ~~~ Hebrew word badal,translated
badal,translated for “distinction or separation,” becomes the primary emphasis. Here the royal priesthood, the nation of priests, the children of Israel who have b ~~~

Hebrew Roots/Torah observance/SheminiEdit

“Therefore,gird->“Therefore, gird? context: ~~~ “Therefore,gird
“Therefore,gird up your minds, be sober, hope perfectly on the grace to be brought to you at the revealing of Yeshua the Messiah As obedient children, do not be confo ~~~

Hebrew Roots/Torah observance/SheminiEdit

conduct,because->conduct, because? context: ~~~ all of your conduct,because
conduct,because it is written, ‘YOU SHALL BEHOLY, FOR I AM HOLY'” (1Peter 1:13-16)The reason why God gave us the dietary commandments and why certain animals such ~~~

Hebrew Roots/Torah observance/TazriaEdit

birth,and->birth, and? context: ~~~ woman after giving birth,and
birth,and (2) what is to be done with those who have 'leprosy'. The commandments relating to women after birth primarily deal with ritual uncleanness and the c ~~~

Hebrew Roots/Torah observance/TazriaEdit

torn,and->torn, and? context: ~~~ is clothes shall be torn,and
torn,and the hair of his head shall be uncovered, and he shall cover his moustache and cry, “Unclean! Unclean!’ He shall remain unclean all the days durin ~~~


margin,etc->margin, etc? context: ~~~ ge (size, borders margin,etc.
margin,etc.) - Styles (columns, alley, gutter between, etc.) i.e. balance the weight of design and contrast with white space(s) - unityText via two methods - cli ~~~

Hebrew Roots/Torah observance/Acharei MotEdit

goat,and->goat, and? context: ~~~ he head of the live goat,and
goat,and confess over it all the iniquities of the sons of Israel and all their transgressions in regard to all their sins; and he shall lay them on the head o ~~~

Hebrew Roots/Torah observance/KidoshimEdit

themselves,lovers->themselves, lovers? context: ~~~ lovers of themselves,lovers
themselves,lovers of money, boastful, arrogant,blasphemers, ~~~

Hebrew Roots/Torah observance/KidoshimEdit

arrogant,blasphemers,->arrogant, blasphemers,? context: ~~~ stful, arrogant,blasphemers,
arrogant,blasphemers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful,unholy, ~~~

Hebrew Roots/Torah observance/KidoshimEdit

ungrateful,unholy,->ungrateful, unholy,? context: ~~~ parents, ungrateful,unholy,
ungrateful,unholy, without natural affection,irreconcilable, ~~~

Hebrew Roots/Torah observance/KidoshimEdit

affection,irreconcilable,->affection, irreconcilable,? context: ~~~ al affection,irreconcilable,
affection,irreconcilable, malicious slanderers, without self-control, brutal, haters of good, betrayers,reckless, ~~~

Hebrew Roots/Torah observance/KidoshimEdit

betrayers,reckless,->betrayers, reckless,? context: ~~~ of good, betrayers,reckless,
betrayers,reckless, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God; holding to a form of piety, although they have denied its power; and turn away from such men ~~~

Hebrew Roots/Torah observance/KidoshimEdit

strength,and->strength, and? context: ~~~ nd with all the strength,and
strength,and to love one's neighbor as himself,abounds ~~~

Hebrew Roots/Torah observance/KidoshimEdit

himself,abounds->himself, abounds? context: ~~~ neighbor as himself,abounds
himself,abounds all the more than all burnt offerings and sacrifices.' And when Yeshua saw that he had answered intelligently, He said to him, 'You are not far from t ~~~

American Indians Today/Contemporary education and cultureEdit

Indians,too,->Indians, too,? context: ~~~ ” by American Indians,too,
Indians,too, and a lot of tribes are presenting themselves on websites today. When the government officially removed the prohibition of the American Indian cultu ~~~

Hebrew Roots/Torah observance/Shelach LekkaEdit

Nevertheless,the->Nevertheless, the? context: ~~~ its fruit. Nevertheless,the
Nevertheless,the people who live in the land are strong, and the cities are fortified and very large; and moreover,we ~~~

Hebrew Roots/Torah observance/Shelach LekkaEdit

moreover,we->moreover, we? context: ~~~ and moreover,we
moreover,we saw the descendants of Anak there. Amalek is living in the land of the Negev and the Hittites and the Jebusites and the Amorites are living in the hi ~~~

Hebrew Roots/Torah observance/BalakEdit

tears,and->tears, and? context: ~~~ tramples down and tears,and
tears,and there is none to rescue. “ Micah 5:7-8The Prophet Micah gives us the hope of Israel. The hope of Israel is the remnant to be kept for the day whe ~~~

Hebrew Roots/Torah observance/PinchasEdit

priesthood,because->priesthood, because? context: ~~~ perpetual priesthood,because
priesthood,because he was jealous for his God and made atonement for the sons of Israel'” Numbers 25:11-13). The Targum of Johnathan gives an enlightening account of ~~~

Hebrew Roots/Torah observance/MasseiEdit

commandments,the->commandments, the? context: ~~~ ne of these commandments,the
commandments,the least, and shall teach others to do so, he shall be called least in the Kingdom of Heaven. But whoever keeps and teaches them, he shall be called grea ~~~

Tatworth Village/Seasonal work and the village schoolEdit

Hotel,the->Hotel, the? context: ~~~ 27, as the Country Hotel,the
Hotel,the local meeting place for most of the local village men folk… this is where they played darts, shove-halfpenny and dominoes, until about ten, when the ~~~

Tatworth Village/Elsie and the world of workEdit

married,it->married, it? context: ~~~ side… Now, when married,it
married,it was to be a life of suburban pavement and shop… children, a pram and brick built house…, cinema, and all that makes for town-life. I am sure it wa ~~~

Governing the Internet/Net NeutralityEdit

However,some->However, some? context: ~~~ tent providers. However,some
However,some network operators argue that content providers pay only for their own last-mile connection thus getting a “free ride”  (Peha, 2007). This is the ~~~

Question Bank for High School Science/Biology/CBSEPMT2007Edit

there,is->there, is? context: ~~~ *(a) there,is
there,is high degree of sterility*(b) one can conclude that the plant is apomictic*(c) self fertilization is prevented*(d) there is no change in success rate o ~~~

Chemistry for Idiots, Humans and Rebels/Mole Concept/MolarityEdit

diprotic,say->diprotic, say? context: ~~~ If the acid is diprotic,say
diprotic,say like sulfuric acid then only half as much solution of acid would be needed to neutralize a volume of sodium hydroxide solution. This simplifies the c ~~~

Suburban Hearth and Home/A Way of LifeEdit

years,the->years, the? context: ~~~ e’. Within fifty years,the
years,the ridged social structure was transformed. ‘Flower power’, nuclear disarmament, hippies, rockers, trial marriages, television watching, lost innoce ~~~

Suburban Hearth and Home/A Homely WelcomeEdit

beetroot,and->beetroot, and? context: ~~~ . The cucumber, beetroot,and
beetroot,and mustard and cress sandwiches were made of white bread with the crusts cut off. There would always be at least two cakes available displayed on stands ~~~

Strategy for Information Markets/Cellular phone advertisingEdit

Kindles,phones,etc->Kindles,phones, etc? context: ~~~ s (iPads, Kindles,phones,etc.
Kindles,phones,etc.), gives merchants an advantage of personalizing advertisements for consumers while providing a Push-Pull Strategy when using location-based adverti ~~~

Research Methods/Types of ResearchEdit

information,mainly->information, mainly? context: ~~~ ollecting information,mainly
information,mainly individual, in-depth interviews and focus groups.The nature of this type of research is exploratory and open ended. Small number of people are intervi ~~~

Human Physiology/HomeostasisEdit

bones,etc->bones, etc? context: ~~~ ts (oxygen, EPO to bones,etc.
bones,etc.), taking away waste products, and providing all living body cells with a fresh supply of oxygen and removing carbon dioxide. Homeostasis is disturbed ~~~

Lentis/Patenting of GM SeedsEdit

Court,however,->Court, however,? context: ~~~ The Supreme Court,however,
Court,however, upheld his patent by a 5-4 vote. The main point of discussion was upon the interpretation of 35 U.S.C. 101 (the United States Code on inventions pate ~~~

Lentis/Baby FormulaEdit

Mesopotamia,the->Mesopotamia, the? context: ~~~ In ancient Mesopotamia,the
Mesopotamia,the upper class, who viewed breastfeeding as manual labor, used wet nurses to feed their own infants. Additionally, wealthy women shunned breastfeeding b ~~~

MySQL/Language/Specifying namesEdit

user,group->user, group? context: ~~~ id, group_id FROM user,group
user,group LIMIT 1; ERROR 1064 (42000): You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right synt ~~~

Web 2.0 and Emerging Learning Technologies/BlogsEdit

tips,elt,->tips, elt,? context: ~~~ elt resources, elt tips,elt,
tips,elt, classroom management, l2, grammar and vocabulary teaching and so on.*’s a site that offers ~~~

Engineering Acoustics/DetonationEdit

wave,and->wave, and? context: ~~~ across a detonation wave,and
wave,and an acceleration in a deflagration wave. The pressure and density rise across the detonation which is why a detonation wave is known as a compression w ~~~

Engineering Acoustics/Sound Absorbing Structures and MaterialsEdit

gas,hence->gas, hence? context: ~~~ at of compressible gas,hence
gas,hence it can be modeled as an effective fluid using the wave equation for a fluid with complex effective fluid density and complex effective bulk modulus. I ~~~

Engineering Acoustics/The Human Ear and Sound PerceptionEdit

Others,like->Others, like? context: ~~~ Others,like
Others,like the legendary [[Wikipedia:Georg Von Bekesy|Georg Von Bekesy]], maintained that the continuously regenerative nature of the living organism should be t ~~~

Engineering Acoustics/The Human Ear and Sound PerceptionEdit

holds,so->holds, so? context: ~~~ le of superposition holds,so
holds,so that the overall effect of varying several variables at the same time equates to a linear combination of the individual contributions observed from va ~~~

Engineering Acoustics/The Human Ear and Sound PerceptionEdit

However,problems->However, problems? context: ~~~ researcher.However,problems
However,problems arise when one sets out to evaluate the human auditory system, because hearing is a sensation and just like every other sensation it is an esoteric pr ~~~

Structural Biochemistry/Biophysics- Single Molecule techniquesEdit

tweezers,tethered->tweezers, tethered? context: ~~~ y, optical tweezers,tethered
tweezers,tethered partical motion, and magnetic tweezers. On the other hand, the fluorescence imaging includes confocal microscopy and total-internal-reflection fluores ~~~

Cardiology and Cardiothoracic Surgery/Pregnancy and Cardiovascular DiseaseEdit

disease,the->disease, the? context: ~~~ rgitant valvular disease,the
disease,the decrease in systemic vascular resistance favours blood flow into the systemic vasculature, therefore reducing regurgitant valvular symptomatology.{| c ~~~

Cardiology and Cardiothoracic Surgery/Risk Factors for Cardiovascular DiseaseEdit

mm,mg,->mm, mg,? context: ~~~ not unit, such as ml, mm,mg,
mm,mg, etc. to define it.Because of this reason modern science & cardiologists have specifically abstained from talking about stress in heart disease. It ~~~

Engineering Acoustics/Conductive Mechanisms of HearingEdit

frequency,the->frequency, the? context: ~~~ t the resonant frequency,the
frequency,the ear canal has a wide resonance peak from approximately 2–5&nbsp;kHz.<ref name="Gelfand"/> It is important to remember the ear ca ~~~

Engineering Acoustics/Conductive Mechanisms of HearingEdit

principle,the->principle, the? context: ~~~ urved membrane principle,the
principle,the force on the manubrium is greater than on the membrane and thus the strength of the incoming signal is increased by a factor of 2.<ref name="G ~~~


boredom,example->boredom, example? context: ~~~ lessen your boredom,example
boredom,example listen to your favorite music and as well as watching movies through downloading. *It can take photos *Mobile phones also gives us easier access on th ~~~


amount,if->amount, if? context: ~~~ 't cost an extreme amount,if
amount,if you have a DSL or cable you can make PC to PC calls, which are FREE of charge,however ~~~


charge,however->charge, however? context: ~~~ h are FREE of charge,however
charge,however you can make PC to Phone calls which will cost but not a large amount.** Portability is an advantage of VoIP because you can make a call world wide fr ~~~


forwarding,three->forwarding, three? context: ~~~ e mail,Call forwarding,three
forwarding,three way conversations as well as,Caller ID.====Disadvantages of VoIP====*VoIP needs electric power and electric power costs and is not always reliable.**V ~~~


worldwide,you->worldwide, you? context: ~~~ nect to anyone worldwide,you
worldwide,you can use this for business,school,family ~~~


business,school,family->business,school, family? context: ~~~ s for business,school,family
business,school,family households and personal needs.===Social Networking======= What is social networking ====social networking is a public site or activity that involves p ~~~


culture,this->culture, this? context: ~~~ f technology on culture,this
culture,this problem arises when we are thinking of the relationship between culture and technology.Technology exists within the cultural boundary.Culture runs the ~~~


governmental,demographic->governmental, demographic? context: ~~~ us, governmental,demographic
governmental,demographic and ethical influences as this can have serious cultural implications on technology.====Social Implications====There are many social implications of t ~~~

Technology Integration In K12 Education/Challenges of Technology in the ClassroomEdit

However,during->However, during? context: ~~~ n technology. However,during
However,during these years, the baby boomer reign started. The beginning of the baby boom resulted in an increase in class sizes. This created problems such as not h ~~~

Management Concepts and Applications/PlanningEdit

do,how->do, how? context: ~~~ h we can know what to do,how
do,how to do,when ~~~

Management Concepts and Applications/PlanningEdit

do,when->do, when? context: ~~~ ow what to do,how to do,when
do,when to do and by whom to do to achieve desired goal==Types of Plans==planing process can not person unless the types of plan undrestand 1. purpose or mi ~~~

Mechanisms/Four StrokeEdit

combustion,makes->combustion, makes? context: ~~~ ing, called combustion,makes
combustion,makes the gases expand rapidly, and push the piston down the cylinder until it reaches bottom dead center. The reciprocating action of the piston induces ro ~~~

Chemical Information Sources/Chemical Name and Formula SearchesEdit

world,searchers->world, searchers? context: ~~~ ances in the world,searchers
world,searchers requiring an exhaustive search for purposes such as determining the novelty of a structure for patent purposes are advised to consult as many addition ~~~

Structural Biochemistry/Nucleic Acid/RNA/RNA InterferenceEdit

Syndrome,and->Syndrome, and? context: ~~~ mics, Fragile X Syndrome,and
Syndrome,and RNA Interference []The New Genetics (2006): n. pag. U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES ~~~

Obstetrics and Gynecology/Ovarian NeoplasiaEdit

salpingectomy,oophorectomy->salpingectomy, oophorectomy? context: ~~~ , salpingectomy,oophorectomy
salpingectomy,oophorectomy *** If bowel obstructed or infiltrated, small and/or large bowel resection is indicated* Laparoscopy and biopsy ''if laparotomy not done.''* Percutane ~~~

Technology Integration In K12 Education/Technology in Encore ClassroomsEdit

band,or->band, or? context: ~~~ nic keyboards into a band,or
band,or even a choir classroom. It's a fun way for students to hear many different styles and learn their scales in a way that is educational and musical. Ele ~~~

Tidbits in Tech: Integration in Education/Promoting Student Artwork Through Virtual ExhibitsEdit

time,money,->time, money,? context: ~~~ t takes a lot of time,money,
time,money, and management which a lot of teachers may not always have.== Advantages ===== Increases Students' Confidence ===Effort is a main component of art cla ~~~

Tidbits in Tech: Integration in Education/Are Smart Boards the Next Generation of Black Boards?Edit

time,writing->time, writing? context: ~~~ d for the first time,writing
time,writing on it can be very difficult. Due to the fact that the SMART board can be very touchy, it can be complicated to write large, lengthy paragraphs. It is ~~~

A Handbook of Kyrgyz Grammar/AlphabetEdit

words,like->words, like? context: ~~~ the beginning of words,like
words,like “g” in “grin.” Between vowels, like a cross between “g” and the “h” in hat, or a sort of gurgle like the French “r”.<br />Д ~~~

