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Introduction edit

Warriors are the strongest melee characters in MapleStory in terms of raw damage. Warriors also have the largest amount of HP out of all the classes, as well as the highest defense. There are three main types of Warriors: Fighters, Pages, and Spearmen; each having their own pros and cons.


  • Warriors are the strongest melee attackers in the game in terms of raw damage.
  • Warriors have a huge amount of HP; up to twice as much as the other classes, and Spearmen even more so with their skill "Hyper Body".
  • Warriors have the strongest armours in the game in terms of defense. For example, the level 60 Warrior helm has twice as much defence as the level 60 Magician helm. Fighters and Pages also receive the skill "Power Guard", which nullfies 40% of the damage they receive and reflects it back to the enemy.
  • Because of their high damage, HP, and DEF, Warriors can hunt some higher level monsters more easily.
  • Warriors are able to "tank" most monsters.


  • Other classes such as Bowmen and Assassins attack long-ranged, meaning that they would be able to kill monsters more quickly than Warriors. This can also lead to Warriors being KSed often. To make matters worse, Warriors are also the slowest class in the game in terms of speed.
  • Despite their high HP and defense, accuracy remains the downfall of every Warrior. However, Warriors often compensate through the use of "Sniper Potions/Pills" and equipment scrolled with DEX-scrolls.
  • Because Warriors have to get up close to the monsters to kill them, they usually end up being hit more often. Therefore, they spend more Mesos on potions.
  • Warriors can wear equipment such as the Jousting Helm that hides the entire head. Even though these helms are high in defense, any NX Cash that was spent to improve facial appearances are sacrificed to some degree unless more NX Cash is used to cloak the helm.
  • Because Warriors are melee characters and get hit often, low-leveled Warriors spend a lot on HP potions. However, they make up for it later in the game as their defence grows.

User Opinions (The following are opinions submitted by various players and do not reflect a neutral point of view. They are kept as they add to the information given.)

I'd have to disagree with this one. Sins have to spend money on stars and MP potions as Lucky7s is their only way to really keep up with everyone in terms of damage. Additionally, Mages have to buy MP potions and Archers need arrows, MP potions, and HP potions. Warriors have the cheapest attacks in the game and best armor, so they don't need as many HP potions. --Dragontamer
Just to add, IMO the skill "Recovering HP increase" makes my warrior pretty cheap, as it means i hardly ever use Potions. - Morris
I should add that Recovering HP increase is a good skill, but the other warrior skills are MUCH better than it; all warriors will use Power Strike and Slash Blast till 2rd job, and Crusaders and White Knights will use them till 3th job. Because of this, there usually isn't enough points to max out Recovreing HP increase. --Dragontamer 19:41, 23 December 2005 (UTC)
~Just like to add that warrior is the cheapest job from level 10 to 30 IF you do NOT use blue pots, keep your armour at its best and most importantly STAY at what's the biggest thing you can fight that only does 1 HP damage. It sounds bad, but compared to getting a mage through the first few levels... or a thief of bowman... on these levels the meso and drops you get are FAR TOO LOW to keep thieves and bowmen funded properly. If you use L7, or Double Shot etc... you will likely go broke before level 30 and you really need the funding to reach the 1 hit killing boars stage where things get easier.
Oh, and yeah the whole HP regen skill isn't that useful. Most of the time you won't stay still. I'm maxing it tho purely for hate of Final Attack and because it will help with my lagging and in places like El Nath where the cold constantly hurts you, such that I can go afk on any ropes etc and heal 60 HP every 10 seconds, 360 a minute, and by all rights if you can stand to wait a few minutes yeah it can heal you totally pretty fast.
I still wouldn't reccomend it tho. ~Marl

Starting off edit

So you want to be a Warrior? You'll have to start at the beginning like everyone else. On the character creation screen, roll the dice until you get 4 in INT and 4 in LUK, which are the "perfect" stats. However, if you do not want to wait until a 4/4, consider stopping at 4 INT and 5 LUK or vice versa. If you want to create the perfect Warrior, stop rolling when you receive a 12 or more in STR, 4 in INT, and 4 in LUK. However, this is not recommended unless you have another character which can provide substantial financial support to your Warrior.

Choose your character's name and appearance. Your clothing will not matter much as you will have the opportunity to change it at level 10.

Enter the game, complete the tutorial, and voila! You can now fight with Snails and other monsters. Keep training until around level 10, then head to Southperry and head off to Victoria Island to finally become a Warrior!

First job advancement edit

Woohoo! You've finally made it to level 10! Okay, so rush your way off to the town of Southperry, and talk to the man "Shanks" and pay the 150 mesos fee straight to Victoria Island, once you get there, jump off the ship and go to the left of Lith Harbor to see a NPC (Non-playable character) named Phil, talk to him and he will let you go to one of the towns in Victoria Island, with a fee, of course, but Beginners get 90% off (Yay for you!) so rush yourself to Perion and run all the way up to the top of Perion, till you've got to "Dances with Balrog" and he'll turn you into a Warrior.

