Medal of Honor: Frontline

This is a guide to the highly popular PlayStation 2 game - Medal of Honor: Frontline. This guide was originally written for by CGorman, but they decided to make it freely available to be edited by anyone on Wikibooks. Please add to it if you have any further knowledge of the game or spot mistakes. Hopefully, this being the first guide for a PlayStation 2 game on Wikibooks, will encourage others to add new guides for other titles.

Table of Contents edit

1. The Basics

Medals and Stars
Difficulty Levels
Enemy Bios
Walkthrough Notes

2. The Walktroughs

Prologue: D-Day
Campaign 1: A Storm in the Port
Campaign 2: Needle in a Haystack
Campaign 3: Several Bridges too Far
Campaign 4: Rolling Thunder
Campaign 5: The Horten's Nest

3. Tips/Further Information

Strategies and Tips
Bored? Try these!
Getting a Gold Star - Level by Level
Rest in Series

Notes edit

  • This game is set in World War 2, from an Allied point of view. Sometimes phrases like 'shoot the German beside the door', 'Kill the Nazi behind the barrel', or 'the enemies beside the barn' are used. These are used solely to help players win the game - and they are not intended to cause offense to Germans, Germany or any one with German friends/relatives.
  • Some cheats and tips in this guide are intended for the PlayStation 2 version only.