Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney/Episode 4: Turnabout Succession/MASON System - Investigation

Using the MASON System

You will now investigate in a new way. You can choose between eight memories: four from the past, seven years ago (Detention Center, Defendant Lobby No. 2, Wright & Co. Law Offices, and Drew Studio) and four from around the present day (Borscht Bowl Club, Solitary Cell 13, Drew Studio, and Sunshine Coliseum). Choose one of them to enter. If you have not finished, but want to move somewhere else, choose End Search where the Move option used to be. If you have completed everything in one place, a checkmark will be placed next to the choice. Just place a check on all eight places and you are done.

Introduction edit

File:PWAA Magatama.png

More questions arise from Phoenix's case seven years ago. Who DID shoot Magnifi? Where did Zak disappear to? What is to become of Trucy, the girl left behind? What did the true last page say? The answers to these questions will arise and ultimately lead to the truth for tomorrow's trial in the present day, but for now, let's walk between the past and present.

Phoenix Wright himself will guide you through this "game" as you swap between time zones. Since Apollo has his bracelet as his weapon, Phoenix will also show you a weapon he used through his attorney years: the Magatama. What does it do? Veterans of the series may know what it does, but newcomers will have to wait. If you want more, play "Justice for All" and "Trials and Tribulations" to learn how it came about!

Although you can do these sections in any order, make sure you stop at any points where you don't have the correct evidence to continue and End Search. Once the evidence has been found, you can go back to where you're stuck, speed through the text with the B button and use the right evidence where you left off. This will help you save time if you don't follow the instructions below. You want to be ready when the situation arises.

So without further ado, let's begin. For now, the present is locked, so in the past, choose Wright & Co. Law Offices.

Past: Wright & Co. Law Offices edit

File:AJAA The Amazing Mr. Hat.png
File:AJAA Locket.png

Ah, the nostalgia! This is how the office used to look in the previous games. It has been two weeks since Phoenix's trial and as you already expected, your badge was taken away by the Bar Association review board.

You call in Trucy, currently Trucy Enigmar, telling her that she has no living relatives. You invite her to stay here for a while until her daddy comes back. She's more than willing for you to be her daddy for now, though! Trucy will acknowledge your office's "blah" theme and decide to add some "color" and promises to work twice as hard since you are fired from your job. Talk to Trucy:

  • The office: Since you were fired, Trucy will want to change this office into an agency. Doesn't this require talent? Trucy reassures you that she has talent. After all, she is the famous Zak Gramarye's daughter.
  • Daddy: Trucy will say something about her mother. Of course, she has one, but Mommy wasn't mentioned even once before.
  • The professional: Trucy will offer you to see one of her tricks. Say Please, show me! Trucy will bring out Mr. Hat. Yowsers! The Amazing Mr. Hat will be added to the Court Record.
  • Mommy: Trucy will show you her locket, containing a picture of her mother, named Thalassa Gramarye. She was part of the Troupe Gramarye herself! One day, she did a vanishing act but never returned. Now her Daddy is gone too. Trucy's Locket is added to the Court Record.

Trucy decides to open up a talent agency, representing you and her. But you don't have talent. It looks like she is your daughter now. As Phoenix recalls, it was a pretty dark time for you, but Trucy was your light.

You automatically return to the MASON screen. It looks like there is a check next to your choice, which means you are done now!

Wright & Co. Law Offices Complete

Next in the selection, choose Defendant Lobby No. 2.

Past: Defendant Lobby No. 2 edit

The Psyche-Locks

Some time during his days in the law, Phoenix was given from his friend a Magatama, which lets you see a person's Psyche-Locks. What these locks mean is that the person is lying or trying to hide something from you. To attempt breaking through these locks, you must touch the Magatama while talking to them, as Apollo does with his bracelet during certain cross-examinations. You will see the locks appear again and Phoenix will attempt to deduce what is being hidden. Like a cross-examination, you will lose health for presenting the wrong evidence, and it's quite possible to not have enough evidence to break a Psyche-Lock. Make sure you've exhausted all possibilities before attempting to break a lock. If you don't feel you have the right evidence, just tap Stop and you will return to investigating.

