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charos->charas? (replace) context: ~~~ for a small part of the ores. While wearing the ring of charos
charos (U) from the [[Old School RuneScape/Quests/Garden of Tranquillity|Garden of Tranquility]] quest, this amount is halved and players also won't have to ~~~

chattr->chatter? (omit) context: ~~~ chattr
chattr lt;/tt><br>=== 1.104.6 Manage file ownership ===;Weight: 1Description: ''Candidates should be able to control user and group ownership of fil ~~~

cheape->cheapen? (omit) context: ~~~ nor so cheape
cheape, that any great trade is like tobe made of it, untill the {English} themselves arefit to follow the fishing.The Natives venture one or two in a Canow, ~~~

checkig->checking? (omit) context: ~~~ // cardioid checkig
checkig - thx to Hugh Allen //sprawdzamy Czy punkt C jest w głównej kardioidzie //Cardioid in squere ~~~

cheifs->chiefs? (swap) context: ~~~ in the sky would come before the birth of a “killer of cheifs
cheifs. ” Alapa’i, the chief of the island of Hawai’i, heard about this prophecy and ordered the baby Kamehameha to be killed. Kamehameha’s parents, C ~~~

chelha->chulha? (replace) context: ~~~ a daily dialogue between Tunisians and within the family. The chelha
chelha, meanwhile, is spoken by less than 1% of the population, mainly in the semi-Berber villages of the south, including Chenini, Douiret, Matmata, Tamezre ~~~

chemed->chimed? (replace) context: ~~~ Education Discussion List. Send the message: subscribe chemed
chemed- l firstname lastname to: CHEM-EDUCATION, a list for UK academics involved in teaching chemistry, particularly at the higher ed ~~~

chemies->chemise? (swap) context: ~~~ The chemies
chemies of the G.P.O. Clock; fromthe studio, “Our Serial Story.” 5.10 p.m.:David MKissock, ’cellist. 5.17 p.m.: “Sun”news service. 5.22 p.m.: Pianof ~~~

chemoherapy->chemotherapy? (omit) context: ~~~ or esophagogastric junction were included. Neoadjuvant chemoherapy
chemoherapy was given with weekly Paclitaxel and Carbopltin. Radiotherapy dose was 41.4Gy in 23 fractions as per conventinal ~~~

chemor->chomer? (swap2) context: ~~~ **Salvage: APR 53% alive vs. chemor
chemor +/- RT 19% alive**Conclusion: Salvage APR has curative potential, chemo and RT salvage disappointing==Adenocarcinoma==*'''Rare Cancer Network:''' (197 ~~~

chenges->changes? (replace) context: ~~~ Espinosa J H “Changes in Style and chenges
chenges in Fashion” ''MIT Media Lab''Maslow A, ''Motivation and Personality'', 1954Miotto F, “ I sistemi informativi in azienda” ''Franco Angeli Editore ~~~

cheremes->cheremis? (replace) context: ~~~ consists of several phonemes (phonemes used to be called cheremes
cheremes (Greek χερι: hand) until their cognitive equivalence to phonemes in spoken languages was realized) that carry no meaning as such, but are neverthe ~~~

cherring->charring? (replace) context: ~~~ tell the Funny Joke to the sad boy Dekadin. In return for cherring
cherring him up, he gives Link the '''Touching Book'''.{{-}}==[[File:Zelda Oracle Magic Oar.png]] Magic Oar==[[File:Zelda Ages Trading Magic Oar.png|thumb|left ~~~

chesboard->chessboard? (omit) context: ~~~ real line ( Im(z) = 0). It is easy to compute parabolic chesboard
chesboard because one have to check only imaginary part of z. For other cases it is not so easy==0/1==[[File:Target set for internal ray 0.ogv|right|thumb|How t ~~~

chices->chaces? (replace) context: ~~~ some work on Wall Market walkthrough (notably the items and chices
chices) , and did some Wutai area, Northern Cave area training info on my IP (forgot to log in, darn)And also a lot of other smaller contributors and other an ~~~

chidren->children? (omit) context: ~~~ Society, and that it is their responsibility to provide chidren
chidren with the opportunity to learn technology.(Loveless, 2004) We have to create personal learning experiences to encourage teachers to embrace this techno ~~~

chieftans->chieftains? (omit) context: ~~~ by a Paramount Chief, who is elected for life. Although chieftans
chieftans continue to be important amongst their communities, from 2004 onwards, they have started working alongside local administrations whose members are ele ~~~

chigae->chigoe? (replace) context: ~~~ Soybean paste used to make the Korean dish, Doenjang chigae
chigae, can be used to treat Bee Stings. Once stung by a bee, apply the soybean paste on the sting for about 15 minutes, or until the paste dries. The past ~~~

childrne->children? (swap) context: ~~~ I would absolutely say that all childrne
childrne need praise and the more of it the better. I find that it is one of the greatest tools for students to judge their progress. Also words that o alon wi ~~~

chiliness->chilliness? (omit) context: ~~~ Babies need to be protected against chiliness
chiliness and other potential endangerments which can influence the health of the little ones. == See also ==* [[Sexual Health/Pregnancy]]== Medical Disclaimer ~~~

