What the mind believes often becomes true, as it is the only repository for the representation of reality and the sense of self.

Sleep and Death carrying away Sarpedon of Lycia.
Sleep and Death carrying away Sarpedon of Lycia.

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This work will primarily cover the techniques commonly referred to as hypnosis. It will also offer support material, or reference it, such as methods to induce, or reinforce specific mental states (or states of mind) and any attitudes and beliefs that impact the phenomena. Including information on techniques or procedures for hypnotic induction and hypnotic suggestion.

Hypnotic suggestions are commonly composed of a series of instructions and ideas that may be delivered by a hypnotist in the presence of the subject, or they may be self-administered ("self-suggestion" or "autosuggestion"), even in a conscious state.

Hypnosis is not a science. In fact, it has in almost every aspect eluded scientific analysis, as it is extremely hard to generalize (each individual responds differently and at different levels) and the methodology is so diverse and based on yet to be completely understood mental/biological phenomena, most related with faith or the placebo effect. For the phenomena to work, whom in aggregate we define as hypnosis, the mind has to be able to turn the suggestions into reality. All hypnosis is ultimately self hypnosis. If you, for instance, take into consideration the problems that faith beliefs have caused to the human race, or even the problems in the field of psychology, you can appreciate the problem of scientifically studying hypnotic phenomena, as they are extremely open to individual interpretation and to one's ability to be open to suggestibility (self-induced or otherwise).

Chapter 1 : The history [ edit ]

Chapter 2 : The mind as we know it [ edit ]

Chapter 3 : Behavior, habits and patterns [ edit ]

Chapter 4 : Memory [ edit ]

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Chapter 7 : The hypnotist and hypnosis [ edit ]

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