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The Australasian Radio World

March 10, 1939; Vol. 3 - No. 11; Price, 1/-

Registered at the G.P.O., Sydney, for transmission by post as a periodical

Cover Photo: Photo of Public Address Outfit with New Projection Unit (See Page 8.)

Highlighted Contents: Building a Pocket Multimeter: 2NO Amateur Band Superhet: 5 and !0-Metre Phone and C.W. Transmitter: Learning the Morse Code: Latest World Shortwave News: Hourly Tuning Guide.

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Editorial Notes . . .


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The Australasian Radio World

Incorporating the

All-Wave All-World DX News

Managing Editor - A. Earl Read, B.Sc.

Vol. 3. - MARCH, 1939 - No. 11

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5- And 10-Metre Phone and C.W. Transmitter . . . . 3

Stromberg-Carlson 1939 Dealers' Conference . . . . 6

Public Address Outfit Uses New Projection Unit . . . . 8

"One-Four Portable Five" On Test . . . . 9

The "Trans-Tasman All-Wave P.B. Five" . . . . 10

Radio Aids The Outback . . . . 13

Hurstville Radio Club Notes . . . . 16

Building A Pocket Multi-Meter . . . . 17

Building A Code Practice Oscillator . . . . 22

Learning The Code . . . . 23

How Dry Batteries Are Made . . . . 24

Acoustic Filter In Latest Rola Units . . . . 26

The 2NO Amateur Band Superhet . . . . 29

The Universal Receiver . . . . 31

What's New In Radio . . . . 35

All-Wave All-World DX News . . . . 37

Shortwave Review . . . . 38

Hourly Tuning Guide . . . . 45

All-Wave All-World DX Club — New Members . . . . 47

DX Alphabet — Phonetic Pronunciations . . . . 48

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The "Australasian Radio World" is published monthly by Trade Publications Proprietary, Ltd. Editorial offices, 214 George Street, Sydney, N.S.W. Telephone BW6577. Cable address: "Repress," Sydney. Advertisers please note that copy should reach office of publication by 14th of month preceding that specified for insertion.

Subscription rates: 1/- per copy, 10/6 per year (12 issues) post free to Australia and New Zealand. Subscribers in New Zealand can remit by Postal Note or Money Order.

Printed by Bridge Printery Pty. Ltd., 214 George Street, Sydney, N.S.W., for the proprietors of the "Australasian Radio World," 214 George St., Sydney (Footnote P.48)

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The All-Wave All-World DX News

Official Organ of the All-Wave All-World DX Club.

QSL Exchange Bureau The following members would like to exchange QSL cards with other readers:— M. N. Wicks (AW425DX), "Elmsdale," Balhannah, South Australia; W. A. McColl (AW215DX), 5 Coromandel Street, Wellington, Now Zealand; Wm. Bantow (AW353DX ), 237 Point Nepean Road, Eidthvale, S.14, Victoria; Jock A shley (AW401DX), C/- E.S. & A. Bank, Ulmarra, N.S.W .; John Cooke (AW343DX), 111 Archer Street, Chatswood, N.S.W.

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Shortwave Review Conducted by Alan H. Graham

Review Of Conditions * Latest Overseas News ★ Reports From Observers ¥ Hourly Tuning Guide Summary of Present Conditions During the past month further indications of a gradual changeover to autumn and winter conditions have been noted, and have been confirmed by reports from official observers. Already indications are that 43 metres will provide some interesting DX later in the year. At the present time reception on this band is quite good during the mornings and late evenings, when any number of transmitters are to be heard when the noise level falls to reasonable proportions. The main interest here is th e new Albanian station , “Radio Tirana,” now testing on 49.4 m. in the early mornings. Also watch out for the following on the higher wavelengths:—-FK 8 A A, N oum ea, 49.02 m .; CFRX, Toronto, 49.42 m .; CHNX, Halifax, 48.94 m .; TGW B, Guatemala City, 46.2 m .; TGQA, Q uezaltenango, 46.56 m .; X ETW , Tam pico, 49.6 m.; CS2WD, Lisbon, 50.15 m .; and ZNB, M afeking, 50.84 m. Good reception is now being provided, both m orning and evening, on 31 metres; and day light reception on this band should improve steadily during th e com ing m onths. “ Radio Tirana ,” Albania, has also been testing on 30 metres, 9970 k.c., usually around 6 p.m. A stranger on 31.49 m. is believed to be “Radio Warsaw .” TGW A. LRX, CXA-8 and OZF are interesting stations to be h eard a t present-. On 25 metres night reception should soon become poor, but early morning and d ay light reception will improve. The Americans are still the best morning stations on this band. Unusual loggings this month include H V J, Vatican City; H IN ; and CB1190. Just below the regular 25-metre band XM HA, Shanghai; and HCJB, Quito, on 24.5 and 24.08 metres, respectively, are attracting a good deal of attention. Although 19 metres continues to provide som e really ex tra o rd in ary re ­ ception, it is a p p a re n t th a t early evening reception is stead ily declining, as the peak fo r reception on th is band moves tow ards m idnight. ZG0X, C hungking; TGW A and HAS-3 are reported. The la st m entioned statio n is very stro n g a t Sunday m idnight. Both th e 13 and 16 metre bands a re becom ing v ery e rra tic , w ith everincreasing periods of alm ost to ta l “black-out.” Ultra-High-Frequency Notes Conditions on 11 metres (now the outstanding UHF attraction) continue to be reasonably satisfacto ry . F rom 10 a.m . till 1 p.m . is th e period of b est reception, w ith a peak usually around 11.30 a.m . W 9X U P is the stead iest sig n al; w ith W 6XKG and W 9XA also strong. The 9.49-metre band seems to have suffered a tem p o rary (we hope) eclipse. On most occasions there was no trace of even the regulars. The 10-metre amateur band is im ­ proving as f a r as reception from North America is concerned. Very strong signals a re to be h eard around 11 a.m . Conditions on th is band were very good on March 1 when a number of stro n g R9 signals were logged. W6MOU, W 9W TW , W 4F.JB and W 6PDB w ere about the best— the la s t m entioned being particularly strong. A few Europeans are still to be h eard around 9 p.m. 11-M etre S tations. In addition to the stations listed in th e special article by Mr. F errell, w hich app eared in th e la s t issue of the “ Radio W orld,” th e follow ing tra n sm itte rs have been allocated fre quencies on 11 m etres. W 3XAU, 25720 k.c., 11.7 m., P h iladelphia. W 9XTB, 265-50 k.c., 11.3 m., Deo Moines. Latest News of Overseas Stations A ustria. DJG, V ienna, is a new station reported on 17815 k.c., 16.84 m. It is believed to be on the a ir irregularly , broadcasting to South A frica around 2-4 p.m. Chile. The Chilean station , CB-970, is using th e slogan “L a Voz de Chile p a ra toda la A m erica.” T hey relay CB-76 on 9735 k.c., 30.82 m., from 2 a.m . to 2 p.m . daily (occasionally till 4 p.m .). R eports should be sent to : L a C ooperativa V italicia, L ira 543, V alparaiso. Also new is CB-960, S antiago, on 31.2 m. T hey announce as “Radio L a A m ericana, C om pania de Seguros de V ida.” Schedule is 11.30 a.m . till 2.30 p.m. China. A n o th er new Chinese station , operated by th e Chinese G overnm ent, and located in K w ei-yang, Kwei-chow, is tra n sm ittin g on 42 m., 7010 k.c. Call sign is sta te d to be X P S A ; schedule fro m 9.10 p.m . till 1.10 a.m . daily, w ith new s service in E nglish a t 12 m idnight. Colombian Republic. Y et an o th er list of Colom bian a lteratio n s. H J6F A H , A rm enia, on 4870 k.c., 61.6 m. W as fo rm erly H J6A B H . H J5E A D , Cali, on 4825 k.c., 62.3 m. W as fo rm erly H J5ABD .