chilse->chiles? (swap) context: ~~~ chewing gum, chilse
chilse. PhUibertia heterophylla. Towunla. It is used for food, being eaten raw with salt.Apocynaceae. Dogbane Family.Apocynum cannabinum. Wicha. Indian hemp, ~~~

chimea->chimera? (omit) context: ~~~ 11.45 p.m.—G.P.O. Clock and chimea
chimea. National Anthem.2GB, SYDNEYTheosophical Broadcasting Service.Wave Length, 316 Metres.FRIDAY, MARCH 23rd, 1928.MORNING SESSION.10 a.m. —Music.10.10 a ~~~

chira->achira? (omit) context: ~~~ Note that the 〜ちら chira
chira group may be used instead of the 〜こ ko group and also may be appended with の no instead of the 〜の no group in some cases in more official (f ~~~

chirs->chairs? (omit) context: ~~~ wall surrounds. The pupils were told not to scrape back their chirs
chirs or run about inside the building - anything which added to the general dust being raised was forbidden.The severe winters and dense fogs, made going t ~~~

chises->chaises? (omit) context: ~~~ chises
chises M.F.W., Anchoria Y.D.E.,Anchorton G.D.W.L., AncobraY. Ancula E.L.L., Andalu-sian X.1.C., Andalasier G.D.P.F.,Andes M.R.Q., AndorinhaAndree E.N.N., Ann ~~~

chlid->child? (swap) context: ~~~ the experience testifying may be so traumatic at to prevent a chlid
chlid from testifying, the requirement of necessity will be satisfied.<reF> R. v. Rockey, [1996] 3 SCR 829 at 846;<br> </reF>While in some ~~~

chlorofluorocarbos->chlorofluorocarbons? (omit) context: ~~~ *Artificial chemicals such as chlorofluorocarbos
chlorofluorocarbos (CFCs).Climate ranks by their contribution to the greenhouse gas effect:water vapor, which contributes 34–70%carbon dioxide, which contributes 9–2 ~~~

choisis->chorisis? (omit) context: ~~~ Les modes d'indexation choisis
choisis par Oracle pour les données spatiales sont l'{{w|R-tree|arbre R|lang=en}}<ref>{{cite web||url= ~~~

cholestatoma->cholesteatoma? (omit) context: ~~~ - through dehiscence in bony canal (30%) or erosion by cholestatoma
cholestatoma lt;br><li><b>Labyrinthitis</b> - 2' fistula in Lateral SCC. Can be serous or suppurative<li><b>Petrositis</b> ~~~

chollu->cholla? (replace) context: ~~~ Apo vishayath ei chollu
chollu. Ena ku avasaram aa pahnam veendi iruku, anupi tharuve a ?Ethrrei veehnam, epo veehnam chollu. ~~~

cholocystokinin->cholecystokinin? (replace) context: ~~~ nocebo response, and that this might be caused by a cholocystokinin
cholocystokinin- incuced increase in anxiety. Other researchers (e.g. Kim et al. 1998) have also emphasized the role of cholecystokinin in anxiety ===The nocebo effect ~~~

chomaffin->chromaffin? (omit) context: ~~~ it releases secretions directly into the blood stream. The chomaffin
chomaffin cells of the medula are the main source of circulating water-soluble catecholamines derived from the amino acid tyrosine: adrenaline (epinephrine) and ~~~

chondriotin->chondroitin? (swap) context: ~~~ studied the labeled claims of eleven DS that contained chondriotin
chondriotin sulfate and found that the percentage of claimed chondriotin ~~~

chooes->choose? (swap) context: ~~~ *3.chooes
chooes the right formula for the median.**for an odd number of values xmedian = x[(n+1)/2]**for an even number of values xmedian = 1/2*(x[n/2] + x[n/2+1])e ~~~

chootic->chaotic? (replace) context: ~~~ ===Sharkovsky sequence inside chootic
chootic bands==== Separators=== primary separator ==* band-merging point = point merging 2 [[Fractals/Iterations_in_the_complex_plane/def_cqp#chaotic_band|ch ~~~

choride->chloride? (omit) context: ~~~ * choride
choride indicator solution (10%w/v potassium chromate OR 4.2%w/v potassium chromate with 0.7%w/v potassium dichromate) in dropper bottle (caution - this reage ~~~

chormatin->chromatin? (swap) context: ~~~ nuclear membrane.It has few pores The nucleus has chormatin
chormatin reticulum and a nucleolus.{{BookCat}}</text> <sha1>1xuytq7kzhl98jl6lgvf5bfop1ptv0u</sha1> </revision> </page> <page> <title>Calculus/Some ~~~

chorna->cherna? (replace) context: ~~~ Чорний, чорна - Chornyj / chorna
chorna - black <br>Жовтий, жовта - Zhovtyj / zhovta - yellow <br>Коричневий, коричнева - Korychnevyj / korychneva - ~~~

