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determinats->determinants? (omit) context: ~~~ * determinats
determinats (m_d_mat2 from [[Fractals/mandelbrot-numerics|mandelbrot-numerics library)]]) for computing the coefficients a,b,c,d of the Moebius transformation< ~~~

determinents->determinants? (replace) context: ~~~ end users, and age and education factors are important determinents
determinents of this. For this reason, you need to consider your demographics carefully and select the most appropriate `mix' for your target audience. Older stude ~~~

determinites->determinates? (replace) context: ~~~ (Abdallah, 2008). Early on, I.Q. tests were the big determinites
determinites to figure out intelligence (Abdallah, p. 25). Both Gardner (1999) and Hoerr (2000), noticed that these tests only assessed students academic ~~~

determins->determines? (omit) context: ~~~ After scoring is completed, the score keeper determins
determins if the game is won. If the game is not won, the score keeper determins ~~~

determinse->determines? (swap) context: ~~~ : An integer that determinse
determinse the size the of the dot=== Line ===Creates a line on the screen.; start: The starting coordinate of the line.; end: The coordinate at which the line w ~~~

determning->determining? (omit) context: ~~~ for the research of the disease, Alzheimers. However, determning
determning the structures of these peptides has been a struggle. In the past five years, there has been new data obtained about these structures through electron ~~~

detex->dentex? (omit) context: ~~~ detex
detex yourfile > yourfile.txtIf the output from <tt>detex& ~~~

detniled->dentiled? (swap) context: ~~~ BEGINNERS, by A. P. )!organ. A practical Handbook, giving detniled
detniled instruction and operation of n boy's V\Tireess Outfit.No, 6 .-EXPERIMENTAL WIRELESS CONSTRUCTION, by A. P.Morgan. A practicnl Handbook, ~iving ~~~

detroy->destroy? (omit) context: ~~~ Congratulations, you created and detroy
detroy your first virtual machine with Vagrant.== RAC Attack Automation ===== Architecture ===At this point, in the [ ~~~

detus->detusk? (omit) context: ~~~ in the size of the penis and the forming of the scrotum in the detus
detus and after birth, usually durring ~~~

devalias->vedalias? (swap2) context: ~~~ devalias
devalias (list device aliases; useful for locating other devices in the machine such as hard drives, etc) </pre> device aliases typically tak ~~~

devation->deviation? (omit) context: ~~~ :First find the mean and the standard devation
devation. :<math> \begin{array}{rl}E(X) = \mu &= np = 10 \times 0.60 = 6 \\Var(X) = \sigma^2 &= np(1-p) = 2.4 \\StdDev(X) = \sigma &= \sqrt{np ~~~

devede->devide? (replace) context: ~~~ apt-get install devede
devede :2. Run it from: Menu-> Multimedia-> DeVeDe.:3. Choose a type of output video file as first.[[File:Convert10.png|center|600px]]:4. Create an out ~~~

developd->developed? (omit) context: ~~~ and Pasific plates. A new westward-dipping subduction zone developd
developd far to the east, at the edge, of the Australian Plate margin, forming the North Salomons Trench in what is now the Salomon Islands. This subduction re ~~~

developent->development? (omit) context: ~~~ A recent developent
developent the carbon foam grid was initially developed by [[w:en:Caterpillar Inc.|Caterpillar Inc.]] in an attempt to create a more robust battery for use in g ~~~

developin->developing? (omit) context: ~~~ character and spatial distribution of mega cities in the developin
developin world* the challenges of living in mega cities such as housing, traffic infrastructure, water and power supplies, sanitation services, employment, and ~~~

developmenal->developmental? (omit) context: ~~~ infants and adults is a crucial part of neurocognitive developmenal
developmenal language research. The relevant ERP components will be introduced within the respective sections.'''''Results.''''' At the beginning of their life, in ~~~

developped->developed? (double) context: ~~~ Online Cloud Library is a brand new system developped
developped by YFCAD, aiming to provide more efficient customized modeling service to individual users. <br/>Online Modeling Service contains 3 parts: Make ~~~

developpement->developement? (double) context: ~~~ et problemes,” in L’evaluation des politiques de developpement
developpement. Approches pluridisciplinaires (Paris: L’Harmattan): 53-90.■ Sik, Endre. 2002. “The Bad, the Worse and the Worst: Guesstimating the Level of Cor ~~~

developpers->developers? (double) context: ~~~ developpers
developpers. I volunteer to help set that up in June soon after or before HBM (probably after). We would probably need better documentation and a clear idea of wh ~~~

develps->develops? (omit) context: ~~~ * April 2004 - RTD develps
develps FasTracks plan, a multi-billion dollar public transportation expansion plan which would add 122 miles of new commuter rail service, 18 miles of BRT se ~~~

devestated->devastated? (replace) context: ~~~ if that is the case, I will be devestated
devestated. ")Ditto for the first two fragments: they're each asking for clarification. Of course, that isn't the only type ofsentence fragment that can be a ~~~

devestating->devastating? (replace) context: ~~~ after being shocked he reverts back to normal and does a devestating
devestating lightning attack. You'll want to keep your HP above 200 or so, aura whirl works well, or just keep using kiss and cure beam or something similar. A du ~~~

devicing->devoicing? (omit) context: ~~~ but a craftsman who makes up for his impairment by devicing
devicing genial designs.In this Book we will discuss in broad strokes the ideas and designs of "Project Hephaistos", an interstellar starship. Just l ~~~

deviency->deviancy? (replace) context: ~~~ away. A repenting Vitelli promotes love’s cure of her deviency
deviency. “Love, true love,/Hath made a search within me, and expelled/All but my natural softness, and made perfect/That which my parents' care could not be ~~~

devies->davies? (replace) context: ~~~ DNA based structures fall under the study of nanomechanical devies
devies. Nanomechanical motion can achieved by the exploitation of DNA structural transitions such as B-Z transition and the controlled conversion of a PX str ~~~

devined->deveined? (omit) context: ~~~ kam te kel es nur [[#insinuated|insinuat]] o [[#devined
devined| divinat]]. [[#moreover|Ultru]] multes ek li familie ha [[#to suffer|sufra]] [[#sudden|subiti]], sangosi, [[#mysterious|misteriosi]] [[#death|morios]]. ~~~

