means Debian GNU/Linux "sid" step by step for everybody
Unofficial user guide
This book will help you with the system installation, configuration processes and using basic applications.


The book will show you how to install Debian unstable "sid" in a quick
and painless way using Sidux LiveCD, its basic configuration and
the most important - useful applications - even the best operation system
is useless on a home computer without a theme.
I used Sidux 2009-04 Moros "Μόρος" for my work of the book.
You can use most of the commands I show here with all operating systems based on Debian.

About Sidux

Sidux is a distribution of Linux, bootable from CD/DVD drive with a hard drive installation option.
Sidux is developing by aptosid-team (former: non-profit organization sidux e.V. located in Berlin).
The project has been finish in summer 2010 and has been started again as aptosid

Why Sidux?

1. Always the newest version packages of Debian "sid".
2. An unstable version of Debian is very stable for sure.
3. Debian "sid" never freezes down - it means if you install it, you don't need to re-install it
again and again to next version because it doesn't exist.
4. It works quickly and effectively on old machines very well too.
5. The biggest number of available packages/applications.
6. Sidux developers created a few interesting additions.


  1. System installation
  2. System installation on external drive
  3. Post-installation work
  4. System and packages management, applications installation
  5. Usable applications
  6. Solving problems
  7. From author
  1. Aptosid home page:
  2. Aptosid manual page:
  3. Debian home page:
  4. Debian multimedia page:
  5. Aptosid on DistroWatch:

"I dedicate this book to Aneta, who, some time ago, honored me by becoming my wife,
and to all persons that have never tried Linux before"
Paweł "pavroo" 13 Apr 2010