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In the Maple World, there are many different towns and locations for players to visit. Each has its own unique design or theme.

There are several continents which play host to the cities of MapleStory. These continents are:

  • Maple Island
  • Victoria Island
  • Ossyria
  • Jipang (exclusive to JapanMS)
  • Dong Fang Shen Zhou(exclusive to ChinaMS)
  • Formosa(exclusive to TaiwanMS)

Maple Island edit

Maple Island has three towns:

  • Mushroom Town: This is where a new player learns the basics of the game. This town has quests that require the player to perform simple tasks such as talking to an NPC and learning the basics of attacking and jumping.
  • Amherst: This is another small town with an armory and potion shop. One will meet more NPCs, as well as have access to new quests.
  • Southperry: This is a port town where there are more NPCs and quests. Also located here is the ship that takes Beginners to Victoria Island for a 150 Meso fee. Note that it is impossible to return to Maple Island once on Victoria Island.

Victoria Island edit

Victoria Island has five towns and a subcontinent:

  • Lith Harbor: This is the town one arrives at from Southperry. It is another port town with better shops, many quests, and access to Florina Beach. This town also contains a VIP Taxi that transports a player to the Ant Tunnel Park, deep within Sleepywood.
  • Florina Beach: A beach isle located just off the shore of Victoria Island. Florina Beach is home to creatures such as Lorangs, Clangs, Lupins, and Umtis. Florina is rich in coconuts, which sell for lots of mesos to NPCs. This place can be accessed by 3 towns-lith harbor, orbis and ludibrium
  • Henesys: The Bowman town, located on the plains of Victoria Island. One will find Bowman-related items here and the Bowman job advancement instructor, Athena Pierce. Located in Pig Park is Mushmom, a boss monster. This town has access to the Free Market.
  • Pig Park: A park filled with pigs covered in iron armor. Possibly the guardians of something, but other than that, no one knows why they are there.
  • Ellinia: The Magician town, located in a tall forest. One will find Grendel the Really Old, the Magician job advancement instructor, and many Magician-related items. The MP potions sold here are slightly cheaper than at other locations on Victoria. Ellinia has a sky dock, where the ship headed for Ossyria every 15 minutes is located. This town also contains a VIP Taxi that brings one to an area within Sleepywood's dungeon. There is no Free Market access from Ellinia.

NOTE: "SIXTOPIA" sign at the sky dock is "VICTORIA" in Cyrillic, Greek alphabet

  • Perion: The Warrior town, located among the crags. You can meet the Warrior job instructor, Dances with Balrog here. The shops specialize in warrior equipment. Drakes, Boars and Stumps of all types are abundant around Perion. Perion used to be the major hub for player-based trading, but with the advent of the Free Market, this is no longer the case. This town has Free Market access.
  • Sharenian: -
  • Kerning City: The Thief town, an urban city. One will find the Dark Lord, the Thief job advancement instructor. The shops specialize in thief-related items. The popular party quest on Victoria Island can be done here. Kerning City is also connected to the Swamps of Despair and Sleepywood via the sewers. There is no Free Market access.
  • Swamps of Despair: Swamps, home to dangerous Crokos, Ligators and a rich variety of flora & fauna.
  • Sleepywood: This town lies in the middle of Victoria Island. It is accessible through every town except Lith Harbor and Ellinia. It offers a Sauna where weary travellers can rest for a fee. Comparitively tough monsters reside in its dungeons, and one should be fairly high-leveled to fully explore it. A Cursed Sanctuary is located in the deeper parts of the dungeon. Monsters such as Tauromacis and Cold Eyes inhabit the outer regions of the Sanctuary, while a huge winged creature known as the Jr. Balrog roams the inner Sanctuary. One can also buy many various items in Sleepywood. There is no Free Market access.
  • Cursed Sanctuary: A long, long abandoned sanctuary. Unholy monsters have taken up residence.
  • Peach Blossom Island: A mysterious place with misty mountains and peach blossoms. Couples can get married here. This is currently available in ChinaMS, MapleSEA, and TaiwanMS.
  • Happyville: A Christmas town located near Ellinia where a player goes for a Merry Christmas. You can decorate trees with your friends here. December only

Ossyria edit

It is not recommended that you go to Ossyria until you are at least level 30. Monsters there are quite tough for a lower-leveled character. Many low-level characters pay the expensive fare only to be stuck at Ossyria with no way back (since the monsters are difficult to defeat in perspective).

Ossyria is accessible through the sky dock in Ellinia. The ship at both Ellinia and Ossyria's sky dock leaves every 15 minutes. Boarding starts five minutes and ends one minute before departure, so don't be late! Also Note the Price is 5000 Mesos for those above level 30, but the fares vary from version to version.. WARNING: Stay in the cabin if you are around LV30-60, a Crimson Balrog Ship may appear.