chornic->chronic? (swap) context: ~~~ of physical and mental health problems including cancer, chornic
chornic pain, fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, and disordered eating (for review see Baer, 2003 and Grossman et al., 2004).Two similar programs have been de ~~~

chost->chest? (replace) context: ~~~ debug1: userauth_hostbased: cuser fred chost
chost desktop1. pkalg ecdsa-sha2-nistp256 slen 100 [preauth]...debug3: mm_answer_keyallowed: key_from_blob: 0x76eede00debug2: hostbased_key_allowed: chost ~~~

chotic->chaotic? (omit) context: ~~~ * other orders inside chotic
chotic bands==sequences=====Sharkovsky sequence inside chootic ~~~

chraged->charged? (swap) context: ~~~ force across the membrane through the involvement of three chraged
chraged residues, Aspartate-407, 408, and Lysine-940, making charge pair in the membrane-embedded region.<sup>[3]</sup> In the access and binding ~~~

chris->chrism? (omit) context: ~~~ # chris
chris can execute commands in the command alias SOFTWARE on all machines# Members of the Linux wheel group can execute any command as root on any machineThe ~~~

christma->christmas? (omit) context: ~~~ First off, we're going to need a great big christma
christma. .ehh..template to decorate. While I won't get into breaking down and factoring our global template, keep in mind that this is not the only way to do t ~~~

chrities->charities? (omit) context: ~~~ Incorporated Society (and status with the chrities
chrities commission)==Tax compliance==All businesses must pay tax. Plan in advance to meet your tax obligations based on your financial forecasts. Failing to c ~~~

chroid->choroid? (omit) context: ~~~ produces cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). 60-80% of CSF comes from chroid
chroid plexus and rest from extrachrodial sources. 5.Schwann cells: Schwann cells' functions are very similar to oligodendrocytes. They myelinate neurons wit ~~~

chromitin->chromatin? (replace) context: ~~~ High orders of chromitin
chromitin structure can be directly affected by Histonemodifications. Removal of Histone tails by tryspin ~~~

chromosphore->chromosphere? (replace) context: ~~~ liposomes of varied sizes, which then labeled with a chromosphore
chromosphore and immobilized by streptavidin. The fluorescence intensity was used to measure the individual liposomal diameters. Another chromophore was used to ta ~~~

chromphore->chromaphore? (omit) context: ~~~ It consists of protein called opsin and a bound chromphore
chromphore called the retinal. The main building blocks of the cone cell are the synaptic terminal, the inner and outer segments, the interior nucleus and the mi ~~~

chromtic->chromatic? (omit) context: ~~~ included in design. The concertina does not provide a full chromtic
chromtic scale. This technique involves developing 'false' or approximate base chords that sound appropriate, even if they are not musically sound. The cost of ~~~

chronism->achronism? (omit) context: ~~~ chronism
chronism to the other, a very highnote will at first appear; this willfall in pitch until it suddenly dis-appears and the music or speechcan be heard in its pl ~~~

chronometic->chronometric? (omit) context: ~~~ The most commonly used chronometic
chronometic method is radiocarbon analysis. It measures the decay of radioactive carbon (14C) that has been absorbed from the atmosphere by a plant or animal pri ~~~

chronos->chronons? (omit) context: ~~~ to do so in their high 40s. (addon) Consider killing the new chronos
chronos family of monsters as they can drop tobis, ~~~

chroots->cheroots? (omit) context: ~~~ ====Deny double-chroots
chroots= ===<tt>GRKERNSEC_CHROOT_DOUBLE</tt><br/>Related sysctl variables:<br/>:<tt>kernel.grsecurity.chroot_deny_chroot</tt&g ~~~

chukey->chokey? (replace) context: ~~~ Woh khaa chukey
chukey hai (Respect) He had eaten Woh khaa chuka tha (Male) Woh khaa chuki thee. (Female) He had gone Woh chala gaya (Normally) Woh chaley ~~~

chuks->chiks? (replace) context: ~~~ you meet, unlike Bandit who steals Baby Mario, Baseball Boy chuks
chuks Yoshi Eggs and smashes Yoshi with his baseball bat when he gets close, he is defeated the same way Banidt is. Zeus Guy appears much later in the gane, ~~~

churces->churches? (omit) context: ~~~ of these patrons. These patrons were recognized by the house churces
churces by having honor shown to them. It is a shame not to recognize honor due to a person<ref> Bruce J. Malina. <u>The New Testament World: Insi ~~~

churia->choria? (replace) context: ~~~ churia
churia, Korea, Japan, Formosa, Hongkong,Macao, Canton, Philippine Islands, BritishNorth Borneo, Sarawak, Straits Settlements,Sumatra, Sourabaya, Batavia, Bal ~~~

churles->charles? (replace) context: ~~~ Prologue Chaucer informs us that the Miller told his churles
churles tale "in his manere". Explore the ways that the Miller's character is reflected in ''The Miller's Tale''.==4==What do you find interesting a ~~~

chusa->chuse? (replace) context: ~~~ chui or first lieutenant, tai or captain, shosa or major, chusa
chusa or lieutenant colonel, taisa or colonel, shosho or major general, chujo or lieutenant general, taisho or general, and gensui or field marshal (GlobalS ~~~

