Information Competencies for Chemistry Undergraduates

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Introduction This document identifies the skills and knowledge chemistry undergraduates should develop to successfully navigate the scientific and chemical literature in preparing for graduate work or employment as a chemist.
Section 1 Big Picture: The Library And Scientific Literature
Outlines what chemistry undergraduates should know about the library and scientific literature.
Section 2 Chemical Literature
Expected skills and recommended resources for finding background information, articles and other chemical literature, patents, and chemical substances, reactions, and syntheses.
Section 3 Properties, Spectra, Crystallographic, And Safety Information
Expected skills and recommended resources for finding properties, spectra, crystallographic data, and safety information.
Section 4 Scientific Communication And Ethical Conduct
Communication section lists style guides, citation and reference manager software, and resources for designing posters. Ethical conduct section provides links to resources on responsible conduct in research.

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