Mario franchise strategy guide/Enemies/Bandit

Bandit is a fictional enemy in Nintendo's Yoshi series of video games. Bandit looks like a grown up Shy Guy.

Bandit's most noticeable role was in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, where he, along with Shy Guy, were two of the most common enemies. But Bandit, however, was also available the enemy that Yoshi would verse in the unlockable mini games. Also, if the player uses a cheat to unlock the mini games, another person can use another controller to play as Bandit in certain mini games.

Paper Mario edit

Bandit appears in the area Dry Dry Desert in Paper Mario.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door edit

A bandit steals half of the players coins at the beginning, there is also a Bandit at the Glits Pits called Bandy Andy.

Baseball Boy and Zeus Guy edit

In the game Yoshi's Island, there are two enemies the look extremely a lot like Bandit. Baseball Boy is the first one you meet, unlike Bandit who steals Baby Mario, Baseball Boy chuks Yoshi Eggs and smashes Yoshi with his baseball bat when he gets close, he is defeated the same way Banidt is. Zeus Guy appears much later in the gane, he is able to fire powerful charged up energy shots, unlike the others, he cannot be defeated by ground pounds, he needs to be defeated a breath of fire or ice.