Human Sexuality and Gender/STIs and HIV/AIDSEdit

interviews,less->interviews, less? context: ~~~ t al. (2010) interviews,less
interviews,less than one fifth of respondents (23 of 125) were able to cite information about Chlamydia beyond that it was a curable STD<ref>JOURNAL OF WOMEN’ ~~~

Human Sexuality and Gender/STIs and HIV/AIDSEdit

Microbiology,of->Microbiology, of? context: ~~~ r Journal of Microbiology,of
Microbiology,of 450 pregnant women,150(33.3%) had preterm labor and 300(66.7%) term delivery. Two (1.3%) patients with preterm labor were positive for T. vaginalis bu ~~~

Human Sexuality and Gender/STIs and HIV/AIDSEdit

individuals,and->individuals, and? context: ~~~ seropositive individuals,and
individuals,and it is the most common cause of death in patients with AIDS. This chapter will review the epidemiology, pathogenesis, and management of tuberculosis in ~~~

Chemical Information Sources/SIRCh/Chemical Patent Searches/Markush StructureEdit

property,sci->property, sci? context: ~~~ roups:,sci.
property,sci.chem From: (Gregory Aharonian)Subject: PATNEWS: A humongous, hierarchical, chemical Markush groupDate: Thu, 2 Mar 1995 06:45:27 ~~~

Chemical Information Sources/SIRCh/Chemical Patent Searches/Markush StructureEdit

aminoalkyl,and->aminoalkyl, and? context: ~~~ arylalkyl, aminoalkyl,and
aminoalkyl,and guanidinoalkyl; (aq) R.sub.213 is selected from the group consisting of lower alkyl, arylalkyl, aminoalkyl, and guanidinoalkyl with the proviso that ~~~

Technical Analysis/Type of ChartsEdit

low,and->low, and? context: ~~~ if available), high, low,and
low,and closing prices. <br>Bar charts are the most popular type of security chart. <br>The top of each vertical bar represents the highest price ~~~

Cultural Shifts in England/Abuse, unfounded accusationsEdit

individual,family->individual, family? context: ~~~ ith by the individual,family
individual,family and society. ===Case Study===''''The subjects:'''' both retired, have been married for over a quarter of a century and live in a comfortable home. Th ~~~

An Introduction to Molecular Biology/Macromolecules and CellsEdit

animals,but->animals, but? context: ~~~ ilar to those in animals,but
animals,but higher plants, (including Gymnosperms and flowering plants) '''lack the flagellae and centrioles that are present in animal cells'''.{| class="t ~~~

Basic Physics of Digital Radiography/The ApplicationsEdit

energy,and->energy, and? context: ~~~ at the low X-ray energy,and
energy,and ::*x<sub>b</sub> is the bone thickness.:Similarly, the transmitted radiation intensity for the same region of an image acquired at a highe ~~~

An Introduction to Molecular Biology/RNA:The ribonucleic acidEdit

expression,and->expression, and? context: ~~~ nfluenza gene expression,and
expression,and inhibition of measles viral replication. Potential treatments for neurodegenerative diseases have also been proposed, with particular attention being ~~~

California Public Policy and Citizen Participation/Chapter TwoEdit

Act,as->Act, as? context: ~~~ rticle]] on the Brown Act,as
Act,as of the date it was transwiki'd, subcommittees that are less than a ''quorom'' do not count. According to that wikipedia article this section was based ~~~

Principles of Biochemistry/The Carbohydrates: Monosaccharides, Disaccharides and PolysaccharidesEdit

gauche,gauche->gauche, gauche? context: ~~~ hoxyethane the gauche,gauche
gauche,gauche conformation is about 3–5 kcal/mol lower in energy (more stable) than the trans,trans ~~~

Principles of Biochemistry/The Carbohydrates: Monosaccharides, Disaccharides and PolysaccharidesEdit

trans,trans->trans, trans? context: ~~~ stable) than the trans,trans
trans,trans conformation—this is about two times as big as the effect in sugars because there are two rotatable bonds that are affected.<ref>http://en.wik ~~~

Principles of Biochemistry/The Carbohydrates: Monosaccharides, Disaccharides and PolysaccharidesEdit

cells,liver,->cells, liver,? context: ~~~ n the red blood cells,liver,
cells,liver, and muscles - mostly depends on physical training, basal metabolic rate, and eating habits such as intermittent fasting. Small amounts of glycogen are ~~~

Brlcad/How to mged/primitiveEdit

xmin,xmax,ymin,ymax,zmin,zmax->xmin,xmax,ymin,ymax,zmin, zmax? context: ~~~ min,xmax,ymin,ymax,zmin,zmax.
xmin,xmax,ymin,ymax,zmin,zmax. # Insert a 2 x 3 x 4 cuboid named cuboid1.s into the database in cuboid1.s rpp 0 2 0 3 0 4=== Sphere === # Insert a sphere of radius 3 named ball.s i ~~~

Principles of Biochemistry/Signaling inside the CellEdit

myelofibrosis,and->myelofibrosis, and? context: ~~~ psoriasis, myelofibrosis,and
myelofibrosis,and rheumatoid arthritis * SB1518[11][12] against JAK2 for relapsed lymphoma, advanced myeloid malignancies,myelofibrosis ~~~

Principles of Biochemistry/Signaling inside the CellEdit

malignancies,myelofibrosis->malignancies, myelofibrosis? context: ~~~ d malignancies,myelofibrosis
malignancies,myelofibrosis and CIMF * CYT387 against JAK2 for myeloproliferative disorders * LY3009104 (INCB28050) against JAK1/JAK2 starting phase IIb for rheumatoid arth ~~~

Principles of Biochemistry/Chromosome and its structureEdit

species,homologous->species, homologous? context: ~~~ o compare species,homologous
species,homologous loci may be easily amplified in related species, but the number of loci that amplify successfully during PCR may decrease with increased genetic dista ~~~

Cognitive Science: An Introduction/Cognitive Science DefinedEdit

molecules,synapses,->molecules, synapses,? context: ~~~ look at molecules,synapses,
molecules,synapses, neurons, networks, maps, sub-systems, and the whole nervous system. There is a tendency for scientist to be dismissive of levels of analysis that are ~~~

Organizational Behavior and Change Management/Unit 1Edit

job,getting->job, getting? context: ~~~ s: Being Assured job,getting
job,getting gratitutes and provident fund5. Physiological Needs: Owning a House and fulfilling the basic neccessities of Life.==Herzberg's two factor theory==This ~~~

Digital Integrated Circuits/Basics of MOSEdit

source,drain,gate->source,drain, gate? context: ~~~ ice having source,drain,gate
source,drain,gate and body. Climbing up another level of abstraction MOS can be seen as a 'voltage controlled current source'. Voltage applied in gate controls the curr ~~~

Fundamental Digital Electronics/Digital AdderEdit

adders,so->adders, so? context: ~~~ der, there 32 full adders,so
adders,so the critical path (worst case) delay is <math>32*3=96</math> gate delays.===Carry look-ahead adders==={{main|Carry look-ahead adder}}To re ~~~

Game Creation with XNA/Mathematics Physics/Character AnimationEdit

is,skinning->is, skinning? context: ~~~ ning and rigging is,skinning
is,skinning is the visual deformation of the body(your model).Useful is the fact that it is possible to setup every single sufaces, this is very helpful in situat ~~~

Game Creation with XNA/Mathematics Physics/BallisticsEdit

gun,hand->gun, hand? context: ~~~ im direction of the gun,hand
gun,hand etc. If you have active projectiles in your game, the XNA Update function needs to call a function that updates the position for every active project ~~~

International Service Learning Study Abroad Handbook/HealthEdit

nausea,vomiting,->nausea, vomiting,? context: ~~~ e diarrhea, nausea,vomiting,
nausea,vomiting, abdominal pain as well as respiratory problems. It is best to eat cooked food and avoid diary products.Often, your best defense against food borne ill ~~~


corrections,adding->corrections, adding? context: ~~~ ammatical corrections,adding
corrections,adding citations, or similar contributions which are not contingent upon understanding the overall vision of the book. The purpose of this request is to esta ~~~


Wikimedia,which->Wikimedia, which? context: ~~~ onfused with Wikimedia,which
Wikimedia,which hosts strategic planning papers and discussion.==Overview==Different wikis or projects necessarily encounter different issues depending upon the under ~~~

Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant: The WikiBook/DCPPEdit

Pujo,currently->Pujo, currently? context: ~~~ In 1985, June Pujo,currently
Pujo,currently a professional planner with the Santa Barbara County Department of Planning, published a report <ref> ~~~

Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant: The WikiBook/orphaned pages/National opinion trends shifts after FukushimaEdit

trends,state->trends, state? context: ~~~ view of current trends,state
trends,state Sen. Sam Blakeslee (R-San Luis Obispo), who holds a doctorate in geophysics was quoted as stating:"The fundamental question is whether these faci ~~~

Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant: The WikiBook/IntroEdit

environmental,health->environmental, health? context: ~~~ onomic, environmental,health
environmental,health and safety consequences of public policy decisions regarding Diablo Canyon. This includes students and professionals in the fields of environmental la ~~~

Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant: The WikiBook/IntroEdit

book,leaving->book, leaving? context: ~~~ into a separate book,leaving
book,leaving only short summary treatment intact in each Facility-specific book.==='''About this book's neutral point of view policy'''===This book is a collaborat ~~~

Fukushima AftermathEdit

book,full->book, full? context: ~~~ * This book,full
book,full title of which is Fukushima Aftermath and Implications for Political Activism, which will focus on the Fukushima-Daiichi event series in greater detai ~~~

Puredyne/Printer SetupEdit

appears,click->appears, click? context: ~~~ d when the GUI appears,click
appears,click the first menu item at the top, then select 'add printer'. Follow the screens. This worked to autodetect my USB-connected Canon printer.{{BookCat}}</ ~~~

Human Geography APEdit

factors,human->factors, human? context: ~~~ push and pull factors,human
factors,human capital, and life course/]]:* [[/International migration and refugees/]]:* [[/Socioeconomic consequences of migration/]]===Unit III. Cultural Patterns ~~~

California Public Policy and Citizen Participation/Chapter SixEdit

irrigation,geography,->irrigation, geography,? context: ~~~ ology, irrigation,geography,
irrigation,geography, implementation, the management of specific water projects or the purchase, ownership and conveyance of water law|water rights. These policy issues may ~~~

Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant: The WikiBook/orphaned pages/Public official interventionsEdit

California,chairs->California, chairs? context: ~~~ a Boxer of California,chairs
California,chairs the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works * Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island * Bernard Sanders of VermontThe AP report also contends that ~~~

Compendium of Fiddle Styles/RockEdit

Hendrix,all->Hendrix, all? context: ~~~ d Skynard, Jimmi Hendrix,all
Hendrix,all the while alternating between standard rock vocals and fiddle/violin riffs.<ref></ref>===Violin ~~~

Fukushima Aftermath: Whither the Indian Point Nuke?/Public official interventionsEdit

California,chairs->California, chairs? context: ~~~ a Boxer of California,chairs
California,chairs the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works * Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island * Bernard Sanders of VermontThe AP report also contends that ~~~

Bards Old Time Fiddle Tunebook Supplement/Yew Piney MountainEdit

County,is->County, is? context: ~~~ Kelly from Morgan County,is
County,is what is now called Yew Piney Mountain. <ref> Note: As an E minor tune. He ends the tune "that's the way that God made peace".|http://w ~~~

Cascading Style Sheets/Pseudo Elements and Pseudo ClassesEdit

block,float->block, float? context: ~~~ h/height, inline-block,float)
block,float), then block level anchors within will not have proper hit detection unless one of the links also includes a hasLayout trigger (zoom, inline-block, fi ~~~

User-Generated Content in Education/BlogsEdit

beach,and->beach, and? context: ~~~ t and we go to the beach,and
beach,and its so fun to go with my family==Brief History of Blogs==Blogs were first introduced with the creation of the current Web 2.0 software. Web 2.0 is kn ~~~

Cascading Style Sheets/Data URIsEdit

html,body->html, body? context: ~~~ html,body
html,body { cursor: url(data:,Hi),text;</syntaxhighlight>{{BookCat}}</text> <sha1>bg3mx4em04ox9mg7nk6f9odckdutc6a</sha1> </revision> </page> <pa ~~~

OpenClinica User Manual/CRFandOIDissuesEdit

id,rule->id, rule? context: ~~~ select distinct,rule.
id,rule.oc_oid,rule. ~~~

OpenClinica User Manual/CRFandOIDissuesEdit

oid,rule->oid, rule? context: ~~~ nct,rule.oc_oid,rule.
oid,rule.rule_expression_id from rule_set,rule_ ~~~

OpenClinica User Manual/CRFandOIDissuesEdit

set,rule->set, rule? context: ~~~ ession_id from rule_set,rule_
set,rule_set_rule,rule ~~~

OpenClinica User Manual/CRFandOIDissuesEdit

rule,rule->rule, rule? context: ~~~ rule_set,rule_set_rule,rule
rule,rule where rule_set_rule.rule_id = andrule_set_rule.rule_set_id = andnot exists (select 1 from item where item.item_id=rule_set.item_id ~~~

RAC Attack - Oracle Cluster Database at Home/Install Grid Infrastructure (ASM)Edit

read,write->read, write? context: ~~~ Adding read,write
read,write permissions for group. Removing read,write,execute ~~~

RAC Attack - Oracle Cluster Database at Home/Install Grid Infrastructure (ASM)Edit

read,write->read, write? context: ~~~ Adding read,write
read,write permissions for group. Removing read,write,execute ~~~

General Engineering Introduction/Problem StatementEdit

involved,the->involved, the? context: ~~~ ion, the people involved,the
involved,the customers, and the institutional processes affected. Establishing the context is one of the hardest tasks associated with the project. Ask a thousand ~~~

Hebrew Roots/Trinity/Son&FatherEdit

Therefore,it->Therefore, it? context: ~~~ eternal realm. Therefore,it
Therefore,it is not that He is one and the same as the Father in His eternal state. Just as the Trinity is in error, so is the Triunity of God.The Son and the Fath ~~~

Hebrew Roots/Trinity/HumanityEdit

entity,having->entity, having? context: ~~~ was a separate entity,having
entity,having individuality (a mind,will ~~~

Hebrew Roots/Trinity/HumanityEdit

mind,will->mind, will? context: ~~~ g individuality (a mind,will
mind,will and emotions of His own), yet He was in complete unity with the Father as a self-existent divine Being. He is always referred to as the “Son of God� ~~~

RAC Attack - Oracle Cluster Database at Home/Setup OCFS2Edit

netdev,datavolume,nointr->netdev,datavolume, nointr? context: ~~~ _netdev,datavolume,nointr
netdev,datavolume,nointr 0 0 LABEL=u52-backup /u52 ocfs2 _netdev,datavolume,nointr ~~~

RAC Attack - Oracle Cluster Database at Home/Setup OCFS2Edit

netdev,datavolume,nointr->netdev,datavolume, nointr? context: ~~~ _netdev,datavolume,nointr
netdev,datavolume,nointr 0 0</li><li style="margin-top:3em">Mount the volumes and create directories for the oracle database files. [root@collabn1 ~]# ' ~~~

RAC Attack - Oracle Cluster Database at Home/Setup OCFS2Edit

netdev,datavolume,nointr->netdev,datavolume, nointr? context: ~~~ _netdev,datavolume,nointr
netdev,datavolume,nointr 0 0 LABEL=u52-backup /u52 ocfs2 _netdev,datavolume,nointr ~~~

RAC Attack - Oracle Cluster Database at Home/Setup OCFS2Edit

netdev,datavolume,nointr->netdev,datavolume, nointr? context: ~~~ _netdev,datavolume,nointr
netdev,datavolume,nointr 0 0 [root@collabn2 ~]# '''mount /u51''' [root@collabn2 ~]# '''mount /u52''' [root@collabn2 ~]# '''df -h''' Filesystem Size Used Avail Us ~~~

RAC Attack - Oracle Cluster Database at Home/Install Grid Infrastructure (Shared Filesystem)Edit

read,write->read, write? context: ~~~ Adding read,write
read,write permissions for group. Removing read,write,execute ~~~

RAC Attack - Oracle Cluster Database at Home/Install Grid Infrastructure (Shared Filesystem)Edit

read,write->read, write? context: ~~~ Adding read,write
read,write permissions for group. Removing read,write,execute ~~~

Map This!/Installation and setupEdit

png,keys->png, keys? context: ~~~ * keys_c.png,keys_
png,keys_c_t.png,keys_ ~~~

Map This!/Installation and setupEdit

png,keys->png, keys? context: ~~~ keys_c.png,keys_c_t.png,keys_
png,keys_s_c.png: here you can specify a separate alphabet for use with Danzeff OSK;* localfont_small.png: small version of bigfont.png;* localization.txt: her ~~~

Map This!/Old versionEdit

services,but->services, but? context: ~~~ value with some services,but
services,but check the preview to make sure the data is available for your area first.* you can delete some zoom levels to save space by deleting Nx folders inside ~~~

