Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney/Episode 3: Turnabout Serenade/Day 1 - Investigation

Backstage Hallway


It turns out, you and Trucy had just watched the concert. Klavier had sent you tickets. You hated the noise, but Klavier is hard to not look at. You and Trucy decide to head in Klavier's dressing room.

Klavier's Dressing Room


Klavier, needless to say, is having a great time. He says that Lamiroir will be performing in the next act. She flew all of the way here for her "divine" voice. You then meet a rather large man with an impressive beard, who Klavier introduces him as Romein LeTouse, Lamiroir's manager and interpreter. You then hear a beautiful voice, speaking in nothing but symbols. It's Lamiroir herself. She is looking forward to sing in the concert, but not without Machi Tobaye, a wonderful pianist, who is blind. Lamiroir is singing one of Klavier's songs, "The Guitar Serenade".

The Guitar Serenade


You will now watch a video of The Guitar Serenade, here are the lyrics and basic visuals to the song:

Lyrics Visual
Sugar, Sugar... O that night, in your embrace. Close up of Lamiroir (Look at her chest, where the necklace is). Shot of Lamiroir and Klavier. Close-up of Klavier.
When you stole away the keys my heart held on so tight. Close up of Machi on the piano. Shot of the stage. The stage rises under Lamiroir and Klavier.
Pleasure... But a fleeting melody The stage stops rising as Klavier plays his guitar.
It wraps itself around me, And now through the air I fly. Close-up of Gavin, panning over to Lamiroir. (Look inside Klavier's guitar)
Woh... Woh... Klavier grabs Lamiroir's cloak and throws it off stage. Lamiroir disappears under it, Woah! The cloak starts flying.
Burning on in my heart. Fire. Burn my love away. All away. Klavier plays his guitar, which is then set ablaze. (Part of the act right?) Klavier is startled and he falls back.
Like a bullet of love. Fire. Take my life away. All away. Lamiroir's cloak continues to fly. It eventually stops on Lamiroir. (Amazing!)
Guitar, Guitar... Up together to the sky. Cut to Lamiroir, then a close-up (Look at her chest again). We get an entire view of the stage. Look what Klavier is doing.

Backstage Hallway (2)


You and Trucy talk about the act. You note on Klaviers guitar. Let's go see him.

Klavier's Dressing Room (2)

File:AJAA Postcard.png
File:AJAA Lyrics Sheet.png

Klavier looks rather upset. He says "The Guitar Serenade" is ruined. But it was amazing! (On Trucy's account anyways) Examine the postcards on the lower table. A Postcard will be added to the Court Record.

Talk to Klavier:

  • The flaming guitar: It turns out he didn't mean to burn his guitar. He'd be bankrupt if he did so in all of his shows.
  • Lamiroir's song: Klavier will give you the Lyrics Sheet, which will be added to the Court Record.

Trucy and Klavier will leave for the final act. You stay behind. Move to the Backstage Hallway.

Backstage Hallway (3)

File:AJAA Snackoos.png

It's Ema! What is she doing here? Ema says she was called in by security, and needless to say she isn't happy. Talk to Ema if you want; she'll just throw Snackoos at you. You can examine the hallway and Ema does the same thing to you (because of her disdain with the rock prosecutor or "gimmerous fop" as she calls him). Talk about constantly getting hit by chocolate!

Examine the right door. You suddenly hear a loud BANG! And another BANG!! And then a CRASH!!! What's going on!? You head inside.

Lamiroir's Dressing Room


Here, a terrifying sight lies in front of you. It's LeTouse, lying in a pool of blood!!! Is he all right?!? Ema will let you watch the room as she calls for back-up.

Just then, a moan. It's LeTouse!! He tells you that he has been shot! He doesn't know who! All he could tell you that there was a witness. He could only say "siren" before finally passing, right before your eyes!

Just then, you hear something behind a door. Ema comes in and confirms that LeTouse is dead! "The witness is the siren". Remember this clue. You automatically head back to the hallway.

