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Thieves' Overview edit

Thieves are a very popular but expensive class. They have their likely-ness with bowmen and warriors. Though probably being the most expensive to handle, they are very good at 1HKO-ing enemies. They get quite a bit of mesos this way. These guys and gals are no joke, thief stats can be screwed up real easy.

There are 2 types of thieves - Assassins and Bandits. Assassins are quick ranged attackers. They are quite meso efficient and have good damage potential. Bandits are quick melee attackers and are quite powerful among the 2nd jobs. They aren't as meso efficient as Assassins and do not have the benefit of ranged attack but make up for it in greater raw power.

LUK Bandits and STR Bandits(dagger rogue) edit

Dark Lord, the thief master of Maple Story

LUK bandits have more LUK than STR bandits, because STR Bandits have to have several points into STR to equip their weapons. Since they have more LUK, LUK Bandits typically do more damage than STR Bandits, due to LUK having much more substantial effect in their damage equation. However, LUK daggers generally cost a bit more than STR Daggers.

The first few STR daggers have a speed of "faster" compared to most LUK dagger's speed of "fast." However this distinction is very minor as the only difference between "faster" and "fast" daggers is that without Dagger Booster,"faster" daggers perform normal swings faster. With Dagger Booster, there is no difference between a "fast" and "faster" dagger. They have the exact same speed properties for normal attacks and skills.

LUK daggers also seem to be far more common, and this greatly helps when it comes to that all important time of having to re-equip. STR daggers on the other hand; when it comes 70+; have a suddenly enormous shift in price and zoom right up along there with Fairfrozen and Kage. Overall most people say going the way of LUK is a more rewarding (if not harder in the early stages) path.

The Assassin(claw rogue) edit

Assassins are quick ranged attackers. They are widely regarded as one of the most powerful classes in the game.

One thing that should be noted about Assassins is that they can be expensive. Tremendous amounts of Mesos are required to maintain a strong Assassin. The price of stars, scrolls, claws, potions, as well as other random items and equipment can be daunting. Sins do not have the MP regeneration of a mage, and as such burn MP Potions constantly.

Assassins are a very common class on GMS, and prices for their equipment are inflated. Claws and Scrolls cost upwards of millions of mesos, and the highest attack stars, Ilbis, can sell for up to 30 million mesos. The price an Assassin pays to have decent equipment is basically offset by their large amounts of speed. With Haste maxed, an Assassin can travel across an entire map quite quickly, killing monsters along the way.

However, money concerns are not unique to Assassins. Archers depend primarily on Double Shot, which uses the same amount of MP as Lucky Seven. Magicians may pay even more for their equipment than Assassins, though Sins must cover the cost of stars. Furthermore, it could be argued that Bandits cost far more to maintain than Assassins. The Bandit skill Savage Blow costs 27 MP per cast opposed to Lucky Seven's 16 MP. Bandits also spend much, much more money on HP pots for two reasons: One, their melee attacking style naturally forces them to take more damage from monsters and two, they lack the Assassin skill Drain, which is a tremendous money saver.

Tip: To save money as an assassin, especially in the earlier levels, recharge your stars more often instead of buying new stacks. To do this, go to the pots shop and click on the use tab on your side of the window. Next to the stars there will be an orange button with 'Rech.' on it. Simply click this button and you will have a full stack of stars again. The price to recharge is right next to the price to sell them.

Getting Started edit

Getting a good thief starts from getting the correct stats. Thieves should start with as little INT as possible (4 or 5). LUK Thieves should aim for 4 STR as well. STR bandits, on the other hand, should aim for 4 INT.

Training Grounds for Pre-Bandit Rogues edit

  • Level 10-15: Oh wow, look at those slimes, they're so overjoyed, they're bouncing with happiness! Well, that can't be right, so let's terminate their happiness (and their lives) with your speedy knife of death, and the best place to do so is the Slime Tree (not tree dungeon). I don't suggest you to spam Double Stab here as it won't be necessary, unless you feel like throwing money into the wind or something.
  • Level 16-19: All you rich bandits can now unleash stabbity death upon pigs now, so go do so at Pig Beach. While their poorer brethrens can also train there, you won't make much profit, so stay at slimes. Mushroom Garden is also a very good training area.
  • Level 20-23: Now, all bandits, rich or poor, can enjoy the shower of sun rays (containing hazardous UV radiation) at Pig Beach. Double Stab spamming bandits will find their 1HKO rate much higher with a better weapon, and for you poorer bandits... if you just found that Dankke that you sold to an NPC for 50000 mesos, you can start doing stabbity death for a while too.
  • Level 24-29: At this point, all bandits should have maxed Double Stab. If your wallet is happy enough, go murder green mushrooms with Double Stab (and perhaps some follow up normal attacks), and pray to Maple God a pan lid drops. If your wallet is mad at you, either ignore it partially and go normal attack frenzy with Green Mushrooms, or treat it with a few days at Jr Sentinels (which drops 60-90 meso per kill!), which will surely make it happy.