Ethnomedicine/Home Remedies/A - CEdit

edible,and->edible, and? context: ~~~ f Angelica is not edible,and
edible,and is said to be poisonous. Do not use while pregnant or breastfeeding without consulting your doctor.As for the origin of angelica, according to Europea ~~~

Ethnomedicine/Home Remedies/A - CEdit

minutes,this->minutes, this? context: ~~~ he nose for few minutes,this
minutes,this should stop the bleeding.==Body Odor==Have you ever been in a public place and realized that horrible stench of body odor was emitting from your under ~~~

Ethnomedicine/Home Remedies/A - CEdit

grapefruits,lemons->grapefruits, lemons? context: ~~~ Oranges, grapefruits,lemons
grapefruits,lemons etc., all are rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C not only stops the onset of scurvy, but can help prevent the common cold, and has been proven to help reduc ~~~

Ethnomedicine/Home Remedies/A - CEdit

words,it->words, it? context: ~~~ ronchitis. In other words,it
words,it is more of a Mexican culture to do although the Chamomile tea itself is a common tea within the American culture. For a picture of the Chamomile flowe ~~~

Ethnomedicine/Home Remedies/M - OEdit

seaweed,tofu->seaweed, tofu? context: ~~~ wounds would be seaweed,tofu
seaweed,tofu and green onions. These key ingredients have been useful in many ways. Koreans normally use these to cleanse open scars. The most popular reason for t ~~~

Ethnomedicine/Home Remedies/P - REdit

sharper,and->sharper, and? context: ~~~ he or she has a sharper,and
sharper,and more responsive mind. Everyone is affected differently from peppermint tea and may not get the same results.Peppermint tea is not right for everyone, ~~~

Ethnomedicine/Home Remedies/S - UEdit

causes,the->causes, the? context: ~~~ stinging nettles causes,the
causes,the plant is often used by Native American cultures as a healing agent. A tea made from boiling this herb can serve as a digestive aid or an appetite stim ~~~

RAC Attack - Oracle Cluster Database at Home/Flashback DatabaseEdit

scn,flashback->scn, flashback? context: ~~~ dest_flashback_scn,flashback_
scn,flashback_size from v$flashback_database_log; OLDEST_FLASHBACK_SCN FLASHBACK_SIZE -------------------- -------------- 610425 8192000</ ~~~

RAC Attack - Oracle Cluster Database at Home/Flashback DatabaseEdit

scn,flashback->scn, flashback? context: ~~~ dest_flashback_scn,flashback_
scn,flashback_size from v$flashback_database_log; OLDEST_FLASHBACK_SCN FLASHBACK_SIZE -------------------- -------------- 0 16384000</ ~~~

The Computer Revolution/Peripherals/Pens/StylusesEdit

end,so->end, so? context: ~~~ h a rubber tip on the end,so
end,so the screen is not scratched while using the stylus. Stylus are a great invention, and it will continue to spread across the world.Morley, Deborah and ~~~

A Bit History of Internet/Chapter 1 : IntroductionEdit

single,closed->single, closed? context: ~~~ ARPANET was a single,closed
single,closed network. In order to communicate with an ARPANET, one had to be attached to another ARPANET IMP (interface message processor). Hence, the disadvantage ~~~

A Bit History of Internet/Chapter 8 : Internet-of-ThingsEdit

anywhere,any->anywhere, any? context: ~~~ ervasively from anywhere,any
anywhere,any device anytime. Connections will multiply and create an entirely new dynamic network of networks, which forms the IoT.<ref name= ITU>Internation ~~~

Fractals/Iterations in the complex plane/parabolicEdit

Boundary,P,eq,roots],->Boundary,P,eq, roots],? context: ~~~ [Boundary,P,eq,roots],
Boundary,P,eq,roots], Boundary:[], for m in Circle_Points do (/* map from reference plane to parameter plane */ P:m/2^period, eq:GiveBoundaryEq(P,period), /* Boundary e ~~~

Fractals/Iterations in the complex plane/parabolicEdit

m,ParabolicPoints,P,eq,roots],->m,ParabolicPoints,P,eq, roots],? context: ~~~ ParabolicPoints,P,eq,roots],
m,ParabolicPoints,P,eq,roots], m: GiveCirclePoint(t), /* root of unit circle, Radius=1, angle t=0 */ ParabolicPoints:[], /* map from reference plane to parameter plane */ P:m/2^per ~~~

World Stamp Catalogue/IndiaEdit

red,blue,green->red,blue, green? context: ~~~ Flag - Orange-red,blue,green
red,blue,green - 3 1/2a <br />Issued 15 Dec 1947<br />Ashokan Capital - Grey-green - 1 1/2a <br />Douglas DC-4 -Ultramarine - 12a <br />''' & ~~~

World Stamp Catalogue/IndiaEdit

brown,buff->brown, buff? context: ~~~ ine - Deep purple-brown,buff
brown,buff - 15np<br/>''' Nehru Mourning Issue (National Leader & First Prime Minister of India) '''<br/>Issued 12 Jun 1964<br/>Jawaharlal ~~~

World Stamp Catalogue/IndiaEdit

Sepia,brown->Sepia, brown? context: ~~~ lah Beg Khan) - Sepia,brown-
Sepia,brown-red & flesh - 20p<br/>'''50th Anniversary of Osmania University '''<br/>Issued 15 Mar 1969<br/>Osmania University - Olive-gree ~~~

Tomato Firmware/DistributionsEdit

noatime,nodev->noatime, nodev? context: ~~~ .e.: mount -o noatime,nodev
noatime,nodev /dev/discs/disc0/part1 /opt, or by using /etc/fstab file and "mount -a" command. If you mount the partition manually, it will not be re-mou ~~~

Structural Biochemistry/Cell Signaling Pathways/Kinases InhibitorsEdit

Imatinib,discovered->Imatinib, discovered? context: ~~~ Imatinib,discovered
Imatinib,discovered by Novartis Company in 1990s, was approved by FDA in May 10, 2001. By using multiple hydrogen bond, Imatinib occupies ATP pockets of ABL protein kinas ~~~

The Computer Revolution/Artificial Intelligence/RoboticsEdit

Business,Industrial,and->Business,Industrial, and? context: ~~~ == Business,Industrial,and
Business,Industrial,and Military Robots ==Robot technology has also made its way into businesses. Robots can be used to search for hazardous materials or gas leaks, all of wh ~~~

History of Hawaii/World War II and StatehoodEdit

stated,that->stated, that? context: ~~~ experience. They stated,that
stated,that due to the influence of the United States government, the community is already quite like Americans in thought, purpose, and action, that given Hawaii ~~~

Open Metadata Handbook/Metadata ElementsEdit

survey,review,->survey, review,? context: ~~~ , expository, survey,review,
survey,review, abstract, note, …. such classification is sometimes provided by publishers and/or bibliographic databases] O/R# Identifiers MA/R - e.g. DOI if avail ~~~

Open Metadata Handbook/Metadata ElementsEdit

editor,reviewer,->editor, reviewer,? context: ~~~ st (author, editor,reviewer,
editor,reviewer, … ). If unknown, default can be “creator”Book chapters 'should' require that the editors of the book be named.5. Update of bibliographic data: w ~~~

High School Biology/Muscular SystemEdit

appearance,they->appearance, they? context: ~~~ rformance or appearance,they
appearance,they are dangerous drugs, and when used inappropriately, they can cause a host of severe, long-lasting, and often irreversible negative health consequences ~~~

Chinese Tractor Maintenance/DozerEdit

segmented,one->segmented, one? context: ~~~ emoved are not segmented,one
segmented,one anchor end must be cut off to remove brake band.===Troubleshooting======Modifications=====Transmission=====Specifications===One mainshaft, one counter ~~~

Westward ExpansionEdit

drives,which->drives, which? context: ~~~ of, long cattle drives,which
drives,which in 1867, the first cattle drive from Texas up the Chisholm Trail arrived at the rail yards of Abilene, Kansas. long hours, and roundups. Their daily ~~~

Westward ExpansionEdit

family,in->family, in? context: ~~~ clothes for their family,in
family,in addition they sewed quilts and shoes. They made soap and candles , At harvest time they canned fruits and vegetables, also while tending a large garde ~~~

Westward ExpansionEdit

land,including->land, including? context: ~~~ ople, and the land,including
land,including the natural resources, if owned by a person not from the United states should be reclaimed by the government to let settlers live there. The Populists ~~~

Structural Biochemistry/Virus Entry by EndocytosisEdit

one,the->one, the? context: ~~~ y of reasons. Number one,the
one,the threat and potential damage that pathogens and viruses can cause are growing exponentially due to many factors like the world population growing large ~~~

Structural Biochemistry/MDR PumpsEdit

closes,allowing->closes, allowing? context: ~~~ plasmic gate closes,allowing
closes,allowing the drug to be pumped out of the cell.== Bacteria and Drug Resistance ==MDR pump can bestow deadly power-in the form resistance to antibiotics-to tiny ~~~

Structural Biochemistry/MDR PumpsEdit

same,they->same, they? context: ~~~ f all pumps is the same,they
same,they perform a similar task: preventing harmful molecules from setting up the cell's interior.Many MDR pumps confer resistance against first time used to t ~~~

Information Technology and Ethics/IT Professionals and Their RelationshipEdit

employment,they->employment, they? context: ~~~ rker accepts employment,they
employment,they may first want discuss job title, performance expectations,specific ~~~

Information Technology and Ethics/IT Professionals and Their RelationshipEdit

expectations,specific->expectations, specific? context: ~~~ rmance expectations,specific
expectations,specific work responsibility, drug-testing requirements, dress Code, location of employment, salary, work hours and benefits. Issues in employment that are not ~~~

Sport Innovation/The Track CheckEdit

extraction,event->extraction, event? context: ~~~ . highlight extraction,event
extraction,event detection and tactic analysis {{ref|1|[1]}}And, the data could be represented in maps, between games for the same player – all kinds of variables an ~~~

Rhetoric and Writing in the Public Sphere: An Introduction/The Media and the Public SphereEdit

Just,recently,->Just, recently,? context: ~~~ Just,recently,
Just,recently, Sean Hannity provided a clear example of giving opinion based information. Jon Stewart, the host of Comedy Central’s ''The Daily Show'' pointed it o ~~~

American Sign Language/Basic Grammar 2Edit

aspects,and->aspects, and? context: ~~~ l verbs take all aspects,and
aspects,and the forms they do take will not necessarily be completely analogous to the verb illustrated here. Conversely, not all aspects are possible with this o ~~~

An Introduction to Weblogs/Weblog providersEdit

templates,you->templates, you? context: ~~~ ed on free web templates,you
templates,you can download free templates from this ''''''.Most available weblog software can be divided into two categories, '''hosted software''' a ~~~

An Introduction to Weblogs/Blog UsesEdit

worry,lacking->worry, lacking? context: ~~~ that make you worry,lacking
worry,lacking of interest .Try to handle in a simpler way.For example : if a task is given to you to write an essay question in 500 words . The focus should be not ~~~

Digital Electronics/Mathematic and Logic Operations/Digital AdderEdit

adders,so->adders, so? context: ~~~ der, there 32 full adders,so
adders,so the critical path (worst case) delay is <math>32*3=96</math> gate delays.===Carry look-ahead adders==={{main|Carry look-ahead adder}}To re ~~~

Digital Electronics/Synchronous Device/CounterEdit

ring,ripple->ring, ripple? context: ~~~ ypes of counters ring,ripple
ring,ripple and synchronous.==Types of Counters=====Ring Counters===If the output of a shift register is fed back to the input. a ring counter results. The data p ~~~

Pixlr Editor/WindowsEdit

layers,where->layers, where? context: ~~~ rdered stack of layers,where
layers,where the bottom layer is the at the complete back of the image, and conversely the layer at the top is the one in the front most part of the image.=== Laye ~~~

360 Assembly/360 Instructions/EXEdit

so,the->so, the? context: ~~~ rightmost byte=x'34' so,the
so,the object code will be x'18 34' after EX instruction execution////////AND content of register4 will be loaded into register3==Purpose of Instruction==The ~~~

Sensory Systems/Vestibular AnatomyEdit

homogeneous,those->homogeneous, those? context: ~~~ are fairly homogeneous,those
homogeneous,those in the vestibular system can be broadly separated into two groups: "regular units" and "irregular units". Regular haircells have a ~~~

Professionalism/Sean Hoare and Andy CoulsonEdit

journalists,encouraging->journalists, encouraging? context: ~~~ his journalists,encouraging
journalists,encouraging them to "do whatever it takes" to get a good story <ref> ~~~

TPACKing for a Wonderful Educational Trip/Dr. Z's TPackers' BiographiesEdit

teacher,and->teacher, and? context: ~~~ eech and theater teacher,and
teacher,and technical director of the performing arts center in a large, urban high school=== Group 5 - MCCL School (Team MCCL) ===* Mande - High school English t ~~~

Social Web/BlogsEdit

articles,which->articles, which? context: ~~~ The articles,which
articles,which are the main component of a blog,are ~~~

Social Web/BlogsEdit

blog,are->blog, are? context: ~~~ main component of a blog,are
blog,are called posts or postings. They are usually listed chronologically in reversed order. '''Thread''' All posts made about one specified topic inside ~~~

Social Web/NetworksEdit

xing,etc->xing, etc? context: ~~~ facebook, twitter, xing,etc.
xing,etc.'''6. The digital avant-garde''' - mean age 34,0 years- mainly men- a very high ratio of workking personsOnly a small part of the people are such digi ~~~

Social Web/CorporationsEdit

way,it->way, it? context: ~~~ has learned the hard way,it
way,it is dangerous not to know what is going on in the social media world. In addition to the usual web monitoring, companies should also start a social med ~~~

Social Web/ArtsEdit

purposes,from->purposes, from? context: ~~~ any variety of purposes,from
purposes,from disaster relief to citizen journalism to artists seeking support from fans, to political campaigns, to funding a startup company, movie or small busin ~~~


reptiles,etc->reptiles, etc? context: ~~~ animals (birds, reptiles,etc.
reptiles,etc.) Ornamental uses • • Butterflies (alive and mounted) and pupae• Cochinilla (dye)• Pearls • Coral reef products• Pearls• Mother of pear ~~~

Communication Networks/TCP and UDP Protocols/UDPEdit

video,audio->video, audio? context: ~~~ ng media such as video,audio
video,audio and others use UDP because it offers speed. '''Why UDP is faster than TCP?'''The reason UDP is faster than TCP is because there is no form of flow con ~~~

Communication Networks/TCP and UDP Protocols/UDPEdit

data,computer->data, computer? context: ~~~ receiving the data,computer
data,computer must have some mechanism what to do with it.Consider that user has three application open say a web browser,a telnet session and FTP session.All three ~~~

Communication Networks/TCP and UDP Protocols/UDPEdit

checksum,the->checksum, the? context: ~~~ ation.To verify checksum,the
checksum,the receiver must extract this fields from IP Header .12-byte psuedo header is used to compute checksum.'''Data'''It is the application data.or Actual mes ~~~

The Computer Revolution/Databases/Content Management SystemsEdit

sonograms,etc->sonograms, etc? context: ~~~ graphs, xrays, sonograms,etc.
sonograms,etc.). Roots of the technology are in the media and entertainment industry, currently experiencing growth, especially in marketing departments. Digital as ~~~

Knowledge Management Cases in a University in Asia/Group 3Edit

metrics,it->metrics, it? context: ~~~ easures of the KM metrics,it
metrics,it is better to provide some methods to evaluate the effectiveness of the KM applications in these 4 aspects instead of simply mention what does the depa ~~~

Adventist Adventurer Awards/HoneyEdit

bees,foraging->bees, foraging? context: ~~~ e hard work of bees,foraging
bees,foraging bees suck nectar from flowers, swallow it and store it in a honey crop, a special type of stomach which comes before the actual digestive system stoma ~~~

Adventist Adventurer Awards/Cooking FunEdit

rice,etc->rice, etc? context: ~~~ ole cornmeal, brown rice,etc.
rice,etc.==== Protein Foods ====beef, lamb, veal, chicken, fish, turkey, eggs, beans, peas, and nuts.==== Dairy ====Milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, puddings.= ~~~

Adventist Adventurer Awards/Reading IEdit

needed,every->needed, every? context: ~~~ l important and needed,every
needed,every should contribute and help those who need help because in every family not every one is born to be rich and those whm are rich shouldn't the power of ~~~

ROSE Compiler Framework/InstallationEdit

all,none,binaries,c,c++,cuda,fortran,java,x10,opencl,php,matlab,python->all,none,binaries,c,c++,cuda,fortran,java,x10,opencl,php,matlab, python? context: ~~~ x10,opencl,php,matlab,python