Upon completing a Psyche-Lock sequence, you will regain 50% of your health. If you run out of health, the Psyche-Lock sequence will stop and you will return to the investigation with a minimal amount of health. Needless to say, it'd be bad if you were to go to court like this.

Also set two weeks after Phoenix's trial, you will meet one of the bailiffs in the courthouse. We've never been here in an investigation scene before! Those who remember Phoenix's case with Ema (referring to "Rise from the Ashes" in the first game, for newcomers) may also remember Mike Meekins, who was once a police officer at the time. You ask Meekins to talk to the bailiff who let Zak escape. Meekins says it was him! It looks like he is also going through a rough time. Talk to Meekins:

  • Meekins: Meekins was fired because he lost four reports in three days! He kept his officer outfit as a souvenir. You ask him about Zak's disappearance.
  • The magician's disappearance: Meekins was alone near the courtroom when he heard a commotion. He heard a door slam and saw Zak's face. Zak ran around a corner and Meekins gave chase. When he turned the corner, Meekins saw his silk hat and followed it into Lobby No. 2. When Meekins got there, Zak was gone! Vanished! Is this possible? You ask Meekins about what he did when he went into the room. Meekins only pauses for a moment and says he watched.
  • The vanishing trick: Meekins insists that Zak vanished. However, there is not a single place to hide in the Lobby. You ask Meekins if he has any idea how Zak might have escaped. Meekins hesitates to answer.

Suddenly, the background turns black, chains group around Meekins along with two strange-looking locks. This is the power of the Magatama mentioned earlier. These "Psyche-Locks" tell you that Meekins is hiding something. You need to show evidence to break all these Psyche-Locks, but you can only do it if you have the right evidence. In this case, Meekins has 2 Psyche-Locks. Let's begin, shall we? Tap the Magatama as Apollo does with his bracelet and let the memories relive. You can look at the side-bar on the right for more information on the Psyche-Lock system in case you are new to the series or have forgotten how to use them:

Meekins's Psyche-Locks: The Disappearing Trick edit

Meekins's Psyche-Locks: The Disappearing Trick
2 Locks

Meekins will inadvertently say there was someone else in the Lobby when he went in to see Zak vanish. You should probably know what he is talking about. Present Trucy Enigmar's Profile. She would have been the only girl in there at the time of Zak's escape! Even if Meekins said she was as tall as Zak, it would be impossible for a little girl to reach that size!

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

You will then show Meekins how Trucy could have helped Zak. Present The Amazing Mr. Hat. Meekins recalls seeing the hat at the Wonder Bar!

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

Unlock Successful

Congratulations, you have just mastered (or remastered) the art of Psyche-Locks!

Talk to Meekins again:

  • The vanishing trick: Meekins will confess that he saw only Trucy when he entered the Lobby. A week later, Meekins saw Mr. Hat at the Wonder Bar and knew it was that magician that was running in the Lobby.
  • The trick vanished: You explain the trick to Meekins. He was standing in front of the court doors when Zak appeared. He ran to the corner and stopped at the nearest door. Trucy stood in the other door and ran in with Mr. Hat out, complete with the silk hat and cape. As soon as Meekins rounded the corner, Trucy ran in, luring Meekins and giving Zak his "vanishing act"!

You now know about Zak's "vanishing act". It would be seven years until you meet him again.

Defendant Lobby No. 2 Complete

The present has now been unlocked. Go to Present Day and choose Borscht Bowl Club.

Present Day: Borscht Bowl Club edit

We're now in the events just before the start of this game, leading up to "Turnabout Trump". It has been seven long years since you lost your badge. Kristoph (remember him?) says his farewells and leaves the club, leaving you alone.