cials->ciels? (replace) context: ~~~ cials
cials. The chief stimulus I had was to makethe service a success as a public service. Ithink, therefore, there was something to besaid for the old 8.8. C., ~~~

ciated->coated? (replace) context: ~~~ ciated
ciated Committee on Physics andEngineering of the Council, researchwork has been undertaken. It isknown that conditions in the upperatmosphere have a very ma ~~~

ciates->coates? (replace) context: ~~~ ciates
ciates the limited pocket of manyenthusiasts.The cost of the material runsinto a few pence, and from prac-tical experience this mountinggives excellent servi ~~~

ciation->cibation? (omit) context: ~~~ ciation
ciation will exercise. In addition to this it will safeguardthe legitimate interests of radio experimenters,and so pave the way for smooth and satisfactory wo ~~~

cicling->circling? (omit) context: ~~~ use any method you want to indicate members of S, such as cicling
cicling. Below is table 2, with vertex 4 marked as a member of S.{| border="1" cellpadding="2"|+ table 2|-| ||1 || 2 || 3 || '''4''' || 5 ~~~

cients->clients? (omit) context: ~~~ clients may need positioning for drainage of secretions. cients
cients may find relief in positioning upright to allow maximum chest expansion and having a table to lean upon.{{BookCat}}</text> <sha1>9x3aq5p2ku1p2hud ~~~

cigarrette->cigarette? (double) context: ~~~ One of these factors is smoking. Research has shown that cigarrette
cigarrette smoke causes oxidative stress due to the free radicals in the smoke.(Bruno and Traber, 2005) As the body attempts to battle these free radicals vitami ~~~

cillations->collations? (replace) context: ~~~ cillations
cillations. To overcome these disturbingeffects, the regeneration should bereduced, as by loosening the ticL-for coupling. When this leaves thecircuit in too crit ~~~

cilliated->ciliated? (double) context: ~~~ The damaged cilliated
cilliated epithelial cells are replaced by scar tissue, thickening the airways and making it more difficult to move air in and out of the lungs. Infections also ~~~

cillium->cilium? (double) context: ~~~ force in a direction perpendicular to the cilium's axis. A cillium
cillium may also act as a signal-receiving "antenna" for the cell. Cilia that have this function are nonmotile, and there is only one per cell. Memb ~~~

cimport->comport? (replace) context: ~~~ from cysignals.signals cimport
cimport sig_checkfrom sage.rings.complex_field import ComplexFieldfrom sage.functions.log import exp, logfrom sage.symbolic.constants import pidef external_ra ~~~

cincturas->cinctures? (replace) context: ~~~ attacca vostre cincturas
cincturas. Melville: Multo interessante. Multissimointeressante.Guida: Multo ben. Petro ha arrivate a Geneva.Il pare que su travalio nove va comenciar ben tosto. ~~~

cinereria->cineraria? (replace) context: ~~~ *(b) water hyacinth, Prosopis cinereria
cinereria *(c) nile perch, Ficits religiosa*(d) Ficits religiosa, Lantana camara.89. In gymnosperms, the pollen chamber represents*(a) a cavity in the ovule in ~~~

cinne->cinene? (omit) context: ~~~ Sancte Michael se ȝesiȝefæsted stod beforan Cananisca cinne
cinne, ⁊ þurh Iosues handa þæt Israelica folc he ȝelædde to þam ȝehatlande þæt is floƿende hunie ~~~

cinty->canty? (replace) context: ~~~ Comparison of an Asian city and a North American cinty
cinty. Psychologia, 22, 79-83*Gillis, J. S., & Avis, W.E. (1980). The male-taller norm in mate selection. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 6, ~~~

cinvection->convection? (replace) context: ~~~ The Most common cause of unwanted cinvection
cinvection is temperature variation in different parts of the centrifuge tube.*Nature of Tissue Fractions Produced by Differentail centrifugationThe approaches t ~~~

cinverts->converts? (replace) context: ~~~ (8)Master Cylinder-A device that cinverts
cinverts the non hydaulic ~~~

cious->scious? (omit) context: ~~~ cious
cious pirates. NIGHT SESSlON.—(Announcer: C.J. O’Connor. Accompanyte: Agnes Fortune.) 6.50p.m.: Madame Soward. “French Without Tears.”7.5 p.m,: Stoc ~~~

cipes->capes? (replace) context: ~~~ cipes
cipes by Ivliss Ruth Furst.11.30 a.m. —-Close down.MIDDAY SESSION.12 noon.—“ Big Ben” and announcements.12.2 p.m.—Stock Exchange, first call.12.3 ~~~

ciple->caple? (replace) context: ~~~ ciple
ciple of the floating automobile axle is relievedof all strain. The end plate is of heavy speciallyrolled brass, highly polished and nickel finished.The Ele ~~~

ciples->caples? (replace) context: ~~~ practice: Li Hongzhi's dis- ciples
ciples must concentrate exclusively on Falun Gong; it isforbidden to read or even think about any other religion, philosophy, or school ofthought or of qigon ~~~