C anada. CJRO, 6150 k.c., 48.78 m., and CJRX, 11720 k.c., 25.6 m., tw o of the pioneer SW station s have gradually reduced th e ir hours of transm ission u n til th ey now are on th e a ir only from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m . on Sundays. Cuba. The Cuban station s continue th e ir practice of a lterin g frequencies w ith ra th e r bew ildering rap id ity . COCQ a re th e w orst o,fenders; listed on 9740 k.c., 30.8 m., th e y have ap p e a red on no less th a n SIX o th er fre ­ quencies w ith in the la s t few m onths. These channels have been 8550, 8565, 8700, 8715, 8815 and 8835 k.c., or 35.1, 35.0, 34.46, 35.5, 33.6 and 33.5 m., respectively. COBC have been on 9970 and 9980 k.c., 30.08 and 30.05 m., in addition to th e ir listed fre ­ quency of 9995 k.c., 30.02 m. COBZ have been on 9020 and 9030 k.c., 33.36 and 33.32 m. COCD on 6140 and 6150 k.c., 48.83 and 48.75 m. A nd COCH on 9450 and 9437 k.c., 31.75 and 31.8 m. Senor Rubio (o u r W est Indies rep ­ resen tativ e) inform s us th a t the H avana civic au th o rities have changed th e stre e t num bers in th a t city. The addresses of th e station s affected a re :— COCO, San M iguel 314, H abana. COCQ, M onte 103, H abana. COBZ, San R afael 108, H abana. COBC, M onte 467, H abana. COCVV, P rado 553 A ltos, H abana. CO CM, Calle 25 No. 1113, Vedado, H abana. COBX, San M iquel, 570, H abana. COCA, G aliano 464, H abana. COCD, Calles 25 y G, Vedado, H abana. COCH, P rado 63 A ltos, H abana. COCX, R eina 314 A ltos, H abana. Italy. The new Ita lian on 9667 k.c., 31.03 m , relay in g 2 R O -3 /IR F program m e^, p u ts in a stro n g signal. N ews in Ita lia n a t 8 an d 9 a.m . w ill help to id en tify th is station . It is u n d erstood th a t it uses a pow er of lOOkw. Jap an . Several new tra n sm itte rs are being used on th e regular Jap an ese tra n sm issions. In addition to JLG , 7285 k.c., 41.18 m „ JLT-2, 9645 k.c., 31.1 m., is believed to be on th e a ir reg u ­ larly , although th ere is no m ention o f th is in th e la te st bulletins to hand from Tokyo. Nicaragua. The station located in M anagua, w hich o p erates on 9740 k.c., 30.8 m., uses th e call YNRS. On the a ir from 9 a.m . to 3 p.m., Y NRS includes an E nglish new s session in th e la st p a rt of its program m e. T h eir slogan is “Radio P ilo t” ; closing num ber is the N azi anthem . I t is owned and opera te d by Rodolfo S angelm an, M anag u a, to w hom rep o rts should be fo rw arded. P anam a. A new and pow erful station , located in P an am a C ity, will soon be opera tin g on 10680 k.c., 28.1 m. Call will be HOA. Peru. Lima, “ Radio N acional del Peru ,” tra n sm its on 15290 k.c., 19.62 m. Special programmes are sent to the U nited S tates. Metrcs/K.C. Chart Free To Readers. A supply of wavelength frequency conversion charts has been received from Messrs. P h ilip s’ Lam ps (A ’sia ) Ltd. for free distribution am ong “Radio World” readers. This chart enables wavelength in metres to be instantly converted to fre quency in kilocycles, and conversely. Commencing at 100 k.c. the table progresses in single k.c.’s to 999 k.c. (3000 to 300.3 metres). However, unknowns applying to quantities th a t a re m ultiples or sub-m ultiples of those listed can easily be ascertained, and so th e ch art can be em ployed to cover the e n tire ran g e of frequencies used in rad io transm ission. F or ex ­ am ple, 500 metres is equal to 600 k.c. The corresponding fre ­ quency fo r five metres (onehu n d reth of 500) is obtained by m ultiplying the frequency q u o ted by 100; th u s it becomes 60,000 k.c., or 60 m.c. R eaders can obtain th eir copies of th is chart by w riting “ Radio W orld,” 214 George S treet, Sydney, enclosing a Id. stamp to cover postage. Romania. An experimental station in Bucharest, announcing as “ Radio Bucuresti,” is now on regular schedule on 8572 k.c., 34.9 m. H ours of tra n sm ission a re 7 to 10 a.m., and 11.15 p.m. to 1.30 a.m. Uruguay. CXA-2, Montevideo, relay s LS-2 (Radio Prieto, Buenos Aires) on 6000 k.c., 50 m., from 1 a.m . till 1 p.m. U.S.A. An interesting session from W 1XAL, 11790 k.c., 25.45 m., is the M odern Radio course, heard from 8 to 9 a.m. W 8XK, Pittsburgh , relaying KDKA, now observes th e follow ing schedule: 21540 k.c., 13.93 m.— 9.45 p m . till 12 m id n ig h t; 15210 k.c., 19.72 m.— 12 midnight till 5 a.m .; 11870 k.c., 25.26 m.— 5 a.m. till 2 p.m.; 6140 k.c., 48.83 m.— 2 till 4 p.m. U.S.S.R. The new Russian station on 6830 k.c., 43.9 rn., is located in Khabarovsk, S iberia; and its call is R FN. I t is on th e a ir from 5.30 till 10 p.m. RV-15, sam e locality, is still on 4250 k.c., 70.4 m., from 5 p.m. till 12 m idn ig h t. On occasions both' station s c arry th e sam e program m e. I t is also rep o rted th a t RV-15 are on 6040 k.c., 49.65 m., bu t as y e t th ere is no confirm ation available. ★ Reports From Observers (N .B . All Tim es M entioned A re A ust. E.S.T.) M r. G. O. La Roche (S o u th P erth, W est A u s tra lia ): On th e S.W. b ro ad cast bands re ­ ception fro m m idnight till 4 a.m . is good, w ith all th e regular station s a t good stre n g th . G enerally conditions im prove as the n ig h t goes on, p eakin g around 4 a.m . D ay lig h t reception has been very la rg ely in te rfe red w ith by heavy QRN. B est b ro ad cast sta tio n loggings in ­ clude th e follow ing:— 13 metres: W 8XK, W 2XE. 16 metres: W3XL. 19 metres: 2RO-5, XGOX, H VJ, RW96. 24 metres: XMHA. 25 metres: ..CR7BH, ..SBP, Saigon, COCX, XTJ, YDB. 26-30 metres: CSW -2 (27.17), ORK, COBC, JDY, COCM, Saigon (30.72), ZH P. 31 metres: JF O , W 3XAL, CS2AW, ZRK, VUD-2, KZIB, KZRM. 32-45 metres: COCD (32.08), COCA, COCQ (33), JV P , PM H. 48-49 metres: ZEB, VPB, CR6AA, ZGE, VQ7LO, COCO, XYO (R an ­ goon), 9MI. 50-100 m e tre s: PMY, VUD-2, VUC-2, VUM-2, VUB-2, and several NIROM statio n s on w avelengths from 61 to 98 metres. As fo r th e a m a teu r bands, w ell, re ­ su lts on 20 metres have proved a trifle disappointing, conditions having been very erratic. TG9BA, G uatem ala, w as th e b est logging, p u ttin g in a v ery stro n g sig n al; th is statio n is on 10 metres on Sundays a t 11 a.m. On 40 metres tw o South A fricans w ere h eard a t 6 a.m . on F eb ru a ry 8 — it is in terestin g to recall th a t ZU5AC w as h eard a t th e sam e tim e tim e alm ost a y ea r ago, nam ely, a t 6 a,m , on Ja n u a ry 28, 1938,

