Wikijunior:World Heritage Sites/Tallinn

Tallinn is the capital of a European country called Estonia. It is located on the north-eastern part of Estonia and borders the Gulf of Finland. The city is next to many lakes. The largest of these lakes is called Lake Ülemiste. Most of the local people get their drinking water from this lake. Tallinn's Old Town, the town center of Tallin in the older days, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Tallinn is first placed on a map in 1154 by a cartographer (person who draws out maps) called Muhammad al-Idris. He called it Qlwn. The city was subsequently captured by Danes, and they renamed it Reval. In 1920 Estonia became independent. The city was then renamed Tallin. Today more than 400,000 people live in Tallinn. This is one third of the population of Estonia. It is a big sea port. Its food and clothing industries are important to Estonia. The town has many old pretty buildings.