Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney/Episode 4: Turnabout Succession/Day 2 - Trial Former

You meet Vera in the Lobby. All she can do is draw a smiley face to let you know she is happy that you took her case. She then uses her nail polish again. Drew was a forger, right? Could that job have eventually led to his death?

Trial begins

File:AJAA Autopsy Report.png

The Judge looks pretty nervous about the new Jurist System. Klavier reminds the Judge that it is just a test. If so, then where are the jurists? Klavier says they are watching everything by a video camera.

So let's begin. Klavier will present Misham's Autopsy Report, which is added to the Court Record. He will call up his first witness.

As expected, it's Brushel. He says he doesn't like you to jump into conclusions. He will testify about what he saw when the crime was committed.

Brushel's Testimony: The Journalist's Story

Brushel's Testimony
- The Journalist's Story -

  1. I visited the studio around 9:00 that night to do the interview.
  2. The first outsider to enter the atelier! "Journalistic History Made", end quote!
  3. His daughter brought us coffee right after we started.
  4. And you know what happened next. "Star Falls!" end quote.
  5. No one else entered the room besides her the whole time.

The Journalist's Story: Cross-Examination


Press on the 4th statement. Then ask about The "star's" coffee. Brushel will say Drew died instantly after taking his first sip. When asked, say the statement is Very important. A new statement is added.

  • He had one sip, if that. The next moment, he was on the floor!

Present the Coffee Mug on that statement. The poison was atroquinine right? Then it would have taken fifteen minutes for the poison to take effect! Drew would have enjoyed his last cup of coffee before he finally passed!

A contradiction, but as usual, Klavier fixes it. He asks the reporter to explain the contradiction. Brushel wishes to stand by his testimony, as he insists Drew died almost instantly after he took that sip. He also says he knew who brought the coffee! Brushel will testify about what he noticed.

Brushel's Testimony: What Brushel Noticed

Brushel's Testimony
- What Brushel Noticed -

  1. When I arrived at the studio, Mr. Misham was at his desk.
  2. He seemed to be writing a letter... but he quickly sealed the envelope.
  3. I thought nothing of it at the time, of course.
  4. Now that I think about it, what if he was writing a suicide note?

What Brushel Noticed: Cross-Examination


A letter? Press Brushel's 2nd statement. Brushel said he barged in ahead of schedule and saw Drew stuffed the letter inside a yellow envelope. When asked, Add to Testimony. A new statement will be added.

  • It was a yellow envelope. ...I heard it was left at the crime scene.

Yellow? Present the Red Envelope. You tell Brushel the correct color of the envelope. You ask Klavier if a yellow one was found at the crime scene. Klavier says there wasn't. Well, it was sent seven years ago. When asked if it was possible that Drew put this inside a red envelope, say It's impossible. If you check the letter, it is assigned to go to Drew Misham. How could Drew possibly write a letter to himself, let alone a suicide note?

Brushel will explain this contradiction to the court. He says he saw Drew look for a postage stamp. He then sent the letter and just like that, fell to his death. This will prompt the Judge into thinking the yellow envelope isn't important to this case - for now, anyway. Brushel is thinking about going home, but you saw something weird on his face. You ask Brushel to testify about this scent of a story.

Brushel's Testimony: The Scent Of A Story

Brushel's Testimony
- The Scent Of A Story -

  1. Actually, it took a bit of work to get a thumbs-up on the interview.
  2. "Reporter Leverages Story, Get His Interview", end quote.
  3. The story concerned a certain case from seven years ago.
  4. That red envelope probably had something to do with it.
  5. Say what you will, but Drew's talent was without compare.

So he interviewed Drew due to blackmail? And did he say something about a case from seven years ago? Could it be that case...?

The Scent Of A Story: Cross-Examination


Use your bracelet on the 5th statement.

  • Say what you will, but Drew's talent was without compare.

Perceive Brushel's right armpit. (Don't confuse his right with your right). He is sweating the moment he mentions Drew's talent! How could this be? When given the chance to show this "talent", Present the Hidden Painting. Brushel will admit that Drew was a forger of paintings. However, he was also known for forging evidence once and again mentions that case seven years ago. This is probably what the $100,000 deal was for! Maybe other criminals wanted him dead!

Klavier will object, saying that they found no connections between Drew's letter and the crime. Brushel will give a summary of his testimonies.

Brushel's Testimony: The Interview: A Recap

Brushel's Testimony
- The Interview: A Recap -

  1. The only other person in the studio that night was the defendant.
  2. It was Vera who poured the coffee. She's admitted as much herself.
  3. The only thing that touched Drew's lips during the interview was that mug.
  4. And nothing left that studio after he died. Nothing.
  5. ...Clearly, the only one who could have poisoned him was his daughter!

The Interview: A Recap: Cross-Examination


Press on the 4th statement. Brushel then remembers an exception: himself. You are then asked if there was another thing (other than Brushel) that could have left the studio. Say Just one thing. You can't show what left, but you can show how it could have left. Present the Letter Box. Earlier, Brushel told you about Drew writing a letter and putting it in the mailbox.

The Judge and Klavier remind you that the letter isn't very important to this case. A new statement is added.

  • A letter was put in the post from the studio, but I hardly think that matters.

Ignore this statement and Press the 3rd. You are asked if there was something other than the coffee, say I can prove it. Remember the stamp you saw yesterday. What if the stamp was poisoned? What if Drew licked the stamp? And the poison left on his mouth was planted on the mug. Klavier will say they searched the stamp but never found it. He asks you to show proof that the stamp did exist. Present the Tiny Frame.

It looks empty, but remains of the atroquinine poison were planted inside the frame. It looks very tiny, small enough to fit a stamp in! Klavier is in shock as no one told him about this. You conclude that the stamp was the murder weapon! Klavier will ask why someone would use a stamp to murder someone. Drew hid from the world and can only communicate by mail, so someone probably knew about these two facts and used the stamp as a perfect murder weapon. Klavier wants proof that the stamp was sent to Drew. Present the Red Envelope. It says to used the "enclosed stamp" to respond. Klavier objects again. The fact that it was seven years ago makes it hard to prove one thing. Was the stamp really in this letter? Who would try to kill Drew?

That's when a familiar face takes the stand... Oh geez, it's Kristo- oh wait, it's Ema. She has the solution to your problem. Science! She gives you the poison detection spray and wants you to use it on the envelope. Spray the bottom-right corner of the screen. A reaction, stamp-sized! Someone tried to kill Drew seven years ago! If that is true, then why did the poison kill him now? Ema says maybe it's because Drew knew that someone tried to kill him, so he avoided the poison.

Was Drew The Forger, Or Was It Someone Else?


Klavier objects again. If Drew knew that someone tried to kill him, why would he lick the stamp now? Did he just simply forgot about it after seven long years? If not, then why would he lick the stamp if he knew it would kill him? Was he committing suicide? Furthermore, where is the stamp now?

It sounds seemingly impossible, so your case is melting before you. You explain your theory that one piece of evidence in here could be a fake. When asked what, say Drew Misham. The forger sniffed a trap in the stamp, and seven years later, the forger fell into that trap. How is that possible? This is probably because this "forger" was a fake. One "forger" smelled the trap. One "forger" fell into the trap. If it is true, then the one who fell was a fake. When asked who the "real" one is, Present Vera Misham's Profile.

Only two people were living in the studio: Drew Misham and his only daughter, Vera. If Drew wasn't the forger then the other person living there could have been the real one! That person would be Vera!

Vera is called up. She stares at Klavier for a moment. As you hoped, she confirms that she is the real forger!

The courtroom responds in such an uproar, the Judge is forced to call a recess.