L og g in g s:— 20 metres: VS7, VU, XU, VS6, J, XZ, VS2, ZS6, ON, F, G, CO, TG, PK , ZL, KA, K6. 40 m etres: ZS6 \B and ZS6CM. M r. W. H . P epin (M aylands, W est A u s tra lia ):— DX conditions continue m uch the sam e as in previous m onths. 13 metres: G SJ (13.92) are not quite as stro n g as form erly. W 2XE (13.94) are h eard only occasionally. 16 metres: Rome (16.83) p u t in a stro n g sig n al around 11.30 p.m., tra n sm ittin g to A sia and th e F a r E ast. GSG (16.86) are definitely stro n g e r since th e ir pow er has been increased to 50kw. D JE (16.89) arc also good. W 3XL (16.87) fa ir. 19 metres: The R ussian ..RW-9S (19.76) w as h eard on F e b ru a ry 6 giving a com m entary from an ex ­ hibition w ith w orkm en on th e spot doing th e ir vario u s jobs, such as constru c tin g aeroplanes, assem bling m oto r cars and tra c to rs, etc. B roadcast w as in E nglish. All th e regulars on th is band are still v ery good; the best period being fro m 8 p.m. till 12 m idn ig h t. 20 metres: H B J (20.6) w as h eard on one occasion w ith a m usical p ro ­ g ram m e a t 1 a.m . KQH (20.1), “ H aw aii C alls,” is good on Sundays. 27-30 metres: The NIROM statio n on 27 and 29 m. still p u t in stro n g signals every n ig h t. JD Y (30.2) and 1RF (30.5) a re reg u lars. The A m erican ’phone WOM (30.3) w as h eard fo r a few m inutes on plain speech. 31 metres: T his hand is crowded a t n ig h ts—VUB (31.41) are good. On F eb ru ary 10 KZRM (31.35) w ere r a ­ d iatin g a b ask etb all com m entary. H S 6P J (31.55) still comes in w ell, bu t th e 15.77 m. tran sm issio n s of th is s ta ­ tion a re n o t as good as previously. I t w as announced th a t these station s w ould operate n ig h tly in th e fa irly n e a r fu tu re . W 3XAL have been very good on several occasions on th e ir new 31.03 m. channel, usually a t 11 a.m. Above 31 metres: RW -59 w are logged on F e b ru a ry 21 on 50 m. a t ra th e r good stren g th . Above 50 m. th e re is plen ty of heavy QRM, bu t occasionally it is possible to h e ar PMY (58), VITB-3, RY-15 and YDA (98). A m ateu r B ands:— 20 metres: B est loggings included TG9BA,. F N IC (F ren ch In d ia ), L A IF and SP1Q E. Also logged K6, VU. XZ, VS7, ZL, KA, VS6, PK , J, F and XU. 10 metres: A num ber of A m ericans have been p u ttin g th ro u g h good sig ­ nals, W 6POZ and W 9DRQ being very good. K6BNR, PK1VM and V E5AEZ w ere o th er loggings. VK’s heard w ere VK6MW, VK3BQ and VK3IW . Mr. A. R. P ay ten (Coffs H arbour, N ew South W ales): DX g en erally h as been fa ir. I have spent m ost tim e betw een 9 and 11 m etres, w ith reasonable success. The 10 m etre a m a te u r band has been quite good, and a form idable list of W ’s has been noted d uring the p ast few w eeks, m any of th em p u ttin g th ro u g h v ery stro n g signals. W6XKG, on 11 metres, h as been h eard on quite a num ber of occasions, u su ally ra th e r w eakly, b u t once or DX Club Requirements. A ll-W ave A ll-W orld DX Club m em bers are advised th a t the follow ing DX req u irem en ts arc obtainable from Club h ead q u arters, 214 G eorge S treet, Sydney. R EPO R T FORM S. — Save tim e and m ake sure of su p p ly ­ ing all the inform ation re q u ired by using these official form s, which identify you w ith an established DX organisation. Price . . . 1 /6 fo r 50, post free. N O T E P A P E R .— H eaded Club notepaper for m em bers’ co rrespondence is also available. Price, 1/6 for 50 sheets, post free. DX CLUB STIC K ER S.— E n ­ larg ed tw o-colour replicas of the Club badge, in th e form of gum ­ med stickers, designed fo r a ttach in g to envelopes, QSL cards, etc. Price, 5 dozen for 1/6, post free. DX CLUB LOG S H E E T S .— D esigned by the Shortw ave E ditor, these headed and ruled log sheets are indispensable to dxers w ho w ish to keep a sim p ­ ly -p rep ared and accurate list of loggings. Price, 3 dozen for 1/6, post free. tw ice signals cam e up to .R 6 -7 , w ith 100% copy. The 20 m etre am ateu r, K A 1PI, has been v ery active lately. T his is the statio n a t th e R adio E xposition a t M anila. All QSO’s are p u t th ro u g h am plifiers fo r the visitors. The Jap . on 41.18 m .— JL G —is stro n g around 5.45 a m., w ith new s in E nglish. A little la te r P a ris is h eard very w ell on 41.21 m. (7280 k.c.), also w ith a new s bulletin in E nglish. T his tran sm issio n is sim ultaneous w ith TPA -3, 25.24 m. They req u est rep o rts on th e 41 m. station . On F e b ru ary 19 TA P, 31.7 m., w ere h eard w ith a p o st-b ag session a t 6.25 a.m . G reetings w ere sen t to listen ers all over th e w orld. A m ongst those to w hom g re e tin g s w ere sen t w ere Mr. Moses, of th e A.B.C., and M r. R ay Sim pson, th e w ell-know n DX-er. L oggings on 20 metres include: W, KA, K6, PK , ZL, VK9, VU, XU, J, CO, VP4, F, CE, and TG. Mr. J. F e rrie r (C oleraine, V ic to ria ): Since m y la st rep o rt I have built a sm all p ortable, using tw o of th e new 1.4-volt tubes. Com plete w ith b a tte rie s, it is housed in an alum inium box 5" x 6" x 6." The an ten n a used a t p resen t is a 15" vertical. R eally asto n ish in g re su lts have been obtained, and I am m ore th an pleased. W hile carry in g it around outside W ’s, XU ’s, P K ’s and K6’s have been h eard on 20-m etre phone: and O IU B A on CW. G eneral DX has been poor, and nothing of exceptional in te re st has been logged. The 10-m etre a m a te u r band is im proving as f a r as N orth A m ericans a re concerned, but the E uropeans continue to fa ll aw ay. B est loggings fro m E urope, all betw een 9 and 9.30 p.m., are G, PA and SIT. I t is pleasin g to note th a t th e re are definite signs of activ ity on th e 9- m eter police bands. I t w as during M arch and A pril of la s t y e a r th a t th ey w ere best, so it seem s th a t we have som ething to look fo rw ard to during th e n e x t m onth o r so. Mr. H. I. Johns (N elson, New Z ealan d ): T he rem ark ab le fe a tu re of sum ­ m er reception h as been th e fa c t th a t on both 19 and 25 metres, station s have been h eard p ractically all day a t good stre n g th . A s I w rite, a t 10 а.m., th e re are five stro n g signals on 19 metres. The la st few w eeks have been very good fo r DX. No few er th a n 33 s ta ­ tions in 23 countries have been lo g ­ ged and re p o rts fo rw ard ed to them . D uring th e A m erican ho u r from Rome, 2RO-4, fro m 10.30 till m idday, IQAy on 20.37 m., are now being used in addition to IR F fo r re la y purposes. On 19 metres, as m entioned above, conditions have been excellent. W 2XAD and W 8XK are good in the m ornings, 8 a.m . B erlin and London are v ery stro n g , as is th e Jap ., JZK . VUD-3 is h eard quite w ell a fte r 1 p.m. w ith n ativ e m usic; th is is follow ­ ed by a new s session in E nglish, b efore closing a t 2 p.m . RW -96 is h eard a t ab o u t th e sam e tim e. J u s t before m idday H C JB is h eard w ith a stro n g signal (v ery good fo r th is tim e of th e y ear) on 24 m. D uring th e aftern o o n s th e usual statio n s are W 8XK (25.26) w ith new s a t 2.30 p.m .; W 3XAL (31), XEW W (31), and TGW A (30.9) h eard as late as 4 p.m . A fte r 4.30 p.m . VK2ME is h eard on Sundays. O ther log g in g s include:— D JX (31.01), fa ir signals around б.30 a.m.

K EI (31.68), h eard ju s t before 3 p.m. H B J (20.64), very stro n g signals a t 6 p.m. T hree Indian station s (C alcutta, Bom bay and M adras) on 60 metres a t 11 p.m. D ifficult to copy on account of QRN. DZH (20.75) is on irregularly a fternoons. Signals usu ally weak. CSW -2 (27.17) a t 5 a.m . One of the m ost consistent station s. TGW A (19.7) on M onday m ornings around 7 a.m. M usical program m e. XGOX (19.7) a t 9.30 p.m . Lady announcer. JZ H (49.2) is irregular. H eard re ­ cently a t 9.45 p.m. CR7BH and SBP are evening s ta ­ tions on 25 metres, b est betw een 7 a n d 8 p.m. The Cubans, COBC, COCQ, COCM, are all good. COCH is h eard around 3 p.m. CB-1190 (25.2) is h eard fro m 1.30 p.m. till it closes a t 2 p.m. W 2X A F (31.4) closes a t 3 p.m. H V J has been h eard on 49 metres around 6 a.m. TGW B (46.01) a t 4 p.m . Also heard w ith a special p ro g ram m e fo r th e A rchbold expedition in New Guinea. FK 8A A , N ew Caledonia (49.02), is on the a ir fro m 5.30 till 6.45 p.m. U ses only 50 w a tts. A ll announcem ents are in French. CXA-8 (31.3) is h eard on Sundays a t 4 p.m . w ith announcem ents in E nglish before signing a t 4.10 p.m. LRX (31.06) h eard a t 4.15 p.m. XM HA (24.5) opening a t 7 p.m. A nnouncem ents in E nglish. XGOY (32.09) h eard a t 9 p.m . w ith ta lk s and n ativ e m usic. Call given freq u en tly in E nglish. (T his statio n a t C heng-tu, previously th o u g h t to be XOY). B est a m ate u r loggings fo r the m onth are HK3CO, PY 2JC , OA4AW and several K A ’s. Senor R ichard F. Rubio (H abana, Cuba, W est In d ies): Senor Rubio fo rw ard s a v ery in ­ te re stin g bu d g et of new s, m ost of w hich h as been incorporated in the section dealing w ith overseas stations. H e w rites th a t the 20-m etre am ate u r band still continues to provide th e b est DX, although conditions are good on all th e broadcast bands. H is best a m a teu r loggings include:— V S‘1, ZS, VQ2, CR7, FB8, VR2, RA, YU, PK , XZ, XU, VS2, CT, ON, G, VP3, YV, H K , LU, HC, XE and VK. D uring th e m onth he added some v ery fine veries to h is collection. In ­ cluded w ere cards or le tte rs from EAQ, CR7AA, Radio Lee (B elgian Congo) and A ddis A baba; and the am ateu rs, ZT1AE, ZS1AL, VK5FM, VK4TH, YV5ABY, YV5ACE, VK3BM, ZS6A J CM2AR, V U 2JL, ZL2BE, VK2HV, VR6AY, VK5ZL, VK5TR and J2M I. M r. J. C. Linehan (A delaide, South A u stra lia ). DX th is m onth h as show n some im provem ent, m ainly on th e 10 m etre band and betw een 60 and 80 metres, w here th e QRN is easin g off som ew hat. I have been co n cen tratin g on 10 m e tre s fo r some tim e p ast. A t p rese n t th e band opens up as early as 6.30 a.m ., and sig n als are audible till, ab o u t 1 p.m . N ew station s h eard re ­ cently include KG6NVJ, Ja rv is Is ­ lan d ; and K F 60D C and C02W M . O th er 10 m etre loggings include W ’s (m ostly W 9’s an d W 4’s), ZL’s and P K ’s. On 20 metres FN 1C, F ren ch India, is th e m o n th ’s b est logging. And on th e w hole th e band h as been fa irly good. K A 1PI a t th e M anila Radio E xposition is on every n ig h t. Special QSL cards a re being sen t out to comm em orate th e occasion— QRA is Box 849, M anila. On th e b ro ad cast bands several inte re stin g station s h ave been logged. These include “ R adio T ira n a ,” A lb ania, te stin g on 30.9 m .; th ey an ­ nounce th a t tran sm issio n s are on T h u rsd ay s, F rid ay s and S atu rd ay s. H CJB, on 24 m., is to be h eard ra th e r fa in tly around 10.30 p.m. XMHA, also on 24 m., are v ery loud, bu t badly QRM ’d by a code station. XGOX, on 19.7 m., a re also stro n g — w ith a new s service in E n g lish a t 10 p.m. R ecent verifications to hand in ­ clude HC2HP. TI2L R (10 m.) W6- K T J (10 m .), H A 1P and CN1AF. M r. C. J. A nderson (D um bleyung, W est A u stra lia ). T his m onth’s reception has been very patchy. A t tim es conditions have been very good, and th is keeps th e in te re st alive d u rin g th e dull p e riods. A s usual th e 20 m etre am ateu r band provided th e b e st DX. FN 1C, F ren ch India;T G 9B A , G uatem ala; and SP1Q E, Poland, w ere ab o u t th e best,