devisive->divisive? (replace) context: ~~~ In almost all cases, whistleblowing is a devisive
devisive act which leads to public scrutiny of the organization or individuals who were accused. The colleagues of the whistleblower feel betrayed, and often r ~~~

devleop->develop? (swap) context: ~~~ However, If teaching for wisdom and compassion means to devleop
devleop how to be thoughtful of the others, it would be meaningless to think of holistic education apart from the social context. Although the adolescent egoc ~~~

devleopment->development? (swap) context: ~~~ This is closely related to the physical devleopment
devleopment, especially the brain. '''Crystallized intelligence''' by John Horn Ability to apply culturally approved problem-solving methods (106). This is cultur ~~~

devlop->develop? (omit) context: ~~~ motivation, which states that people engage in activities to devlop
devlop knowledge as they maintain their identities and interpersonal relations within a community. In other words, students learn how to be students through ~~~

devloped->developed? (omit) context: ~~~ main focus of the Roku line, a number of smaller games were devloped
devloped for the system.<ref>{{cite news |title=10 Amazing Roku Games You Should Be Playing |url= ~~~

devostating->devastating? (replace) context: ~~~ conference if they are performing poorly, it could be devostating
devostating to the fragile egos of young learners when you ask them to meet with you.Another way to get the most out of these conferences is to give equal share t ~~~

deyhdration->dehydration? (swap) context: ~~~ and become very sensitive and irritated. In more serious deyhdration
deyhdration, dry skin can crack, bleed, and causes an open wound which can lead to infection. Your body creates natural oils to keep your skin moisturized and lub ~~~

dfficulty->difficulty? (omit) context: ~~~ with teachers tells me that is not true. I did have dfficulty
dfficulty understanding why we would not make corrections on the everything. Wouldn't this be demonstrating te correct way? However, I can see why we would not ~~~

dhaan->dhaman? (omit) context: ~~~ Braahmik peeszara peer idhu varei India muzhuka maathram dhaan
dhaan paravi irundhaa. Aanaa innei ki loohath le ellaa edathu le um avaahl ei paakalaam.Vehli uurhahl u ku pooy irukara ivaa ellaar um e nannaa ~~~

diaerasis->diaeresis? (replace) context: ~~~ as well: â, ê, î, ô, û. And also a tréma (French for diaerasis
diaerasis) for vowels: ä, ë, ï, ö, ü, ÿ and combined letters: æ and œ===Vocabulary: Greetings==={| |Salut||Hi./Bye.||(informal)|-|Bonjour||Hello||(mor ~~~

diagnal->diagonal? (omit) context: ~~~ Sometimes you can get the same card twice in one of the diagnal
diagnal lines.*C-?-?-? Row 1*?-C-?-? Row 2Just continue the above routine of checking the other cards. Sometimes you can get unlucky and have this combination ~~~

diagnos->diagnose? (omit) context: ~~~ scope of grade 4, thus shifting a number of previously diagnos
diagnos *'''1966''' PMID 5948714 -- "Classification of prostatic carcinomas." (Gleason DF, Cancer Chemother Rep. 1966 Mar;50(3):125-8.)*'''2005''' P ~~~

diagonsed->diagnosed? (swap) context: ~~~ Australians are estimated to have been diagonsed
diagonsed with osteoarthritis, with the condition being more common among women than men.<ref name="Australian"/> OA is more prevalent with inc ~~~

diagrammes->diagrammers? (omit) context: ~~~ when there is an eclipse of the moon. Then draw simplw diagrammes
diagrammes. Place the "sun" model in the center. Place the "earth" some distance from the sun, and show how it travels in a near circle aroun ~~~

diaku->diaka? (replace) context: ~~~ is no reason for them to take aggro and die to some random diaku
diaku. Hold them back.B. Outer collapse or, 'Whoops, the tanks are dead'. This is a tough one to fix because it's always possible you do everything right, a ~~~

dialgoue->dialogue? (swap) context: ~~~ agreed to construct this book in the form of a collective dialgoue
dialgoue, please remember to include your signature after all of your postings to the WikiBook and the discussion page. **These changes have also been made to ~~~

dialls->dials? (double) context: ~~~ clocks and dialls
dialls, &c.|Wuskont peyâuog| `They will come.'|Teáqua naúntick ewò| `What comes hee for?'|Yo áppitch ewò| `Let him sit there.'|Unhappò kòsh| `Is ~~~

dialte->dilate? (swap) context: ~~~ when applied to the eyes, for examples, causes the pupils to dialte
dialte by inhibiting the parasympathetic tendency for the pupils to constrict.2. Nicotinic Receptors.- They are responsive to nicotine that are found near th ~~~

diamorphic->adiamorphic? (omit) context: ~~~ Some compounds are diamorphic
diamorphic and can have either the zincblende or wurtzite structure. Examples of these compounds that have intermediate polarities include CdS and ZnS. SiO<s ~~~

diamter->diameter? (omit) context: ~~~ before the flight, 84 of the bolts used were too small in diamter
diamter and the remaining six were the correct diameter but too short. How had such an error occurred? The previous windscreen had also been fitted using inc ~~~

dianed->dained? (swap) context: ~~~ *If the dian-maker does not redeem the property dianed
dianed at the original price received for the dian within two years from the end of the said period, the dian-holder acquires the ownership of the property d ~~~

diangosed->diagnosed? (swap) context: ~~~ * Hypertension in pregnant women diangosed
diangosed prior to the 20th wee of gestation. ==== Epidemiology ====* 25% risk of developing preeclampsia, with a 25% recurrence. == Pre-Eclampsia ====== Defini ~~~

dianostic->diagnostic? (omit) context: ~~~ Metabolomics could potentially become a standard dianostic
dianostic tool to maintain health, diagnose ailments as well as provide us an accurate model of biochemical processes within organisms. ==='''Applications'''=== ~~~

diaphram->diaphragm? (omit) context: ~~~ Smaller samples will make better pictures. Closing the diaphram
diaphram on the condensor will prevent the sample from appearing washed out under the microscope.Students should focus on only the colored layer of cells. For ~~~