Training Ground for Pre-Assassin Rogues(Claw-Using Rogue) edit

  • Level 10-13: Ok, you don't have your range yet. Too bad. Go to Henseys Hunting Ground and kill some snails for now. If you are feeling adventurous, go to the slime tree, and start de-sliming. Now that you have lucky seven, killing slimes are extremely easy, and you can outks even mages. Fear the power of assassins!
Another option for levels 10-14/16 is to kill orange mushrooms, they give more experience than slimes and can generally be killed in 3-4 hits. If you put your level 10 skill point on lucky 7, regular pigs can be killed using only 3 stars.
  • Level 14-16: Go up the levels of Henesys Hunting Grounds. HHG 3 is generally the best open empty spot.
  • Level 17-19: Pig Beach. Your level 10 lucky seven is enough to kill pigs in one hit and ribbon pigs in two, and while it's not extremely profitable, you won't lose money, and will gain some from the occasional drops. And yes, nobody can outks you, not even a mage.
The party quest is a great place to level as from levels 21-28/29. By doing this with either nice people or friends you can not only save money but also gain precious ores that you will need to make weapons later on. If not continue to follow the guide.
  • Level 20-24: If you're going for the poor build, continue at Pig Beach. Training is going to get slower now, but bear it for now. If you're maxing Lucky Seven early, then go ahead and kill Green Mushrooms, and hope for that ever-elusive pan lid drops.Also you can kill blue mushrooms they give 40 or more exps.
  • Level 25-30: Green Mushrooms, or Horned Mushrooms at ant Tunnel. The former is more profitable, the latter is quicker (although, you will lose money). You could also try Jr Sentinels, but... they're annoying.

Second Job edit

Go see Dark Lord in Kerning City at Level 30. He will say that you look much stronger and ready for 2nd job. He will ask you to go look for Thief Job Instructor. The Instructor will bring you to a secret area where you have to defeat monsters and collect 30 Dark Marbles. After that, talk to the Instructor again, and he will give you Proof of a Hero. Take the Proof of a Hero back to Dark Lord and he will ask you to choose between 2 jobs, Bandit or Assassin...

Bandits edit

Training Grounds edit

  • level 30-34: Ant Tunnel. One double stab should kill Horned Mushroom and sometimes Zombie Mushroom in one hit. Training will be a bit slow, but bear it for now.
  • Level 35-39: Land of Wild Boar I. By this point you should be able to semi-consistently 1HKO boars with a decent weapon. However, if you're going for SB first, you will have to wait until level 37, when you can 6 hit with SB. Another good alternative is doing Ludibrium Party Quest, but it may be a bit harder.
  • Level 40-42: You should start with Cave of Evil Eyes as both SB bandits and Mastery bandits should be able to off Evil Eye in 1 hit semi-consistently.
  • Level 43-45: Fire Boars/Leatties/Jr Cats (Jrs Grupin, Lioner, and Cellion)/Dark Leatties. All of them share about the same HP, and you should be able to 1HKO them most of the time.
  • Level 46-49: Star Pixie and Lunar Pixie. They're easy enough to kill (1-2HKO star, 3HKO lunar), and they give very good drops. Your very powrful attack speed should be able to kill them before they attack you. Jr Pepes are not a bad idea as well, same with Monkey Forest I.
  • Level 50-54: At this point, Jr Yeti should be fair games, and you will make quite a profit. Drake's Meal Table is also a fine choice, although you probably won't net a lot of profits. Another alternative is Luster Pixies: you will find a lot of Dark Crystal ores and Gold ores there, although the drops aren't stellar.
  • Level 55+: Zombies are THE best levelling spot. Go slaughter them left to right, then back to left again. Alternatives include Drake's Meal Table, Cargo's Area, and the Crown Flyer.

