Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney/Episode 3: Turnabout Serenade/Day 3 - Trial Latter

You get a visit from, guess who? Phoenix! He tells you that he is on a "secret mission". Like LeTouse? Phoenix apparently knows what you are doing. Getting Machi off the hook and going after Daryan.

File:AJAA Burnt Fragments.png

Phoenix will leave, but before he does so, he gives you a present from Ema. It looks like fragments of firecrackers she found at the crime scene. The Burnt Fragments are added to the Court Record. Phoenix tells you to find Daryan's "igniter" with this, as it is near impossible to prove Daryan's guilt under "conventional methods". He is calm and collected, so perception is out of the picture.

Phoenix leaves as you reenter. Just what does he mean by finding Daryan's "igniter"?

Trial continues


Klavier doesn't seem happy that his friend is a suspect. Daryan will testify predictably against Lamiroir's testimony.

Daryan's Testimony: Daryan's Rebuttal

Daryan's Testimony
- Daryan's Rebuttal -

  1. The diva's lying, plain and simple. She's got nothing to back up her story.
  2. In the first place, she never heard my voice!
  3. She "forgot the words because she heard gunshots"? As if!
  4. Didn't Detective Ema Skye hear those gunshots during the third set, anyway?
  5. The shooting took place when I was on stage, man!

Daryan's Rebuttal: Cross-Examination


On Daryan's 4th statement, Present the Burnt Fragments. Those fragments used to be firecrackers, right? If so, then could these firecrackers have been the "gunshots" you heard during the third act? Klavier will then say he received a report on the firecrackers, and so he decides to make Daryan a witness. Daryan wants proof that the firecrackers were set off when there were two people at the door. Klavier will present a headset. Daryan will raise the possibility that it was dropped, but Klavier silences him by saying that it is also possible that the headset was placed to forge an alibi. You found this at the backstage door, so it appears like someone placed it there to hear any witnesses.

Now Daryan wants you to prove that the crime did occur at the second act. You don't look like you are ready to present it. A new statement will be added.

  • The shooting took place during the second set? If you're so sure, let's see your proof.

Present the Mixing Board. It has recorded multiple parts of The Guitar Serenade. Lamiroir stopped singing for a brief moment at the time of the crime. It seems you should show where the stammering took place. You examine the mixing board. Mute everything except for track 1. Notice anything suspicious? On the first part of the track, you hear gunshots! Select track 1 on the second segment of the song and Present it.

Alternatively, you can Present the Mixing Board on the 3rd statement, do the steps regarding the mixing board mentioned previously, then, when asked, Present the Burnt Fragments.

It looks like what Lamiroir said is true, but you only heard one gunshot rather than two. Probably the second shot wasn't heard, because Lamiroir was farther from the vent. You then raise concerns over the murder weapon. The reason Daryan missed his cue is because he used the heavy .45 caliber gun, which is powerful enough to dislocate his shoulder on kickback. Daryan says he was a trained shooter, but Klavier counters his statement saying the police would use lighter .38 caliber guns.

Daryan will now say he didn't shoot LeTouse. He will testify how.

Daryan's Testimony: Proof of Innocence

Daryan's Testimony
- Proof of Innocence -

  1. C'mon! Why would I even want to kill that manager?
  2. You want a reason? Easy. I got no motive, man!
  3. This was that diva's first trip to this country, right?
  4. How could I possibly know her manager?
  5. If I didn't know him, why would I want to kill him!?

Proof of Innocence: Cross-Examination


Present the Replica on the 2nd or 5th statement. Klavier will say the reason behind the banning. If it was sold everywhere else, it would be used to create deadly poisons. Remember, LeTouse was an agent, so why did Daryan kill him? Maybe it's probably because Daryan was smuggling, and LeTouse caught him. Daryan denies it. Time for his last testimony.

Daryan's Testimony: Cocoon Smuggling

Daryan's Testimony
- Cocoon Smuggling -

  1. International Affairs got a memo about these cocoons.
  2. Interpol's all hot and bothered about 'em.
  3. Can't sell 'em on the black market. Too dangerous.
  4. Yeah, cocoon smuggling ain't exactly lucrative anymore.
  5. Man, I'm in International Affairs! I know the deal!