diarrhoe->diarrhoea? (omit) context: ~~~ % vs. 62.7 % (NS), SD 20.7 % vs. 23.0 % (NS), grade 3/4 diarrhoe
diarrhoe{ {typo help inline|reason=similar to diarrhoea|date=August 2022}} 11.2 % vs. 10.8 % (NS)** pCR (5-FU or CAPE) No OX 19.1 % vs. (5-FU or CAPE) + OX 20.9 ~~~

diassociate->disassociate? (omit) context: ~~~ in oxygen. The low pH in those areas causes oxygen to diassociate
diassociate from hemoglobin, releasing it into the body tissues that need it most.[[Image:Effect of Ph on Hemoglobin's Oxygen Affinity.jpg]]As the pH increases, s ~~~

diasteriomer->diastereomer? (replace) context: ~~~ but different connectivity. A monosaccharide that has diasteriomer
diasteriomer conformation have different chemical and physical property. the D/l configuration applies to the highest numbered stereocenter (in most cases the high ~~~

diasteriomers->diastereomers? (replace) context: ~~~ one chiral center must remain the same. Therefore diasteriomers
diasteriomers are not mirror images of one another. * EPIMER: An epimer is a sugar that differs in configuration at a single asymmetric center. For example D-glucos ~~~

diators->dilators? (omit) context: ~~~ diators
diators, if They Are Designed Correctly. TheyHave the Advantage of a Comparatively Low Re-sistance. ~~~

dibilitating->debilitating? (replace) context: ~~~ MS is a dibilitating
dibilitating disease and many patients report barriers stopping them from being able to exercise, these include:<br>* Fatigue<sup>[10]</sup><b ~~~

dibit->debit? (replace) context: ~~~ are separated into 2 data streams and kept constant over the dibit
dibit period.:::[[Image:Dibit.gif]]Each data stream is fed to a BPSK modulator. However, orthogonal carriers feed the two modulators. The output of the I ch ~~~

dibits->debits? (replace) context: ~~~ that the incoming bits are organized into groups of 2 called dibits
dibits. They are separated into 2 data streams and kept constant over the dibit ~~~

dibug->debug? (replace) context: ~~~ Insight, Biosym Users' Group Send a request to join to: dibug
dibug- ELETQM-L, Electrochemistry Newsgroup, covers synthesis, chemical processes, battery and energy storage, corrosion, biolog ~~~

dicap->decap? (replace) context: ~~~ dicap
dicap, I*4 mles, SANDOWN PARK Races.4.5 p.m.—JOHNSTON’S STUDIO BOYS:Selection, “Foxtrots.”4.15 p.m.—Description of PENNANT CRIC-KET—FinaIs.4. 30 ~~~

dications->dictations? (omit) context: ~~~ dications
dications of a g rad u al changeover toautum n and w in ter conditions havebeen noted, and have been confirm edby rep o rts fro m official observers.A lready ~~~

dichlorobenene->dichlorobenzene? (omit) context: ~~~ p-dichlorobenene
dichlorobenene. o-dichlorobenzene>m-dichlorobenzene. Amongst the meta isomer and toluene, the meta isomer has a higher dipole moment. [Why?]<font color=red> ~~~

dichorism->dichroism? (swap) context: ~~~ changes during the refolding. For instance, in circular dichorism
dichorism, UV is used from far away to provide a measurement of the appearance of the secondary structure during folding. UV at a close distance monitors the f ~~~

dicionary->dictionary? (omit) context: ~~~ : das Wörterbuch - en: dicionary
dicionary : das Buch; die Bücher - en: book: die Sache - en: thing; object; article: fragen - en: to aks: antworten - en: to answer: das Heft - en: exercise bo ~~~

dicounting->discounting? (omit) context: ~~~ diagnostic criteria and to force fit them would lead to dicounting
dicounting or ignoring of other, important symptoms. Furthermore, the triggers of the symptoms may not exist in other areas of the world and, therefore, are onl ~~~

dicra->dirca? (swap) context: ~~~ dir dicra
dicra interrupt diz dizlo low dja cidja food dje djedi full day dji djica desire djo sadjo Saudi dju sidju help do'i donri daytime do'o dotco ~~~

dicussing->discussing? (omit) context: ~~~ the government to limit sugar, salt and fat as it is dicussing
dicussing to solve the problem of obesity.Labour zaih taaoluhn jieejuer chifeir d wehntir, qiarnglieh yaoqiur zhehngfuu xiahnzhih tarng, ~~~

dicycles->dicyclies? (omit) context: ~~~ wheels parallel to each other, these vehicles are called dicycles
dicycles, or one wheel in front of the other, tandemly placed wheels. Two wheeled robots must keep moving to remain upright and they can do this by driving in ~~~

dieases->diseases? (omit) context: ~~~ Fungal dieases
dieases can be controlled through the use of fungicides in agriculture, however new races of fungi often evolve that are resistant to various [[../Fungicides| ~~~

diectory->directory? (omit) context: ~~~ # That is, if a sub-diectory
diectory cannot be made because its parent directory does not exist, # just make the parent directory first rather than reporting an error. # The “one at a ~~~

dielectic->dialectic? (replace) context: ~~~ for capacitance of different shapes, dependence on dielectic
dielectic constant, units==Batteries==Behaviour in circuits==Solving circuits==Kirchoff's laws, Thévenin's theorem==Hall effect, Piezoelectricity, etc==Voltage ~~~

dientify->identify? (swap) context: ~~~ while all other objects are processed in parallel to dientify
dientify the target.====Central Capacity Theories<br>====Central capacity theories state that the ability for someone to attend to a stimulus is based on ~~~

diesases->diseases? (swap) context: ~~~ complexes. Incorrectly assembled ribosomes may give rise to diesases
diesases, therefore studying ribosome biogenesis may offer insights in developing more efficient ways to treat diseases. It is essential for scientists to unde ~~~

diethlstilbestrol->diethylstilbestrol? (omit) context: ~~~ target tissues or cells. Example of this can be diethlstilbestrol
diethlstilbestrol diphosphate or 6-mercaptopurine. Then there is Type IB where is located in the metabolic tissues of the liver, Gl mucosal cell, or the lungs and examp ~~~