Assassins edit

Training Grounds edit

  • Level 30-34: Ant Tunnel. With Meba+7 and warrior potions, you should be able to 1HKO Zombie Mushroom semi-consistently.
  • Level 35-40: Land of Wild Boar I. You should still keep that Meba (which, combined with Booster, will make you shoot at an unholy rate), and you will be able to 1HKO boars at least 90% of the time with a decent star.
  • Level 40-42: Cave of Evil Eye. At this point Boars will probably become too slow and you won't be able to 1HKO Fire Boars consistently yet, so stick with Evil Eyes for a bit.
  • Level 43-49: Your options are open. Dark Leatties, Leatties, Jr Kitties, Fire Boars, Jr Wraiths, Monkey Forest I, and eventually Cloud Park IV are all decent choices. Copper Drakes, if you can consistently 2-hit KO them, are decent as well. A new alternative is the new Ludi PQ that like the kerning PQ gives good prizes and can be less boring than normal training. Try not to get bored, as a character tends to do so in their high 40s. (addon) Consider killing the new chronos family of monsters as they can drop tobis, kumbis and the platoon ones drop glove atk scrolls 60%.
  • Level 50-54: You should stick with Monkey Forest I or Cloud Park IV, maybe go borebreaking in Cloud Park VI once in a while. You probably still can't 3HKO zombies consistently, but if you can, by all means start massacring zombies, and killing them (again and again and again and again, for they come back after you kill them. Creepy.) You can also kill Stone Golems or if you're daring, Dark Stone Golems.
  • Level 55-70: Zombies, Zombies, Zombies. At level 60 you can try Drake's Meal Table or Cargo's Area, at level 70 you can try Sanc 2, but Zombies remain the best levelling spot for you. You can also try a variety of places including Hectors, Jr Yeti, Grupins, Cold Field (Level 60), Icy Valley I (Level 60), Crown Flyer (Level 60), Golems (both types), Luster Pixies.

General Equipment and items edit

  • level 1-10: Stick with your newbie clothing. Don't buy anything that will be of no use. Don't even touch potions because you are still a beginner and you will not lose exp even if you die. Keep your sword/axe/club until you do Bigg's quest (the guy at a high platform at southperry.)
  • level 11-20: This is tricky. Stick around with blue and red pots. you might now need to use orange pots, but red pots save you mesos. What I did when I was in these levels was bought a sporty shirt and cloth pants, a red headband, and sandals. I did this to save a huge amount of mesos. I suggest doing this too. People I know say it saves you around 20k - 30k. Get the garnier and titans (if you have the materials for titans, otherwise, just wait for the meba) for these levels. Don't use the lvl 20 claw unless you have the mesos. stick with subi and maybe buy a set of wolbi for now.
  • level 20-25: Short and sweet. Now this is up to you if you want to by this set of armour. level 30 isn't too far away. Get a +7 Meba. This may be really hard as they cost 300,000 mesos and higher (550,000 if you make it yourself). Buy another couple set of wolbis, remember mass number of stars > better stars. Stay with numerous amounts of blue pots, and white pots.
  • level 30: Now you're an official assasain. congrats! start buying mana elixers as a replacement of blue pots (don't use pure water, until your maxMP is above 1000). Use them when needed. stick with white pots for now. Train, and get mesos. Buy around 2 sets of mokbi, and maybe a set of wooden tops. Sell those subis, which you probably never used, but keep the wolbis. arrange your stars so they go strongest to weakest. This is Mokbi, wooden tops, wolbi. If you want to get high power, by a set of kumbi, or icicles. Your choice. Make sure to buy this set of armour for sure. Now you actually look like a should probably keep your brown bamboo hat. Up to you. Maybe dress up all funky? No. Keep the Meba until around level 40. Now you should have lvl 30 armour. +7 Meba, white pots and mana elixers, At least 1 set of Kumbi, 2 or more sets of mokbi, a set of wood tops, 3 sets of wolbis, and maybe icicles or kumbi.Please try hard to get Kumbi. If you are finding trouble with your amount of stars, Buy more sets of wood tops and mokbi. Repeat if this continues, but make sure to charge up your stars when they run out frequently. Make sure by lvl 40 you have mokbis, or icicles, or kumbis.Remember, Kumbis are a must have by this level. You will not be able to go on fighting if you don't have them. Well, most assassins i know use kumbi, so stick with it. For now, you are my version of a good assassin.
  • level 30-35: After some time of training, you should have quite the amount of mesos. get alot of mana elixers and white pots. Buy the knucklevest set. Now that you probably know alot about the stuff you need, get the stars you wish. Make sure to keep the strength arrangement as i told you before. Get any hat as you wish, consider the burgler because this will take sometime to level. Play your cards right, Don't waste mesos. You'll be needing more mesos to spend later. Try to keep up to around 500,000 mesos or higher. If you have the money, buy +7 guards, they will help you out.
  • level 36-40: You should definately buy the avarice at this stage, and you may be able to afford some tobis. You may even want to keep the bamboo hat, as +3 luk or dexterity does wonders. If your character is funded, go wild with better stars, scrolled equipment, and tons of potions. If not, continue to buy more kumbis.

The order that stars should be in your inventory is strongest to weakest, and here are all of the stars in that order: Ilbi and Hwabi(not out in Global MapleStory), Steely, Tobi, Icy, Kumbi, Tops, Mokbi, Wolbi, Subi. Ilbi and Hwabi have the same attack power and capacity, but Ilbi are far more common.