circit->circuit? (omit) context: ~~~ and non encountered values that are given as input. Else if a circit
circit has learned by memorization it can give right output for previously trained values, but may give out erroneous output for previously nonencountered in ~~~

circuitis->circuities? (omit) context: ~~~ to represent them as one-port circuits, and two-port circuitis
circuitis are the only option. Two-port circuits have the same application as one-port circuits, in that, they allow us to consider only the behavior of a circu ~~~

circulte->circulate? (omit) context: ~~~ until after Bichat's death did the word histology began to circulte
circulte. Histology derives from two Greek words, Histo, meaning tissue, and logo meaning study. However, some consider Rudolph von Kolliker the actual father ~~~

cirth->crith? (swap) context: ~~~ later stage, some sound values were 'stuck' to some of the cirth
cirth, setting some stable basis for Daeron to make his final [[../Age of Starlight#Certhas Daeron|standardization]].If we are to accept the known values to ~~~

ciruit->circuit? (omit) context: ~~~ If solving a ciruit
ciruit that involves steady-state sources, use impedances. Any circuit can eventually be combined into a single impedance using the following identities:Impe ~~~

cirular->circular? (omit) context: ~~~ entering the zone, the traveler would then move into a huge cirular
cirular area between the outer rock wall and the arena itself. The only entrance into the Arena proper is on the opposite side of the building, to make sure p ~~~

cised->cased? (replace) context: ~~~ cised
cised in much the same manner. Evidence of this sort does notsuggest telepathy, it suggests the actual presence of the allegedcommunicators, and if it stood ~~~

cispaltin->cisplatin? (swap) context: ~~~ resected NSCLC, patients with ERCC1- tumors benefit from cispaltin
cispaltin, while ERCC1+ tumors do not. ERCC1+ tumors have a better overall OS*'''NCI-Canada JBR.10 / INT''' (1994-2001) -- Surgery +/- cisplatin and vinorelbine ~~~

cisplain->cisplatin? (omit) context: ~~~ patients, treated with RT or CRT with 5-FU/mitomycin or cisplain
cisplain. Median CD4 358. HIV+ younger (48 vs. 62), male (93% vs. 25%), early stage, large-cell histology. **Outcome: CR HIV+ 92% vs. HIV- 96%; 5-year OS HIV+ ~~~

citiy->citify? (omit) context: ~~~ be achieved by combining all the triples. This results in 1 citiy
citiy. {{SPARQL|query=SELECT ?city ?cityLabelWHERE { wd:Q458 wdt:P150 ?country. # European Union contains administrative territorial entity ?country wdt ~~~

civilis->civilise? (omit) context: ~~~ Probably every new development in civilis
civilis- ation has met with opposition from all quar-ters.Men have been killed and tortured for be-liefs and theories which are now establishedfacts in the eve ~~~

civils->cavils? (replace) context: ~~~ of the track laying in Skytrain from the surface and viaduct civils
civils works and new built stations of Bella Vista and Cudgegong Road. The after construction fitting works such as the railway services, carparks, bridge st ~~~

civilty->civility? (omit) context: ~~~ form of Neapolitan's greetings. Because, for their civilty
civilty, Neapolitans are very friendly when they greet, so you will have a very long greet, for example:"''Uè Gennà, comme staje, 'a quantu tiempo ca n ~~~

cladicant->claudicant? (omit) context: ~~~ treatment is necessary, the patient may be treated as a cladicant
cladicant. Class II: Urgent revascularization is necessary.Class III: Amputation is the only treatment to be considered.{{BookCat}}</text> <sha1>pk2m5lkog4n ~~~

cladu->clade? (replace) context: ~~~ lau cladu
cladu loud lax lanxe balance laz lanzu family le'a lebna ~~~

clamatic->climatic? (replace) context: ~~~ Commonly they change very often and we can hear about this clamatic
clamatic chang changes on the weather forecast on TV every day. They can move from mild to extreme winds in just hours. Some good examples of local winds are s ~~~

claodgrams->cladograms? (swap) context: ~~~ This class uses claodgrams
claodgrams as puzzles.* We will ask students to read, remember, and reconstruct some cladogram features.* This is because the cladogram puzzles are useful tools ~~~

classif->classify? (omit) context: ~~~ Percent.bad.and.false.classif
classif. per.cluster(cl, Arguments ==:* cl Reference sequence of clusters.:* Sequence of clusters to be compared to the reference sequence ~~~

classifers->classifiers? (omit) context: ~~~ rake classifiers, rotating trommels, or fluidized classifers
classifers. When the feed material contains particles of different densities as well as particles of different size, a degree of concentration takes place durin ~~~

classrom->classroom? (omit) context: ~~~ or with students who like to compete with peers for classrom
classrom rewards.(''Jennifer Stein, Linda Steeves, and Christine Simth-Mitsuhashi 2001'')===Demonstrator===Teachers who like their classroom to be more interac ~~~