dietry->dietary? (omit) context: ~~~ Heart Rate, use of a bronchodilator and ensure appropriate dietry
dietry intake before, during and after exercise.=== Research ===''In-hospital Exercise Training Programs in Children with Cystic Fibrosis''<ref>7. Selv ~~~

difectives->defectives? (replace) context: ~~~ irregulars, transitives, intransitives, reflexives, difectives
difectives and modals. Sicilian has one verb that is auxiliary. '''[[Verbu Ausiliari|Auxiliary Verbs]]''''''[[Verbi Rigulari|Regular Verbs]]''''''[[Verbi Irrigul ~~~

diferences->deferences? (replace) context: ~~~ Some diferences
diferences * <span style="color:blue;">White</span> sand : '''a nu'u <span style="color:blue;">vulavula</span>'''* &l ~~~

diferens->deferens? (replace) context: ~~~ :Vas diferens
diferens- a pipe used by the sperm cells while traveling to the urethra.:Seminal vesiclesecretes extra fluids that supply the sperm with nutrients (alkaline sec ~~~

difers->defers? (replace) context: ~~~ can be installed onto the hub. The design of a freewheel hub difers
difers from a proper track hub, so special care must be taken with the installation. Because braking on a fixed gear bike can be accomplished by resisting t ~~~

diffeence->difference? (omit) context: ~~~ A Change in variable is a term used to express the diffeence
diffeence between 2 variables . Let <math>\Delta</math> represents Change in 2 variables <math>x_0</math> and <math>x</math> ~~~

diffeent->different? (omit) context: ~~~ the bases are identical. But in most other cases they are diffeent
diffeent. The verb ''iru'' 'to be' is in its imperative singular form.Its present tense base is 'iruk'. In all three tense forms, verbs have different endings f ~~~

differantial->differential? (replace) context: ~~~ Any force acting on an object can be expressed in a differantial
differantial equation: <math>F = m \frac{d^2y}{dt^2}</math>Equilibrium is reached when F = F<sub>s</sub>: <math>F = m \frac{d^2y}{dt^ ~~~

differeces->differences? (omit) context: ~~~ Seifert, Kelvin (2008, December 20). Some differeces
differeces between student-written and commercial textbooks about educational psychology. Retrieved February 22, 2009, from Teaching Educational Psychology Open- ~~~

differening->differencing? (omit) context: ~~~ concentrations, not from concentrated seawater. The differening
differening ionic compositions of tidally connected lagoons and inland salt lakes make the development of any such relationship fairly site specific, so it is rar ~~~

differenlty->differently? (swap) context: ~~~ transit, during which the aerodynamic forces evolve differenlty
differenlty. * The aerodynamic forces are obtained for a single reference velocity (the Reynolds number is constrained).* We didn't include the propulsive forces ( ~~~

differental->differential? (omit) context: ~~~ includes fding by tectonic processes which resulted differental
differental stress. Rock is the. Flattened and deformed with the mineral recrystalise ~~~

differentated->differentiated? (omit) context: ~~~ rather than terms themselves and are in fact not differentated
differentated, only the scalars which represent the vector's components in each direction differentiate.Assuming that each component is not a constant and thus has ~~~

differentiaion->differentiation? (omit) context: ~~~ off or on when needed, which is very integral in cell differentiaion
differentiaion and development of embryos. Nanog and Oct4 help to keep the stem cells to be undifferentiated. A third test is to use specific techniques to look for ~~~

differentias->differentials? (omit) context: ~~~ Catherina: Il habeva multe differentias
differentias inter nosque io gradualmente discoperiva durante le primeanno de nostre maritage.Petro: Vostre marito anque travaliava in letransporto?Catherina: No, ~~~

differes->differers? (omit) context: ~~~ Look at the example above. It differes
differes from the finder method above only that a conditional for the players which should be returned is added. @ejb.finder signature="Collection findB ~~~

differnce->difference? (omit) context: ~~~ ECX := differnce
differnce between s/dest x ADD ECX, 32 AND CL, 1FH ; CL := rotate shift count CMP BX, WORD dy[EBP] ; sy < dy ? was EBX JL CB10 ; yes goto CB10 JMP ~~~

differnet->different? (swap) context: ~~~ (IRC)]] network such as [[wikipedia:Freenode|Freenode]] or differnet
differnet kinds of Internet forums.=== Writing Functional Specifications ===Functional specifications are design documents that aim to explain how the end-user ~~~

differnt->different? (omit) context: ~~~ similar suburban Californian schools were each assigned a differnt
differnt intervention* ''Adult modelling'' (51 students) -Students were taught active recess games during six of their PE classes* ''Teachers encouragemen ~~~

differntial->differential? (omit) context: ~~~ *The four major differntial
differntial fractions.1. The Nuclear Fraction:-->The pellet produced by centrifugation of the original homogenate at 600g for 10 minutes.2. The Mitochondrial F ~~~

differrence->difference? (double) context: ~~~ An interesting sex-differrence
differrence was shown by Pennebaker (1982). A mediating variable in the non-specific symptom report was the time frame of the symptom measure. Women were found to ~~~

diffie->diffide? (omit) context: ~~~ * Key Exchange Methods diffie
diffie- hellman-group1-sha1, diffie- ~~~

diffiicult->difficult? (double) context: ~~~ it while retaining its accurate positioning, which can be diffiicult
diffiicult. If it comes out oversize this may be corrected by appropriate precision shims which are a nuisance to maintain in position. Obviously it is far bette ~~~

diffiuclties->difficulties? (swap) context: ~~~ Hyrule Temple: Fight Zelda, on easier diffiuclties
diffiuclties she's a pushover, but on higher difficulties she seems to have perfect aim all the time, so shield often.Very Easy: 1<br>Easy: 2<br>Normal ~~~

diffrences->differences? (omit) context: ~~~ It has some diffrences
diffrences than to M16 Becase it is Fully Auto and Packs More Of a Punch. But you do have to kill an opfor to get it.{{BookCat}}</text> <sha1>l1t7njccsj784a ~~~

diffrent->different? (omit) context: ~~~ A point. Awarded for diffrent
diffrent things depending on which style server you are on. For example a frag in DM (death match) would be awarded for killing anyone else. In Team DM it woul ~~~

