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A UNESCO World Heritage Site is a place which is listed as being of special cultural, physical or spiritual significance. These sites can include forests, mountains, lakes, deserts, monuments, buildings or cities. There are currently 1092 sites in the world. Italy has 54 such sites, more than any other country.

Parthenon, Athens, Greece
Staré Město, Prague, Czech Republic

UNESCO World Heritage SitesEdit

The AmericasEdit

North and South America



Asia & PacificEdit



Taj Mahal, India
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Sections to include in every bookEdit

We should aim to include a fairly equal number of sites from each continent - having 90% of the sites in the USA or France would put many people off. Each new page should include an image (the more, the merrier), a map showing the location within that country and a link to that country's page in WJ Europe, WJ South America or WJ North America projects, a description of the site and its importance and if it's a religious site then include a link to the Wikijunior World Religions page for that religion.