The ride from Orbis to Ellinia

Ossyria currently has 3 towns and 3 subcontinents with towns:

  • Orbis: A cloud city. This is the first town accessible through Ellinia's sky dock. You can find higher level equipment and items here. Guilds can also be formed at the Guild Headquarters located in this town. The middle right portal leads to the clouds, where pixies and a race of magical cats reside. The bottom right corner of the town gives access to Orbis Tower, a 20 story tower which must be descended in order to reach El Nath. Orbis has no Free Market Access.
  • Orbis Tower: A very tall tower, although not to the extreme of Eos Towers. Its foundations extend into the watery depths of Ossyria. The first few floors are covered in snow blown in by the frigid winds of El Nath. The basement floors are waterlogged due to a break in the wall caused by unknown factors.
The hole in Orbis Tower
  • El Nath: A snow covered town located in a deep valley. The cold is so intense in its outskirts that you will lose HP at a constant rate of 10 per 5 seconds. This inconvenience can be avoided temporarily by consuming a Red Bean soup, sold in the El Nath potion shop. You can find high leveled equipment here as well, but the prices are much higher compared to that of other towns. Players can wander the snow fields and scale the valley, meeting intimidating creatures such as werewolves and yetis. A dark forest sits at the top where undead zombies roam about. The entrance to the mines can be found here. By going deeper through the mines, one can find themselves in the presence of Bains and Cerebes; inhabitants of the fiery caverns deep under the land. Zakum, one of the strongest bosses in Maplestory, awaits travellers at the end. El Nath has Free Market Access.
  • Snow Fields: White fields with the occasional fir trees. Hectors(a type of wolf), Jr.Yetis and adult Pepes abound here. Beware, as some Jr.Yetis have matured enough to transform into full-grown Yetis when defeated.
  • Ice Valley: A valley connected, made easier to scale by ropes and suspension bridges. Deeper in, a wanderer may find himself in werewolf territories, a place where rookies shouldn't be.
  • Forest: A forest of the (un)dead.
  • Mines: Humans have once worked here, mining valuable ores and crystals. Now all that is left are Flyeyes and reanimated corpses of unfortunate miners.
  • Caves of Trial: Its considerably powerful inhabitants and fiendish puzzles are trials which one must pass to confront Zakum.

  • Aquarium: A city located in the depths of the ocean. Accessible through Orbis Tower's Basement. HP will be lost at a constant rate under the ocean unless an oxygen tank is equipped. There are caves leading to Aquarium's murky depths where bone fish and sharks reside. It is also the home of the Doomflounder/Pianus. Weaker creatures reside in the sunny and colorful upper layer of the ocean. Aquarium has free market access.

Note Ludibrium, Omega Sector, Fairy Tale Village and Riprey are part of Ossyria as subcontinents.

The ride from Ludibrium to Orbis
  • Ludibrium: A town made of toys and blocks. It is popularly referred to as "Lego Land". You can access Ludibrium from Orbis via a flying toy train. The train departs every 10 minutes. You can buy HP/MP potions at a reduced price, or pills (Example) at normal potion price here. A toy factory clock tower sits in the middle of the town. Monsters such as the aggressive Thanatos and Gatekeeper reside in the deeper parts of the clock tower. There are also two towers on each side: Eos Tower with 101 floors and Helios Tower with 100 floors. A party quest can be done in the Eos Tower, leading to a huge boss named Alishar. Ludibrium village sits next to the Eos Tower.

Ludi images currently posted are grainy because of my low quality setting required not to lag. Please post more pictures.

  • Omega Sector: Part of Ludibrium. Located beyond first floor of the Eos Tower. This place has two types of Aliens; alien versions of the octopi found around kerning city and sleepywood, and the grays, typical gray colored big headed aliens. The NPCs of this region go along with the theme of military, the Men In Black, and "the mesorangers". Although the area itself is quite small (having only about 11 or so outside town maps), the monsters are found in abundance and the NPCs offer many quests, that also lead to sub quests.
  • Fairy Tale Village / Downtown: An ancient town based on Korea where fairy tales come alive. Located and gotten there by the use of a book portal in the Helios Tower Library and at the east end of Aqua Road also via a book portal. This is currently available in the KoreanMS, ChinaMS, TaiwanMS and JapaneseMS.
The ride traveling between Orbis and Riprey
  • Riprey: A village that has an egg theme where the fourth job advancement is located. Just outside the village are strong monsters that are level 70 and above, including two level 105 bosses: a dragon and a griffin.

Dong Fang Shen Zhou(China Exclusive) edit

  • Shanghai City

A map with NPC locations where a man with a plane travel between Perion and Shanghai City with animal look base monsters.

  • Yu Yuan Garden

A map located at Shanghai City. In it, it has a Hair, a Skin care, and a Face shop. It also has the three dragon-door(red,blue and yellow) but it has not released any maps or monsters yet. Yu Yuan Garden is for shopping only.

  • Dragon Arena

The arena is now a test in the CMS GMserver and will be released in the upcoming version.

Formosa(Taiwan Exclusive) edit

  • Xi Men Ding: Based on the Taiwanese city where many teens hang out with much shops and night life. Stray dogs and monkeys roam the streets in this town.