dificult->difficult? (omit) context: ~~~ what he knows about the missing pope, but Julius finds it dificult
dificult to believe such a story. Nevertheless, he helps him retrieve the money from the bank and gives him a train ticket in his name. By coincidence, when Am ~~~

dificulties->difficulties? (omit) context: ~~~ high rvalues, where dificulties
dificulties would arise in the manufacture, sincethe fineness of the wire would constitute a definite problem.These resistors can be connected,like batteries, in ~~~

dificulty->difficulty? (omit) context: ~~~ dificulty
dificulty in getting them, send me aP.O. and I will return its value instamps.Wishing the "R. W." long life andevery success. -K. G. S. Wright(A W177D ~~~

digitos->digitus? (replace) context: ~~~ tectum trabesque extremas quadratas regulas IIII patentes digitos
digitos difigunt, quae lateres, qui super musculo struantur, contineant. Ita fastigato atque ordinatim structo, ut trabes erant in capreolis ~~~

dignosed->diagnosed? (omit) context: ~~~ Cognitive and psychiatric symptoms are rarely the first dignosed
dignosed. they are usually only recognized when the disease develops further. CT and MRI can show the atrophy of caudate nuclei in the disease. A pre-symptom ~~~

dilbert->dulbert? (replace) context: ~~~ dilbert
dilbert : read the Dilbert comic strip;garfield: read the Garfiled comic strip====''Movie search''====;imdb: search the International Movie Database;imdbq ( ~~~

dilineates->delineates? (replace) context: ~~~ it dilineates
dilineates the universe of possible members.<center>[[Image:Linalg_venn_forall.png|x200px]]</center>To prove that a statement holds in all cases,we m ~~~

dimenional->dimensional? (omit) context: ~~~ throughout this and other books when describing the 3-dimenional
dimenional nature of organic molecules. You should be able to look at it and immediately know which bonds lie in the same plane, which ones are coming towards us ~~~

dimensino->dimension? (swap) context: ~~~ *T3 - more than 5 cm in greatest dimensino
dimensino *T4 - invades deep extradermal structures (i.e. cartilage, muscle, bone)''Regional Lymph Nodes:''*N0 - no*N1 - yes''Distant Metastases:''*M0 - no*M1 - ~~~

dimensionaly->dimensionally? (omit) context: ~~~ Is this formula dimensionaly
dimensionaly correct? We would have to know the dimensions of each of these symbols. We know most of them: * F, force is ML/T<sup>2</sup>* r, radius is ~~~

dimesions->dimensions? (omit) context: ~~~ direct connection to the actual tensions, feelings, and dimesions
dimesions you are interpreting and expressing in your work. Drawing can be an invaluable way to develop a direct connection to the world around you and develop ~~~

dimineralization->demineralization? (replace) context: ~~~ an important role in the dynamic equilibrium of dimineralization
dimineralization- remineralization of the tooth surface. Therefore, food's form, frequency of sugar and alcohol intake, and combination of vital nutrients and minerals ~~~

dimissed->dismissed? (omit) context: ~~~ mandatory and if you miss so many days of school, you are dimissed
dimissed from the program until the next semester. (B. Cartwright, personal communication, September 30, 2008).<table WIDTH="60%" ALIGN="righ ~~~

dinko->dinka? (replace) context: ~~~ di'o dinko
dinko nail di'u dinju building dib dirba dear dic dikca electric dig dirgo ~~~

diods->didos? (swap) context: ~~~ scenarios one of the transistors connects one of the red diods
diods parallel to the green one, while shortens the other red. Other benefit of this simple, but powerful method is the big tolerance of output and input vo ~~~

dioicious->dioecious? (replace) context: ~~~ Liverwort species may be either dioicous or monoicous. In dioicious
dioicious liverworts, female and male sex organs are borne on different and separate gametophyte plants. In monoicious ~~~

dioicus->dioicous? (omit) context: ~~~ Aruncus dioicus
dioicus File:Kitseenelas 1.jpg pollen nectar spring flowers excellent for pollinatorsAsclepias incarnata pollen nectar caterpillar host plant summer flowers f ~~~

dioramma->diorama? (double) context: ~~~ B. John made a dioramma
dioramma on the solar system C. Jennifer took a paper and pencil test on her home state Virginia D. Tim, James, and Shawn gave a presentation on how th ~~~

diosrder->disorder? (swap) context: ~~~ for individuals with history of recurrent major depressive diosrder
diosrder. Segal, Williams and Teasdale (2001) found that participation in MBCT prevented depressive relapse.== Philosophical Underpinning ==acceptance of sympt ~~~

dious->odious? (omit) context: ~~~ dious
dious y o u th th is c o u n try needs fo rh e r f u tu re m anhood. ~~~

diphteria->diphtheria? (omit) context: ~~~ a RC-specific promoter that directs the expression of a diphteria
diphteria toxin Achain gene [DT-A tsM ]) have more lateral roots, and these, in turn, are more highly branched than those of wild-type plants (Tsugeki & Fed ~~~

diphtong->diphthong? (omit) context: ~~~ Some ancient verbs end on a diphtong
diphtong followed by <small>{{Tengwar|\1ÎE}}</small> -''tya'', they probably follow the same rule as the others:* <small>{{Tengwar|qlD1ÎE\} ~~~

diphtongized->diphthongized? (omit) context: ~~~ The accent on vowels indicates a diphtongized
diphtongized version of that vowel. However two of them, ''i'' and ''u'' are just modified into longer forms{| border="1"|<span style="font-famil ~~~

diping->dipping? (omit) context: ~~~ your iron clean by diping
diping it into the solderingfluid occasionally. I can do the job more quicklythan I can tell you since a friend showed me the way.The last connection is comp ~~~

diplaces->displaces? (omit) context: ~~~ and forms a much stronger bond with the iron. It thus diplaces
diplaces the oxygen from the complex and reduces the blood’s ability to carry oxygen. It is thus a very poisonous gas.==== cisplatin ====The square planar co ~~~

diplay->display? (omit) context: ~~~ // diplay
diplay array; display(array); return 0;}</syntaxhighlight>Solution #4<syntaxhighlight lang="cpp">//By David J#include &l ~~~

diplayed->displayed? (omit) context: ~~~ diplayed
diplayed instead of the node name. You can use this to mark nodes. See MUIA_NList_Format for details about column handling. To remove the hook and use th ~~~