Minutes later, a familiar face. It looks like Shadi Smith! He has brought a friend with him. It looks like Brushel. He hasn't changed much. He is here to play poker against you. What else? You've never lost, right? Shadi introduces himself. You try to introduce yourself, but Shadi guesses your name, correctly. How does he know? Suddenly, something hits you.

Shadi Smith is your very last client, none other than Zak Gramarye himself! Does that means Zak was killed that night!?

Zak has Olga (the witness) set up the Hydeout for his second battle against you and is certain he will win this time. You have time to Talk to Zak:

  • The meaning of competition: Zak tells you that he used poker to choose his attorney. He fires the ones who lose. Zak tells you that when you compete, you see a man's true nature. Phoenix knows what Zak is talking about. He is good at poker... but not that good. To protect his "undefeated title", he usually calls in Trucy, who can use the power of perception to send him signals. The first man who Zak lost to before you was Magnifi, who also has that power! Does that mean the power runs in the Gramarye "blood"? You ask Zak about this, but he only calls up 3 Psyche-Locks. It looks like you still have the Magatama in the present!
File:AJAA Notebook Page.png
  • About Trucy...: The reason Zak couldn't get a Guilty verdict is because of transferal rights. He shows a letter saying:
"I hereby give all rights to
the secrets, staging, and
performance of my magic
to the recipient named
Recipient: Zak Gramarye
Magnifi Gramarye"

It looks like the page is torn! Recall the fake page you presented in court. It turns out that Zak has torn out the REAL page! The one he gave you just now! Why didn't he show it seven years ago!?

File:AJAA Gramarye Envelope.png
  • Transferal of rights: The other reason Zak risked it all to come here is that he wants to hand over his rights to his successor, Trucy, with you as the witness! He has you and Brushel sign the Transferal of Rights, which is added to the Court Record. (It looks like the one Phoenix gave Trucy at the beginning of this episode!)
  • Seven years: It has been seven years since Zak's disappearance. Within a couple of days, he will be legally dead, losing all of his rights to live in every way - even to perform Magnifi's magic tricks! So, he is here to give his rights to Trucy, before they are automatically transferred to Valant. He trusts Brushel, so as of right now, only three people know the truth: You, Zak, and Brushel. Zak could only hand over his rights to Trucy because there was no other kin... but what about Trucy's mother?

Present Trucy's Locket to Zak. Zak can only say that Thalassa is gone, but Brushel blurts out that she was Magnifi's only daughter! Really!? Zak punches him as a result!

Zak nows calls up Olga and has the game started. He has Brushel leave. Before you begin, however, he does tell you that he knows about a person called "Gavin". How does he know him?

It looks like we'll talk with Kristoph. You automatically go back to the menu. Enter Solitary Cell 13.

Present Day: Solitary Cell 13 edit

Here he is, the one who killed Zak. We're now set after the events of "Turnabout Trump", of course. Talk to Kristoph:

  • Gavin's murder: You ask for Kristoph's motive into killing Smith. Kristoph only says he is an evil man.
File:AJAA Black Psyche Lock.png
  • 7-year-old case: You remind Kristoph that of all of the members of the Bar Association review board, Kristoph was the only one who voted for you to not lose your badge. You and Kristoph had been friends ever since. Kristoph suspects that you suspected him for seven years, even today.
File:AJAA Nail Polish.png
  • Reason for murder: You tell Kristoph that Zak knew of him. Kristoph didn't just knock a random guy dead with a bottle. You ask him why Kristoph killed him. Of course, 5 Psyche-Locks appear. Hold on, they're all black! Cold, dark, and full of despair! Kristoph then does his nails.

Examine what looks like nail polish right next to the roses. Kristoph is very big with appearances, so he does his nails. He offers you his Nail Polish, which is added to the Court Record. Although uncommon, nail polish is more for women in popular fashion than a rich defense lawyer like Kristoph.

Examine the yellow envelope on the desk. Kristoph doesn't want you to look into it.

End Search and go to the Past to Drew Studio.