Backstage Hallway (4)

File:AJAA Investigation Report.png

You hear from a guy (named Daryan) that everyone has been cleared from the stage. Klavier suggest anyone should not tell anyone that LeTouse was murdered. Ema goes back inside to investigate. Klavier will let you sign an Investigation Report, which is added to the Court Record.

Time to start investigating, and to find out who this "siren" is. Before you go, examine the transceiver headset that's still on near the door. Move back inside Lamiroir's Dressing Room.

Lamiroir's Dressing Room (2)

File:AJAA Brooch.png
File:AJAA Revolver.png
File:AJAA Key Ring.png

You see Ema in there of course. Talk to Ema:

  • The victim: Apparently, this is his first time in the country. Ema isn't quite sure about anyone's motives, but suspects Lamiroir did it. Ema has sent a request to Borginian Embassy to learn more about him.
  • The crime: You heard the gunshots and head in, only to see a dead body. By then however, the killer already left. Could he have disappeared through the window? It's impossible! Only a child would fit through there.

After you are done talking, Examine a spot on the lower left corner of the screen. It looks like a brooch. It looks very familiar. The Brooch will be added to the Court Record.

Pan right and Examine the revolver just left of LeTouse's body. It looks like the type the police would bring. Did someone bring it here and planned it from the start? The Revolver will be added to the Court Record.

Now Examine LeTouse's body. Ema lets you have a closer look. Examine the body's left hand. It looks like he is holding a key ring. Could it belong to the killer? It looks like a very unusual kind of ring, it's shaped like a heart. The Key Ring will be added to the Court Record.

Pan left and Present the Revolver. The thing is pretty heavy. Ema says it was fired twice. Ema will also say that something about it seems odd.

Talk to Ema about The murder weapon. Ema will say that the revolver is very heavy and big. So much so that it could dislocate someone's shoulder if discharged! Someone must have experience shooting such a huge weapon.

Ema thinks you are done with everything in here. She tells you to wait here until she comes back and leaves. Trucy, being a pest she is, wants to leave anyway. It looks like you have no choice. Move to The stage, accessible from the Backstage Hallway.

Backstage Hallway (5)


Along the way, you will see a man with a yellow outfit, similar to Trucy's. Who was he? Trucy doesn't seem to know him.

The stage


Klavier hasn't been much better since you last saw him. It seems he and a guitarist are arguing about who is missing a cue. As soon as they noticed you they change the subject. The guitarist is also Daryan Crescend, a detective at the criminal affairs.

Present the Key Ring. Klavier will instantly recognize it. It is his! He is shocked to hear that the victim was holding his keys.

Talk to Klavier:

  • The case: Klavier thinks you know more about the crime than him.
  • The Gavinners: Just a brief history lesson about the Gavinners, their connection to the police, and the fact that they debuted 7 years ago.
  • The missed cue: Klavier will show you a mixing board.
File:AJAA Mixing Board.png

Klavier explains the mixing board.

You get 5 slides, representing each part you can move them up or down to put the volume higher or lower, respectively.. You get 4 parts of the section of the song. You can pause, fast forward, or rewind by using the buttons. When you have found who you think missed the cue choose either of the 5 parts and present it. In this case Present part #2. It was Daryan who missed his cue! The Mixing Board will be added to the Court Record.

  • Gavin's Troubles: The busted bike, the busted car, the busted guitar case, all connected to this key ring. The Key Ring will be updated.

The key ring was stolen, the guitar was set on fire, LeTouse was killed. Was Klavier just having a bad day, or was it all planned? Trucy and Klavier notices something weird through all of the unfortunate events, almost as if they have some sort of connection. Daryan denies that fact. When asked if you agree, say I have noticed. When asked for proof, Present the Lyrics Sheet. Everything in the song, were they all predictions? Alternatively, I haven't noticed has Trucy angry and pushing you to automatically take out the Lyrics Sheet.

  • The song's prediction: Let's look at the lyrics and recount the events:
  • "When you stole away the keys my heart held on so tight." Klavier's keys were stolen, all in a ring in the shape of the heart.
  • "Burning on in my heart. Fire. Burn my love away. All away." Some of Klavier's guitar was burned to crisp.
  • "Like a bullet of love. Fire. Take my life away. All away." LeTouse was shot dead.