clatics->clastics? (omit) context: ~~~ to this collision, the deposition of post-orogenic coarse clatics
clatics of mostly molasse type sediments took place in the Late Neogene times. The molasses are mostly marine, but partly are terrestrials as indicated by the ~~~

claviar->clavier? (replace) context: ~~~ habera besonio de un persona qui sape claviar
claviar. Petro: Naturalmente.Catherina: Le senior Tanner de Marex Mundial poteadjuvar nos.Petro: Le american?Catherina: Si, ille.Petro: Io le cognosce.Catherin ~~~

clealy->cleanly? (omit) context: ~~~ amount. In the Australian physical activity guidelines clealy
clealy state "all healthy adults aged 18-65 years should participate in moderate intensity aerobic physical activity for a minimum of 30 minutes on 5 da ~~~

clearerr->clearer? (double) context: ~~~ The clearerr
clearerr function resets the error flags and EOF indicator for the given stream. When an error occurs, you can use perror() to figure out which error actually ~~~

clebration->celebration? (omit) context: ~~~ Sutton's father provides the harmonium for clebration
clebration of Christian Association at Brown Hill<blockquote>'''BROWN HILL'''.— Our correspondent writes: The third annual celebration of the Christian A ~~~

clense->cleanse? (omit) context: ~~~ **Randomized. Arm 1) skin clense
clense with mild unscented soap vs. Arm 2) soap + aloe very multiple times daily. **Outcome: No difference if dose <27 Gy; for dose >27 Gy, longer time ~~~

cleraly->clearly? (swap) context: ~~~ : deutlich - en: cleraly
cleraly : verstehen - en: to understand: laut - en: loud: kennen - en: to know: suchen - en: to seak; to serach: kennen - en: to know: die Frau - en: woman: k ~~~

clerification->clarification? (replace) context: ~~~ assignment. I was not one of the students that wanted clerification
clerification on "good job!" but I did want clerification when something was marked wrong. If there was not a comment or some reasoning behind deducting ~~~

clevage->cleavage? (omit) context: ~~~ proteins nsp3 and nsp4. It was found that PLP1 processes clevage
clevage site to release 1 to release nsp1 whereas PLP2 released nsp2 and nsp3. Also by using hexa ubiquitin substrate and ubiquitin vinylsulphonate inhibitor ~~~

cliicians->clinicians? (omit) context: ~~~ Alot of cliicians
cliicians and interviewers make the error of hindsight and self confirming diagnosis which leads them being more confident in their own predictions than in stat ~~~

cliking->clicking? (omit) context: ~~~ and run the devcpp- software by double cliking
cliking on the filename.# Use common sense and answer the installation prompts. NOTE THE FOLLOWING TWO ITEMS:# When it gets to the "Choose Install Locati ~~~

clincal->clinical? (omit) context: ~~~ This patient has clincal
clincal features of motor neurone disease, including mixed bulbar signs such as tongue wasting and fasiculations, ~~~

clincally->clinically? (omit) context: ~~~ **Outcome: clincally
clincally 50% improved, 50% no change; radiographically decreased 25%, stable 75%**Toxicity: transient cranial neuropathy in 17%.**Conclusion: GKS attractive tr ~~~

clined->clinged? (omit) context: ~~~ clined
clined to agree with the old Philoso-pher who says, “there seemed to besomething necessary to life in thatpart of the husk of the wheat grainwhich appears ~~~

clinicall->clinical? (double) context: ~~~ **Conclusion: Prevalence of carotid artery disease is clinicall
clinicall significant, and warrants aggressive screening*'''Prince of Wales Hospital; 2001''' (Hong Kong) PMID 11745291 -- "Incidence of carotid stenosis i ~~~

clinicopatholoic->clinicopathologic? (omit) context: ~~~ + ER + HER2 status (CPF+receptors), 3) clinicopatholoic
clinicopatholoic + DCIS score (CPF+DS).**Outcome: Strongest prediction model CPF+DS (0.70) vs CPF+receptors (0.69) vs CPF (0.68). Better at calibrating low (<10%) L ~~~

clisp->clasp? (replace) context: ~~~ ./configure --enable-clisp
clisp # or: --enable-sbclmakemake checksudo make installmake clean</pre>This procedure does not create a deb package.===Using git=======maxima/xma ~~~

clist->clast? (replace) context: ~~~ $ uvcdynctrl -d video1 --clist
clist Listing available controls for device video1: Hue Exposure Gain # Get a value$ uvcdynctrl -d video1 -g 'Exposure'60 # Set a Value$ uvcdynctrl -d ~~~

clmate->climate? (omit) context: ~~~ the climate of Earth, we are more than capable to change the clmate
clmate of Mars, which is only a fraction in size compare to Earth.(B) Incorrect. This is another point discussed in the passage. The sentence 2 states that & ~~~

clockid->clocked? (replace) context: ~~~ for many system int types __pid_t __off_t __intptr_t, __clockid
clockid_ t, __clock_t, etc.manually correcting generated includes I got as far as trying to compile the contrib-AHI with failure(older release versions of drag ~~~