Past: Drew Studio edit

Set after the events of Phoenix's trial, you will meet Drew, who is quite impressed by how you stood up when court erupted. You then see his daughter, a younger Vera, who walks off. Talk to Drew:

  • Mr. Misham: Drew says he is a painter, but he's never sold a painting. His wife left him because of this and now, Drew is reduced into making forgeries.
  • The forgeries: Drew will say that the forgery you presented in court was his first one outside of paintings. He didn't think it would be evidence, though. Drew says the reason he did this is that he was getting paid lots of money! He seems to be forgetting about the forged page.

Present the Notebook Page. You remind him how vital Drew's "work" is.


Talk about Magnifi's diary. Drew says that he just had to "copy" it, but his client wanted something different. He was given two things, the original letter and a document written in Magnifi's handwriting. The client wanted Drew to create something made out of Magnifi's handwriting. You ask Drew about who the client was. Drew says he never met the client, "not personally", and 2 Psyche-Locks show up. He is hiding something.

Use the Magatama:

Drew's Psyche-Locks: You're Hiding Something edit

Drew's Psyche-Locks: You're Hiding Something
2 Locks

When prompted to show what he is hiding, say the forger. Drew may not have met the client before. If he had a requester, he would have known about who they were, so Drew wasn't the real forger, as we suspected in the present!

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

You are now going to show who the real forger is. If you remember Apollo's case, you may remember well. Present Vera Misham's Profile. She is the only one living with Drew here, right?

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

Unlock Successful

Talk to Drew.

  • Magnifi's Diary: He says that it was his daughter that created the page. She is a prodigy at painting, as it is her hobby. Drew will then say that the client went here once! Drew didn't see the client because they were covered and didn't want to speak to him. He only wanted to "speak to the artist".
File:AJAA Commemorative Stamp.png

Pan right and Examine Vera's desk. You will zoom in. Examine the tiny frame. It looks like it has a stamp containing the Troupe Gramarye. Drew says that Vera loved the Troupe Gramarye very much. He doesn't know how she got it, though. The Commemorative Stamp will be added to the Court Record.

Now Pan left and Talk with Drew.

  • Your daughter: When given a choice, say Talk to Vera. You will then talk to her.

She can't talk to you until you Present the Commemorative Stamp. She speaks, so to get her talking, say Great magicians, aren't they? You and Vera start talking about the Troupe Gramarye. She seems pretty excited. It looks like you can Talk to Vera now:

  • Vera: Vera is afraid to go outside. Drew tells you that she was kidnapped once! One day she received her "good luck charm". From who? Her client! They said it was a "gift".
  • The forgeries: Vera tells you that it was her first "job" to do the diary page. She had to use a microscope and computer to replicate the handwriting. She seems proud of her "work", so it seems no one told her about what it did to you and Zak.
  • The stamp: After hiding a few things, Vera tells you that the stamp came from a letter her client sent her! She and her client talked about the Gramaryes that day, which is probably how she got it. The Commemorative Stamp is updated in the Court Record.
  • The client: You ask Vera who her client was. Vera doesn't want to talk, bringing in 2 Psyche-Locks.

You know what to do here. Use the Magatama:

Vera's Psyche-Locks: The Client edit

Vera's Psyche-Locks: The Client
2 Locks

Vera tells you that the reason she trusts her client is not because of the stamp, but because of the "good luck charm" they gave her. When prompt to show what that charm was, Present the Nail Polish. It looks like the one on Vera's desk.

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

Vera says the bottle has the cosmetics to ward off evil. It looks like you know who the client is now! Present Kristoph Gavin's Profile when given the chance!

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

Unlock Successful

Talk to Vera.

  • The client: She promised not to tell you about her client, but no need to worry, you just need their name. Vera isn't sure if Kristoph was an angel or a devil, as she thinks she saw "The Devil's" face next to him at some point. (The Devil? Sound familiar?)

You leave the studio, telling Drew to apologize to Zak and promising Vera you'll see her again.

Drew Studio Complete

Go to the Detention Center.

