Wikijunior:Big Book of Fun Science Experiments/Simple switch

To make a simple switch you will need:

  • a battery
  • a bulb in a bulb holder
  • a small block of wood
  • 2 brass pins
  • a paperclip
  • 3 wires with "alligator" clips.

Build Your SwitchEdit

  • Measure your paperclip, then subtract 14 inches (0.64 cm) from its length.
  • Shove the pins in the wood that far apart, making sure one of the pins goes through the paperclip.

Wire Up!Edit

  • Run a wire from one terminal of the battery to one pin on the switch.
  • Run another wire from the other pin to the bulb.
  • Run the third wire from the other terminal of the bulb to the second terminal of the battery.

Have Fun!