cloog->colog? (swap) context: ~~~ --with-cloog
cloog= /opt/lpt/cloog-ppl-0.15.11-bin LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/lpt/mpfr-2.4.2-bin/lib:/opt/lpt/mpc-0.8.1-bin/lib:/opt/lpt/gmp-4.3.2-bin/lib:/opt/lpt/ppl-0.11-bin ~~~

clorectal->colorectal? (omit) context: ~~~ however, a healthy lifestyle does not guarantee developing clorectal
clorectal cancer as there are other many risk factors involving this type of cancer.Current medicine has a way to treat this type of cancer by surgically removi ~~~

clored->chlored? (omit) context: ~~~ thickness, awkward shape (cf. top right leaf). Light-clored
clored with a dark vein grossly painted along the middle.: Leaves: Dark overpaint, shaped like a triangular fan with five lanceolated fingers.: Stalk: medium ~~~

closin->closen? (replace) context: ~~~ to B rita in . H e says sign als of V L C -10 w ere fa ir a t closin
closin g a t 5.25 p.m ., b u t a t 5 o’clockth e y w ere inclin ~~~

cloting->clothing? (omit) context: ~~~ blood clots. This precise regulation is owe to the fact that cloting
cloting factors are short-lived and diluted in blood vessels. They are quickly removed by the liver.[[Image:Blood clot final path.jpg]]== Sources ==Berg, Jere ~~~

cluckin->clucking? (omit) context: ~~~ # Downtown just north of #95 where cluckin
cluckin bell is found# Financial# Downtown, just east of #97# Downtown, just east of #98# Esplande East, just north of #99# Esplande east, just east of #100# ~~~

cluded->clouded? (omit) context: ~~~ cluded
cluded w ere cards or le tte rs fromEAQ, CR7AA, Radio Lee (B elgian ~~~

cludes->clades? (replace) context: ~~~ cludes
cludes a transmitting set, singlevalve receiver, short wave receiver,wave meter, and a single stageamplifier. The aerial is 80 ft.long, on two iron masts 50 ~~~

clustes->clusters? (omit) context: ~~~ give rise to a generation of spermatogonia B, which occur in clustes
clustes of four or more cells. After a limited number of proliferative cycles, spermatogonia B [<b>B</b>] enter meiosis to give rise to spermatocy ~~~

clustred->clustered? (omit) context: ~~~ It accepts as input the set S of N sampled points to be clustred
clustred (that are drawn randomly from the original data set), and the number of desired clusters k. The procedure begins by computing the number of links betw ~~~

cmake->comake? (omit) context: ~~~ gcc-multilib libsdl1.2-dev byacc python-mako libxcursor-dev cmake
cmake zsh mingw64Do all of these operations under home directory of your user or another directory where your user has write permissions.Specifically, in a ~~~

cncer->cancer? (omit) context: ~~~ drug using minicells. Mice with the Caco-2/MDR1 (colon cncer
cncer cells with multi drug resistance gene) were treated siRNA containing mincells to reverse drug resistance by knocking out the MDR1 and thereafter treat ~~~

coallesce->coalesce? (double) context: ~~~ points]] : this occurs when two singular points coallesce
coallesce in a double singular point (parabolic point)<ref>[ The bifurcation diagram of cubic polynomial vector fields on C ~~~

coarsing->coursing? (replace) context: ~~~ intersection of a major river and the sea. They exhibit a coarsing
coarsing upward in grain sizes, cross-bedding, ripple marks caused by tides, and clay and mud that flares upward through coarser overlaying grains. There is al ~~~

coccobacili->coccobacilli? (omit) context: ~~~ septum formation will lead bacteria to the formation of coccobacili
coccobacili or cocci. However, bacteria has a negative control that blocks septum formation when lateral wall elongation is not completed. This will help keep c ~~~

coccoons->cocoons? (double) context: ~~~ Burn borer-infected vines, and till area to disturb any coccoons
coccoons. If rotation is not possible, use a winter cover crop such as rye, vetch, or pea to enrich the soil.==Harvesting==Cut the stems with a sharp knife. Su ~~~

cocentration->concentration? (omit) context: ~~~ measurements are independent of the fluorophore cocentration
cocentration and photobleaching and allow for the distinguishing of actual FRET efficiency and probe concentration.The FRET pair is selected to generate a maximum ~~~

cochea->cochlea? (omit) context: ~~~ - cochea
cochea is single curved tube. Cochlear aqueduct is patent. High risks of otic hydrocephalus and meningitis. Also risk of CSF leak from spontanous ~~~

cochlearis->cochlearius? (omit) context: ~~~ of the afferent sensory fibre receptor of n. cochlearis
cochlearis through release of glutamate.The loss of energy in transduction is partially re-gained by the size of membr. tympani compared to the size of foramen o ~~~

cocroach->cockroach? (omit) context: ~~~ it hunts its prey at night. It feeds mainly in crickets and cocroach
cocroach. ===== Enemies =====The bark scorpion is hunted by many species of reptiles, birds, and other invertebrates: like Snakes, spiders, wildboar, rodents an ~~~