Past: Detention Center edit

Also set after Phoenix's trial, it looks like they are holding Valant here. Talk to Valant:

  • The fateful trial: Valant still thinks that Zak killed Magnifi and now thinks he will continue on the Troupe Gramarye as soon as he is released, as everything Magnifi holds will now be his.
  • Blackmail: You ask Valant about what "trick" Magnifi had up his sleeve. Why would Magnifi force them to shoot him? Valant presents 4 Psyche-Locks, as a magician never reveals his secrets.

Again, use the Magatama:

Valant's Psyche-Locks: The Trick Up His Sleeve edit

Valant's Psyche-Locks: The Trick Up His Sleeve
4 Locks

There has to be a reason for Magnifi to have his pupils commit a crime. Magnifi wanted his finales to be very exciting and flashy. So much so that there was "danger" in one of the Troupe Gramarye's "flashier" tricks. When asked to show the danger, Present the Stage Pistol. This gun could shoot live bullets. It could have caused an "accident" sometime in the career!

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

You acknowledge the "Zak & Valant's Quick-Draw Shootem" act. At some point, the act was canceled. How? Probably because someone got hurt, probably had their life taken! When asked who, Present Trucy's Locket. Thalassa Gramarye could have been that person!

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

You now have to show proof that Thalassa had always been in danger. Present the Commemorative Stamp. She was a part of the Troupe Gramarye, as shown in this stamp, made at the height of their popularity!

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

One more to go. Valant then tells you that Magnifi covered up the accident. Not much support for blackmail. You now need to show proof that it was blackmail. Show it With a person. Then Present Thalassa Gramarye's Profile. (Note: You can only do this after you've shown Trucy's Locket to Zak at the Borscht Bowl Club. Her profile will become available once you confirm that it's there.) Thalassa was Magnifi's only daughter, and his two disciples killed her! It is obvious why they were blackmailed!

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

Unlock Successful

Talk to Valant again:

  • Blackmail: Valant does admit that Thalassa was killed during one day in practice. It was only an accident, but Magnifi couldn't ever forgive his two disciples for taking his daughter away. Since no one knows whose bullet went through her, he blackmailed both disciples.
  • The darkness: Why did Magnifi cover up the accident? Valant and Zak wanted to make a sacrifice so that they would make their "passing of the torch" a success. Thalassa was that unwilling sacrifice. Since then, Magnifi forced them to do whatever he wanted or there would be trouble. Trucy wasn't informed about this, of course. Think about it - how would you feel if your father accidentally took your mother's life? He then says that a reporter was stalking them some time after the accident. He became a friend of Zak and he never liked him. He doesn't know his name, but he does remember the cloying aroma of mint. He must be talking about Brushel.

You finally know the darkness from the Troupe Gramarye, and now you decide to keep Trucy safe from that darkness. You even decide to look for that reporter.

Detention Center Complete

You now have all of the past done! Go to Present Day and go to Drew Studio.

Present Day: Drew Studio edit

It looks like today's trial with Apollo has passed and Brushel is here. You note him about Zak. It looks like you need to ask questions to the journalist. Talk to Brushel:

  • Family of forgers: Brushel "interviewed" Drew once and found out that he "was being watched". Not because he was guilty, it's because he felt it. Brushel notes that he felt it too.
  • Paranoia: Brushel makes you wonder, why did Zak reemerge and die on the same night? Brushel also hints that you are being "watched" too.
  • Zak Gramarye: Brushel reveals that he met Zak sometime before the Quick-Draw Shoot-em incident. He also knew Valant, Magnifi, and even Thalassa! When Thalassa "disappeared", Magnifi wouldn't say anything, thus he became friends with Zak.
  • Valant Gramarye: Valant has been waiting for seven long years for his comeback, and now his time has finally come! This "comeback" is now only a dream thanks to the document Zak signed for his daughter. Brushel tells you that Valant lost to his partner, and in love. Love!? Zak had Magnifi's daughter, Thalassa, while Valant was still in love with her. A love triangle, and in the middle of it all, Trucy.
File:AJAA Thalassas Portrait.png

Present Trucy's Locket to Brushel, then Talk about Thalassa. Brushel reveals to you that Thalassa's marriage to Zak was her second! She was married once before!? Her husband was also a performer, but he died one year into their marriage. Brushel shows you Thalassa's portrait. Brushel also reveals that Thalassa had a child with her first husband! Another orphan!? You ask for Thalassa's Portrait, which is added to the Court Record. Note the bracelets she is wearing.