stations  fo r th e m onth. On F eb ru ­

a ry 21 a t 6 a.m . (P e rth tim e) a num ­ b er of E u ro p ean s w ere logged, bu t on subsequent m ornings a t the sam e tim e the band w as quite-, dead. W ith m ore o r less w fntery conditio n s ea rlier in F e b ru a ry I expected som e good DX, b u t none w as fo rth ­ coming. The follow ing C ubans are good: COCX (25), COBC, COCH, COBZ, COBX, COCA, COCQ and COCW. A w eak signal on 46 m. around 11 p.m . (E .S.T .) is th o iig h t to be TGW B. A n o th er G uatem alan, TGW A, w as h eard on 19.7 m. a t 4

p.m., bro ad castin g a special p ro ­ gram m e to PK 6XX . This w as on F e b ru a ry 18. Also on 19 m. is W3- XAU, 19.65 m., h eard in th e m ornings. Saigon w as h eard on 48 m. on one occasion a t 11.30 p.m .— signals w ere stro n g b u t noisy. The 24 m. Chinese station , XMHA, is spoilt by QRM from a code station. ★ Latest Schedules Below a re se t o u t th e la te st info rm atio n available reg ard in g the tra n sm itte rs and schedules of th e '“regular” overseas shortw ave s ta ­ tions. England:— T ransm i tte r s :— GSA, 6050 k.c., 49.59 m. GSB, 9510 k.c., 31.55 m. GSC, 9580 k.c., 31.32 m. GSD, 11750 k.c., 25.53 m. GSE, 11860 k.c., 25.29 m. G SF, 5140 k.c., 19.82 m. GSG, 17790 k.c., 16.86 m. GSH, 21470 k.c., 13.97 m. GSI, 15260 k.c., 19.66 m. G SJ, 21530 k.c., 13.93 m . GSO, 15180 k.c., 19.76 m. GSP, 15310 k.c., 19.62 m. GSV, 17810 k.c., 16.84 m. O p eratin g Schedules:— T ransm ission 1: 4.30 to 6.45 p.m., GSI, GSO, G SF, G SE and GSD. T ransm ission 2: 8.45 p.m. to 12 m idnight, G SJ, GSH, GSV, GSG, G SF and GSE. T ransm ission 3: M idnight to 3 a.m., GSH, GSG. G SF, GSD and GSE. T ransm ission 4: 3.20 a.m. to 7 a.m., GSG, G SP, SA, SD, GSB. GSI, G SE and GSV... 7.15 to 9 a.m ., GSO, GSC, GSD, GSB and GSA. T ransm ission 5: 9.20 to 11.30 a.m ., GSO, GSD, GSC and GSB. T ransm ission 6: 12.20 to 2.20 p.m., GSC, GSB and GSD. N ew s B ro ad casts:— S undays: 2 a.m ., 10.40 a.m ., 1.30 p.m., 7.40 p.m., 11.25 p.m. M ondays: 2 a.m ., 7 a.m., 10.35 a.m., 1.30 p.m., 7.50 p.m., 11.30 p.m. O ther d ay s: 2 am ., 7.15 a.m ., 10.40 a.m ., 1.30 p.m., 7.50 p.m., 11.30 p.m. Germany:— T ra n sm itte rs:— DJA, 9560 k.c., 31.38 m. DJB, 15200 k.c., 19.74 m. DJC, 6020 k.c., 49.83 m. DJD, 11770 k.c., 25.49 m. D JE , 17760 k.c., 16.89 m. D JH , 17845 k.c., 16.81 m. DJL, 15110 k.c., 19.85 m. D JN , 9540 k.c., 31.45 m. DJQ, 15280 k.c., 19.63 m. iDJR, 15340 k.c., 19.56 m. D JS, 21450 k.c., 13.99 m. DJX, 9675 k.c., 31.01 m. DJZ, 11801 k.c., 25.42 m. O perating Schedules:— T ransm issions fo r A u stra lia and A sia; 12.15 to 2 a.m ., D JH ; 3.05 to 8.50 p.m., D JE ; 3.05 to 10.50 p.m., D JS and D JH ; 3.05 p.m. to 2 a.m ., DJB, D JN and D JQ ; 11 p.m. to 2 a.m., D JE. N ews b ro ad casts in E n g lish : Sundays, 5 p.m. and 12 m idnight. O ther days, 5 p.m., 10 p.m. and 12 m idnight. T ransm issions fo r A frica: 1.40 to 7.25 a.m ., D JL and D JX ; 2.30 to 7.25 a.m ., D JD and D JC ; 3.05 to 5 p.m., DJL. T ransm issions fo r South A m erica: 7.50 a.m . to 12 noon, D JE , D JQ ; 7.50 O F F IC IA L S.W . O BSERVERS. N .S.W .: V. D. K em m is (A W - 301DX), “ B ram pton H all,” 49 Ivurraba Road, N eu tral Bn". Sydney; A. R. P ay ten (AW 352- D X), H igh S treet, Coif's H a rbour. SO UTH A U ST R A L IA : J . C. L inehan (A W 323D X ), 181 South T errace, A delaide; A. E. Bruce (A W 171D X ), C /- 54 C urrie S treet, A delaide; R. S. Coggins, 8 Glen Rowan Road, Woodville. Q U E E N S L A N D : J. K. S orensen (A W 316D X ), “ F airholm e,” S tation Road, G ym pie; E. Neill (A W 64D X ), 26 C anning S treet, N th Ipswich. W E ST A U ST R A L IA : G. O. La Roche (A W 155D X ), 62 G ladstone Avenue, South P e rth ; W. II. Pepin (A W 402D X ), Seventh Avenue, M aylands; C. J. A nderson (A W 417D X ), Dumbleyung. T A SM A N IA : H. A. C allander (A W 304D X ), 1 F ran k lin S treet. W est H obart. V IC TO R IA : J. F e rrie r (A W - 129DX), “ W inninburn,” C oleraine. N E W Z EA L A N D : H. I. Johns (A W 407D X ), M ount P leasan t A venue, N elson, N.Z. J a.m. to 1.50 p.m ., D JN ; 12 noon to 1.50 p.m., D JQ ; 9 to 10.50 p.m ., D JE ; 2.10 to 3.25 a.m . (M ondays only), D JE . T ransm issions fo r N o rth A m erica: 7.50 a.m . to 1.50 p.m., D JB, D JD and D JZ ; 11 p.m. to 12 m idnight, D JL ; 2.10 to 3.25 a.m . (M ondays only), DJB. T ransm issions fo r C en tral A m erica: 7.50 a.m . to 1.50 p.m., D JR ; 9.30 a.m . to 1.50 p.m ., D JA ; 11 p.m . to 12 m idnight, D JH . . Japan:— T ran s m itte rs :— JLG , 7285 k.c., 41.18 m. JV P , 7510 k.c., 39.95 m. JZ I, 9535 k.c., 31.46 m. JZ J, 11800 k.c., 25.42 m. O PER A TIN G SC H ED U LES T ransm issions fo r E u ro p e: 5.30 to 7 a.m ., JLG, JZ J. T ransm issions fo r South A m erica: 7.30 to 8 30 a.m., JZ I, JZ J. T ransm issions fo r N o rth A m erica (eastern d is tric ts ): 11 to 11.30 a.m., JZ J ; 10 to 10.30 p.m ., JZ J. T ransm issions fo r N o rth A m erica (Pacific C oast), C anada and H aw aii: 3.30 to 4.30 p.m., JZ J. T ransm issions fo r C hina and South Seas: 11 p m . to 12.30 a.m., JV P , JZ J. N ew s b ro ad casts in E n g lish : Daily a t 5.35 an d 11.05 a.m., and 3.35 and 11.25 p.m. Italy:— T ra n sm itte rs:— 2RO-3, 9635 k.c., 31.13 m. 2RO-4, 11810 k.c., 25 4 m. 2RO-6, 15300 k.c., 19.61 m. 2RO-8, 17820 k.c., 16.83 m. 2RO-9, 9670 k.c., 31.02 m. 1RF, 9835 k.c., 30.52 m. IQY, 11673 k.c., 25.7 m. IQA, 14795 k.c., 20.28 m. O p eratin g Schedules:— 2RO-3, 4 to 5.55 a.m ., 7 a.m . to 12 noon. 2RO-4, 9 a.m . to 12 noon, 7 p.m. to 5.30 a.m . 2RO-6, 1 to 3.05 a.m ., 4 to 8.30 a.m., 9 a.m . to 12 noon. 2RO-8, 7.30 to 11.45 p.m. 2RO-9, 3 to 4 a.m ., 4.35 to 6.35 a.m . IQA, 7.30 to 8 p.m. IQY, 6 to 6.35 a.m ., 8 to 8.15 p.m. IR F , 3 to 4 a.m ., 4.35 to 6.35 a.m ., 9 a.m . to 12 noon. N ews b ro ad casts in E n g lish : D aily a t 2.05, 4.19, 9.00 and 10.30 a.m ., and 9 p.m. Czecho-Slovakia:— T ra n sm itte rs:— OLR2A, 6010 k.c., 49.92 m. OLR3A, 9550 k.c., 31.41 m. OLR4A, 11840 k.c., 25.34 m. OLR4B, 11760 k.c., 25.51 m. OLR5A, 15230 k.c., 19.7 m. OLR5B, 15320 k c., 19.58 m. OK1M PT, 5145 k.c., 58.31 m. O p eratin g Schedules:— OLR4A-4B or OLR5A-5B, . 10.55 a.m. to 1.55 p.m . daily, except S undays and M ondays, 8.55 to 11.55 a.m. OLR4A-4B, 4.55 to 8.10 a.m . OLR5A, 9 to 11.10 p.m. OLR4B, 11.25 p.m. to 1.25 a.m. N.B. A t 7.40 a.m . a frequency change is announced, th e new tra n s ­ m itte r com ing on a t 7.45 a.m . OLR3A is used on T uesdays; OLR5A on W ednesdays; OLR2A on T hursdays and F rid a y s; and O K I M PT on S a tu rdays. N ew s b ro ad casts in E n g lish : D aily a t 12.50 a.m ., 7.30 a.m . and 9 p.m . France:— T ra n sm itte rs:— TPA -2, 15243 k.c., 19.68 m