diplogin->diplogen? (replace) context: ~~~ * diplogin
diplogin - used for setting up incoming dip connections. See the man page for dip.* dir - a variation of the GNU ls command that defaults to printing file name ~~~

dipthongs->diphthongs? (omit) context: ~~~ * A Latin word has as many syllables as it has vowels and dipthongs
dipthongs. * Latin words are divided into syllables as follows:# A single consonant between two vowels goes with the second (e.g. fa-ci-li-us).# In a combination ~~~

dirce->dirca? (replace) context: ~~~ light/lamp (= tergu'i) See also dirce
dirce, manku, solri, carmi, ctino, kantu.*viska see `vision'**Rafsi: vis, vi'a**Definition: x<sub>1</sub> sees/views/perceives visually x<sub ~~~

direc->deric? (swap2) context: ~~~ The runway beacon gives indication of the direc
direc~ tional ~~~

direcion->dicerion? (swap2) context: ~~~ Downtown via 10 stations on the Blue Line. In the southerly direcion
direcion, the Blue Line links to Long Beach. This is the only Blue Line station in Willowbrook. Stations to the north include 103rd Street (near Watts Tower), ~~~

directionaly->directionally? (omit) context: ~~~ The result of this addition were again two beams of directionaly
directionaly different spun electrons except in the horizontal orientation. The last part of this experiment was sending one of the beams from the horizontally ori ~~~

directiry->directory? (replace) context: ~~~ Radium data folder. If you did not specify a custom data directiry
directiry, this folder is located in your %appdata%/Radium directory, in the same place as your wallet.dat. <code>cd %appdata%/radium</code><code ~~~

directons->directions? (omit) context: ~~~ brick. It runs off of batteries which give the robot its directons
directons as the program is stored onto it.<br/><br/>'''Mathematics of Robot Control'''<br/><br/>The mathematics of robot control is wha ~~~

diree->doree? (replace) context: ~~~ Direct current flows in one diree
diree tion only, i.e., is uni-directional. Fig.1 shows a graphical representation o1a steady direct current of 2 amperes.The time is taken trom the momentth ~~~

direted->directed? (omit) context: ~~~ signal recognition particular (SPR). The molecule is then direted
direted towards a pore, called the Sec61 translocon, in the membrane of the ER where it is allowed to pass through and into the ER. One interesting fact about ~~~

diretory->directory? (omit) context: ~~~ directory. That means somewhere outside the actual home diretory
diretory which means [ sshd(8)] needs to be configured appropriately to find the keys in that special location. Here is one metho ~~~

dirgo->dirge? (replace) context: ~~~ dig dirgo
dirgo drop dij dinju building dik dikni regular dil dilnu cloud dim dimna fate din jdini money dir dicra ~~~

dirize->diarize? (omit) context: ~~~ dir: dirize
dirize dir attempt [files: load dir] ] [ foreach file files [delete-dir dir/:file] ] attempt [delete dir]]</pre>{{BookCat}}</t ~~~

dirout->derout? (replace) context: ~~~ * dir | tee dirout
dirout. txt | lessLinks:* [ tee],* [ tee ma ~~~

dirunal->diurnal? (swap) context: ~~~ c) Glycogen synthesis and degradation is dirunal
dirunal in cyanobacteria.Cyanobacteria as Biofuel Producers:- Nitrogen Fixation- Hydrogen Evolution- Flotation/Motility- Dense Mat Growth- Extremophiles (Temp ~~~

dirven->driven? (swap) context: ~~~ However, horse dirven
dirven streetcars were never an ideal transportation. Overwhelmingly heavy loads could not be hauled by horse, and the animals were expensive and needed to r ~~~

disabilites->disabilities? (omit) context: ~~~ offers students with multiple physical and cognitive disabilites
disabilites the opprtunity ~~~

disabilty->disability? (omit) context: ~~~ education program in reducing the risk of major mobility disabilty
disabilty. == Where is the research from? ==This research was published in the {{w|Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)}}, one of the world's top r ~~~

disablities->disabilities? (omit) context: ~~~ able secondary level students and students with learning disablities
disablities or behavioural problems have the option of attending prevocational schools, technical colleges and special schools where they can follow a curriculum ~~~

disacharide->disaccharide? (omit) context: ~~~ 3 glucose residues in the starch chain, releasing the disacharide
disacharide{ {typo help inline|reason=similar to disaccharide|date=August 2022}} sugar maltose.It may help to imagine alpha amylase as an enzyme that breaks chains ~~~

disadvanteged->disadvantaged? (replace) context: ~~~ put, some units are stronger than other units, but are disadvanteged
disadvanteged to yet other units. You must decide how best to position the "scissors" to have the greatest effect.''Commanding Officers'''#[[Nintendo Wars ~~~

disadvantges->disadvantages? (omit) context: ~~~ of adhesions or exudates in CBD, CHD, CD due to disadvantges
disadvantges. **Advantages:***Gallbladder can be removed in the presence of adhesions or exudates in CBD, CHD, CD.**Disadvantages:*** More chance to injure:****CBD. ~~~

disapears->disappears? (omit) context: ~~~ In other cases the y sound disapears
disapears entirely:: しゃ (sha): しゅ (shu): しょ (sho)Look at the [[Japanese/Kana Chart|Kana Chart]] for the others.{{BookCat}}</text> <sha1>qsakseo ~~~

disappeard->disappeared? (omit) context: ~~~ appears in the character choice screen, he has just disappeard
disappeard from the game. The only way I've found to fix this is to reset and start from your last save point.==Sketch==Be very careful when using Relm's sketch ~~~

disase->disbase? (omit) context: ~~~ dabilitating diseases such as heart disease, cardiovascualar disase
disase, cancer, type 2 diabetes and obesity[1][2].===Cancer===Cancer is a disease of the body's cells. Under normal circumstances cells grow and multiplay in ~~~

disases->discases? (omit) context: ~~~ for their regenerative capabilities in an attempt to cure disases
disases previously thought to be incurable, such as Huntington's, Parkinsons, and Alzheimers by attempting to trigger the regeneration of the neurons who's de ~~~