It looked as if the lyrics inspired the criminal to do such crimes.

Daryan leaves to get more information about LeTouse. Klavier storms out, wanting nothing to do with this mystery. He tells you that Lamiroir is in his dressing room, with Machi.

Move to Gavinner's Dressing Room.

Backstage Hallway (6)


You run into the guy with the yellow clothing again. Trucy thinks she met this guy before. Just who is he?

Gavinners's Dressing Room (3)


You meet Lamiroir, who asks for what happened, speaking English no less. She reveals she wasn't born in the Republic of Borginia. It was LeTouse's idea to send her here. Anyways, you can't tell her what happened due to gag order. Machi WAS born Borginian, so he can't speak English (or so Lamiroir says). The reason Lamiroir wasn't able to speak in public is that it would damage her "exotic" image. Machi asks to leave and Lamiroir permits so.

Examine the postcard. Lamiroir tells you about its meaning. Then Present the Brooch you found earlier. Lamiroir reveals that the brooch is hers! The Brooch is updated in the Court Record.

Talk to Lamiroir:

  • Lamiroir: A history of Lamiroir's success. She once started singing in a Borginian restaurant. She then caught a producer's eye, and just like that, she is a celebrity. She travels around the world and turns sight into song, like "the landscape painter of sound". Lamiroir will says that in English, "Lamiroir" means "The Siren". (The what?)
  • Machi: Just a brief history of Machi and Lamiroir. He is blind, and always sticks close to her. Lamiroir was hesitant to let him travel at first, since he doesn't speak English.
  • Mr. LeTouse: Lamiroir doesn't really know about LeTouse, because he was her bodyguard for only three months. It was his idea that he came up with the "Siren of the Ballad" title. Just then, you ask Lamiroir something. Is she the "siren"? Lamiroir answers yes in Borginian terms. Looks like your finally getting answers!
  • The "Siren": When you found LeTouse, he said to you need to ask "the siren". Since Lamiroir is the siren, then she must be the witness! You ask her what she saw. Unfortunately, she doesn't answer, as it is too early to tell (No arrest, lack of authority, and not working with the police since you are an attorney).

Well, this is just dandy. Move to the Backstage Hallway.

Backstage Hallway (7)


You run into Ema, who is now even more upset! Apparently, while you were out against her orders (thanks to Trucy), LeTouse's body was stolen! You automatically go into Lamiroir's room.

Lamiroir's Dressing Room (3)


You see Klavier there and LeTouse's absence. Klavier says that all entrances and exits are locked, so the body won't leave. Daryan comes in and announces that his guitar is stolen. Now you have to find the body, and the guitar. Oh joy of joys.

Talk to Ema:

  • Disappearing act: Thanks to Trucy, you can make up to Ema by buying her ten bags or so of chocolate Snackoos in finding the body!

Move to The stage.

The stage (2)


You notice that the stage tower has risen. Examine the tower. You and Trucy (reluctantly because of your fear of heights) climb up to the top.

Upon reaching the top, you see something shocking. You find the three things you are looking for: LeTouse's body, the guitar... and Machi, lying unconscious on the top of the stage tower!

Wright Anything Agency


You and Trucy learned that Machi has been arrested for murder. Why?! Klavier comes in and tells you why, Machi's arrest was due to the fact that Lamiroir was invited as an ambassador of good will, so they want this case to be wrapped up quickly.

Klavier can't tell you how Machi was the possible killer (remember, he is a prosecutor) but he does tell you that Machi requested you as his attorney. He's waiting at the Detention Center of course, so you go there to question him, as Klavier questions Lamiroir.

Detention Center


You meet Machi and encounter a problem. Machi doesn't speak English and you don't understand the language (let alone not hearing of it). Machi doesn't have a interpreter either, so it's no use if you talk to him like this. But you should take note that he grips his arm like it is hurt...

It looks like you have no choice but to wait for tomorrow's trial. Hopefully things don't go too bad.