TPA -3, 11885 k.c., 25.24 m. T PA -4, 11718 k.c., 25.6 m. TPB--3, 17810 k.c., 16.84 m. TPB-6, 15130 k.c., 19.83 m. TPB-7, 11885 k.c., 25.24 m. 7280 k.c., 41.21 m. TPB-11, 9550 k.c., 31.41 m. O p eratin g Schedules:— 12.30 to 2 a.m ., T PB -3; 2.15 to 9 a.m ., T P A -3; 10 a.m . to 12.15 p.m., T P A -4; 12.30 to 3 p.m ., TPB-7 and T P A -4; 5 to 8 p.m., T PB-6 and T P A -3; 9 p.m. to 2 a.m., T P A -2; 2.15 to 9 a m ., TPB-11. N ews b ro ad casts in E n g lish : D aily a t 6 a.m ., and 2, 7.15 and 10 p.m. Holland:— T ra n sm itte rs:— PH I-2, 17770 k.c., 16.88 m. PC J, 9590 k.c., 31.28 m. P C J-2, 15220 k.c., 19.71 m. O p eratin g Schedules:— PH I-2, 10.40 p.m. to 12.10 a.m., except M ondays (9.25 to 11.45 p.m .). PC J-2, 6 to 7.30 p.m , W ednesdays; 12.30 to 2.30 a.m . F rid ay s. PC J, 11 a.m . to noon S undays; 4.20 to 4.35, 5 to 6, 10.15 to 11.15 a.m., 11.25 a.m . to 12.25 p.m. and 12.35 to 12.50 p.m . T uesdays; 4.45 to 6.30, 10.15 to 11.45 a.m., and noon to 1.30 p.m. T h u rsd ay s; 10.15 to 11.15 and 11.25 to 11.40 a.m. F rid ay s. N ews b ro ad casts in E n g lish : Daily a t 10.45 p.m. Philippines:— T ra n sm itte rs:— KZRM, 9570 k.c., 31.35 m. KZIB, 9503 k.c., 31.57 m. O p eratin g Schedules:— KZIB, 10 p.m. to 12.05 a.m. KZRM, 7.30 to 10 a.m ., 2.15 and 3.15 p.m ., and 7 p.m . to 1 a.m . (ex ­ cept S u n d ay s); Sundays, 6 p.m. to 1 a.m. N ew s in E n g lish : D aily a t 10.50 p.m .; also a t 8.30 p.m . on S aturdays. ★ 10 metres Im proving D ay lig h t reception on 10 metres is show ing signs of definite im provem ent, w ith v ery stro n g signals coming th ro u g h fro m N o rth A m erica d u rin g th e m orning hours, fro m 8 a.m . till noon, providing a n alm ost continuous period of good reception. E vening conditions a re n o t a s good as in previous m onths, only a few E u ro p ean s being h eard around 9 p.m. 20 metres The 20 m etre band continues to be th e D X -ers stand-by, fo r good resu lts seem alw ays obtainable here, even w hen th e o th er bands are not so good. In te re stin g station s are repo rted th is m onth fro m th e various observers— such as FN 8C, F ren ch In ­ d ia; V P4TH , T rinidad; VS9AC, Maldive Is. (in th e A rab ian S e a ); TG9BA, G uatem ala; VQ4MSR, K enya; and CR7BT (M ozam bique). L atest “K” Prefixes The new ly allo tted “K ” prefixes are as fo llo w :— K4— P u erto Rico. KB4— V irgin Is. I{5— C anal Zone. K6— H aw aii. KB6— Guam. KC6— W ake Is. KD6— M idway Is. KEG— Johnstone Is. KF6— B aker Is., H ow land Is. and A m erican Phoenix group. KG6— Ja rv is Is., P alm y ra group. K7— A laska and P rib ilo f Is.

Calls Heard 20 metres— E U R O PE N o rw ay : L A 1F (P ep in ). P oland: SP1Q E (P ep in ). F ran ce: F8YX (P ep in ), F8X T (L a (Roche, P a y te n ), F8V P (G rah am ). B elgium : ON4DZ (L a R oche), ON4MZ, ON4NW (R ubio). E n g lan d : G6ML (L a R oche), G5HS, G2AL, G3DO (R ubio), G8CL (G rah am ). P o rtu g a l: CT1QG (R ubio). A FRICA South A frica: ZS6EB, ZS6CM (L a R oche), ..ZS4H, ZS2AV, ZS6EF, ZS5PL (R ubio), ZS6SA, ZS6AJ (G ra ­ ham ). M adagascar: FB 8A H (R ubio). M ozam bique: CR7BT (R ubio). K enya: VQ4MSR (G rah am ). N o rth ern R hodesia: V Q 2FJ, VQ2PL (R ubio). A SIA C hina: XU8NR (P e p in ), XU8NR, XU8H B (L a R oche), XU8RB (P ay - te n ), XU6TL (R ubio), X U 8ET (G ra ­ ham ). M aldive Is.: VS9AC (R ubio). Ja p a n : J2M I, J2N G , J3 F K (P ep in ), J2M I, J2 N F (L a R oche), J2M I (P ayte n ), J8CG (R ubio). D .E.I.: PK1EG, PK4DG, PK 1RI, PK1VM, PK2LZ (P ep in ), PK 1RI, PK 3W I, PK4AY, PK 4JD (P a y te n ), PK1VM, PK 1RL, PK1CV, PK1M E, PK 1EG , PK2AY, PK 4K S, PK 4AU , PK 4JD (L a R oche). M alaya: VS2AB, VS2AS, V S2AF (L a R oche), VS2AL (R ubio). F rench India: FN 8C (P ep in ). H ong K ong: VS6AG (P ep in ), VS6AK (L a R oche). Ceylon: V S7RF (P e p in ), VS7GJ (L a R oche). B urm a: XZ2DX, XZ2DY, XZ2PV, XZ2JB (P e p in ), XZ2JB (L a Roche, P a y te n ), XZ2DX (R ubio). India: VU7FY, VU2LL, VU2CA (P ep in ), VU2CQ, V U 2FU , V U 2FA (L a R oche), V U 2FU (P a y te n ), VU2BT, V U2FU (R ubio). H aw aii: K6ILW , K6NZQ (P ep in ), K6BNR (L a R oche), K6CMC, K6KKP (P ay ten 1.

