Wikijunior:World Heritage Sites/Golden Mountains of Altai

Golden Mountains of Altai is located in Siberia, a region of Russia. It is a large region of around 6,848 square miles (17,740 square kilometers). There are two natural reserves located within it, which is called Altai and Katun respectively. There are other geographical features in it such as another mountain called Beluka as well as a lake called Teletskoye. Ukok Plateau (high plain or a tableland) is located in it too. It was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in the 1988. It was given the honour as it "represents the most complete sequence of altitudinal vegetation zones central Siberia". This simply means that all habitats from different altitudes (heights) are very well protected. There are a lot of animals protected in this region also. Snow leopards are one of them. There are also large brown bears, wolverines and eagles (golden eagles) in it too.