It is a place of wonder to be call Hollywood of Taiwan.

  • Night City

Night City will be release in 23/8 TaMS update!It is a beautiful town that all time in night.All monster base on Taiwan local food and culture. EDIT: Has been released Oden King is also released in Night City.

Jipang(Japan Exclusive) edit

  • Mushroom Village: An peaceful old style town based on Japan where the town fills with food and Mushroom Shrine is filled with people when New Year comes.
  • Shouwa Town: Modern town based on Japan where gangs rule the streets from a dangerous gang mansion. Mushroom Village and Shouwa are currently available in the Japanese version of Maple Story.

Coca-Cola World edit

  • Coca-Cola Town: A cash shop event arctic village with a Cola-Coca theme and monsters also with Cola-Coca theme, like coke, coke snail and other weird creatures!

Free Market edit

The Free Market is a place set aside for people who wish to sell their items by setting up a shop. They can either use the regular 'Buying item' or they can set up their own miniature shop where a maximum of 3 people are allowed in at once. In order do the latter, players will have to purchase a special permit available only through the Cash Shop. Even while on another island, such as Ossyria, one may still make contact with people in Victoria Island through the Free Market. One can communicate and trade with someone entering the Free Market from any town. However, one cannot use the free market to travel between towns.

Free Market entrances

  • Henesys
  • Perion
  • Orbis (KoreaMS)
  • El Nath
  • Riprey (KoreaMS)
  • Aquarium
  • Ludibrium
  • Omega Sector
  • Shouwa Town (JapanMS Exclusive)

Transportations edit

Transportation is important in the world of Maple Story to travel across continents and subcontinents.

Cab/Taxi The main transportation in Victora Island to travel between towns beside Sleepywood also there a VIP taxi in Lith harbor and Ellinia where take player to the Ant Tunnel Park.

Special Transportations

  • JapanMS exclusive "bird taxi" on top of Kerning City where it take the player to Jipang.
  • ChinaMS exclusive "plane" on top of Perion where it take the player to Dong Fang Shen Zhou.
  • TaiwanMS exclusive "subway" on bottom of Kerning City where it take the player to Formosa.
  • Teleport Rocks from the Cash Shop allow one to travel to the same map as another player, or a map that the player can store by 'using' the rock. The rock is not used up when storing a map name. Cannot cross continents.
  • Teleport Rock VIP from the Cash Shop has the same functions as the 'Teleport Rock' but an extra useful feature is that it can cross continents, making them useful if you're short on time to get to a place you need to get to.

Cross Continent Transportations

  • Maple Island Ship an ship in Southperry head to Lith harbor in a one-way direction ship.
  • Florina Island Boat a boat in Lith Harbor, Orbis, and Ludibrium head to Florina Island travel back to Lith Harbor, Orbis, and Ludibrium.
  • Victora Island-Ossyria Ship travel between Ellinia and Orbis the ship departs every 15 minutes in both side and take 10 minutes to travel.
  • Ossyria: Orbis-Ludibrium Train travel between Orbis and Ludibrium the train departs every 10 minutes in both direction and take 5 minutes to travel.
  • Ossyria: Orbis-Riprey Blue Bird travel between Orbis and Leaf Village the bird departs every 10 minutes in both direction and take 5 minutes to travel.
  • Victoria Island-Riprey Portal a portal that transports adventurers from Ellinia to Riprey and back at the cost of a magic seed.
  • Ludibrium Elevator between 99th floor of Helios Tower and 2nd floor of Helios Tower the elvevator departs every 5 minutes in both direction and takes 2 minutes to travel.

Scroll and Capsule

  • Return Scroll - Nearest Town: Returns you to the nearest town.
  • Return Scroll for Dead Mine: Returns you to the dead mine at the higher ground of El Nath.
  • Return Scroll to Ellinia: Returns you to Ellinia.
  • Return Scroll to Henesys: Returns you to Henesys.
  • Return Scroll to Kerning City: Returns you to the dark Kerning City.
  • Return Scroll to Lith Harbor: Returns you to Lith Harbor.
  • Return Scroll to Perion: Returns you to Perion.
  • Return Scroll to Sleepywood: Returns you to Sleepywood, a quiet and dark forest-town.
  • Command Center Warp Capsule: A warp capsule that allows the owner of the capsule to warp to the Command Center of Omega Sector.
  • Ludibrium Warp Capsule: A warp capsule that returns you to Ludibrium.
  • Eos Rock Scroll: You can transport to the other Eos Rocks by activating them using this scroll.
  • Orbis Rock Scroll: Use it at the magic rock on either the 1st or the 20th floor of Orbis Tower to teleport to one another.
  • Strawberry Milk: Returns you to Jipang. (JapanMS exclusive)
  • Mixed Juice: Returns you to Yakuza. (JapanMS exclusive)
  • Coffee Milk: Returns you to Shouwa Town. (JapanMS exclusive)