all,none,binaries,c,c++,cuda,fortran,java,x10,opencl,php,matlab,python (default=all)</pre>For example, you can use "--enable-languages=c++,fortran" if you are only interested in ~~~


Moreover,some->Moreover, some? context: ~~~ Moreover,some
Moreover,some Portuguese words have also added in this language.{{BookCat}}</text> <sha1>lfxpcc62y3wbf781k9uph6dc5v0gemh</sha1> </revision> </page> <page> ~~~

Ancient History/Egypt/CultureEdit

bridegroom,not->bridegroom, not? context: ~~~ mother of the bridegroom,not
bridegroom,not the father, but after, she decided.A typical marriage contract contained the date, the year of the reign of the ruling monarch, the future husbands an ~~~

Field Guide/Birds/Amazon RainforestEdit

rare,that->rare, that? context: ~~~ It has always been rare,that
rare,that stay in river edges in small area near the center of Brazil, but recent deforestation, importation of Africanized bees-which took their tree hollows, ~~~

InteriCAD T6 User ManualEdit

back,left,->back, left,? context: ~~~ dle of frontback, back,left,
back,left, middle of leftright, right, up, middle of updown, down. :'''''Steps:''''' :1. Select Wardrobe>>Modify>>Align :2. Choose an object to align ~~~

InteriCAD T6 User ManualEdit

example,for->example, for? context: ~~~ ight source. For example,for
example,for incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp that are both of 100w, the latter is much brighter than the former because fluorescent lamp’s ratio of electr ~~~

InteriCAD T6 User ManualEdit

Setting,from->Setting, from? context: ~~~ Select Sunlight Setting,from
Setting,from Light Setting menu .:9.Tick Activate Sunlight Effect. Note: This option must be activated, or day light will have no effect.:10.Single click Exit butt ~~~

InteriCAD T6 User ManualEdit

Light,from->Light, from? context: ~~~ :11.Select Edit Light,from
Light,from Light Setting menu .:12.Select the light source on the window and set its type as Sunlight. Determine the incident angle of sunray using Pick target s ~~~'s Comparative Politics/What is Democracy?Edit

States,where->States, where? context: ~~~ e is the United States,where
States,where rival Republican and Democratic parties are decentralized organizations functioning largely in Congress and at the state level — which then coalesce ~~~'s Comparative Politics/Asian Case StudiesEdit

former,including->former, including? context: ~~~ ons for the former,including
former,including those concerning concern economic affairs, even as we remember that under the Constitution, it is the individual court (e.g., the Haidian district cou ~~~'s Comparative Politics/Asian Case StudiesEdit

Isomura,eds->Isomura, eds? context: ~~~ eser and Tamotsu Isomura,eds.
Isomura,eds., Wege zum Japanischen Recht: Festschrift fur ZentaroKitagawa [The Way of Japanese Law: A Festschrfit for Zentaro Kitagawa] Berlin. Duncker &Humbo ~~~

Nursing Study Guide/Care of Immuno-Lymphatic NeedsEdit

task,role->task, role? context: ~~~ priate for a given task,role
task,role or piece of equipment.====Client teaching====Health education may help to raise awareness of issues impacting lymphatic wellness. Nurses can help to c ~~~'s Comparative Politics/Importance of ConstitutionsEdit

religions,the->religions, the? context: ~~~ adopt official religions,the
religions,the influence of religion over government varies. Some constitutions proclaim that the legal system must conform to the tenets of a particular religion. A ~~~

Hebrew Roots/The army of invaders/EnterEdit

them,and->them, and? context: ~~~ Rock which followed them,and
them,and that Rock was Messiah. But with some of them God was not well pleased, for their bodies were scattered in the wilderness.Now these things were written ~~~

Hebrew Roots/Neglected Commandments/Sabbath/HistoryEdit

Gene,fin->Gene, fin? context: ~~~ Origen, in his Gene,fin
Gene,fin Homilia I ,5 and 1,8 identified the Messiah with the Sun. Even Tertullian, in the year 197 , as previously stated, was perturbed at the praying toward ~~~

Knowledge Management Cases in a University in Asia/Knowledge Management Study in a University Counseling UnitEdit

metrics,it->metrics, it? context: ~~~ easures of the KM metrics,it
metrics,it is better to provide some methods to evaluate the effectiveness of the KM applications in these 4 aspects instead of simply mention what does the depa ~~~'s Ancient Civilizations of the World/Empire of MaliEdit

Bilal,the->Bilal, the? context: ~~~ ts lineage back to Bilal,the
Bilal,the faithful muezzin of Islam's prophet Muhammad. It was common practice during the Middle Ages for both Christian and Muslim rulers to tie their bloodlin ~~~

The Computer Revolution/Hardware/MotherboardEdit

chips,and->chips, and? context: ~~~ oard with computer chips,and
chips,and other semiconducting material where electronic current can travel. Along with it, it contains transistors that control the flow of electrons like the ~~~'s Ancient Civilizations of the World/The Hausa KingdomsEdit

Gobir,and->Gobir, and? context: ~~~ first overwhelmed Gobir,and
Gobir,and then the rest of the Hausa city-states. This was the beginning of the Sokoto Caliphate, called such because Dan Fodio made his capital at the city of ~~~


pvdisplay,vgdisplay->pvdisplay, vgdisplay? context: ~~~ status: pvdisplay,vgdisplay
pvdisplay,vgdisplay and lvdisplay.A Scenario explaining how useful LVM could be: Say that you have a 20GB disc and you create the "/home" partition using 15GB a ~~~


compression,alternatively->compression, alternatively? context: ~~~ ip compression,alternatively
compression,alternatively you could stipulate z which would use gzip compression* f – the name of the file to created, in this case backup.tar,bzTo extract the ~~~'s Ancient Civilizations of the World/Imperial Control and Han ExpansionEdit

dynasties,and->dynasties, and? context: ~~~ etween the two dynasties,and
dynasties,and it was perhaps these differences that allowed the Han to rule so much longer than the Qin. First, the Han were more interested in the lives of the Chi ~~~'s Comparative Politics/The Comparative MethodEdit

respect,examines->respect, examines? context: ~~~ respect,examines
respect,examines how facts about the Third World’states are artificially constructed in the name of‘globalization’ and whose interest they serve. The paperdiscar ~~~'s Comparative Politics/The Comparative MethodEdit

positivism,on->positivism, on? context: ~~~ Post-positivism,on
positivism,on the other hand, was aresponse to the widely discredited maxims of positivism,whereas many of its doctrine were in direct opposition tothose of its for ~~~'s Comparative Politics/The Comparative MethodEdit

Thus,standpoint->Thus, standpoint? context: ~~~ Thus,standpoint
Thus,standpoint theory has failed to take into accountthe substantial differences between women’s lives(Randall, 2002:115).In other words, the lives of womenacross ~~~'s Comparative Politics/The Comparative MethodEdit

level,political->level, political? context: ~~~ At its macro level,political
level,political culture serves tocharacterize nations or national political systems(Chilcote, 2000:104). However, Chilcote argues that themacro political culture revo ~~~'s Comparative Politics/The Comparative MethodEdit

is,the->is, the? context: ~~~ by Levi is,the
is,the universalism that rational choice theoryreveals generalizable implications applicable to casesbeyond those under immediate investigation. RCTembarks o ~~~'s Comparative Politics/The Comparative MethodEdit

Moreover,since->Moreover, since? context: ~~~ nd suspicion. Moreover,since
Moreover,since 9/11, there have beenmany security enhancements to the visa process whichhave added to its cost. As Chowdhury(2006) claims,globalization is sometimes ~~~

Ict@innovation: Free your IT Business in Africa/final-quizEdit

fees,installation->fees, installation? context: ~~~ # License fees,installation
fees,installation cost and maintenance cost.# Training cost# Operation cost# Cost of your fixed Assets'''Question 29 : GPL compatible free software license is'''# A per ~~~'s Ancient Civilizations of the World/Qin Reforms and BureaucracyEdit

China,which->China, which? context: ~~~ he Great Wall of China,which
China,which was built by joining and strengthening the walls made by the feudal lords, which would be expanded and rebuilt multiple times by later dynasties, also ~~~

Field Guide/Mammals/Gray FoxEdit

color,grey->color, grey? context: ~~~ duller gray coat color,grey
color,grey foxes were never as highly sought after for fur trade as the red fox.}}{{BookCat}}<references /></text> <sha1>94q5lxehjh1dmmbt7cqeowh3y218d ~~~

Field Guide/Mammals/Masked ShrewEdit

crawl,see,->crawl, see,? context: ~~~ ements but cannot crawl,see,
crawl,see, or hear. they are weaned and grown enough to leave the nest at 27 days of age.<ref>{{Citation |last1=Hazardl |first1=E. |year=1982 |title=The Ma ~~~'s Ancient Civilizations of the World/Philosophy and ScienceEdit

Pythagoreanism,to->Pythagoreanism, to? context: ~~~ o esoteric Pythagoreanism,to
Pythagoreanism,to create Neopythagoreanism.* Numenius of Apamea (2nd century CE), a forerunner of the Neoplatonists.====Epicureanism====Epicurus (341 BCE – 270 BCE) w ~~~

Exercise as it relates to Disease/Exercise for Autism?Edit

behaviours,unproductive->behaviours, unproductive? context: ~~~ ious behaviours,unproductive
behaviours,unproductive behaviours and has been shown to improve attention span, work performance and on task behaviours.<ref>Bachman, J. E., & Fugua, R. W. (1983). ~~~

Exercise as it relates to Disease/Exercise for Autism?Edit

muscles,tendons,joints,connective->muscles,tendons,joints, connective? context: ~~~ es,tendons,joints,connective
muscles,tendons,joints,connective tissues and if necessary, is also very relaxing.Autism sufferers generally reduce self-stimulating behaviour during low (50-65% Maximum Heart Rate) in ~~~

Structural Biochemistry/History of the EarthEdit

jaws,appendages,->jaws, appendages,? context: ~~~ res such as jaws,appendages,
jaws,appendages, bones, and other features on today's organisms began to form. There were also marine diversification. The first vertebrates appeared 525 mya. THere we ~~~

Structural Biochemistry/Point GroupsEdit

is,then->is, then? context: ~~~ linear or not. If it is,then
is,then determine if there is an inversion center. If the molecule is not linear, check if there are two or more C<sub>n</sub>, where n is greater ~~~

Structural Biochemistry/Eye DropEdit

surgery,or->surgery, or? context: ~~~ atients after eye surgery,or
surgery,or when having severe dry eyes. Eye drops can help with clearing eyes to make it better for sight.==Types of Eye Drops==1) Rinse eye drops</big>''' ~~~

Structural Biochemistry/The Oparin-Haldane HypothesisEdit

light,high->light, high? context: ~~~ ng or ultraviolet light,high
light,high temp of around 1073 K then a wide range of organic compounds might be synthesized.Oparin came up with the hypothesis in 1924 that Earth’s atmosphere ~~~

Structural Biochemistry/Properties of Living OrganismsEdit

breath,respond->breath, respond? context: ~~~ ing which can breath,respond
breath,respond to stimuli,motion ~~~

Structural Biochemistry/Properties of Living OrganismsEdit

stimuli,motion->stimuli, motion? context: ~~~ th,respond to stimuli,motion
stimuli,motion or locomotion,reproduce,etc ~~~

Structural Biochemistry/Properties of Living OrganismsEdit

locomotion,reproduce,etc->locomotion,reproduce, etc? context: ~~~ or locomotion,reproduce,etc
locomotion,reproduce,etc examples are humans,plants,viruses,bacteria ~~~

Structural Biochemistry/Properties of Living OrganismsEdit

humans,plants,viruses,bacteria->humans,plants,viruses, bacteria? context: ~~~ mans,plants,viruses,bacteria
humans,plants,viruses,bacteria etc<ref>living organisms</ref>==Characteristics of Living Organisms=====1. High degree of chemical complexity and microscopic organization ~~~

Structural Biochemistry/DiabetesEdit

pen,or->pen, or? context: ~~~ d syringe, an insulin pen,or
pen,or an insulin pump.==TESTING==To determine if one is diagnosed with diabetes, a few tests must be done. - Fasting Blood Glucose (Type 1, 2) - Blood test ~~~

Structural Biochemistry/Molecular GeometryEdit

doublet,triplet,->doublet, triplet,? context: ~~~ , such as a doublet,triplet,
doublet,triplet, etc) tells us how many neighboring hydrogens there are. And finally, the number of signals itself tells us how many different families of protons ther ~~~

Structural Biochemistry/Neural InductionEdit

follistatin,noggin,->follistatin, noggin,? context: ~~~ such as follistatin,noggin,
follistatin,noggin, and chordin to block the effects of BMPs, ectoderm can be induced to become the neural tissue. Missing such inducers cause many birth defects during t ~~~

History of Wyoming/Wyoming since 1945Edit

meat,the->meat, the? context: ~~~ hier food, and lean meat,the
meat,the industry has since revamped its efforts in providing a variety of products which take into account the concerns of the customer. The value of Wyoming ~~~'s Ancient Civilizations of the World/East African SocietiesEdit

Maasai,while->Maasai, while? context: ~~~ by the incoming Maasai,while
Maasai,while other, mainly southern Cushitic groups, were assimilated into Maasai society. The resulting mixture of Nilotic and Cushitic populations also produced ~~~

Structural Biochemistry/Organic Chemistry/ReagentsEdit

crystal,which->crystal, which? context: ~~~ white acicular crystal,which
crystal,which is insolvable in water,solvable ~~~

Structural Biochemistry/Organic Chemistry/ReagentsEdit

water,solvable->water, solvable? context: ~~~ insolvable in water,solvable
water,solvable in organic solvent such as methyl alcohol,ethanol,acetone,ethyl ~~~

Structural Biochemistry/Organic Chemistry/ReagentsEdit

alcohol,ethanol,acetone,ethyl->alcohol,ethanol,acetone, ethyl? context: ~~~ lcohol,ethanol,acetone,ethyl
alcohol,ethanol,acetone,ethyl ether and light petroleum etc.lce point of pure product is 105 degree Celsius. The product is decomposed flashily and it releases nitrogen gas in the ~~~

Structural Biochemistry/Organic Chemistry/ReagentsEdit

temperature,which->temperature, which? context: ~~~ r ordinary temperature,which
temperature,which should be stored under 20 degreee Celsius. AIBN is maily used as polymerization initiator of monomer such as chloroethylene,vinyl ~~~

Structural Biochemistry/Organic Chemistry/ReagentsEdit

chloroethylene,vinyl->chloroethylene, vinyl? context: ~~~ such as chloroethylene,vinyl
chloroethylene,vinyl acetate,acrylonitrile,etc. ~~~

Structural Biochemistry/Organic Chemistry/ReagentsEdit

acetate,acrylonitrile,etc->acetate,acrylonitrile, etc? context: ~~~ yl acetate,acrylonitrile,etc.
acetate,acrylonitrile,etc. Also, it is used as blowing agent for PVC,polyalkene,polyurethane,polyvinyl ~~~

Structural Biochemistry/Organic Chemistry/ReagentsEdit

PVC,polyalkene,polyurethane,polyvinyl->PVC,polyalkene,polyurethane, polyvinyl? context: ~~~ lkene,polyurethane,polyvinyl
PVC,polyalkene,polyurethane,polyvinyl alcohol,acrylonitrile/butadiene copolymer,chloroethylene ~~~

Structural Biochemistry/Organic Chemistry/ReagentsEdit

copolymer,chloroethylene->copolymer, chloroethylene? context: ~~~ ene copolymer,chloroethylene
copolymer,chloroethylene copolymer,acrylonitrile/ butadiene/styrene copolymer,polyisocyanate,polyvinyl ~~~

Structural Biochemistry/Organic Chemistry/ReagentsEdit

copolymer,polyisocyanate,polyvinyl->copolymer,polyisocyanate, polyvinyl? context: ~~~ mer,polyisocyanate,polyvinyl
copolymer,polyisocyanate,polyvinyl acetate,polyamide ~~~

Structural Biochemistry/Organic Chemistry/ReagentsEdit

acetate,polyamide->acetate, polyamide? context: ~~~ ,polyvinyl acetate,polyamide
acetate,polyamide and polyester,etc. ~~~

Structural Biochemistry/Organic Chemistry/ReagentsEdit

polyester,etc->polyester, etc? context: ~~~ ,polyamide and polyester,etc.
polyester,etc. Moreover,it ~~~

Structural Biochemistry/Organic Chemistry/ReagentsEdit

Moreover,it->Moreover, it? context: ~~~ d polyester,etc. Moreover,it
Moreover,it is also used in other organic synthesis.2) AlCl<sub>3</sub> (aluminum trichloride) is used for Lewis acid catalyst. It is a yellowish or g ~~~'s Ancient Civilizations of the World/Men and Women in SocietyEdit

Greece,only->Greece, only? context: ~~~ l era of Ancient Greece,only
Greece,only the free (non-slave), native (non-foreigner) adult males citizens of the city took a major and direct part in the management of the affairs of state, ~~~

Structural Biochemistry/Human Chorionic GonadotropinsEdit

disorders,or->disorders, or? context: ~~~ tory of genetic disorders,or
disorders,or have been sick at any time during their pregnancy. The test is determines the levels of hCG and two other substances, estriol and alpha-fetoprotein in ~~~

Structural Biochemistry/PrednisoneEdit

  • Depression,confusion->*Depression, confusion? context:

