Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney/Characters

This article only refers to the main characters. Phoenix Wright himself, Ema Skye, and The Judge are returning and recurring characters of this game (not including flashbacks). However, all of the other major characters of the Phoenix Wright games are entirely absent! Want proof? See for yourself below.

Apollo Justice edit


Our new hero of the Ace Attorney series. A rookie attorney who is passionate and lively. However, once he is in court, he can easily be a bit helpless. He is much like Phoenix in HIS rookie years, stubborn, slow, and even reluctant.

Trucy Wright edit


A young magician who happens to be Phoenix Wright's daughter! How Phoenix got her, that's for you to find out. Trucy usually makes performances at an unseen place with her puppet, Mr. Hat. She is also the CEO of what used to be the Wright & Co. Law Offices and is your perky assistant throughout the game.

Phoenix Wright edit


Phoenix Wright is the former protagonist of the Ace Attorney series. He was what you would call a "legend" on the defense's bench when we last left him. However, 7 years prior to this game, Phoenix was forced to turn in his attorney's badge. Now he works at a bar as a pianist, though he doesn't play piano. Now Phoenix is still a legend of poker, undefeated in 7 years! The story in this game will revolve around Phoenix and his sudden disappearance from court.

Klavier Gavin edit


Klavier is your common opponent in this game. He has two jobs, a prosecutor, and a rockstar legend. He performs rock concerts with his band all of the time and writes songs based on law. He has a cool attitude and unlike Phoenix's opponents, he is actually a fair prosecutor and is as determined to find the truth as Phoenix.

Ema Skye edit


A young woman who is a detective. She actually wanted to be a scientific investigator when she was younger, and still does. She is as astounded to scientific stuff as ever and uses science to investigate. Phoenix once helped her sister get acquitted of murder when she was younger, as seen in Phoenix's first game.

Kristoph Gavin edit


Klavier's brother, and Apollo's mentor. He is the best defense attorney in town and is calm, elegant, and collected. He plays quite an unexpected part in this game.

Valant Gramarye edit


One of the greatest magicians in the past. Valant is the uncle of Trucy.

Zak Gramarye edit


Partner of Valant who has gone missing seven years ago.

Lamiroir edit


A singer who is mysterious in every way. Even she couldn't remember her past! Her singing voice makes you feel like you are seeing the world as she travels around the world herself.

The Judge edit


Like the other games of the series, he looks over every case in this game. The Judge hasn't change since the last game. He is slow and can be easily manipulated.