Here is an example of perfect stats for a Warrior, unless you're going pure STR.

First job training areas edit

  • Level 10-16: Slimes and Orange Mushrooms are your best bets right now. Go to the town of Ellinia, and go north two rooms to "The Tree That Grew 1." There are lots of slimes there that give 10 experience per kill. You could also ask someone to show you where it is, if you are lost. You may also want to go to the "Henesys Hunting Ground 1," which is the first room to the left of Henesys and kill Orange Mushrooms, which give 15 experience per shroom.
  • Level 17-19: Now is where it begins to become a challenge to level up. You could kill Orange Mushrooms at the Henesys Hunting Ground 1, or if you believe that you are strong enough, you could kill Pigs (15 experience per kill) or Ribbon Pigs (20 experience per kill). They can be found about one or two rooms left of the Henesys Hunting Ground 1. If you plan to kill Pigs over Orange Mushrooms, I suggest you have some backup money to pay for potions. Another great training area is the Rain Forest East of Henesys. There are many pigs and ribbon pigs there.... almost like pig beach.
  • Level 20-24: Congratulate yourself for getting to level 20! Now you can buy weapons and armor that you couldn't purchase before, and kill Pigs with insane ease. Now you are in for one heck of a challenge. Go to Pig Beach. If you don't know where to find Pig Beach, then follow these simple instructions.

1. Go to the "3-Way Split" between Lith Harbor, Kerning City, and Henesys.

2. If you came from the left side of the screen, go towards the middle then up one level to a large yellow flower patch.

3. There is a hidden teleporter here, towards the middle of the patch, but a little to the right. Check to see if a teleporter is there by pressing the "up" button on every small step.

Once you get teleported, you are now at Pig Beach, a place where many Pigs, and Ribbon Pigs spawn about every 15 seconds. NOTE! Bring plenty of potions with you here, for you will get insanely hurt by the constant stampede of Pigs. If you are very unlucky, you will come upon an Iron Pig here (Pig in armor). Try not to attack him. If you do though, he will follow you alot and hurt you for about 30-60 damage. Also, at your level, you will also miss a lot more than usual on iron hogs, therefore not knocking it back and not delaying it from getting it to you.

  • Level 25-29: Now is the time to go to Ellinia Dungeon Stalks in the rooms near Ellinia. Here you will find Green Mushrooms and Horny Mushrooms which give about 26-32 experience, which is just what we are looking for. Again, bring many potions, as you will be spending much time here.

If you feel like burning money, go to Fish Resting Spot. Lots of Cicles and Cicos there so you can Slash Blast to your heart's delight, but even with good manuvers you'll be losing some money. If you get bored of training, you can always to Party Quests in Kerning City.

Second job advancement edit

Once you've hit level 30, congratulations! After many levels of being KSed by almost every other class and levelling at a very slow pace, you will finally receive a well deserved power boost so you can stand on your own. Your average damage will stabilize at a much higher level, and your HP and defense will let you stand out among all the classes. There are three paths that lie ahead, all leading to their own brilliant glory. However, There's still the second job advance test, an obstacle that must be passed to unlock your true power. You need to prepare for this next step and take the challenge head on.

To reach your test area, you first need to talk to Dances with Balrog, then head west from Perion two screens (where the music changes), then keep heading up until you see a guy standing. Talk to the guy, and he will transport you to your testing area. At the test area, you will be fighting Fire Boars and Lupins. They are different from the everyday Fire Boars and Lupins you will see in Perion and Ellinia. No sir, they're evil, pure evil, all the way to their burning flesh/banana filled stomach (yuck!), and they actually have less HP than their normal counterparts. You will need 43 accuracy to hit them 100% of the time, so if your accuracy is lower, Sniper Pots might do you some good. The lupins are really difficult to bring down (WARNING!!! Do NOT use Slash Blast on Lupin; being swarmed with unavoidable attacks that do up to 10% of your max HP is the LEAST thing you would want), so you might want to stick with Fire Boars only. In any case, it shouldn't be long before they bite the dust and either drop their evil, sinister mind, in the form of a marble, or just disappear completely into Purgatory. Once you've found your 30 Marbles, talk to the guy inside the test area and he will let you out with Proof of Hero. Now, bring your proof (I thought the proof of courage is supposed to be a tail...), Talk to Bahamut... eh, Dances with Balrog, and you will be able to make your decision to be either a Fighter, a Page, or a Spearman. If you're unsure which path to choose (as most people who are indecisive), don't fret. I will list out their advantages and disadvantages below.

