Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney (逆転裁判4 Gyakuten Saiban 4 lit. Turnabout Trial 4 in Japan) is the fourth game in the Ace Attorney series, published by Capcom, and the first title in the series developed specifically for the Nintendo DS. It is also the first title to not feature Phoenix Wright as the main protagonist. Gameplay is the same as in previous entries to the series. However, because this game is specifically made for the Nintendo DS, it takes full advantage of the touch screen and microphone, and the 4 new cases use them heavily.

Game cover

On the Nintendo 3DS, this game has been enhanced in similar fashion to the Phoenix Wright Trilogy. The graphics has been redrawn, the text has been fixed and improved, it kept the forensic gameplay aspect and has included features similar to both "Dual Destinies" and "Spirit of Justice". However, this version is only included in the Nintendo eShop in Europe and Australia.

As usual, you don't need to learn about the real life Court System to get any ideas of what to expect. This game pretty much speaks for itself. Each case after the first has 2 trial days. Your goal in each case is to find the truth that you save your clients, but mess up too much and it's GAME OVER!

It's a good idea to read through the Gameplay, Controls, and even the Characters before starting.