The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages/Trading Sequence

There is a Trading Sequence in Oracle of Ages, and it is something helpful, although it's a lot of work.

File:Zelda Oracle Poe Clock.png Poe Clock edit

File:Zelda Ages Trading Poe Clock.png

The Poe Clock is the first item in the Trading Sequence. When Link finishes Spirit's Grave, the first dungeon, they'll see Poe by a rock that can be moved with the Power Bracelet. If Link moves the headstone that is blocking Poe's tomb and Link talks to him, he gives the player the Poe Clock.

File:Zelda Oracle Stationary.png Stationary edit

File:Zelda Ages Trading Stationary.png

If the player goes to Lynna Village (Lynna City in the past), and goes to the Post Office there, the postman will give Link the Stationary if Link gives him the Poe Clock. Then the postman will go and run off to deliver his mail.

File:Zelda Oracle Stink Bag.png Stink Bag edit

File:Zelda Ages Trading Stink Bag.png

In Lynna Village, in the house just below the Post Office, the third item in the Trading Sequence can be obtained. ??? (the hand) is there, and he needs toilet paper. If Link gives him Stationary, then ??? will give him the Stink Bag. Ironically, ??? asked for toilet paper, but he took an envelope.

File:Zelda Oracle Tasty Meat.png Tasty Meat edit

File:Zelda Ages Trading Tasty Meat.png

When Link goes to Crescent Island (in the present) a Tokay cook has a bad cold. If the player gives him the Stink Bag, his cold will clear up and he will give Link the Tasty Meat.

File:Zelda Oracle Doggie Mask.png Doggie Mask edit

File:Zelda Ages Trading Doggie Mask.png

When Link goes to the the Happy Mask Shop near Lynna City, he needs to give the Happy Mask Salesman the Tasty Meat. In return, he gives Link the Doggie Mask.

File:Zelda Oracle Dumbbell.png Dumbbell edit

File:Zelda Ages Trading Dumbbell.png

Link must give Mamamu Yan in Lynna City the Doggie Mask so she gives him the Dumbbell.

File:Zelda Oracle Cheesy Mustache.png Cheesy Mustache edit

File:Zelda Ages Trading Cheesy Mustache.png

Link must go to Symmetry Village (in the past) and give Thomas the Dumbbell, so he will give Link the Cheesy Mustache. Thomas is in the basement of the house in the middle of the village.

File:Zelda Oracle Funny Joke.png Funny Joke edit

File:Zelda Ages Trading Funny Joke.png

In Lynna City, Link must find the Lynna City Comedian, who will give Link the Funny Joke if Link gives him the Cheesy Mustache.

File:Zelda Oracle Touching Book.png Touching Book edit

File:Zelda Ages Trading Touching Book.png

In Lynna Village, Link can tell the Funny Joke to the sad boy Dekadin. In return for cherring him up, he gives Link the Touching Book.

File:Zelda Oracle Magic Oar.png Magic Oar edit

File:Zelda Ages Trading Magic Oar.png

To get the Magic Oar, the player must have an encounter with Maple by defeating 30 enemies (15 with the Maple's Ring). Upon encounter, you will drop the Touching Book, and she takes it, but gives you the Magic Oar.

File:Zelda Oracle Sea Ukulele.png Sea Ukulele edit

File:Zelda Ages Trading Sea Ukulele.png

When Link goes to Rafton's house on South Shore near the Black Tower (in the past), Link can give him the Magic Oar for the Sea Ukulele.

File:Zelda Oracle Broken Sword.png Broken Sword edit

File:Zelda Ages Trading Broken Sword.png

If Link goes inside of a cave near The Coast of No Returns, Link will find the Old Zora. By giving him the Sea Ukulele, he will give Link the Broken Sword, the last item in the Trading Sequence before the reward.

File:Zelda Oracle Noble Sword.png Noble Sword edit

File:Zelda Ages Trading Noble Sword.png

Link needs to go to Patch, who needs help with his ceremony. By finishing the ceremony, he will fix the Broken Sword and make it the Noble Sword, the final item in the Trading Sequence.