Before level 50, Fighters and Pages are basically the same thing with tiny differences. Spearman, however, suffers from unstability of damage and slow attacking speed, so the other two classes come slightly ahead.

At level 50-70, Fighters gain Rage and become the most damaging class of all Maple Story (I'm talking about average damage: nobody can top Archer in maximum damage, except perhaps a super-duper-powered-up assassin), and Spearman catch up with the ability to use Hyper Body and the fact their damage edge is becoming more significant. Pages, however, suffer from the mediocrity of Threaten, and become the weakest link of the Warrior family.

At level 70+, you will receive your 3rd job advance. Dragon Knights become MUCH faster with Spear Crusher, and though they do not do massive damage in a single hit you do lower damage spread out over ALOT of hits, Crusaders will be known for doing MASSIVE damage from here on, once you've leveled up Combo and preferrably Panic over Coma, you will pwn everyone I know many disagree but listen to my explanation; Crusaders as they use mainly swords(axes on fewer occasions but they do fine if you use axe booster) which are faster then blunt weapons(which are the better choice for White Knights) and spears and polearms, all of these weapons are slower then swords making for faster kills, and swords have the most reliable damage of I think any weapon in the game. This makes most Crusaders both faster AND stronger then other classes. Now pages,(finally) though they are not known for massive damage they have one thing that would make any Crusader or Spearman ALOT stronger...elements. Pages have the ability to attack with Fire, Ice, and Lightning. This means that if they find themselves in a situation where a they are surrounded by monsters weak to fire they can whip out their fire attacks, if the situation changes to ice-weak monsters they can quickly adapt to the change. Plus, ice charge freezes the enemy for a second or two. They also have Magic Crash which will allow them cancel out Magic Defense.

So basically: If you're a guy who loves seeing big damage(REALLY big damage), and kill a high level monster such as Lycanthrope in one hit, go for Fighter. If you're a guy who wants to kill a large number of enemies in half the amount of attacks that it would take to solo them, go for Spearman. If you're a guy who likes to be cool and use elemental attacks, go for Page (which, as I always iterates and then reiterates, is the only subclass of warrior that keeps any vestiges of coolness with them). As for me? My main character isn't a warrior, but I do have one that I plan to become a Page (Like I said, page is the only subclass of warrior that keeps any vestiges of coolness with them - no offence to fighters and spearmen).

Seeing that the 2nd jobs for warrior are so similar, there's really no need to divide into three sections. The unique thing about warrior is that, while most other 2nd jobs must choose one specific weapon, each separation of the warrior guild can choose between two weapons to use:

  • Fighters can choose to use either sword or axe;
  • Pages can choose to use either sword or mace/blunt weapon;
  • Spearmen can choose to use either spear or polearm.

With the exception of Spearmen, it's strongly recommended that you stick with one weapon. Spearmen can choose to either stick with one weapon or go hybrid, meaning to master both weapons.

Second job training areas edit

  • Level 30-34: Stick to Ant Tunnel. PS everything exactly once, then finish them off with normal attacks if they aren't dead already. Training is actually quite slow and can be unprofitable, but you should bear it for now. Jr Sentinels works well as an alternative, but it's pretty slow training.
  • Level 35-39: Go to Land of Wild Boar II and start mass killing boars. They don't do much damage, and they have drops that are worth quite a bit to the NPCs. Alternatives include Evil Eye Cave, which is fast but burns money a bit, and Jr Sentinels, which earns money quite fast but is unbearably slow on training. Teddies and Pink teddies are also worth a try, generally because there is lots of space, along with good experience and money.
  • Level 40-44: Go to Evil Eye Cave. There are a LOT of evil eyes there, and the map is quite small. Furthermore, you don't have mages bothering you there, and while you will meet the occasional assassin the terrain's terrible for them. You won't earn a lot of money but hey, at least you're training. Alternatives: Fire Boars (bad experience, good money) and Leatties.
  • Level 45-49: Go to Dangerous Valley and train on Fire Boars and Copper Drakes for a while. The bottom part and the middle part are generally very good since there are a lot of spawns, but try to go to a map with two people already there (you'll be the third person) so you don't have to run around to kill things. You can also try Dark Leatties or Jr Kitties, but the former isn't really good for money and the latter is rather slow, and you'll get KSed a lot.
  • Level 50-54: You can either go to Cloud Park IV or Jr Yetis. Jr Yetis are considered a bit better because there are a LOT of them over there, so you can slash blast to your heart's delight. Cloud Park IV is more focused on single attack, but Lunar and Star Pixies are not hard to kill and have decent drops. Fighting Platoon Chronos in Lost Time <1> or The Road of Time <1> is also a possibility.
  • Level 55-59: Jr Yetis, Cloud Park VI, or Drake's Meal Table. Jr Yeti is still quite nice for money, Cloud Park VI is decent experience and decent profit, while Drake's Meal Table is just plain awesome experience.
  • Level 60-69: Remember Drake's Meal Table? If you have Power Guard, it now switches from awesome experience and little profit to decent experience and HECK OF A LOT OF profit. Hectors are another good choice for decent experience and decent profit (and works well for Spearman as well, unlike DMT). Zombies are generally good experience, but... trying to find an empty map is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, and trying to keep rude assassins from KSing you is like trying to keep a mad dog from trying to bite you. White Pang also works, but I wouldn't recommend it. A great place to also go around at 65+ is the Sanctuary Entrance II, with floods of Cold Eyes and Tauromacis, ready to be defeated. Very good drops there.

