An early basic description of Naʼvi by Paul Frommer is a short grammatical sketch,

  • Frommer, Paul (December 19, 2009). "Some highlights of Naʼvi". Language Log. Retrieved 2010-01-09. {{cite web}}: Unknown parameter |coauthors= ignored (|author= suggested) (help)

Discussion on points of grammar and basic language lessons are presented on Frommer's blog,

The appendix of the so-called "Survival Guide" is the best published source of vocabulary:

Although most of the purported Naʼvi in the main text is spurious (though it does include two of the four songs that Frommer translated into Naʼvi for Cameron, the Hunting Song and the Weaving Song), the appendix is reasonably accurate, though significantly less reliable and complete than the dictionaries here at Wikibooks. That appendix is a copy of an early draught of Frommer's glossary that he has since modified. Neu "to want", for example, is now new. Some of the words for Naʼvi foods which did not make it into the final cut of the film have been reassigned to new meanings, such as kxener "smoke".

The LearnNaʼvi community keeps a list of vocabulary with attested usage online here. LearnNaʼvi also has a dictionary which may sometimes be more up to date than the one here.


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