Brushel now thinks what Magnifi would think about his granddaughter Trucy. Her power. It turns out Magnifi also has this "power", Zak and Thalassa also, but with Zak the weaker. It looks like "Gramarye's Secret" is finally coming together, possibly towards this case. Now no-one can tell you now that Zak is dead... or can they?

Drew Studio Complete

Return to the Borscht Bowl Club this time.

Present Day: Borscht Bowl Club (2) edit

As usual, use your Magatama:

Zak's Psyche-Locks: The Gramarye Secret edit

Zak's Psyche-Locks: The Gramarye Secret
3 Locks

You talk about Trucy's "power", which runs in the Gramarye blood. Zak says he has no such power. You say to Zak that Trucy got it from her mother, Thalassa. You now have to show Zak why he doesn't want to talk about Trucy, Present either the Stage Pistol or the Commemorative Stamp. Zak's wife was part of the Troupe Gramarye. To keep their popularity, Zak and Valant hid that they took Thalassa's life during rehearsal with their pistols!

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

Thalassa and Magnifi have that power and now they are both dead. Now only Trucy has that power... right? You know somebody else has that power. When asked who, Present Apollo Justice's Profile.

You now have to show Zak his connection between to the Gramarye power. Present Thalassa's Portrait. Zak was Thalassa's second husband, right? In her first marriage, they had a child. You then show that Apollo and Thalassa wear similar bracelets. Zak reveals that he took the picture before she left. She returned with only one bracelet and left the other one to her son.

2 Psyche-Locks Broken

Unlock Successful

Talk to Zak:

  • The Gramarye Secret: Zak says that no one could hide anything from Thalassa if they felt tense in front of her unless she had lost her "tool". This tool is her bracelet. Zak will now tell you everything he knows.
  • Trucy and Apollo: So Apollo is also Thalassa's child! This means that Apollo and Trucy are half-siblings! Zak then decides that after the game tonight, he will go back into hiding, not being able to see Trucy grow up. You will decide to tell the two siblings when the time is right. Zak is now in your debt again.
  • The bracelets: The bracelets are made from some sort of special alloy, so they can either shrink or grow to perfectly fit the wrist wearer. The bracelet gets tight when someone feels tense. However, it cannot detect the wearer's detection. Not exactly mind-reading, but it could be a simple question of eyesight.
  • Eyesight: The bracelets enhance a person's kinetic vision, which is seeing objects at full clarity. You can see a person's twitch and what lies behind it. That is the secret of the Troupe Gramarye, to focus on what the audience is thinking before they act. They can see "very well". But Trucy has that power and she doesn't wear any bracelets. Zak says that to her, the timing of when to focus is so elementary, she does it without thinking.

After talking, Zak will tell you about more of that night. Two letters sent and two pistols placed. This was Magnifi's final test to the two disciples. Despite the pain Magnifi gave them, Zak couldn't shoot him. As a result, Magnifi gave Zak his rights. He could have given Valant his chance if Zak hadn't shot anything. It would be over when either he or Valant shot him.

File:AJAA Zaks Confession.png

You then tell Zak that Valant is waiting for his "death", by then he would acquire the rights for the Gramarye miracle. Now that Zak is here, his dream has ended. However, you tell Zak that it is much worse. Public opinion is suspecting that Valant could be Zak's accomplice. Zak responds by writing his "confession", lying that he shot Magnifi alone. Well, it would prevent Valant's nightmare, so Zak's Confession will be added to the Court Record.