Cocoon Smuggling: Cross-Examination


Present the Newspaper Article on Daryan's 3rd or 4th statement. Remember the Chief of Justice's son? He is infected with Incuritis. Only the cocoon can cure him, so Daryan probably made a deal with the Chief of Justice himself, but even if the deal went through, he would still be in hot water. Daryan wants proof that he made a deal. Three new statements are added.

  • Borginian Customs is very thorough. Everything and everyone gets checked.
  • Cocoon possession will get you arrested on the spot, and then sentenced to death.
  • Hey, man, if there's a way to get cocoons out of there I'd sure like to know.

Oh, there's a way all right. Present Prosecutor Gavin's Guitar on the first or last of the given statements. How they got the cocoon here is the same way they got the guitar here. The Guitar was sent here in a bagged and vacuumed box. It made it to the concert untouched! It wasn't open before the concert, so how does this relate to the cocoon? Well, someone with good access to the guitar would use it as a mule for the miracle cure! Some such as Daryan!

At the concert, the killer ran into a new problem, the guitar was wrapped neatly. If it were already open before Klavier opened it, things would get too suspicious. Then there was LeTouse. He knew something was up in the guitar, so if he looked in the guitar, things wouldn't go well with the guitarist, but he was prepared. If things would go wrong, he would burn the guitar, thus eliminating the cocoon!

It sounds like very good motive, but Daryan persists. He asks a question, he never went to Borginia, so how dd he manage to bring the cocoon here, and burn the guitar. Remember what the killer said when Lamiroir was passing by? It sounded like he had an accomplice. When asked who, Present Machi Tobaye's Profile.

It sounds like a good person, but what about Lamiroir, she's from Borginia too. It's impossible. Remember on the second act, the platform rose under Klavier and his guitar. She would be off the range of the ingniter, so if Lamiroir was at the vent above her dressing room, she could not have burned the guitar because it was out of reach!

Daryan will then show you a problem. He shows you a video, which shows Machi playing a piano. He could not have pressed the switch if he was busy playing. Lamiroir wasn't the accomplice, as you have proven, and the pianist didn't miss a cue. Klavier says there is something odd in the performance. Really? When asked if you can prove something, say I can prove it. You don't have direct proof, but you can prove it's possibility.

Present the Mixing Board. You come to a possibility that Machi could be playing with one hand, and this mixing board will prove it. Mute all of the parts, this time leaving the 4th one be. Present at the first segment of the song. It sounds quite graceful compared to the part where Klavier's guitar started burning. It wouldn't matter if you were playing one hand or two on the second segment!

Setting off the "igniter"


It looks like The Judge could wrap this up now, yet Daryan is STILL not giving up! You need decisive proof that Daryan did kill LeTouse. Remember what Phoenix said back there, it's hard to win under the current legal system, especially under conventional methods, so you need to find Daryan's "igniter" and "set it off". This is it, time to find that igniter! When asked to show what can set it off, Call a witness. When asked who, Present Machi Tobaye's Profile.

Daryan says that Machi is too afraid to talk, because of Borginian death penalty, but you counter this statement by saying Machi doesn't have to worry about a thing here. Here in THIS country, you don't get sentenced to death by just smuggling, furthermore, if Machi doesn't confess here now, he will be tried by the Borginian court. It would be over for Machi, but not in this country, where there are no such laws!

Since Machi was Daryan's accomplice, he probably knows everything in Daryan's plan, so since the laws of Borginia don't apply here, and Machi won't get killed, it looks like Daryan doesn't have to worry about going to jail anymore, since he is getting arrested anyways!

Machi is called up and will be tried for smuggling not at Borginia, but in a country where he doesn't have to worry about a thing.

Machi Tobaye is found...


What REALLY Happened


It all started with a deal between Daryan Crescend, guitarist of a famous rock band, the Gavinners, and Machi Tobaye, pianist and guide of famous singer Lamiroir. Both Daryan and Machi needed money, so they made a deal. In the US, The Chief of Justice's son is infected with Incuritis, and only the special cocoons in Borginia could cure it. However, if one brings one of the cocoons out of the country of Borginia, they will suffer a death penalty, according to Borginian law. The two would sneak one of the cocoons to the US, sell it, and make a fortune!

The plan started when Klavier Gavin, leader and vocalist of the Gavinners, visited Borginia, where Machi lives. He had taken a liking to Lamiroir and decided to let her guest star in one of his concerts. Lamiroir agreed and Klavier left the European country. Lamiroir gave him one of her guitars as a present. Machi took this as an advantage and put the cocoons in the guitar, to sneak it overseas. He also put in an igniter, in case something goes wrong with the plan.