P hilippines: K A 1JP, KA1LB, KA1PI (Jo h n s), K A lA X , K A 20V , KAIJM , KA1ME, KA1CW , K A 1FH , KA1AF, K A 1PI (P ep in ), KA1CS, KA1BH, KA1ER, KA1CW, KA1AP, KA1JM , K A 1FH , KA1CF, KA1ME, KA1JC, K A lA X , KA1LB, KA1KP, K A 20V , K A 7E F (L a R oche), K A lJM , KA1LB, K A 7EF, KA1CX, KA1M E, K A 1A F, K A 1PI (P a y te n ). A M ERICA (N o rth , South, C en tral) AND W E ST IN D IE S V enezuela: YV5ACE, YV5ABA (R ubio), Y V5A BF (G rah am ). M exico: XE1CQ (R ubio). Chile: CE1AH (P a y te n ). • Cuba: C02AM , C 02U A , C 02RD , C 0 2 JJ (L a R oche), C02W M (P ay - te n ). G au tem ala: TG9BA (P epm , La Roche, P ay te n ). P eru : OA4AW (Jo h n s). B razil: PY2BC (Jo h n s). T rinidad: V P4TH (P a y te n ). A rg en tin e: LU8AB, LU 5A N (R ubio), L U 40A (G rah am ). D om inician R epublic: HI5X (G ra ­ h am ). C anada: VE2M W (G rah am ). E cuador: KH3CO (Jo h n s), H K 1E F, H C1JW (R ubio). B ritish G uiana: Y P3AA (R ubio). P A C IF IC C anton Is.: K FliD H W (G rah am ). N ew G uinea: PK 6XX (L a Roche, P ay ten , R ubio), VK9CL, VK9W L (P a y ten ). F iji Is.: Y R 2F F (R ubio). New Z ealand: ZL2BE (P ep in ), ZL4GM (L a R oche), ZL2BE, ZL4AL K L1K J (P a y te n ). 10 metres:— E U R O P E E n g lan d : G2IS, G6DH, G6WX (F e rrie r). H olland: PA O FB , PA OA Z (F e rrie r). A FR IC A E g y p t: SU1M W (F e rrie r). A SIA H aw aii: K6BNR (P ep in ), K6NBC K6MBD, K6BNR (P a y te n ). D .E.I.: PK1VM (P ep in ). A U STR A LIA VK6MW, VK3BQ, VK3IW (P ep in ). A M ERICA C anada: V E5A EZ (P ep in ). U nited S ta te s: W 6POZ, W 6BCF, W 6PDB, W 9DRQ (P ep in ), W 1W R, W 2KAX, W3CDT, W 3DUK, W 4EKQ, W 4FR J, W 4GBW , W 4F IJ, W 4FUM , W 5FU A , W 6A TU , W 6PDB, W 6POZ, W6CQS, W 60E C , W6AGQ, W 6LIT, W 6AGJ, W6MLA, W 6N K F, W 6HUM , W 6JU W , W 6MWD, W 6BTF, W6MDX, W 6NMA, W 6TMB, W 6ELW , W 6NGJ, W7ACD, W 8AHC, W 9CXU, W9TOZ, W 9QKR, W 9A IF, W 9GIR (P ay ten ), W6MOU, W 6PDB, W 4FJB , W 9W TW , W9ROQ, W 9DEA, W 9ZIX (G rah am ). ★ SWL Card Exchangers’ Section The follow ing overseas SW L’s will ap p reciate h earin g from any read ers in terested in “ sw apping” cards. They g u aran tee 100% QSL— bu t don’t blam e u s if som e of them slip you up. F . W illiam s, 82 P o p u lar W alk Rd., London SE24, E ngland. E dw in H ill, 38 B u tler St., B irm ingham 10, E ngland. E dw ard H. U rban, 3389 Silsby Rd,, C leveland H eights, Ohio, U.S.A. A llen J. Schw artz, P.O. Box 695, A lbany, N.Y., U.S.A. K enneth J. Schlicher, 703 T en th Av., B ethlehem , Penna., U.S.A. Joseph Zajchow ski, 29 Jen k s Av., Centra l F alls, R:I., U.S.A. Spencer E. Law ton, 15 H illside Av., W esterly, R.I., U.S.A. B ruce H .' S trib lin g , N o rth Clem son Av., Clem son, S.C., U.S.A. S tu a rt D. K reisher, 710 W aln u t St., R eading, P a., U.S.A. G. V. H aylock, 28 L onglands Rd., Sidcup, K ent, E ngland. A rth u r Goodrich, F o re st Grove, O regon, U.S.A. E . C. S aling, R oute 2, E staca d a, O regon, U.S.A. John F rederick, P.O. Box 325, W est L inn, O regon, U.S.A. E a rl M iller, Box 663, E a st W orcester, N.Y., U.S.A. Sam G raham , Box 434, P anhandle, T exas, U.S.A. A lvin W . O liver, 1310 H anjilton St., H ouston, T exas, U.S.A. B aity B artel, 4215 L a F a y e tte St., D allas, T exas, U.S.A. Joe H anley, 1309 S. A dam s St., F o rt W orth, T exas, U.S.A. Leonard W oodall, R oute 2, Plano, T exas U.S.A.* R ay J. Stockdale, R iverside D rive, R oute 6, Zanesville, Ohio, U.S.A. ★ Last-Minute News A dditions to A m ateu r “ C alls H eard ” Section 10 metres:— P A C IFIC KG6NVJ, K F 60D C (L in eh an ). AM ERICA C uba: C02W M (L inehan). 20 metres:— E U R O PE E n g lan d : G2MF, G3BM, G5BJ, G6- MU. G8IT, G8LH (A n d erso n ); G50V (L inehan). B elgium : ON4DI, O N4PA (A n d erson). R oum ania: Y R5PB (L in eh an ). H u n g ary : H A 1P (L inehan). A FR IC A South A frica: Z S60 (L in eh an ). M ozam bique: CR7AU (L in eh an ). T an g iers In tern a tio n a l Zone: CN1A F (L in eh an ). A M ERICA AND W E ST IN D IE S C anada: VE2AA (A n d erso n ), VE1EI (L inehan). B erm uda: VP9R (A nderson). B aham as: V P7N S (A nderson). Cuba: C02GY (L in eh an ), C 02RR, C07CX , C 08BC (A nderson). C osta R ica: TI2AV (A nderson). M exico: XE1GE (L inehan). B razil: PY 2JC (L in eh an ). A SIA S ingapore: VS1AD (A nderson). In d ia: VU2BG, V U 2LJ, VU2FU (A nderson), VU7KL (L inehan). F ren ch In d ia: FN 1C (A nderson, L inehan). Ceylon: VS7RA, V S7RP (A nderson). M alaya: V S2AP, V S2A J (A n d erson). H ong K ong: VS6AD (A nderson). C hina: XU8MC, XU7HV (A n d erson). H aw aii: K6IQN, K 60T H (A n d erson). P hilippines: KA7HB (L in eh an ). PA C IFIC C anton Is.: K F6D H W (L inehan). Latest Shortwave Schedules T hough I am unable to do m uch DX, I have received some info rm atio n th a t m ay be of in terest. F irstly , a card from COCQ confirms th e re p o rt th a t th is e rra tic sta tio n is now on 33m., 8830 k.c. Secondly, a com prehensive tim e-table of Soviet b ro ad casts in E n g lish is reproduced below. A ll tim es m entioned are G.M.T. S unday: 8 a.m., 19.76 m .; 11 a.m., 25 m .; 3 p.m ., 50 m .; 9 p.m., 1774 and 50 m .; m idnight, 31.25, 19.89 and 49.75 metres. M onday: 8 a.m ., 19.76 m .; 9 p.m., 1744, 50 m .; m idnight, 31.25, 19.89, 49.75 m. T u esd ay : 8 a.m ., 19.76; m idnight, 31.25, 19.89, 49.75 metres. W ednesday: 8 a.m., 19.76 m .; 11.30 a.m ., 25 m .; m idnight, 31.25, 19.89, 49.75 metres. T h u rsd ay : 8 a.m ., 19.76 m .; 10 p.m ., 1210, 50 m e tre s; m idnight, 31.25, 19.89, 49.75 m. F rid ay : 8 a.m., 19.76 m .; 9 p.m., 1744, 50 m .; m idnight, 31.25, 19.89, 49.75 metres. S a tu rd ay : 8 a.m ., 19.76 m .; 10 p.m., 31.51, 49.75, 50 metres; m idnight, 31.25, 19.89, 49.75 metres. On th e 7th, 13th, 19th, 25th and 31st, RV96 (19.76) s ta rts a t 8.15 a.m. in stead of 8. The follow ing is th e tim e-tab le of Radio V aticano, E n g lish broadcasts, tim e H.E.C. T u esd ay : 14.30, 25.55 m ., new s, etc.;

16.30, 19.84 m., new s; 20.00, 48.47 or 49.75 m., new s. T h u rsd ay : 20.00, 48.47 or 49.75 m., Catholocism . F rid a y : 20.00, 48.47 or 49.75 m., diverse subjects. S unday: 19.00, 19.84 m., new s, etc. P erh ap s club m em bers m ay be in ­ te re ste d in th e m ethods o f identifying Radio V aticano:— (1) The ticking of th e studio clock fo r 5 m inutes before tran sm issio n s begin; (2) th e clock of St. P e te rs strik in g th e h o u r; (3) “ L audetue Jesu s C h ristu s” alw ays precedes and follow s any tra n sm ission.— B. R. F e rris (A W 439DX ), P roston, Q’land.

