Naʼvi is a constructed language, created for the fictional Naʼvi, the humanoid inhabitants of the moon Pandora in the 2009 film Avatar. It was designed by Paul Frommer, a professor at the Marshall School of Business with a doctorate in linguistics, to fit film director James Cameron's conception of what the language should sound like in the film, to be realistically learnable by the fictional human characters of the film, and to be pronounceable by the real actors, but to not closely resemble any human language.

When the film was released in 2009, Naʼvi had a growing vocabulary of about a thousand words, but understanding of its grammar was limited to Frommer.[1] To date, it has roughly 2,656 words[2] and a fully fleshed out grammatical system, thanks to the work of Paul Frommer[3] and a robust fan community[4]. The goal of this book is to make what is known of Naʼvi grammar available to fans who are attempting to learn the language.

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