disater->diaster? (swap) context: ~~~ trying the Prince of Anjou, but he proved to be a disater
disater. When Queen Elizibeth of England was offered the crown, she declined. All options for foreign royalty being exhausted, the civilian body States Genera ~~~

disatisfaction->dissatisfaction? (omit) context: ~~~ a person who could help him out of his sickness of disatisfaction
disatisfaction. He went to a lot of western psychotherapists. Unfortunately, deep in their souls they were suffering from the sickness of dissatisfaction, of always ~~~

disavantages->disadvantages? (omit) context: ~~~ While it is interesting to see work by one's peers, the disavantages
disavantages of having a student-made textbook outweigh the advantages. [[User:Mbrowder|Mbrowder]] ([[User talk:Mbrowder|talk]]) 18:38, 16 August 2009 (UTC)== It d ~~~

discarge->discharge? (omit) context: ~~~ This corresponds to capacitors in the uF range of a self-discarge
discarge constant of about 2000–4000 s.<ref>[ Wima,Insulation Resistance]</ref>Insulation resistance ~~~

disceptive->discerptive? (omit) context: ~~~ four weight loss supplement companies who used disceptive
disceptive marketing techniques to sell their products. <ref> FTC takes action against deceptive weight-loss products. (n.d.). Retrieved December 7, 2014, ~~~

discete->discrete? (omit) context: ~~~ a lossy compression algorithm, supports up to 6.1 ch (5.1 discete
discete + 1 matrix) and is widely used on DVD (bitrate up to 448 kbps) and Blu-ray Disc (bitrate up to 640kbps). It is also one of the most preferred formats ~~~

discii->disci? (double) context: ~~~ (the probability of the outcome), the vast majority of the discii
discii will hit three places on the wall. These factors include: Double-slits to wall distance, width of slits, distance between slits, depth of each slit, a ~~~

disciplne->discipline? (omit) context: ~~~ sustainable software development requires both disciplne
disciplne and agility” (p23). It is acknowledged that the agile methods are best suited to smaller projects where the client is accessible and requirements m ~~~

disclosses->discloses? (double) context: ~~~ dashes, disclosses
disclosses that a messageis being sent to one! o.:' the Australianships. A momer; ~~~

discontinous->discontinuous? (omit) context: ~~~ *Skin is thin, SQ fat is sparse, and muscle layer is discontinous
discontinous, which makes surgery challenging but also increases risk of cartilage necrosis during RT*Tumor infiltration may be deep due to ear location within emb ~~~

discoplinary->disciplinary? (replace) context: ~~~ * Use of multi-discoplinary
discoplinary teamwork::Multidisciplinary teams consist of staff from several different professional backgrounds who have different areas of expertise.<ref>ht ~~~

discovred->discovered? (omit) context: ~~~ of OGT has not been clearly defined. But, it has been discovred
discovred that OGT is O-GlcNAcylated and phosphorylated (Hart).== O-GlcNAcase ==Nucleocytoplasmic β-N-acetylglucosaminidase (O-GlcNAcase) is the enzyme that re ~~~

discpline->discipline? (omit) context: ~~~ the study of oratory to its pre-Socratic roots, as a meta-discpline
discpline that governed more than juridical proceedings. (see pg 212, III.cxix). Crassus:</p>:"The real power of eloquence is such, that it embraces ~~~

discrate->discreate? (omit) context: ~~~ Now We replaced our discrate
discrate differential amplifier with Op-Amp:And the time diagram:The green line is for differential amp. Here we could see that op-amp is slightly different fr ~~~

discribes->describes? (replace) context: ~~~ This scetch discribes
discribes the complete wiring diagram for power supply, data collector, stage box, distributed input with socket and remote mixing console:[[File:ChoirWire_Wiri ~~~

disecting->disjecting? (omit) context: ~~~ sentences apart into words. Such a process is more like disecting
disecting{ {typo help inline|reason=similar to bisecting|date=August 2022}} a language than actually using it. What is needed is many phrases, catagorized proper ~~~

dised->daised? (omit) context: ~~~ dised
dised, and it's not playing thegame to the genuine person whoabides by the laws as laid downby the authorities. These unli-censed experimenters believe they ~~~

disenfrenchised->disenfranchised? (replace) context: ~~~ and this caused anger amongst his followers. A disenfrenchised
disenfrenchised Mormon named William Law, published his excesses in a newspaper called Nauvoo Expositor. Smith ordered his loyal followers to destroy the printing pre ~~~

disensitization->desensitization? (replace) context: ~~~ === Eye-movement disensitization
disensitization reprocessing ====== Exposure Therapy ===Keane and his colleagues first applied Exposure Therapy (ET) to the treatment of PTSD in the form of single-su ~~~

disintermediaton->disintermediation? (omit) context: ~~~ and new regulation are characteristic signs of disintermediaton
disintermediaton at work, and whether the pushback will be enough to stunt the new technology's growth is an open question for the next few years to answer.== Referenc ~~~

dispacements->displacements? (omit) context: ~~~ function (parabola) with respect to the atomic dispacements
dispacements and the first overtone would have twice the frequency of the fundamental. In reality vibrations are [[anharmonicity|anharmonic]] and the first overton ~~~

dispacher->dispatcher? (omit) context: ~~~ Problem are the dispacher
dispacher macros. They'll currently only work with MUI_CreateCustomClass(). If I define them like our BOOPSI macros I have a new problem: what happens if I defi ~~~

dispater->disputer? (replace) context: ~~~ * a main dispater
dispater function for starting the transform* a single function for each table element* a function to process the class attributes for each elementTo transform ~~~

dispite->despite? (replace) context: ~~~ 911 call admitted in evidence as res gestae hearsay dispite
dispite issues with impairment* R. v. Khan, [ 2010 ONCJ 580] -- complainant's 911 call admis ~~~

displaing->displacing? (omit) context: ~~~ # After displaing
displaing BOOT LOADER choose F2 from OPTIONS if you want to change language (default=english).# Click ENTER to load system.== Network configuration ==# Having E ~~~

displyas->displays? (swap) context: ~~~ proportion of nonphosphorylatable p62-expressing cells displyas
displyas lagging chromosomes and micronuclei, which are indicative of increased genome instability.” These observations demonstrate that p62 stimulates tumor ~~~