Information on DEX edit

A big controversy in warrior build is the DEX Cap. Reason? While DEX helps out on damage, it doesn't help out a whole lot. The whole point of DEX is your accuracy, because well, I'd rather do 2000 damage to a monster every time than do 3000 damage to a monster half the time while seeing a big fat MISS the other half of the time, wouldn't you? However, you will also want to keep your damage as high as possible. Therefore, it is an art to keep the DEX you have just as much as you need, so you'll have no problem hitting everything while doing as high damage as possible under that condition.

First of all, the whole point of DEX is to increase your accuracy - an individual stat is dependent on not only DEX but other issues. So, I will list out what you can do to affect accuracy:

  • Adding points into DEX (Very obvious)
  • Adding points into LUK (Not recommended. You need accuracy more than avoidability, and LUK adds avoidability more than accuracy)
  • Mastery skill (provides a +20 accuracy at max. It's a passive skill, so don't worry much about it)
  • Scrolling shoes for DEX (Not really recommended since they add more avoidabiilty than accuracy, but the accuracy bonus it gives beats shoes for Jump)
  • Scrolling shoes for Jump (60% gives 1 DEX and 10% gives 3 DEX, and while the accuracy bonus it gives is worse than shoes for DEX, you gain some jump and possibly speed as well which is always nice things)
  • Scrolling overall for DEX (A prime source of DEX for level 80+ and most low DEX warriors)
  • Scrolling cape for DEX (Depending on the price of STR cape scrolls and DEX cape scrolls)
  • Scrolling glove for DEX (Not recommended. You'd do better to put points into DEX and get an attack glove)
  • Drinking Sniper Potions (+5 accuracy for 3 minutes. Don't grow too dependent on it.)
  • Sniper Pills (+10 accuracy for 10 minutes, but only available in the Ludibrium potion store. They're cheaper and more effective though.)
  • Having a Cleric cast Bless (+20 accuracy for 200 seconds, but it cancels out any sniper pills/potions)

As you can see, adding DEX is not the only option of raising accuracy. But, how exactly do you know how much accuracy you'll need?

Here's a formula:

  • Level difference = Monster Level - Your Level
  • If level difference < 0, then level difference = 0
  • Hit Ratio = Accuracy - Avoidability * (1.84 + level difference * 43 / 6) / (Avoidability * 1.84 + level difference * 43 / 6) * 100% (This formula is based on an estimation of[1] or [2] )
  • If Hit Ratio > 100%, Hit Ratio = 100%
  • If Hit Ratio < 0%, Hit Ratio = 0%

Sounds complicated? Actually, it's not. Generally, if you want to 100% hit an enemy, you will need more accuracy than 3.68 times the monster's avoidability on the same level as you or less.

Knowing this, you should be able to know exactly when to add more DEX as you progress. You will need 111 accuracy to fully hit an Yepe at level 78+ (Recommend level 80+ so you can save DEX by scrolling the overall instead), 140 accuracy to hit Bains on level 90+, and 148 accuracy to hit Crimson Balrog on level 100+.

User Opinions (The following are opinions submitted by various players and do not reflect a neutral point of view. They are kept as they add to the information given.)

(wrong, WRONG! DEXed gloves is 100% better than attack gloves. DEXed gloves add accuracy AND DEX. Each point of DEX only add 0.8 accuracy. So considering the accuracy by DEX gloves AND the DEX added is definitely better than weapon attack.)

Attack gloves are far better. Adding weapon attack is the equivalent of 3-4 STR per attack point, possibly more or less at varying levels. 3-4 DEX = 2.4-3.2 accuracy, about what a 60% glove DEX scroll would add, compared to a single point of weapon attack.

As far as I can tell you really don't need more than 60-70 DEX. At L50 to 65 when you'll be mostly training on zombies and pixies having only 70 DEX poses no problem whatsoever. Especially if you have nice DEX equips. Remember warriors are the only SINGLE stat class in Maplestory, where in theory you'd only need STR to put on your armour. Best way to own is to put as much as you can in STR instead of DEX. An alternate guide can be found at MapleStory/Warrior Guide Alternate