coctail->cocktail? (omit) context: ~~~ First woman: I want to have a coctail
coctail party, buta real cocktail party, with all sorts of differentcocktails.Second woman: Yes. That would be an excellentidea--based on the nineteen twentie ~~~

cofacter->cofactor? (replace) context: ~~~ covalent bond with residues in the active site or with a cofacter
cofacter, which adds additional intermediate and reduce the energy of later transition.2. General Acid/Base Catalysis - Water often acts as a donor or acceptor ~~~

cofficients->coefficients? (omit) context: ~~~ together and eliminate that variable with opposite cofficients
cofficients. Example:8x + 7y = 35:6x + 5y = 27Put the three numbers in each equation into a list.:{8,7,35} STO> L1::::{8 7 35}:{6,5,27} STO> L2::::{6 5 27}35 ~~~

cofflin->coffling? (omit) context: ~~~ of additional amphipysins and dynamin. Lastly, the proteins cofflin
cofflin and coronin are employed to dissemble the actin filaments once the job of endocytosis is completed and the vesicle is well within the cell. The entire ~~~

cofiguration->configuration? (omit) context: ~~~ * stage -1 = initial cofiguration
cofiguration ( 3 inner circles )* stage 0 gives 2 new circles ( one outer and one most inner ). All circles = 5* stage 1 gives 6 new circles ( all circles = 11 ) * ~~~

cogens->cogons? (replace) context: ~~~ This applies to all human rights, which are jus cogens
cogens. <ref>Frédéric Mégret, ‘Nature of Obligations’ in Daniel Moeckli and others (eds), International Human Rights Law (Third edition, Oxford U ~~~

cognative->cognitive? (replace) context: ~~~ reference frames. A frame of reference is a complicated cognative
cognative structure. It is not possible to capture the whole frame. However, it is only necessary to capture that part of the frame that is necessary for buil ~~~

coherance->coherence? (replace) context: ~~~ will be a catalyst for increasing integration or coherance
coherance among their departments' offerings.==== Individual Faculty Contributors ====* Provides new vehicles for contribution to faculty members' disciplines - ~~~

coherant->coherent? (replace) context: ~~~ Fast fading occurs when coherant
coherant time of the channel is small relative to the delay constraint of the channel.Amplitude and phase changes imposed by the channel varies considerably ov ~~~

cohesins->cohesions? (omit) context: ~~~ compacted and segregated to daughter cells. Condensins and cohesins
cohesins are Structural Maintenance of Chromosome proteins that aid in the condensation of sister chromatids and the linkage of the centromere in sister chroma ~~~

cohesivenesss->cohesiveness? (double) context: ~~~ packed. Thus the shear strength contributed by the cohesivenesss
cohesivenesss of soil particles is very weak. The area also lacks vegetation, so no plant roots hold the soil particles together. The slope is therefore more prone ~~~

coint->ceint? (replace) context: ~~~ if the coint
coint is fair.|| So, <math>F(1)=1=2(0.5)=2F(0.5)</math>. (Value of <math>F(1)</math> is from first option)- <math>\lim_{x\to - ~~~

colchicus->colchicums? (omit) context: ~~~ 12. Common Pheasant Phasianus colchicus
colchicus Introduced species13. Blue Peafowl Pavo cristatus Introduced species==GALLIFORMES: Numididae==14. Helmeted Guineafowl Numida meleagris Introduced spec ~~~

colects->collects? (omit) context: ~~~ place where the sages gather. it is the place where link colects
colects his medallions after every temple. He also gets a medallion just for coming here. It was Said to be located in the sky or ether world.==Forest Temple= ~~~

colelcted->collected? (swap) context: ~~~ ===State that karyotyping is performed using cells colelcted
colelcted by chorionic villus sampling or amniocentesis, for pre-natal diagnosis of chromosome abnormalities.======Analyse a human karyotype to determine gender ~~~

colepterans->coleopterans? (omit) context: ~~~ The western three-toed skink eats arthropods: arachnids, colepterans
colepterans and hemipetrans. ~~~

colered->colored? (replace) context: ~~~ teresting colered
colered folderabout “Ever-Ready”Radio Batteries. It illus-trates ~~~

colessus->colossus? (replace) context: ~~~ - colessus
colessus + cholera- colitis{We can prevent waterborne diseases by|type="[]"}- washing our hands+ public health education- vaccinations- visits to the ~~~

colides->collides? (omit) context: ~~~ more you eat the longer will the snake grow. It the snake colides
colides in itself the game ends.===Controlls===You control the snake with the number buttons:<br>2: snake goes up<br>4: snake goes left<br>6 ~~~

colinic->cholinic? (omit) context: ~~~ can attract leukcytes. This provides an explanation for the colinic
colinic inflammation that CD patients experience, and also offers a possible means of alleviating the negative symptoms of CD in patients. In general, bacteri ~~~

collaboraters->collaborators? (replace) context: ~~~ run a free FTP server on your computer and ask your collaboraters
collaboraters to connect to your FTP server. There are free servers for both Windows and Linux. If you're running Linux then give [ pureFT ~~~