disposions->displosions? (omit) context: ~~~ un outil, et comme l'outil le plus efficace dont nous disposions
disposions dans notre domaine professionnel, il faut lui ôter son côté hermétique et expliquer clairement ce que nous savons ~~~

disrespectfull->disrespectful? (double) context: ~~~ should be restructed, I do feel that it is very disrespectfull
disrespectfull for a student to be doing unrelated school activities during a class, it is distracting as well. If a students is really not in the class to pay atten ~~~

dissatified->dissatisfied? (omit) context: ~~~ with it. Conti nevertheless says the work left him dissatified
dissatified, but only to a certain extent. "I am happy with my dissatisfaction," he says. What is lost from the eye to the brush makes him prouder than ~~~

disscuss->discuss? (double) context: ~~~ frustrating. I understand where both articles we read disscuss
disscuss the importance of objective and positive reinforcing comments on every assignment. It does not take a lot of time to sit down and write a few sentenc ~~~

dissoved->dissaved? (replace) context: ~~~ solution and the liquid with less dissoved
dissoved solutes is called a <i>hypotonic</i> solution. If the solutions on both sides of the membrane have the same concentration, it is called &l ~~~

disspell->dispell? (double) context: ~~~ Light barrier, which you can shoot with a Light Arrow to disspell
disspell it.Once back in the main room, go to the left to enter the Fire trial.{{-}}==Fire trial==As soon as you enter, equip the Goron Tunic and the Hover Boo ~~~

disspelled->dispelled? (double) context: ~~~ With all the barriers disspelled
disspelled, you can enter the central tower now. Cross the bridge and get inside.==Inside Ganon's Castle==The inside of the tower is exactly identical to the one ~~~

disspersed->dispersed? (double) context: ~~~ It is risky but rewards about 3000 Exprience that is disspersed
disspersed throughout the party.=== Ludibrium Stage 6 ===;Enemies: None;Etc: Numbered Boxes;Required classes: None;Completion: Follow boxes in order to reach the ~~~

dissy->dassy? (replace) context: ~~~ EmilPRO : replacement for the deprecated dissy
dissy disassembler.:;x86dis : This program can be used to display binary streams such as the boot sector or other uns ~~~

distanc->distance? (omit) context: ~~~ Open and distanc
distanc learning consists of a flexible learning phrase in which the learner is in charge of his or her own learning and development. It not only tries to rem ~~~

distane->distance? (omit) context: ~~~ distane
distane track: etwas weiter – en: slightly further; a little bit further: das Gepäck – en: luggage{|| | style="background: green" | [ ~~~

distanes->distances? (omit) context: ~~~ not of great value for distanes
distanes over ahundred miles . Bornite alone · andwith zincite gave good results, enpriterather poor, while the re:;;ults frommagnetile, iron pyrites ancl sil ~~~

distest->distrest? (omit) context: ~~~ distest
distest= 1/10/320/200 }</pre>To use it :* Save file to fractint main directory. * Run fractint. * press 2 key* press F6 key* select fileReset causes Fr ~~~

distiction->distinction? (omit) context: ~~~ (USM) was set up in 1969, it was conferred the unique distiction
distiction of offering courses for part-time students, besides peroviding courses for regular on-campus students. When USM pioneered distance education in the co ~~~

distin->destin? (replace) context: ~~~ radio associations, members of which have distin
distin- guished themselves by logging various stations onthe Pacific Coast of America, and arrangements areat present under way to establish two -way commu- ~~~

distinc->distinct? (omit) context: ~~~ interspersed with nonmethylated regions. In other words, no distinc
distinc pattern is seen in this kingdom of species. It should also be noted that surprisingly the kingdom plantae are organisms that are found to have the hig ~~~

distince->distance? (replace) context: ~~~ on the DNA. The heterodimers of RXR can bind to various distince
distince response elements on the DNA to control processees ~~~

distings->dustings? (replace) context: ~~~ * distings
distings connected learner, learning from each other and from profession* Place into 3D taxonomy: Reflect on each tree, fadual, thinking process are they doing ~~~

distnat->distant? (swap) context: ~~~ OS 75%. Local recurrence 11%, regional/in-transit 12%, distnat
distnat mets 14%. Desmoplastic melanoma LR 7% vs. desmoplastic neurotropic melanoma 20% vs. historical overall melanoma 3%. As a function of thickness, compar ~~~

distoring->distorting? (omit) context: ~~~ setting the edges at the ends to hard will keep it from distoring
distoring. You can also use contour and collapse on the ends to keep the mesh all quads and tris.[[Image:PropellerTut 01.jpg]]=Propeller=The propeller consists ~~~

distractors->distracters? (replace) context: ~~~ have to know how to generate other tenses to create the distractors
distractors, e.g., if it sees "bought" it would have to generate something like "was buying", "have bought", "had bought", ~~~

distrbed->disturbed? (omit) context: ~~~ treatment as well as decreased depression and decreased in distrbed
distrbed sleep.<ref>Wigers S, Stiles T, Vogel P. Effects of Aerobic Exercise Versus Stress Management Treatment in Fibromyalgia. Scandinavian Journal of ~~~

distrubed->disturbed? (swap) context: ~~~ students. In 1986 she identified a group of children more distrubed
distrubed than the others and who did not fit Ainsworth's original 3 categories of attachment. She termed this fourth category of attachment'''"disoriente ~~~

distruction->destruction? (replace) context: ~~~ during adulthood it may cause osteoarthritis or joint distruction
distruction. Age, the presence of leg ulcers, previous ostyeonecrosis of the humeral or femoral head, and higher hemoglobin levels all raise the risk of developin ~~~

distur->dastur? (replace) context: ~~~ which eliminate the usual distur
distur- bances. ~~~

disturbin->disturbing? (omit) context: ~~~ are fitted with a draft sheld to protect them from disturbin
disturbin air currents. <!-- Picture? --> :2. Strictly by definition: weighing instrument of accuracy class I with a weighing capacity in the range of 100 ~~~

disuasion->dissuasion? (omit) context: ~~~ in paying for progress. This has prevented a mass disuasion
disuasion of free users as one would see in games such as Zt online. The important part is to balance the act of encouraging payment while still providing incen ~~~