However, Interpol, an international police force, was on to Machi. They sent Romein LeTouse undercover to take a job as Lamiroir's manager. He would eventually start to investigate Machi.

File:AJAA Case03acrime.png

Meanwhile, Klavier contacted Valant Gramarye, former celebrity of magic. They would agree on using Valant's old tricks to create an illusion of Lamiroir teleporting from one side of the stage to another.

On the night of the concert, Daryan stole Klavier's keys to his guitar case. He opened it and discovered a problem, the guitar was wrapped up. It turns out Klavier wanted Lamiroir's guitar in perfect condition, so he used wrapping to ensure its safety. Daryan knew if he unwrapped the guitar, everyone would get suspicious, so he closed up the case and abandoned the plan. Afterward, Klavier couldn't find his (stolen) keys, so he was forced to break open the case.

Finally, the concert began. As Daryan was rocking it with the rest of the group on the first act, LeTouse started investigating the room. On the second act, LeTouse confronted Daryan. Meanwhile, Lamiroir was running through the air vent beneath the stage, above the dressing rooms (part of Valant's teleportation trick). Valant also pretended himself to be Lamiroir on the 15-feet stage platform with Klavier, let the real Lamiroir able to transport within 2 minutes, instead of 20 seconds which is impossible. Daryan used the headset to tell Machi to press the switch in the piano ("Press the switch! Now!"). When Machi did, Klavier's guitar was set ablaze, along with the cocoon and the evidence. Daryan then took LeTouse's gun and fired. Missing once and hitting LeTouse the second time.

Lamiroir heard the gunshots and Daryan's voice, and she stopped singing briefly, shocked. She continued along the vent to finish the illusion, since she was in a hurry. She wasn't sure if what she witnesses were gunshots, and for that matter, if the window into the room was really a window - because she is blind (also with her confusion of English words between "window" and "vent").

LeTouse wrote out his ID number as he lay there dying, so the police would figure out who he really was. Daryan noticed and wiped out the number. He set firecrackers under the sofa and made a trigger device that would set them off. He then discarded LaTouse's headset and placed it on the doorway, so if there were anyone next to it, Daryan would set them off to create "witnesses". Triggering the firecrackers, that sound like gunfire, caused him to miss a cue in the third act.

Those witnesses were rookie attorney Apollo Justice, and detective Ema Skye. They were discussing just outside the dressing room, so Daryan could hear them. Meanwhile, Machi went into the room and discovered the body. He heard the firecrackers go off. Startled, he climbed up the ladder and went into the air vent.

Apollo and Ema heard the "gunshots" and bust in, spotting LeTouse's body. Lamiroir heard the gunshots as well and came into the room. Ema left as Apollo heard LeTouse's final words. Lamiroir left the room undetected, with Apollo only hearing a door closing.

As Apollo went out to investigate (under Trucy Wright's suggestion), Daryan came back after the concert was called off and took LeTouse's body, his bass, and put them on the raised stage. He then knocked out Machi and placed him up there as well.

When Machi was arrested due to the evidence against him, Daryan thought he got away with everything, until Lamiroir accused him of murder (she could recognize his voice, as she does with everyone). After the trial, he attacked Lamiroir, making sure not to use his voice as he tries to kill her. Lamiroir, however, escapes into Daryan's contrabass case.

Turnabout Serenade: Epilogue


Phoenix and Lamiroir drop by. Right now, Lamiroir (with Phoenix's suggestion) is considering having an eye operation, as until today, she was afraid to see the "light" that hid from her from an accident. Lamiroir feared that something bad would happen if she could see again. But now she is ready. If she can see again, she will take up painting (well she is the "landscape painter of sound"). You also inspired Phoenix into hurrying up with his "secret mission".

After the trial, The Guitar Serenade became a hit! As they always say, "Next time you write a ballad, have them catch the killer at the end!"

Though you did find the truth in this case, even more questions arise. Who IS Lamiroir? What accident separated the Troupe Gramarye? Who is Zak Gramarye? Why did the Troupe break up? And most importantly, what was Phoenix's secret mission? And what is this new legal system? All that, and the questions risen in the previous cases, including seven years ago and then some will all be answered in the next and last case of the game. Hopefully Justice is ready for this legendary adventure!