Wikijunior:Big Book of Fun Science Experiments

Hello and Welcome to the Big Book of fun Science Experiments!

This book is about science experiments that you can do in the home and experiments that you can nag your teacher to do in school. These experiments are easy to do and help in understanding various things about science.

Contents edit

Featured Experiments edit

A drawing of green slime

Yucky gooey slime! Isn't it just great?! We love it!

A red cabbage growing in a field
  • Red cabbage indicator
  • Red cabbage indicators are great for showing if something is an acid or base. It's that exciting!

A drawing of a simple pinhole camera

Want to be able to see the sun and solar eclipses clearly without hurting your eyes? Then this is for you!

Watch those raisins dance in the soda water

        Raisin Dance

        Make those raisins dance. And the best bit is - after you finish your experiment, you can eat the raisins!

Other Experiments edit



  • Grow Your Own Fungi - Don't have a garden? Never mind, you can create your own miniature one on a slice of bread.
  • Guide a Termite - Make them obey your every command!
  • Keep your mouse warm - Ever had those days where you get to your mouse and you find the worst thing ever; that your mouse is — A LITTLE CHILLY? Well avoid such day wreckers in the future with this fun experiment.
  • Make a colorful flower - How to dye a white carnation flower pretty colors.



Requested Experiments edit