P.45 - Hourly Tuning GuideEdit

HOURLY TUNING GUIDE When and W here To S earch Compiled by ALAN H. GRAHAM. In order to a ssist beginners and less experienced dxers, it is intended to publish m onthly a special tu n in g guide, se ttin g o u t a t w h a t tim es to listen fo r th e m ore easily logged s ta ­ tions. It should be noted th a t the guide is n o t intended to cover all s ta ­ tions audible; fo r fu ll details as to w hen and w here to look fo r th e best catches are given elsew here. M oreover, th e fa c t th a t a station is shown as being on th e a ir a t a p a rtic u la r tim e is no g u a ra n te e th a t reception m u st follow as a m a tte r of course. A ll tim es a re given in A u stralian E a ste rn S tan d ard Tim e. K ey to abbreviations used: S, S undays only; M, M ondays only; T, T uesdays only; W , W ednesdays only; Th, T h u rsd ay s only; S at, S atu rd ay s only. M idnight-1 a.m. 13.97 16.81 16.84 16.86 16.88 16.89 19.35 19.63 19.68 19.7 19.71 19.74 19.8 19.82 25.34 25.4 25.42 25.53 27.27 28.48 29.24 30.96 31.28 31.28 31.38 31.45 31.49 31.55 31.55 31.58 GSH D.IH TPB-3 GSG PH I (S ) D JE W 2XAD D JQ TPA -2 OLR5A (ex. M, S) P C J (T h ) DJB YDC G SF OLR4A (ex. M, S) 2RO-4 JZ J GSD P L P JIB PM N ZHP VK2ME (M ) VUD D JA D.IN ZBW-3 GSB H S8PJ (F ) XEW W 31.8 COCH 32.59 COBX 32.95 COCA 33.32 COBZ 39.95 JY P 48.7 Y PB 49.59 GSA 49.9 COCO 49.98 Rangoon 58.3 PMY 60.06 VUD 60.61 VUM 61.16 VUC 70.2 KV-15 98.6 YDA ]-2 a.m . 13.97 16.81 16.84 16.86 16.89 19.35 19.63 19.68 19.7 19.71 19.74 19.8 19.82 19.84 25.00 25.23"' 25.34 (ex. S. M) 25.42 RO-4 25.53 GSD 27.27 P L P 28.48 JIB 29.24 PM N 31.28 VUD 31.35 TPB-11 31.45 D JN 31.55 GSB 48.7 VPB 49.59 GSA 49.9 COCO 58.3 PMY 60.06 VUD 60.61 VUM 61.16 VUC 70.2 RV-15 2-3 a.m . GSH D JH TPB-3 GSG D JE W 2XAD DJQ TPA-2 OLR5A (ex. S, M) PC J (T h ) DJB YDC G SF H V J R N E TPA-3 OLR4A 13.97 GSH 16.86 GSG 16.89 D JE (M ) 19.35 W 2XAD 19.74 D JB (M ) 19.82 G SF 19.85 I)JL 25.24 TPA-3 25.4 2RO-4 25.49 DJD 25.53 GSD 31.01 DJX 31.28 VUD 31.55 GSB 48.70 VPB 49.31 VQ7LO 49.59 GSA 19.83 DJC 60.06 VUD 60.61 VUM 61.16 VUC 3-4 a.m . 16.86 GSG 16.89 D JE (M .) 19.62 G SP 19.66 GSI 19.74 D JB (M ) 19.85 D JL 25.24 TPA -3 25.49 DJD 25.53 GSD 25.71 IQY 31.01 DJX 31.13 2RO-3 31.55 GSB 49.31 VQ7LO 49.59 GSA 49.83 DJC 60.06 VUD 60.61 VUM 61.16 VUC 4-5 a.m . 16.86 GSG 19.62 G SP 19.65 W 2XE 19.66 GSI 19.85 DJL 24.52 T F J 25.24 TPA -3 25.49 DJD 25.53 GSD 25.57 IQY 31.01 DJX 31.13 2RO-3 31.28 PC J (M ) 31.28 VUD 31.55 GSB 49.31 VQ7LO 49.59 GSA 49.83 DJC 5-6 a.m . 16.86 GSG 19.62 GSP 19.65 W 2XE 19.66 GSI 19.72 W 8XK 19.85 D JL 22.0 SPW (T , Th, S at) 24.52 T F J 25.24 TPA-3 25.34 OLR4A 25.42 JZ J 25.49 DJD 25.53 GSD 25.57 IQY 27.17 CSW 28.93 E A J43 31.01 DJX 31.13 2RO-3 31.28 PC J (M, W ) 31.55 GSB 41.18 JLG 49.59 GSA 49.83 DJC 6-7 a.m . 16.86 GSG 19.62 GSP 19.65 W 2XE 19.66 GSI 25.00 R N E 19.72 W8XK 25.24 TPA -3 19.85 D JL 25.34 OLR4A 22.0 SPW (T, (S, M) Th, S at) 25.42 DJZ 25.0 RN E 25.42 JZ J 25.24 TPA-3 25.45 W1XAL 25.34 OLR4A 25.49 DJD 25.42 JZ J 25.53 GSD 25.49 DJD 25.60 TPA-4 25.53 GSD 28.93 EA J43 25.57 IQY 30.04 COBC 27.17 CSW 30.31 CSW 30.4 EAQ 30.43 EAQ 30.52 IR F 30.51 COCM 31.01 DJX 31.02 W 3XAL 31.13 2RO-3 31.06 LRX 31.28 PC J (W ) 31.09 CS2W A 31.28 W 3XAU 31.13 2RO-3 31.35 W1XK 31.28 W 3XAU 31.48 W 2XAF 31.32 GSC 31.55 GSB 31.33 KZRM 31.7 T A P 31.35 W1XK 41.18 JL G 31.45 D JN 43.1 ZL2GB 31.46 JZ I 47.2 ICC 31.48 W 2XAF 49.59 GSA 31.49 LKJ-1 49.83 DJC 31.55 GSB 7-8 a.m. 31.55 KZIB 31.58 XEW W 19.65 W 2XAD 31.8 COCH 19.72 W8XK 49.59 GSA 19.72 OLR5A (W ) 9-10 a.m. 19.76 GSO 16.87 W3XL 19.85 D JL 16.89 D JE 25.00 RNE 19.56 W 2XAD 25.24 TPA -3 19.56 DJR 25.34 OLR4A 19.63 DJQ 25.42 JZ J 19.71 OLR5A 25.45 W 1XAL 19.72 W 8XK 25.49 DJD 19.74 DJB 25.53 GSD 19.76 GSO 27.17 CSW 19.8 YDC 30.40 EAQ 22.0 SPW 31.01 DJX 25.27 P H I 31.09 CS2W A (ex. S, M) 31.13 2RO-3 25.34 OLR4A 31.28 W 3XAU 25.36 W 2XE 31.32 GSC 25.42 JZ J 31.33 KZRM 25.42 DJZ 31.35 W 1XK 25.45 W1XAL 31.41 OLR3A 25.49 DJD (T ) 25.51 OLR4B 31.46 JZ I 25.53 GSD 31.48 W 2X AF 25.57 IQY 31.55 KZIB 30.31 CSW 31.55 GSB 30.52 IR F 31.7 T A P 31.02 W3XAL 43.1 ZL2GB 31.06 LRX 49.59 GSA 31.09 CS2WA 19.83 DJC 31.13 2RO-3 49.92 OLR2A 31.32 GSC (T h, F ) 31.35 W1XK 58.31 OK1M PT 31.38 DJA 8-9 a.m. 31.45 D JN W3XL 31.48 W 2X AF 16.87 31.49 LKJ-1 16.89 D JE 31.55 GSB 19.56 D JR 49.1 GSL 19.63 DJQ 19.65 W 2XE 10-11 a.m. 19.71 OLR5A 9.49 W 9XPD (S, M) 9.49 W9XUY 19.72 W 8XK 11.33 W 9XA 19.74 DJB. 11.49 W 9XJL 19.76 GSO 11.51 W9XTC