~~~ *Depression,confusion
*Depression,confusion *Breathing disorder==References== Consumer Medica ~~~

Structural Biochemistry/Nucleic Acid/NucleotidesEdit

respectively,and->respectively, and? context: ~~~ CTP and ATP respectively,and
respectively,and activation and iactivation of glutamine-PRPP amidotransferase by purine nucelotides.<br /><br /><u>'''Reduction of Ribonucleotides t ~~~

Breaking the Mold: An Educational Perspective on Diffusion of Innovation/Rogers’ Diffusion of InnovationsEdit

trialability,and->trialability, and? context: ~~~ complexity, trialability,and
trialability,and observability (Rogers, 2005, p. 16).====Relative Advantage====Rogers (2005, p. 219) defines relative advantage as "the degree to which an innovat ~~~

Breaking the Mold: An Educational Perspective on Diffusion of Innovation/Adoption of 1:1 LaptopsEdit

practice,international->practice, international? context: ~~~ rrent practice,international
practice,international comparative research evidence and policy implications. OECD Education Working Papers, No. 44. Retrieved from ~~~

Structural Biochemistry/BioimagingEdit

microscopy,the->microscopy, the? context: ~~~ fluorescence microscopy,the
microscopy,the light microscope is adapted to detect the light emitted by a fluorescent compound that is used to stain selectively components within the cell. A chem ~~~

Structural Biochemistry/Mitochondrial DiseasesEdit

now,recent->now, recent? context: ~~~ Up till now,recent
now,recent science has not found a complete cure or treatment exactly fit for mitochondrial diseases. However, there are suggestions and ways to help deal with s ~~~

Structural Biochemistry/Vitamin CEdit

haemorrhages,bone->haemorrhages, bone? context: ~~~ lassitude, haemorrhages,bone
haemorrhages,bone fragility and neurological problems.==Scurvy==Doctors recommend us to digest more vitamin C for our body through the intake of fruits and vegetables. ~~~

Structural Biochemistry/Vitamin CEdit

muscles,and->muscles, and? context: ~~~ , teeth, cornea, muscles,and
muscles,and blood vessels. So it's very important that this process occur. Scientists have discovered the relationship between the lack of ASC to the non-folding ~~~

Structural Biochemistry/Short RNAsEdit

beads,and->beads, and? context: ~~~ d for 1.5-mL tubes beads,and
beads,and PCR machine. The RNAse inhibitors were also used in the methods. They are ANTI-RNAse inhibitors or RNAseOUT inhibitors.In sequencing cDNA, scientists ~~~

Structural Biochemistry/Chemistry of important organic molecules in Biochemistry/Vitamin EEdit

seeds,green->seeds, green? context: ~~~ able oils, nuts, seeds,green
seeds,green vegetables like broccoli, or taken as a dietary supplement. Vitamin E exists in 8 chemical forms; alpha, beta, and delta-tocopherol and alpha-, beta-, ~~~

Structural Biochemistry/Tay-SachsEdit

pairs,knowns->pairs, knowns? context: ~~~ ally present in pairs,knowns
pairs,knowns as alleles, each with identical genes and functions that could dominate just in case of a mutation on the other chromosome. Individuals who have wild- ~~~

Fundamentals of Human Nutrition/Defining NutritionEdit

lipids,fats->lipids, fats? context: ~~~ ydrate, protein, lipids,fats
lipids,fats and water make up the bulk of the diet and signify the items the body requires to be consumed in large quantities. In addition, carbohydrate, protein ~~~

Fundamentals of Human Nutrition/Defining CarbohydratesEdit

blood,hence->blood, hence? context: ~~~ e glucose in the blood,hence
blood,hence the reason for proteins and fats not being listed on the glycemic index. The glucose is then transported through the blood to the mitochondria of each ~~~

Fundamentals of Human Nutrition/Pantothenic acidEdit

food,hence->food, hence? context: ~~~ s in nearly every food,hence
food,hence its name which was derived from a greek word 'pantothen' (meaning everywhere). Pantothenic acid is found throughout living cells in the form of co-enz ~~~

Lentis/The Text EffectEdit

However,one->However, one? context: ~~~ ddress or phone. However,one
However,one thing is common, all these apps can be secretly downloaded onto the phone you wish to track without the owner's knowledge.Although most applications h ~~~

Fundamentals of Human Nutrition/Weight managementEdit

disease,hypertension->disease, hypertension? context: ~~~ ascular disease,hypertension
disease,hypertension and stroke, and certain forms of cancer. The health consequences range from increased risk of premature death, to serious chronic conditions that redu ~~~

Fundamentals of Human Nutrition/Overweight and obesityEdit

disease,hypertension->disease, hypertension? context: ~~~ ascular disease,hypertension
disease,hypertension and stroke, and certain forms of cancer. The health consequences range from increased risk of premature death, to serious chronic conditions that redu ~~~

Indonesian/Lessons/Level twoEdit

he,she,it->he,she, it? context: ~~~ as digunakan untuk he,she,it
he,she,it *Have digunakan untuk I, you, they, wekata yang sering digunakan adalah*since  : sejak*for  : selama*just  : baru saja*ever  : pernah*never : ti ~~~

Discrete Mathematics/SemigroupEdit

system,consisting->system, consisting? context: ~~~ thematical system,consisting
system,consisting of a set together with a binary operation,that ~~~

Discrete Mathematics/SemigroupEdit

operation,that->operation, that? context: ~~~ with a binary operation,that
operation,that has many Important application.=== Semi group ===Let (A,*) be algebraic structure, where * is any binary operation on A. Then, the system (A,*) is sem ~~~

Passover Haggadah/KadeshEdit

holy,for->holy, for? context: ~~~ nth day and made it holy,for
holy,for He then rested from all His work, which God created to make.םברי מרנן *Attention gentlemen!(Ashkenazim instead say)םברי מרנן ורבנ ~~~

Equine Nutrition/Digestive anatomy and physiologyEdit

concentrates,and->concentrates, and? context: ~~~ who are fed concentrates,and
concentrates,and who are fed forage in hay nets above the ground, as this is an unnatural position for a horse to use its teeth effectively.Saliva is produced by the m ~~~

Equine Nutrition/Nutrient sourcesEdit

wheat,rye,->wheat, rye,? context: ~~~ Other grains are wheat,rye,
wheat,rye, sorghum and triticale. Oats are the lowest in starch content, about 40%, while having a high fiber content(with hull). Barley has a higher energy cont ~~~

Equine Nutrition/Nutritional supplementsEdit

light,moderate,hard->light,moderate, hard? context: ~~~ horses, light,moderate,hard
light,moderate,hard and very hard. As the work gets harder the energy requirements increase. Oil, cereal grains, high temperature dried alfalfa, sugar beet pulp and soybe ~~~

ROSE Compiler Framework/autoParEdit

fineGrid,class->fineGrid, class? context: ~~~ fineGrid,class
fineGrid,class floatArray &coarseGrid){ int _var_0,i; int _var_1; int fineGridSize = fineGrid.length(0); int coarseGridSize = coarseGrid.length(0);// Interior fi ~~~

ROSE Compiler Framework/autoParEdit

fineGrid,class->fineGrid, class? context: ~~~ fineGrid,class
fineGrid,class floatArray &coarseGrid){ int _var_0; int i; int _var_1; int fineGridSize = fineGrid . length (0); int coarseGridSize = coarseGrid . length (0);// ~~~

ROSE Compiler Framework/autoParEdit

xx,yy->xx, yy? context: ~~~ read {xx,yy}
xx,yy}; }// side effects annotation operator floatArray::operator() ( const InternalIndex& index) { modify none; read {this, index}; ~~~

ROSE Compiler Framework/autoParEdit

fineGrid,floatArray->fineGrid, floatArray? context: ~~~ fineGrid,floatArray
fineGrid,floatArray & coarseGrid) { allow_alias none; }</pre>has_value and restrict _value annotations: what is "this" and "result" ?&lt ~~~

Circuit Theory/2Source Excitement/Node and Mesh/mcode1Edit

va,vb,vc->va,vb, vc? context: ~~~ )/Zc2 - i1 - vc/ZL, va,vb,vc)
va,vb,vc)S = [ S.vb];VA = S(1);VB = S(2);VC = S(3);vpa(VA,3)vpa(VB,3)vpa(VC,3)vpa(abs(VA),3)vpa(abs(VB),3)vpa(abs(VC),3)vpa(atan(imag(VA)/real(VA))-pi ~~~

How to Ace FYLSE/June 2013 ExamEdit

passerby,was->passerby, was? context: ~~~ y injured. C, a passerby,was
passerby,was struck by a car and sustained serious injuries while assisting B. D watched the incident suffered severe emotional distress.===Outline===Q1. Is Bill l ~~~

IB/Group 4/Computer Science/Computer OrganisationEdit

Cycle,first->Cycle, first? context: ~~~ he Fetch-Execute Cycle,first
Cycle,first of all the data is loaded to the main memory by the operating system, the address of the first instruction is placed onto the [[IB Computer Science/De ~~~

IB/Group 4/Computer Science/Computer OrganisationEdit

adder,decimal->adder, decimal? context: ~~~ its are binary adder,decimal
adder,decimal adder,decoder,multiplexer,half ~~~

