How To Build A Teardrop Trailer

in less than 3 weeks and $1500

Travel trailers are not cheap. They can present a large investment both in terms of money, towing vehicles and fuel. In addition, with gas prices high, there is a desire by many to own smaller vehicles. So what does one do if you like to camp?

A teardrop trailer is a small lightweight camping trailer that can easily be towed behind any car. Conceived more than 60 years ago, this trailer is designed for 2 people with storage and a kitchen galley under a rear hatch. The nice thing is that it doesn't have to be configured this way. Since you build it yourself you can create and install just about any option you want. From extra bunk space to entertainment centers; its your trailer. Have it your way.

This book will show you how simple building a teardrop trailer can be. The focus will be upon a low cost design (<$1500) but we will also introduce the reader to some of the other, more complex and more expensive ways of construction.


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  Before you start
  Trailer Bed
  Walls and Doors
  Assembling the Body
  The Hatch
  Assembling the Doors
  Hatch Hinge