11.56 11.56 16.87 16.89 19.56 19.63 19.71 19.71 19.76 19.8 25.26 25.27 25.34 25.36 25.42 25.49 25.53 25.57 25.61 29.15 30.52 31.02 31.13 31.25 31.28 31.32 31.38 31.41 31.45 31.48 31.49 31.55 49.1 W6XKG W 9X UP W 3XL D JE D JR DJQ OLR5A DJB GSO YDC W 8XK P H I (S ) OLR4A W 2XE OJZ DJD GSD IQY TPA -4 DZC IR F W 3XAL 2RO-3 RAN PCJ (M, W, T h) GSC DJA W 2XAD DJN W 2X A F LK J-1 GSB GSL 11 a .m .-n o o n . 9.49 9.49 11.33 11.49 11.51 11.56 11.56 16.87 16.89 19.56 19.63 19.71 19.74 19.76 25.26 25.34 25.42 25.42 25.49 25.53 25.61 31.02 31.13 31.25 31.28 31.32 31.38 31.41 31.45 31.48 31.55 49.1 W 9XPD W 9XUY W 9XA W 9X JL W9XTC W6XKG W 9X UP W3XL D JE D JR DJQ OLR5A D JB GSO W 8XK OLR4A DJZ JZ J DJD GSD TPA-4 W 3XAL 2RO-3 RAN PC J (M, W, Th S a t). GSC D JA W 2XAD D JN W 2X AF GSB GSL Noon-1 p.m. 16.87 W 3XL 19.56 D JR 19.63 DJQ 19.71 PC J (W ) 19.74 DJB 25.24 TPB-7 25.26 W8XK 25.42 DJZ 25.49 D JD 31.02 W 3XAL 31.28 P C J (W ) 31.32 GSC 31.38 D JA 31.41 W 2XAD 31.45 D JN 31.48 W 2X AF 31.55 GSB 19.1 GSL 1-2 p.m. 19.56 D JR 19.63 DJQ 19.74 DJB 25.24 TPB-7 25.42 DJZ 25.49 D JD 31.28 P C J (\v : 31.32 GSC 31.38 D JA 31.45 D JN 31.48 W 2X AF 31.55 GSB 49.1 GSL 2-3 p.m. 25.24 TPB-7 31.32 GSC 31.41 TPB-11 31.48 W 2X A F 31.55 GSB 49.1 GSL 3-4 p.m. 13.99 D JS 16.81 D JH 16.88 D JE 19.63 DJQ 19.74 DJB 19.85 D JL 25.42 JZ J 31.28 VK2ME (S ). 31.41 TPB-11 31.45 D JN 32.15 O AX4J 49.02 W 2XE 49.5 W 8XAL 4-5 p.m. 13.99 D JS 16.81 D JH 16.89 D JE 19.63 DJQ 19.74 D JB 19.85 D JL 25.42 JZ J 31.28 VK2M E (S ) 31.41 TPB-11 31.45 D JN 49.5 W 8XAL 5-6 p.m. 13.99 D JS 16.81 D JH 16.89 D JE 19.63 DJQ 19.71 P C J (T ) 19.74 D JB 19.83 TPB-6 25.23 TPA -3 26.31 HBO (M, 31.45 VPD-2 F ). 31.49 ZBW-3 31.28 VK2ME 31.50 VK3ME (S ) (ex. S ). 31.41 1 PB-11 31.55 KZIB 31.3P D JA 43.1 ZL2GB 31.45 DJN 44.61 PM H 70.2 RV-15 6-7 p.m. 13.99 DJS 16.81 DJH 16.89 D JE 19.63 DJQ 19.66 GSI 19.71 PCJ (T ) 19.74 DJB 19.76 GSO 19.82 G SF 19.83 TPB- 6 20.64 HBJ (M ) 25.23 T P A 3 25.29 GSE 25.53 GSD 28.14 JV N 31.28 VK2ME (S ). 31.41 TPB 11 31.45 D JN 7-8 p.m. 13.99 16.81 16.89 19.56 19.63 19.66 19.74 19.76 19.82 25.24 25.29 25.53 25.57 28.14 31.33 31.41 31.45 31.49 31.50 31.55 8 13.93 13.97 13.99 16.81 16.86 16.89 19.63 19.74 19.8 19.82 24.26 25.29 25.4 25.57 27.27 28.14 29.24 30.96 31.28 31.33 31.41 31.45 D JS DJH D JE D JR DJQ GSI D JB GSO G SF TPA-3 GSE GSD Saigon JV N KZRM TPB-11 D JN ZBW-3 VK3ME (ex. S ). KZIB •9 p.m. G SJ GSH D JS DJH GSG D JE DJQ D JB YDC G SF XMHA GSE 2RO-4 Saigon P L P JV N PM N Z H P VK2ME (S ). KZRM TPB-11 D JN 9-10 p.m. 13.93 G SJ 13.97 G SH 13.99 D JS 16.81 D JH 16.86 GSG 16.88 PH I (S ) 16.89 D JE 19.58 OLR5B 19.63 DJQ 19.68 TPA -2 19.71 OLR5A 19.74 D JB 19.8 YDC 19.82 G SF 24.26 XMHA 25.00 R N E 25.4 2RO-4 25.29 GSE 25.57 Saigon 27.27 P L P 28.14 JV N 29.24 PM N 30.23 JDY 30.96 ZHP 31.28 VK2ME (S ). 31.28 VK6ME (ex. S ). 31.33 KZRM 31.45 D JN 31.45 VPD-2 31.48 W 2X AF 31.49 ZBW-3 31.50 VK3ME (ex. S ). 31.55 KZIB 43.1 ZL2GB 44.64 PM H 48.7 VPB 49.5 W 8XAL 58.3 PMY 70.2 RV-15 10-11 p.m. 13.93 G SJ 13.97 GSH 13.99 D JS 16.81 D JH 16.86 GSG 16.88 PH I 16.89 D JE 19.58 OLR5B 19.63 DJQ 19.68 TPA-2 19.74 DJB 19.71 OLR5A 19.76 GSO 19.8 YDC 19.82 G SF 24.1 H CJB 24.26 XMHA 27.27 P L P 19.74 DJB 28.14 JV N 19.79 JZK 29.24 PM N 19.8 YDC 30.23 JD Y 19.82 G SF 30.96 ZHP 19.85 D JL 31.28 VK6ME 24.26 XMHA (ex. S ). 25.29 GSE 31.28 VK2ME 25.4 2RO-4 (S ). 25.42 JZ J 31.28 VUD 25.57 IQY 31.33 KZRM 27.27 P L P 31.35 W1XK 29.24 PM N 31.45 D JN 30.52 IR F 31.48 W 2X AF 30.96 ZH P 31.49 ZBW-3 31.28 VK2ME 31.55 KZIB (S ). 31.8 COCH 31.28 VUD 32.59 COBX 31.33 KZRM 33.32 COBZ 31.35 W 1XK 44.64 PMH 31.45 DJN 46.8 TIPG 31.48 W 2XAF 48.4 TG-2 (S ) 31.49 ZBW-3 48.7 VPB 31.51 H S8PJ 49.5 W 8XAL (T h ). 49.96 H P5K 31.55 KZIB 19.98 Rangoon 31.8 COCH x y O 32.59 COBX 58.3 PMY 33.32 COBZ 60.06 VUD 39.95 JV P 60.6 VUM 44.64 PMH 61.16 VUC 48.4 TG-2 (S ) 70.2 RV-15 48.7 VPB 49.5 W 8XAL 11 p.m.-midnight. 49.6 XETW 13.93 GSJ 49.9 COCO 13.97 GSH 49.96 HP5K 16.81 DJH 49.98 Rangoon 16.86 GSG XYO 16.88 PH I 58.3 PMY 16.89 D JE 60.06 VUD 19.35 W 2XAD 60.6 VUM 19.63 DJQ 61.16 VUC 19.68 TPA-2 70.2 RV-15

P.47 - All-Wave All-World DX Club.— New MembersEdit

All-W ave All-World DX Club New Members

AW416DX — R. E. Clausen, Rankin River, N.T., via Camooweal, Q'land.

AW417DX — Cyril J. Anderson, Dumbleyung, Western Australia.

AW418DX — George A. E. Major, "Roselyn," Somerville St., Manjimup, Western Australia

AW419DX — S. Jones, 104 Mitchell St., Enfield, N.S.W.

AW420DX — L. J. Batten , 23 Warwick St., Hurstville, N.S.W.

AW421DX — Allan J. Heath, 97 Mitchell St., Enfield, Sydney.

AW422DX — Mrs. Violet M. Osborn, 11 Albert St., South Perth, W.A.

AW423DX — L. J. Watson, 49 Lansell Crescent, Camberwell, E.6, Melbourne, Victoria.

AW424DX — Alfred G. Smith, "Handsworth," 8 Third St., Ashbury, Sydney.

AW425DX — M. N. Wicks, "Elmsdale," Balhannah, South Australia.

AW426DX — C. A. Rose, "Wetherburn," via Campbelltown, N.S.W.

AW427DX — Jack L. Richards, 12 Elizabeth St., Granville, N.S.W.

AW428DX — Owen Douglas Marks, 30 Scott St., South Fremantle, W.A.

AW429DX — F. J. Rooke, C/- G.P.O. Box 219, Fremantle, W.A.

AW430DX — Leonard James Newman, 33 Milton St., West Melbourne, Vic.

AW431DX — William Jehn, C /- Bolbeys Chambers, Brisbane St., Ipswich, Q'land

AW432DX — Mrs. D. Nicholls, 127 Nicholson Rd., Subiaco, Western Australia.

AW433DX — Noel Francis Makin, 8 Toxteth Rd., Glebe Point, Sydney.

AW434DX — Urban William Madden, Flat 5, 195B Bandi Road, Bondi, Sydney.

AW435DX — Reginald G. Morgan, 6 Dutruc Court, 12 Dutruc St., Randwick, N.S.W.

AW436DX — Robert S. Hartnell, Millaquin Sugar Co. Ltd., Bundaberg, Q'land

AW437DX — Wilfred J. Simmons, Box 105, C/- S.A.R., Post Lincoln, S.A.

AW438DX — D. E. Tolley, 28 Grove St., Unley Park , Adelaide, S.A.

AW439DX — B. R. Ferris, Proston, Q'land.

AW440DX — William Thomas Kelly Howard, Whitley St., Howard, Q'land.

AW441DX — Charles Van de Water, Laughnan St., Coolamon, N.S.W.

AW442DX — A. J. Eshman, 167 Meade St., Glen Innes, N.S.W.

AW443DX — H. J. Lamont, Box 316, Ayr, North Q'land.

AW444DX — Geoffrey Hayward, C/- "Nindooinbah House," Beaudesert, Q'land

AW445DX — J. T. O’Sullivan, 29 Coonanbarra Rd., Wahroonga, Sydney.

AW446DX — Harry Simms, The Cedars, 15 Wrights Ave., Berala, N.S.W.

AW447DX — A. B. Harris, C/- "Gaiety Theatre," Dickens St., Napier, N.Z.

AW488DX — John L. McAven, 1 Byron St., Napier, N.Z.

AW449DX — V. Vasilescu, Str. Gr. Alevandrescu 93, Bucuresti, Roumania.

AW450DX — Roy Winter, Mt. Keira Rd., West Wollongong, N.S.W.

AW451DX — C. S. Donoghue, 16 Holyrood St., Hampton S.7, Melbourne, Vic.

AW452DX — J. Bennett, Gnowangerup, Western Australia.

AW453DX — Mary E. Carson, George St., Bowen, Nth. Q'land.

AW454DX — John Taylor, 131 Lansdowne St., Hurstville, N.S.W.

AW455DX — Victor A. Moore, 23 Douglas St., Stockton, Newcastle, N.S.W.

AW456DX — Stanley Lester, 354 Station St., North Carlton, N.4, Melbourne, Victoria.

AW457DX — D. Wilkinson, C/- A. J. Clifton, Crookwell, N.S.W.

AW458DX — Robert A. Sutherland, "Thanet," 9 Audrey St., Balgowlah, Sydney.

AW459DX — N. R. Wheeler, Lachlan St., Cowra, N.S.W.

AW460DX — H. Guthrie, 100 Inglewood Rd., Bendigo, Victoria.

AW461DX — H. F. Lanham, 37 Young St., St. Kilda, Dunedin, S.2, New Zealand.

AW462DX — Leonard V. Letwin, 60 Leicester St., West Preston, N.18, Victoria.

AW463DX — B. O. Reid, 18 Angas Rd., Lower Mitcham, Adelaide, S.A.

AW464DX — Max W. T. Cherry, 398 Hampton St., Middle Brighton, S.5, Vic.

AW465DX — Humphrey Thomas Orr, Waharao, Rotorua Line, Auckland, N.Z.

AW466DX — J. M. Creddan, Russell’s Creek, Warrnambool, Victoria.

AW467DX — R. N. Kemsley, 37 Victoria St., Prospect, Adelaide, S.A.

(To be continued)

P.48 - DX Alphabet — Phonetic PronunciationsEdit

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