Final Fantasy VII/History and Contributors



The project to build the Wikibook to Final Fantasy VII started in August 18, 2005.

The first CD's walkthrough was mostly complete in December 8, 2005, and the second CD's walkthrough was mostly finished in December 29, 2005. Third CD's stuff was mostly finished in February 16, 2006.

Restored to Wikibooks 15 years later, on June 16th, 2021.



The following people have contributed things to the guide to any substantial amount:

  • Urpo Lankinen, aka wwwwolf: Originator, overall organizing, most of the meat of the walkthrough sections, and generally a lot of small tweaks.
  • Joey Roe, some story/character background/item/appendix sections, Battle Square, Training
  • BigCow, filled in some of the enemy skills, I'm playing through the game for the second time on the PC and will try to work on the walkthrough and other sections as they come up. Filled in the "events during the game" section as well, trying to explain the plot in a comprehensible manner.
  • Kestrel ( original text of the Ancient Forest.
  • Aassem, (contributions) ( for now, contributions) contributed the Motorcycle chase minigame original text, did some work on Wall Market walkthrough (notably the items and chices), and did some Wutai area, Northern Cave area training info on my IP (forgot to log in, darn)

And also a lot of other smaller contributors and other anonymous tweakers, but I think that's all of the people who have so far added much anything. A few anonymous tweakers might get recognition here, though: User: for doing Shin-Ra HQ warehouse floor and User: for Wutai Pagoda quest. However, if you plan to do any serious contributions to this guide, I really recommend to get an user account. It's easy.