Borscht Bowl Club Complete

Time to talk to Valant. Choose Sunshine Coliseum.

Present Day: Sunshine Coliseum edit


We're back to after the events of Apollo's trial again. It's nice to see Valant after seven years. You have talked to so many people, now you have to hear from one more person. Talk to Valant:

  • Magnifi Gramarye: Valant is very upset that some people suspect him for Magnifi's death. You try to ask Valant what happened. As expected, you get 2 Psyche-Locks.

Use your Magatama:

Valant's Psyche-Locks: Magnifi's Death edit

Valant's Psyche-Locks: Magnifi's Death
2 Locks

Valant still isn't talking. It looks like you'll have to break the news to him. Present the Transferral of Rights. Before Zak's death, he wrote a document, giving everything to his daughter, Trucy Enigmar.

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

Valant then says again that Zak shot Magnifi. He didn't testify about this seven years ago. It looks like he needed proof. When asked for that proof, Present Zak's Confession. You tell him that he wrote this in front of you after he explained to you Valant's situation.

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

Unlock Successful

Talk to Valant again:

  • Magnifi Gramarye: Valant says that this "confession" that Zak wrote was a lie. If two letters were sent to one disciple each, then one shot Magnifi and the other one didn't. You then think Valant could have done it, but Valant says he hasn't. So if neither disciple shot their mentor, then who did? Valant will give you one other possibility, the victim himself!
  • Suicide: Valant will then admit that he did see Magnifi when he was still alive. He couldn't shoot his mentor and left without the gun. Magnifi then took the gun and shot himself. It looks like you owe him an apology. However, Valant will also confess to another "crime"!
  • Valant's "crime": Valant will confess that the "demon" inside him told him to shoot Magnifi and frame Zak for his crime, so he went to Magnifi's room and manipulated the time of death with the IV bag. The "demon" left when Magnifi woke up and told Valant that he gave the rights to Zak. Valant left the room without shooting and heard the suicide shot. The "demon" then returned to Valant and told him to frame Zak and take the rights. He manipulated the scene more and, as he hoped, Zak was framed.

Valant then decides to turn himself in for his crime. He thought his life was ruled by a dead man. He then acknowledges "her" death and realizes that there isn't proof of "her" demise. Her? Valant now wishes to meet his brother again and apologize to him.

Little does Valant know that Zak, or "Smith", whichever you prefer, is no longer with you, as the darkness that remained from that case has taken his life. You know you have to push the darkness, even when it involves visiting that man.

Sunshine Coliseum Complete

One more to go. Select Solitary Cell 13.

Present Day: Solitary Cell 13 (2) edit

Kristoph isn't here right now, so it looks like you can look anywhere.

Examine the yellow envelope Kristoph kept you from checking. As you have hoped, it is Drew's last letter. You decide to confirm this by using the atroquinine spray. Use the Stylus to spray on the stamp. It looks like the one that killed Drew! It's that letter all right, and it's for Kristoph! Here is what it says:

"The interview request came,
like you said it would, and
they're looking into the case.
I swear on my life, I won't
tell them about you.
So please, release the "spell"
you've put on my daughter.
I'll write later with a report.
Drew Misham"
File:AJAA Letter from Misham.png

The Letter from Misham will be added to the Court Record. Finally, decisive evidence! Quick, leave before he comes ba- oh crap, Kristoph is back! As you expect, Kristoph asks for his letter back. You have no choice but to oblige. Kristoph also tells you that Vera could die very soon, as there are currently no known survivors for atroquinine poisoning. Let's hope Vera is the exception.

Kristoph is unaware that the conversation is caught entirely on camera, from the badge on Phoenix's beanie! It has been seven long years and now, the pieces are finally put back together. Now all you have to do is to take the complete puzzle and use it in court! This is it, the seven-year-old truth awaits! From now on, it's up to Apollo Justice to finish the job once and for all... If Vera lives, that is.