IB/Group 4/Computer Science/Computer OrganisationEdit

adder,decoder,multiplexer,half->adder,decoder,multiplexer, half? context: ~~~ der,decoder,multiplexer,half
adder,decoder,multiplexer,half adder, half subtractor etc.====Arithmetic circuits========Adders========Half adder====[[File:Half-adder.svg|alt=half adder|thumb|A half-adder circuit ~~~

Allies vs. Axis v1.0Edit

before,the->before, the? context: ~~~ aty any elsewhere before,the
before,the treaty cost is:Albania Treaty Cost = 10 x [$M 20 + ($M 10 x 0)] = $M 200.If player has signed treaty with Norway, for example, the cost for signing Al ~~~

The Many Faces of TPACK/TPACK MeasuresEdit

reliability,validity->reliability, validity? context: ~~~ ces and reliability,validity
reliability,validity concerns of TPACK measurement methods (Abbitt ,2011). As a result of these, researchers tend to try different methods to measure TPACK because of the ~~~

Chipmunk Basic pocketManualEdit

freq,dur,vol->freq,dur, vol? context: ~~~ sound freq,dur,vol
freq,dur,vol ' Hz, seconds, vol [0 to 100];sound 0, rsrc_id ~~~

Chipmunk Basic pocketManualEdit

2,voice,key,velocity,seconds->2,voice,key,velocity, seconds? context: ~~~ 2,voice,key,velocity,seconds
2,voice,key,velocity,seconds [,channel] ' sound -2 requires Quicktime 2.1 Midi=== morse-code ===; morse "cq de n6ywu"; morse my_string$,20,40,13,700 ' dots,vol ~~~

Chipmunk Basic pocketManualEdit

dots,vol,wpm,Hz->dots,vol, wpm,Hz? context: ~~~ 40,13,700 ' dots,vol,wpm,Hz
dots,vol,wpm,Hz === speech ===;say "hello"  : ' requires Speech Manager extension;say my_string$, 196, 44, 1  : ' rate, pitch, voice;say ~~~

A-level Mathematics/MEI/NM/Approximation/ErrorsEdit

to,then->to, then? context: ~~~ aces we are to round to,then
to,then when we round to x number of decimal places, it means we round x many places after the decimal point. If we round to x number of significant figures, ~~~

Introduction to Computer Information Systems/SecurityEdit

logging,and->logging, and? context: ~~~ g campaigns, key logging,and
logging,and host malicious web sites. There are warning signs a computer user should be aware of if he or she's computer is apart of a botnet. For example, the co ~~~

Adventist Adventurer Awards/Sand ArtEdit

shape,holding->shape, holding? context: ~~~ er into a cone shape,holding
shape,holding it in place with a few staples or tape. Make sure the pointed end of your funnel fits into the neck of the bottle and that the opening at the bottom i ~~~

Exercise as it relates to Disease/Combating Dyslipidaemia: Exercise vs Pharmaceutical interventionEdit

risks,in->risks, in? context: ~~~ oses many potential risks,in
risks,in particularly for patients whose blood lipid concentrations are > 250 (Mg/dL). In this case exercise may in fact be detrimental as it can induce pot ~~~

Indexing Web with Head-rEdit

info,descend->info, descend? context: ~~~ $ head-r --{info,descend}
info,descend}-re=wikipedia\\.org/wiki/ \ --;1381339589&#9;1&#9;61 ~~~

Indexing Web with Head-rEdit

include,descend->include, descend? context: ~~~ $ head-r --{include,descend}
include,descend}-re=wikipedia\\.org/wiki/ \ --{info,exclude} ~~~

Indexing Web with Head-rEdit

info,exclude->info, exclude? context: ~~~ --{info,exclude}
info,exclude}-re=. \ --;1381341336&#9;1&#9;61499&#9;200http:/ ~~~

Exercise as it relates to Disease/Elastic/Theraband use with the Osteoarthritic and Aging ClientEdit

prone,supine,->prone, supine,? context: ~~~ * Can be used prone,supine,
prone,supine, seated or in a standing position.<ref name=theraband/>* Use is independent of weather, time of day, location.=== Disadvantages of Elastic Resist ~~~

Exercise as it relates to Disease/Exercise and depression, reducing symptom severityEdit

health,it->health, it? context: ~~~ rovement in mental health,it
health,it is important to find a solution that works best for your situation. If you or someone you know is suffering from depression, the following links may p ~~~

Exercise as it relates to Disease/Obstructive Sleep apnea and exerciseEdit

larynx,enlarged->larynx, enlarged? context: ~~~ rmally large larynx,enlarged
larynx,enlarged Tonsils, an enlarged jaw and/or obesity.'''Theatment:''' '''1. Positional devices:'''<ref>Epstein, L. J., Kristo, D., Strollo Jr, P. J., Friedma ~~~

Healthy eating habits/How can I eat well on a student budget?Edit

apricots,oranges,->apricots, oranges,? context: ~~~ , bananas, apricots,oranges,
apricots,oranges, various berries, canned fruit and dried fruit can be great options. Fruit juice should be consumed only occasionally and in small amounts. AGHE guidel ~~~

Healthy eating habits/How can I eat well on a student budget?Edit

milk,yoghurt,cheese->milk,yoghurt, cheese? context: ~~~ such as milk,yoghurt,cheese
milk,yoghurt,cheese or soy or rice alternatives. Both men and women, 19-50 years are recommended to consume 2.5 serves daily.===What shouldn't I eat?===The guidelines ''d ~~~

Healthy eating habits/The Low Carbohydrate Diet: Risks, Alternatives and Monitoring intakeEdit

bread,each->bread, each? context: ~~~ eces of wholemeal bread,each
bread,each day.For more information on the TWD, including ‘Free Foods’ that can be used as snack items (i.e. negligible carbohydrate content), visit:[ http:/ ~~~

History of New York State/Gilded Age New York StateEdit

Sulkies,road->Sulkies, road? context: ~~~ rom $39.50-$45. Sulkies,road
Sulkies,road carts designed for speed, were another popular model. These were much more affordable, typically ranging in price from $9-$29.Heavy carriages were ava ~~~

JLPT Guide/JLPT N5 Grammar/とEdit

better,cats->better, cats? context: ~~~ hich do you like better,cats
better,cats or dogs?*<u>Accompaniment</u>It translates into "together, with". 友達と映画に行った。---Tomodachi to eiga ni itta.--- ~~~

Leaving Certificate Mathematics/Sequences and SeriesEdit

sequences,if->sequences, if? context: ~~~ y familiar with sequences,if
sequences,if indeed you do not think you are. but let us show you that.</p><h3>Example</h3><p>The natural numbers, 1, 2, 3 etc that you are ~~~

ROSE Compiler Framework/outlinerEdit

name,initialize->name, initialize? context: ~~~ name,initialize
name,initialize>::ForStatement<numbering,2>” test2.cpp // outline the 2nd for loop within a function named "initialize" within the test2.cpp fil ~~~

ROSE Compiler Framework/outlinerEdit

argc,char->argc, char? context: ~~~ int main(int argc,char
argc,char *argv[]){ int status = 0; XOMP_init(argc,argv); int nthreads; int tid; XOMP_parallel_start(OUT__1__2231__,0,1,0,"/tmp/test-20191219_224253-1 ~~~

ROSE Compiler Framework/outlinerEdit

error,resid,ax,ay,b->error,resid,ax, ay,b? context: ~~~ REAL error,resid,ax,ay,b
error,resid,ax,ay,b; // double error_local; // float ta,tb,tc,td,te,ta1,ta2,tb1,tb2,tc1,tc2,td1,td2; ~~~

ROSE Compiler Framework/outlinerEdit

ta,tb,tc,td,te,ta1,ta2,tb1,tb2,tc1,tc2,td1,td2->ta,tb,tc,td,te, ta1,ta2,tb1,tb2,tc1,tc2,td1,td2? context: ~~~ ,ta2,tb1,tb2,tc1,tc2,td1,td2
ta,tb,tc,td,te,ta1,ta2,tb1,tb2,tc1,tc2,td1,td2; // float te1,te2; // float second; omega=relax; /* * Initialize coefficients */ ax = 1.0/(dx*dx); /* X-direction coef */ ay = 1.0/( ~~~

ROSE Compiler Framework/outlinerEdit

omega,float->omega, float? context: ~~~ _1__8714__(float omega,float
omega,float ax,float ~~~

ROSE Compiler Framework/outlinerEdit

ax,float->ax, float? context: ~~~ _(float omega,float ax,float
ax,float ay,float ~~~

ROSE Compiler Framework/outlinerEdit

ay,float->ay, float? context: ~~~ mega,float ax,float ay,float
ay,float b,int __final_total_iters__2__,int __i_interval__3__,float *_dev_per_block_error,float ~~~

ROSE Compiler Framework/outlinerEdit

error,float->error, float? context: ~~~ *_dev_per_block_error,float
error,float *_dev_u,float *_dev_f,float *_dev_uold){ int _p_i; int _p_j; float _p_error; _p_error = 0; float _p_resid; int _p___collapsed_index__5__; int _ ~~~

ROSE Compiler Framework/outlinerEdit

ta,tb,tc,td,te,ta1,ta2,tb1,tb2,tc1,tc2,td1,td2->ta,tb,tc,td,te, ta1,ta2,tb1,tb2,tc1,tc2,td1,td2? context: ~~~ ,ta2,tb1,tb2,tc1,tc2,td1,td2
ta,tb,tc,td,te,ta1,ta2,tb1,tb2,tc1,tc2,td1,td2;// float te1,te2;// float second; omega = relax;/* * Initialize coefficients *//* X-direction coef */ ax = (1.0 / (dx * dx));/* Y-dire ~~~

A Guide to the GRE/Reciprocals and InversesEdit

positive,is->positive, is? context: ~~~ Thus, if a is positive,is
positive,is greater thanIf s is positive, 1 ÷ s is greater than 1 ÷ (s + 1).=== Practice ===1. If g = 7 ÷ h, then which is greater: 7 ÷ (h + 1), or g?2. If ~~~

A Guide to the GRE/Reciprocals and InversesEdit

instance,equals->instance, equals? context: ~~~ han .5. For instance,equals
instance,equals which is less than or3. If= 40, = 20Doubling the denominator cuts the value in half. is half of{{BookCat}}</text> <sha1>ocubaabaudo5tntgohc4nk ~~~

A Guide to the GRE/The Up and Down RuleEdit

shortening,remain->shortening, remain? context: ~~~ ing of the shortening,remain.
shortening,remain. We are looking for the amount needed to return the shortening to the previous level. Let r equal the fraction that will be restocked.+ r= 1 Take ou ~~~

Manga Study Guide: Barefoot Gen/BubblesEdit

books,comic->books, comic? context: ~~~ ommonly in manga books,comic
books,comic strips and strips and cartoons to allow words to be understand as representing the dialogue of a given character in the comic.-Speak tails are small,d ~~~

Manga Study Guide: Barefoot Gen/BubblesEdit

small,dedicate->small, dedicate? context: ~~~ eak tails are small,dedicate
small,dedicate or even missing,usually ~~~

Manga Study Guide: Barefoot Gen/BubblesEdit

missing,usually->missing, usually? context: ~~~ cate or even missing,usually
missing,usually over character’s head.The normal talk’s bubble are circles with tails.Bubbles representing different character’s dialogue features different edg ~~~

Manga Study Guide: Barefoot Gen/BubblesEdit

bubbles,while->bubbles, while? context: ~~~ oval dialogue bubbles,while
bubbles,while their companion’s dialogue falls into a geometric shape. If a character is upset ,the text bubble must be jagged{{auto navigation|Onomatopoeia|Pace} ~~~

Adventist Adventurer Awards/SandEdit

shape,holding->shape, holding? context: ~~~ er into a cone shape,holding
shape,holding it in place with a few staples or tape. Make sure the pointed end of your funnel fits into the neck of the bottle and that the opening at the bottom i ~~~

Cognitive Science: An Introduction/Moral ThinkingEdit

judgment,including->judgment, including? context: ~~~ f a moral judgment,including
judgment,including an affective valence (good–bad, like–dislike), without any awareness of having gone through steps of searching, weighing evidence,or ~~~

Cognitive Science: An Introduction/Moral ThinkingEdit

evidence,or->evidence, or? context: ~~~ rching, weighing evidence,or
evidence,or inferring a moral conclusion. Moral intuition is therefore the psychological process that the Scottish philosophers talked about, a process akin to ae ~~~

Biomedical Engineering Theory And Practice/BiomaterialsEdit

Metals,ceramics,->Metals, ceramics,? context: ~~~ terials.” Metals,ceramics,
Metals,ceramics, polymers, glasses, carbons, and composite materials are listed in this table. Such materials are used as molded or machined parts, coatings, fibers, f ~~~

Biomedical Engineering Theory And Practice/BiomaterialsEdit

foams,fabrics,liquid->foams,fabrics, liquid? context: ~~~ films, foams,fabrics,liquid
foams,fabrics,liquid and powder. Table 2 presents the size of the commercial market for biomaterials and medical devices.The global biomaterial market would reach $88.4 bi ~~~

Source SDK: Mastering the Source/Release NotesEdit

teams,classes,->teams, classes,? context: ~~~ s options for teams,classes,
teams,classes, sprinting, prone, stamina, etc.*Added shader source; fxc.exe, psa.exe and vsa.exe must be placed into the dx9sdk\utilities folder and you must modify ~~~

Biomedical Engineering Theory And Practice/Biomaterials/Introduction to biomaterialsEdit

foams,fabrics,liquid->foams,fabrics, liquid? context: ~~~ films, foams,fabrics,liquid
foams,fabrics,liquid and powder.===What kind of properties is important in Biomaterials?===*Toxicology*Biocompatibility*Healing*Mechanical requirements*Industrial involvem ~~~

Biomedical Engineering Theory And Practice/OverviewEdit

science,mathematics,->science, mathematics,? context: ~~~ n basic science,mathematics,
science,mathematics, introductory engineering and other selective and various classes. In the last 2 years, most courses focus on the engineering, usually with a concentra ~~~

Biomedical Engineering Theory And Practice/Bioelectric phenomenaEdit

Usually,it->Usually, it? context: ~~~ Usually,it
Usually,it happens as a different charged substance could not pass through the membrane and creates an uneven electrical charge.<ref>[http://www.people.vcu ~~~

Biomedical Engineering Theory And Practice/Bioelectric phenomenaEdit

First,as->First, as? context: ~~~ application areas. First,as
First,as a second electrode penetrate in small cells, it caused damage. Second, in in vivo preparations the cells were commonly out of sight. Both of these pro ~~~

Biomedical Engineering Theory And Practice/Neuro engineeringEdit

engineering,clinical->engineering, clinical? context: ~~~ ctrical engineering,clinical
engineering,clinical neurology, materials science, nanotechnology computer engineering and so on. Prominent goals in the field is to better understand and to mimic the fun ~~~

Biomedical Engineering Theory And Practice/Neuro engineeringEdit

ideas,the->ideas, the? context: ~~~ ments. Using these ideas,the
ideas,the robot designed to avoid obstacles <ref>McKinstry, J. L., Edelman, G. M., and Krichmar, J. L. (2006). A cerebellar model for predictive motor con ~~~

