This Wikibook covers the game Chrono Trigger.

Chrono Trigger logotype.
Chrono Trigger logotype.

Please note that this guide is riddled with spoilers, particularly in the endings section, and the walkthrough does describe the events on that chapter.

Walkthrough edit

Chapters are named and numbered according to the name of the saved game file during that point of the game. Since the ending essentially depends upon during what portion of the game Lavos is challenged a small section in each chapter will mention what will happen if you beat Lavos during that chapter.

While the walkthrough is mostly designed around a new game where you will be getting all of the equipment for the first time, Chrono Trigger also has the option to start a New Game + after you beat Lavos through the black omen. You'll be able to take all the levels of your characters and the contents of your save file (with a few exceptions such as the masamune and the bike key) and be able to start the game over with powered up characters. In a New Game + it's also possible to challenge Lavos at almost any point by using the right telepad at the millennial fair. The game is considerably easier in a new game +, making most of the challenge about completeness and finding all the endings.

Walkthrough Contents edit

  1. Chapter 1: The Millennial Fair (1000 A.D. first time)
  2. Chapter 2: The Queen Returns (600 A.D. first time)
  3. Chapter 3: The Queen is Gone (600 A.D. first time)
  4. Chapter 4: We're Back! (1000 A.D. second time)
  5. Chapter 5: The Trial (1000 A.D. second time)
  6. Chapter 6: Beyond the Ruins (2300 A.D. first time)
  7. Chapter 7: The Factory Ruins (2300 A.D. first time)
  8. Chapter 8: The End of Time (End of Time)
  9. Chapter 9: The Village of Magic (1000 A.D. third time)
  10. Chapter 10: The Hero Appears (600 A.D. second time)
  11. Chapter 11: Tata and the Frog (600 A.D. second time)
  12. Chapter 12: The Rare Red Rock (65M B.C. first time)
  13. Chapter 13: Footsteps! Follow! (65M B.C. first time)
  14. Chapter 14: The Masamune! (600 A.D. third time)
  15. Chapter 15: Magus's Castle (600 A.D. third time)
  16. Chapter 16: Forward to the past (65M B.C. second time)
  17. Chapter 17: Unnatural Selection? (65M B.C. second time)
  18. Chapter 18: The Magic Kingdom (12,000 B.C. first time)
  19. Chapter 19: Break the Seal! (2300 A.D. second time and 12,000 B.C. second time)
  20. Chapter 20: The Guru On Mt. Woe (12000 B.C. second time)
  21. Chapter 21: What Lies Beyond? (12000 B.C. second time)
  22. Chapter 22: Lavos Beckons (12000 B.C. second time)
  23. Chapter 23: The New King (12000 B.C. second time)
  24. Chapter 24: The Time Egg (2300 A.D. third time)
  25. Chapter 25: The Fated Hour (All time periods)
  26. Chapter 26: The Final Battle (1999 A.D. / ???)

Lists edit

  1. Endings and how to obtain them
  2. Locations of Power, Magic, and Speed Tabs
  3. Sealed Chests
  4. Information on Spekkio
  5. Characters and Techniques
  6. Bosses
  7. Equipment List