Biomedical Engineering Theory And Practice/Physiolgocial SystemEdit

introduced,the->introduced, the? context: ~~~ tical methods introduced,the
introduced,the measurement of low concentrations of circulating hormones is easier and cheaper. Since then, it is easier to understand endocrine physiology and mecha ~~~

Biomedical Engineering Theory And Practice/Physiological SystemEdit

introduced,the->introduced, the? context: ~~~ tical methods introduced,the
introduced,the measurement of low concentrations of circulating hormones is easier and cheaper. Since then, it is easier to understand endocrine physiology and mecha ~~~

Biomedical Engineering Theory And Practice/Physiological SystemEdit

But,the->But, the? context: ~~~ But,the
But,the liver is the only human internal organ could naturally regenerate from lost tissue; as little as 25% of a liver can regenerate into a whole liver.< ~~~

Biomedical Engineering Theory And Practice/Physiological SystemEdit

stomach,the->stomach, the? context: ~~~ food). After the stomach,the
stomach,the food is partially digested and semi-liquid, and is called as chyme. In the large intestine the remaining semi-solid substance is referred to as faeces ~~~

Biomedical Engineering Theory And Practice/Physiological SystemEdit

pathways,the->pathways, the? context: ~~~ osed of the air pathways,the
pathways,the lungs, alveoli, pulmonary vasculature, respiratory muscles, and surrounding tissues and structures.===Respiratory System===# '''Lungs''':There are two ~~~

Listen and Learn Science/Atomic StructureEdit

copper,iron,->copper, iron,? context: ~~~ oxygen, carbon, copper,iron,
copper,iron, gold, aluminium, are Elements. Each element is unique. Each element, has its own unique properties. We have succeeded in discovering, all the element ~~~

Listen and Learn Science/Atomic StructureEdit

mass,is->mass, is? context: ~~~ Atomic mass,is
mass,is discussed, in another module. Atomic mass also takes into account, the proportion of the isotopes present, in the element.[[ Listen and Learn Science ~~~

Listen and Learn Science/Atomic UnitsEdit

large,and->large, and? context: ~~~ very large,and
large,and very small numbers. === Very Large numbers. === Very large numbers can be expressed as, 10 to the power of some number. Ten to the power of three, ~~~

Listen and Learn Science/Atomic UnitsEdit

protons,neutrons->protons, neutrons? context: ~~~ as the same protons,neutrons
protons,neutrons and electrons. The size of a proton, a neutron and a electron, is always the same. The mass of a proton, a neutron and a electron, is always the sam ~~~

Listen and Learn Science/Atomic UnitsEdit

nucleons,and->nucleons, and? context: ~~~ e weight of the nucleons,and
nucleons,and electrons. Let us imagine, each nucleon to be a very tiny ball. The mass of each ball is the same. You know the mass of each ball. Imagine you are car ~~~

Listen and Learn Science/ForceEdit

jump,of->jump, of? context: ~~~ re able to do a high jump,of
jump,of 3 feet on earth, you can jump, 18 feet on the moon. === Newtons Third Law. === One way to state this law is For every action, there is an equal, and ~~~

Listen and Learn Science/EnergyEdit

India,on->India, on? context: ~~~ at, every person in India,on
India,on an average, Consumes 2 KW hour, or 2 units of electrical Energy, every day. In comparison, the per capita, electrical Power consumption, in the Unite ~~~

Listen and Learn Science/CellsEdit

virtually,every->virtually, every? context: ~~~ rticipate in virtually,every
virtually,every process, within cells.=== Enzymes. === Chemical reactions sometimes, require a catalyst to make, the reaction happen. Enzymes are proteins, which he ~~~

Listen and Learn Science/EnvironmentEdit

land,surface->land, surface? context: ~~~ l including air land,surface
land,surface rocks,and ~~~

Listen and Learn Science/EnvironmentEdit

rocks,and->rocks, and? context: ~~~ g air land,surface rocks,and
rocks,and water - within which life occurs. Life exists, only in a few kilo meters above and below, the surface of the earth. If we go too deep, below the surf ~~~

Listen and Learn Science/EnvironmentEdit

Earth,has->Earth, has? context: ~~~ Most of planet Earth,has
Earth,has a climate, which is neither too hot, or too cold, Which makes it conducive for life. It has a protective atmosphere. The atmosphere protects life, fro ~~~

Listen and Learn Science/EnvironmentEdit

life,plants,->life, plants,? context: ~~~ Other forms of life,plants,
life,plants, animals and human beings evolved, from these organisms. Compared to other forms of life, human beings are recent entrants, to our planet. If life on ~~~

Listen and Learn Science/EnvironmentEdit

to,on->to, on? context: ~~~ een able to drill down to,on
to,on earth, is about 12&nbsp;km. === Levels of Organisation. === One way to look at the organisation of natural systems, is from a hierarchical view ~~~

Listen and Learn Science/EnvironmentEdit

animals,plants,->animals, plants,? context: ~~~ sects, fish, animals,plants,
animals,plants, Trees are all organisms. An organism is an individual member, of the next level, called species. A species is a group of similar organisms, having ~~~

Listen and Learn Science/EnvironmentEdit

Biosphere,is->Biosphere, is? context: ~~~ The Biosphere,is
Biosphere,is the global sum of all eco systems, in earth. The Biosphere can be called, as the zone of life, on planet Earth.=== Eco systems. === The eco system f ~~~

Listen and Learn Science/EnvironmentEdit

die,they->die, they? context: ~~~ hs and heterotrophs die,they
die,they decompose. Decomposers feed on decaying life, and return the nutrients to the soil. These nutrients are reused by autotrophs, to produce more food. == ~~~

Listen and Learn Science/EnvironmentEdit

energy,by->energy, by? context: ~~~ vest the sun’s energy,by
energy,by photosynthesis. They store the energy, in the form of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. When primary consumers, eat the producers of food, energy mov ~~~

Listen and Learn Science/EnvironmentEdit

food,in->food, in? context: ~~~ ortion of vegetarian food,in
food,in our diet, makes ecological sense.=== Thermo dynamics. === Thermo dynamics, is the study of energy relationship. It involves the use of energy, and t ~~~

Listen and Learn Science/EnvironmentEdit

animals,compared->animals, compared? context: ~~~ bstances in animals,compared
animals,compared to plants, is more. Such an increase in the concentration of pollutants, in the food chain, is called bio magnification. === Pollution. === Pollutant ~~~

Listen and Learn Science/EnvironmentEdit

soil,and->soil, and? context: ~~~ ubstances enter the soil,and
soil,and our food. Household waste contain many toxic substances. Waste is dumped in garbage yards. The toxic substances in this waste, enter the soil. Unfortu ~~~

Listen and Learn Science/Natural ResourcesEdit

energy,is->energy, is? context: ~~~ Solar energy,is
energy,is the best example, of nature’s renewable resource. The sun bestows us with solar energy, every day, endlessly. We are not going to run out of solar e ~~~

Listen and Learn Science/Natural ResourcesEdit

industries,use->industries, use? context: ~~~ nd many other industries,use
industries,use water. In thermal power plants, water is converted to steam, which drives turbines, to produce electricity. In nuclear power plants, water is used a ~~~

Models and Theories in Human-Computer Interaction/A mix of CogSci and SocSciEdit

computers,information,->computers, information,? context: ~~~ (the computers,information,
computers,information, human thoughts, and means of relaying the information.{{bookcat}}</text> <sha1>exz0dawfkzy2vj597s04734k6247nzh</sha1> </revision> </page> <p ~~~

How to Ace FYLSE/Wills OutlineEdit

canceled,obliterated,->canceled, obliterated,? context: ~~~ torn, canceled,obliterated,
canceled,obliterated, or destroyed, with the intent and for the purpose of revoking it.{{Quote|After Tess’s death, both wills were found in her safe deposit box. The 199 ~~~

Listen and Learn Science/HeatEdit

transition,heat->transition, heat? context: ~~~ In a phase transition,heat
transition,heat is transferred, without a change of temperature. For example, when water is boiled, to 100 degree celsius, water undergoes, phase transition to water ~~~

Trainz/AM&C/anatomy of assets-1 generalEdit

Axle,empty->Axle, empty? context: ~~~ Flatcar DepCen 6 Axle,empty-
Axle,empty-aRmsOriginal formerly: 2-0Ru Flatcar 6_Axle Depressed Center Empty-a (kuid2 124585 15120 0)*********************************************************** ~~~

Biomedical Engineering Theory And Practice/Biomechanics IIEdit

friction,lubrication,->friction, lubrication,? context: ~~~ friction,lubrication,
friction,lubrication, and wear. It was coined by the British physicist David Tabor and also by Peter Jost in 1964 and started the new discipline of tribology.<ref>{{c ~~~

Biomedical Engineering Theory And Practice/Biomechanics IIEdit

sulfate,glucosamine->sulfate, glucosamine? context: ~~~ cosamine sulfate,glucosamine
sulfate,glucosamine hydrochloride and n-acetyl glucosamine. Efficacy of glucosamine is generally considered to be good and is supported by several studies.In the United S ~~~

Marathi language portal/Learn with pictures/2Edit

na,uvAri->na, uvAri? context: ~~~ ��ऊवारी= na,uvAri
na,uvAri; a nine yard cotton sari a traditional attire. **alternatively लुगडे = lugaDe; sari (in literal sense a cloth woven on loom cloth weaving is ~~~

Marathi language portal/Learn with ease/1Edit

ate,gate,mate,rate->ate,gate,mate, rate? context: ~~~ ish as of ate,gate,mate,rate
ate,gate,mate,rate * ए is Seventh vowel in Marathi language** Vowels in Marathi language अ, आ, इ, ई, उ, ऊ, '''ए''', ऐ, ओ, औ, ऋ,ॠ, ऌ,ॡ, ॲ, ~~~

Learning Python 3 with the Linkbot/Count to 10Edit

logic,expressions,->logic, expressions,? context: ~~~ atements, logic,expressions,
logic,expressions, variables, and functions. '''Common Core Math Content Standards:''' '''Common Core Math Practice Standards:''' '''Common Core English Language Arts St ~~~

Healthy eating habits/Gluten Free Cooking for chefsEdit

butter,margarine->butter, margarine? context: ~~~ *Storing butter,margarine
butter,margarine and other condiments separately and clearly labeled containers so others are aware they are for gluten free use.*Clear labeling of food that has been ~~~

GCSE ICT/Edexcel GCSE ICT 2010/Unit 1 - Living in a Digital World/Chapter 1: Let's communicate!Edit

boredom,example->boredom, example? context: ~~~ lessen your boredom,example
boredom,example listen to your favorite music and as well as watching movies through downloading. *It can take photos *Mobile phones also gives us easier access on th ~~~

GCSE ICT/Edexcel GCSE ICT 2010/Unit 1 - Living in a Digital World/Chapter 1: Let's communicate!Edit

amount,if->amount, if? context: ~~~ 't cost an extreme amount,if
amount,if you have a DSL or cable you can make PC to PC calls, which are FREE of charge,however ~~~

GCSE ICT/Edexcel GCSE ICT 2010/Unit 1 - Living in a Digital World/Chapter 1: Let's communicate!Edit

charge,however->charge, however? context: ~~~ h are FREE of charge,however
charge,however you can make PC to Phone calls which will cost but not a large amount.** Portability is an advantage of VoIP because you can make a call world wide fr ~~~

GCSE ICT/Edexcel GCSE ICT 2010/Unit 1 - Living in a Digital World/Chapter 1: Let's communicate!Edit

forwarding,three->forwarding, three? context: ~~~ e mail,Call forwarding,three
forwarding,three way conversations as well as,Caller ID.===Disadvantages of VoIP===*VoIP needs electric power and electric power costs and is not always reliable.**VoI ~~~

GCSE ICT/Edexcel GCSE ICT 2010/Unit 1 - Living in a Digital World/Chapter 1: Let's communicate!Edit

worldwide,you->worldwide, you? context: ~~~ nect to anyone worldwide,you
worldwide,you can use this for business,school,family ~~~

GCSE ICT/Edexcel GCSE ICT 2010/Unit 1 - Living in a Digital World/Chapter 1: Let's communicate!Edit

business,school,family->business,school, family? context: ~~~ s for business,school,family
business,school,family households and personal needs.=Social Networking=== What is social networking ==social networking is a public site or activity that involves people fr ~~~

GCSE ICT/Edexcel GCSE ICT 2010/Unit 1 - Living in a Digital World/Chapter 1: Let's communicate!Edit

culture,this->culture, this? context: ~~~ f technology on culture,this
culture,this problem arises when we are thinking of the relationship between culture and technology.Technology exists within the cultural boundary.Culture runs the ~~~

GCSE ICT/Edexcel GCSE ICT 2010/Unit 1 - Living in a Digital World/Chapter 1: Let's communicate!Edit

governmental,demographic->governmental, demographic? context: ~~~ us, governmental,demographic
governmental,demographic and ethical influences as this can have serious cultural implications on technology.====Social Implications====There are many social implications of t ~~~

Exercise as it relates to Disease/Resistance Exercise and its effects on DepressionEdit

issues,the->issues, the? context: ~~~ ther known health issues,the
issues,the Australian Department of Health recommends that adults aged between 18 - 64 follow the following guidelines in relation to exercise.<ref>Physica ~~~

Healthy eating habits/Eating Carbohydrates to optimise sprint training and athletic performanceEdit

butter,chicken->butter, chicken? context: ~~~ uch as peanut butter,chicken
butter,chicken or egg* 1 bowl of cereal and milk* 1 cup of flavored milk==Useful resources==[ Sports Dietitians Austral ~~~

Recipes for the Design of Experiments/Chapter 4: Completely Randomized Block Designs from the literatureEdit

density,root->density, root? context: ~~~ ss, root length density,root
density,root surface area.For this analysis we focus only on one response variable: root biomass. Also, the paper repeats the analysis for 2 subsequent years there ~~~

Modern Greek/Lesson 02.2Edit

Greek,but->Greek, but? context: ~~~ prior knowledge of Greek,but
Greek,but you do need to be able to read it.== Dialogue =={{French/Dialogue list | a = Αντώνης | b = Ανθή | Γεια σου! | Hi! | Γεια σου! ~~~

Biomedical Engineering Theory And Practice/Biomechanics IVEdit

Therefore,relative->Therefore, relative? context: ~~~ Therefore,relative
Therefore,relative isometric tension <math>T_{0}/T</math> max may be modeled using <ref>Tözeren, A., Continuum rheology of muscle contraction and its ~~~

Biomedical Engineering Theory And Practice/Biomechanics IVEdit

constant,we->constant, we? context: ~~~ blood flow to be constant,we
constant,we could find the well-known Stewart-Hamilton equation::<math>Cardiac\ output = \frac{Quantity\ of\ Indicator}{\int_0^\infty Concentration\ of\ Ind ~~~

Biomedical Engineering Theory And Practice/Biomechanics IVEdit

Aarts,and->Aarts, and? context: ~~~ rt F Geerts,Leon P Aarts,and
Aarts,and Jos R Jansen. Methods in pharmacology: measurement of cardiac output,Br J Clin Pharmacol. Mar 2011; 71(3): 316–330.===Concepts=======Capacitance==== ~~~

Annotated Republic of China Laws/Criminal Code of the Armed Forces/2001Edit

Destroying,or->Destroying, or? context: ~~~ #Destroying,or
Destroying,or damaging the military facilities and materials for military use in paragraph I of Article 58 or paragraph I of Article 59;#Obstructing the way in the ~~~

Annotated Republic of China Laws/Act of Military Service System/2000Edit

Soldier,with->Soldier, with? context: ~~~ rvice, Enlisted Soldier,with
Soldier,with a qualified records after taking a voluntary test, or after receiving the required Ranking Officer’s Basic Education;Or depends on the Military ne ~~~

Annotated Republic of China Laws/Act of Military Service System/2000Edit

occurred,to->occurred, to? context: ~~~ ery disorder has occurred,to
occurred,to assist the Duty during the war or local self defense force whenever needed.#Roll-Call Mobilization: bing enforced when roll-call or a Military Parade ~~~

Transportation Deployment Casebook/2014/US Carsharing VehiclesEdit

billing,and->billing, and? context: ~~~ ions, integrated billing,and
billing,and keyless vehicle-access systems) have allowed carsharing companies to retain a greater share of the market than smaller systems with fewer technology a ~~~

Annotated Republic of China Laws/Criminal Code of the Republic of ChinaEdit

imprisonment,or->imprisonment, or? context: ~~~ , short-term imprisonment,or
imprisonment,or a fine of not more than five hundred yuan.:A person who for purpose to gain unlawful benefit of himself or of a third person unlawfully occupies the r ~~~

Fluid Mechanics Applications/B20: pitot static tube in compressible flowEdit

house,eighth->house, eighth? context: ~~~ asia publishing house,eighth
house,eighth revised)For example:-Q. An aeroplane flies at 1000&nbsp;km/hr at an altitude where the pressure p is 50&nbsp;kN/m2 and the density ρ=0.6& ~~~

Fluid Mechanics Applications/B32 submarine lift and dragEdit

hulls,one->hulls, one? context: ~~~ submarine have two hulls,one
hulls,one inside to help them survive . The other hull is water proof while the inner one( called the pressure hull) is much stronger and resistance to water pr ~~~

Fluid Mechanics Applications/A02: Delta Wing Aircraft AerodynamicsEdit

planes,they->planes, they? context: ~~~ ee in commercial planes,they
planes,they being swept wings.== Zero Lift Wave Drag ==According to supersonic linear theory the zerolift wave-drag (C<sub>D,W</sub>) in a delta wing ~~~

Fluid Mechanics Applications/A13: Anemometers and their ApplicationsEdit

setup,the->setup, the? context: ~~~ ction axis.In this setup,the
setup,the pointer fastened to the rotor indicates the angle proportional to the sliding-contactor position,namely ~~~

Fluid Mechanics Applications/A13: Anemometers and their ApplicationsEdit

position,namely->position, namely? context: ~~~ ng-contactor position,namely
position,namely wind direction.The three taps of the potentiometer are usually connected to the receiver with cables to enableobservation of the wind direction from r ~~~

Fluid Mechanics Applications/A13: Anemometers and their ApplicationsEdit

temperature,as->temperature, as? context: ~~~ ends upon the temperature,as
temperature,as a result,a relationship can be obtained between the resistance of the wire and the flow speed of the air.This type of anemometer has a bridge circuit ~~~

Fluid Mechanics Applications/A13: Anemometers and their ApplicationsEdit

function,the->function, the? context: ~~~ r the device to function,the
function,the flow must contain some type of small particleto scatter the light,but ~~~

Fluid Mechanics Applications/A13: Anemometers and their ApplicationsEdit

light,but->light, but? context: ~~~ icleto scatter the light,but
light,but thye particles concentration required is very small.Ordinary tap water contains enough impurities to scatter the incident beam.Two additional lenses L ~~~

Fluid Mechanics Applications/A13: Anemometers and their ApplicationsEdit

section,and->section, and? context: ~~~ outside the test section,and
section,and the two beams can be focused on the exact point to be studied in the flow field.The apeture acts as a shield for non-coherent scattered light and back ~~~

Fluid Mechanics Applications/A13: Anemometers and their ApplicationsEdit

work,although->work, although? context: ~~~ ployed for LDA work,although
work,although argon ion lasers provide a more intense beam output.The He-Ne laser operates at a wavelength of 632.8=(5x10<SUP>14</SUP>Hz)with a bandwidt ~~~

Fluid Mechanics Applications/A13: Anemometers and their ApplicationsEdit

frequency,it->frequency, it? context: ~~~ he laser source frequency,it
frequency,it is very large compared to the bandwidth and can be detected by heterodyne techniques.In this procedure the photocathode mixes the scatterd beam with t ~~~

Fluid Mechanics Applications/A13: Anemometers and their ApplicationsEdit

Solids,bubbles,or->Solids,bubbles, or? context: ~~~ e liquid . Solids,bubbles,or
Solids,bubbles,or any discontinuity in the liquid will reflect the signal back to the receiving element. Because of the velocity of the liquid, there will be a frequenc ~~~

Fluid Mechanics Applications/A:20 Stability and oscillation of floating bodiesEdit

below,above->below, above? context: ~~~ re of gravity is below,above
below,above or coincident with the centre of buoyancy respectively.Stability of floating body depends on its metacentric height. Metacentre of a floating body is ~~~

Fluid Mechanics Applications/A:20 Stability and oscillation of floating bodiesEdit

waves,undergoes->waves, undergoes? context: ~~~ ces, such as waves,undergoes
waves,undergoes an oscillation of simple harmonic type.The time period of oscillation is inversely proportional to the square root of metacentric height. An increase ~~~

Fluid Mechanics Applications/B30:Study and Analysis of vorticityEdit

words,vorticity->words, vorticity? context: ~~~ In simple words,vorticity
words,vorticity is the rotation of fluid.Vorticity is a-(i) fundamental property of fluid flows(ii) is a notable feature of many flows(iii)it leads to novel insight ~~~

Fluid Mechanics Applications/B49:TURBULENCEEdit

However,when->However, when? context: ~~~ However,when
However,when the equations are time averaged, we can treat the flow as two-dimensional(if the geometry is two-dimensional)VI. ''''Continuum''''. Even though we hav ~~~

Parkour/Aesthetic Moves/FrontflipEdit

landed,it->landed, it? context: ~~~ p low and when you landed,it
landed,it may cause damage to your heels.4. After doing the previous set of instructions*First,throw ~~~

Parkour/Aesthetic Moves/FrontflipEdit

  • First,throw->*First, throw? context:

~~~ *First,throw
*First,throw your hands forward,jump ~~~

Parkour/Aesthetic Moves/FrontflipEdit

forward,jump->forward, jump? context: ~~~ hrow your hands forward,jump
forward,jump high but straight and not in leaning position.Then,bring ~~~

Parkour/Aesthetic Moves/FrontflipEdit

Then,bring->Then, bring? context: ~~~ leaning position.Then,bring
Then,bring your knees to your chest quickly and grab it with your hands.5. Always think the proper timing.Release your legs if your rotation is about 3/4 or 7/8. ~~~

Parkour/Aesthetic Moves/FrontflipEdit

Otherwise,it->Otherwise, it? context: ~~~ t on your heels.Otherwise,it
Otherwise,it can injure your heels.{{BookCat}}</text> <sha1>4nuaf2mkylfsykp1pxmach9zmmamynz</sha1> </revision> </page> <page> <title>Lentis/Clean Coal ~~~

Parkour/Aesthetic Moves/360 FrontflipEdit

landed,it->landed, it? context: ~~~ p low and when you landed,it
landed,it may cause damage to your heels.4. After doing the previous set of instructions: First,throw ~~~

Parkour/Aesthetic Moves/360 FrontflipEdit

First,throw->First, throw? context: ~~~ First,throw
First,throw your hands forward,jump ~~~

Parkour/Aesthetic Moves/360 FrontflipEdit

forward,jump->forward, jump? context: ~~~ hrow your hands forward,jump
forward,jump high but straight and not in leaning position.Then,bring ~~~

Parkour/Aesthetic Moves/360 FrontflipEdit

Then,bring->Then, bring? context: ~~~ leaning position.Then,bring
Then,bring your knees to your chest quickly and grab it with your hands.5. Always think the proper timing.Release your legs if your rotation is about 3/4 or 7/8. ~~~

Parkour/Aesthetic Moves/360 FrontflipEdit

Otherwise,it->Otherwise, it? context: ~~~ t on your heels.Otherwise,it
Otherwise,it can injure your heels.{{BookCat}}</text> <sha1>3w3q73k1fb16jut7qk9h2yel6f2ty7b</sha1> </revision> </page> <page> <title>Cookbook:Lancashi ~~~

HydroGeoSphere/Flow SolutionEdit

saturations,concentrations->saturations, concentrations? context: ~~~ , saturations,concentrations
saturations,concentrations and velocities for the subsurface domain to be written to the <tt>.lst</tt> file as well as to the binary output files.::::::::::<big&g ~~~

Parkour/Aesthetic Moves/ScrewdriverEdit

Then,twist->Then, twist? context: ~~~ ith tapping on it.Then,twist
Then,twist your body quickly in the midair in 360°.# Make your body parallel to the obstacle as same as Double Kong.# If your twisting rotation was about 270° ~~~

Parkour/Aesthetic Moves/ScrewdriverEdit

less,prepare->less, prepare? context: ~~~ about 270° or less,prepare
less,prepare for landing by bending your legs before the rotation is completed.{{BookCat}}</text> <sha1>96u00g1gqu64y8nyrsay5v054vycpoc</sha1> </revision> ~~~

Fluid Mechanics Applications/B19: VISCOUS FLOWEdit

edition,by->edition, by? context: ~~~ (SI UNIT)-Seventh edition,by
edition,by FRANK M WHITE. ↑Engineering Fluid Mechanics,by ~~~

Fluid Mechanics Applications/B13:General Study Of Aerofoil Designing And Their Uses in Different ScenariosEdit

faster,lighter,better->faster,lighter, better? context: ~~~ t were faster,lighter,better
faster,lighter,better armoured and essentially better designed were the ones that touched down in a single piece again.With the war in Europe touching the skies, it became ~~~

Recipes for the Design of Experiments/Chapter 10: Taguchi DesignsEdit

manufacture,the->manufacture, the? context: ~~~ the year of manufacture,the
manufacture,the fuel type and the make of vehicle (taken separately-main effect) has no significant impact on the variance in city mileage’. The analysis can be acc ~~~

Fluid Mechanics Applications/A32:Similarity analysis applied to vehiclesEdit

flow,the->flow, the? context: ~~~ for a compressible flow,the
flow,the test section can be designed to produce a desired velocity or Mach based on the area in the test section.===Similarity in supersonic and subsonic desi ~~~

Fluid Mechanics Applications/A26: Submersible PumpsEdit

increases,then->increases, then? context: ~~~ trifugal pump increases,then
increases,then it is essentially a velocity machine. After the fluid left the impeller, it then flows at a higher velocity from a small area into a region of increas ~~~

Fluid Mechanics Applications/A50:Optimisation of Intake Manifold of a CarEdit

fan,exhaust->fan, exhaust? context: ~~~ let vent, intake fan,exhaust
fan,exhaust fan􀂋''' Cell zones'''* Fluid* Solid* Porous media* Heat exchanger􀂋 '''Internal faces'''* Fan, interior, porous jump, radiator, wallAlso an impor ~~~

TI 83 Plus Assembly/InputEdit

nz,continue->nz, continue? context: ~~~ jr nz,continue
nz,continue continue: . . .This example waits until ANY key is pressed.== Direct Input ==Note:'''This is a more advanced method, because it deals directly wit ~~~

Fluid Mechanics Applications/A2MA33: How fluid flows in a combustion chamberEdit

nozzles,is->nozzles, is? context: ~~~ pplied by feeding nozzles,is
nozzles,is mixed with air flow coming coming from the compressor and burns producing heat to obtain a gas stream to a temp as much as possible as required by eng ~~~

Fluid Mechanics Applications/A2MA33: How fluid flows in a combustion chamberEdit

heads,proper->heads, proper? context: ~~~ round the valve heads,proper
heads,proper valve timing and straight passage ways by streamlining the combustion chamber so that the flow is with lesser pressure drop.This means more charge per ~~~

Fluid Mechanics Applications/A2MA33: How fluid flows in a combustion chamberEdit

involved,all->involved, all? context: ~~~ o high velocity involved,all
involved,all flows into,out ~~~

Fluid Mechanics Applications/A2MA33: How fluid flows in a combustion chamberEdit

into,out->into, out? context: ~~~ involved,all flows into,out
into,out of and within the cylinders are turbulent except those flows in the corners and crevices where the close proximity of the walls dampens out the turbul ~~~

Fluid Mechanics Applications/A2MA33: How fluid flows in a combustion chamberEdit

swirl,squish,tumble->swirl,squish, tumble? context: ~~~ ssion as swirl,squish,tumble
swirl,squish,tumble increases near TDC.The motion that occurs within the cylinder is quite important to ''speed evaporation of the fuel, to enhance air fuel mixing and to ~~~

Fluid Mechanics Applications/A2MA33: How fluid flows in a combustion chamberEdit

stroke,the->stroke, the? context: ~~~ towards the power stroke,the
stroke,the clearance volume would again increase and the burnt gases would again occupying the bigger clearance volume and this kind of motion is called as ''rev ~~~

Fluid Mechanics Applications/A2MA33: How fluid flows in a combustion chamberEdit

piston,piston->piston, piston? context: ~~~ ps between the piston,piston
piston,piston rings andcylinder walls. The gas generally leaks or flows through them to the crankcase.although crevice volume is small enough in comparison to total ~~~

Fluid Mechanics Applications/A2MA33: How fluid flows in a combustion chamberEdit

volume,the->volume, the? context: ~~~ ombustion chamber volume,the
volume,the flow into and out of it affects combustion and engine emissions. some of the gas flow in the crevice between the piston and cylinder walls gets past t ~~~

Parkour/Aesthetic Moves/Cheat GainerEdit

jumping,spot->jumping, spot? context: ~~~ he midair after jumping,spot
jumping,spot the ground over your shoulder.4. Prepare your one leg for landing.{{BookCat}}</text> <sha1>ks2sc0pdudm85530esch96qar7yzzvb</sha1> </revision> ~~~

Parkour/Aesthetic Moves/BackflipEdit

execution,you'll->execution, you'll? context: ~~~ ght surface execution,you'll
execution,you'll need to control your rotation but you can do it without tucking as your choice.#Since you do it in a higher place,carefully ~~~

Parkour/Aesthetic Moves/BackflipEdit

place,carefully->place, carefully? context: ~~~ in a higher place,carefully
place,carefully prepare your both feet for landing to avoid any kind of injury.{{BookCat}}</text> <sha1>2a9r72jpdcdg83578qbcf3mx1kjj4z5</sha1> </revision> </ ~~~

Parkour/Aesthetic Moves/Air BombEdit

rotations,quickly->rotations, quickly? context: ~~~ the faster rotations,quickly
rotations,quickly prepare for landing.Untuck before your last rotation would be completed then roll to reduce the force of your impact.{{BookCat}}</text> <sha1>4dp ~~~

Mujje Tulye/Growing coffee in MbalaEdit

beans,peanuts->beans, peanuts? context: ~~~ nsumption like beans,peanuts
beans,peanuts and Bananas. It is mainly grown under shade trees that ensure sustainable coffee production. The leaves that fall from the shade trees provide manure ~~~