Ceramicware Defects Handbook

This handbook is produced specifically to list down the defects that are commonly found in ceramicware and ways to reduce the defects.
The ceramicist and the industrial ceramic producers may found this book to be upmost helpful in troubleshooting the problems that they may have faced during daily production and preventive steps to reduce the same defects from occurring again in the production. However, take note that some of the "defects" mentioned here such as crawling may be deliberately introduced in certain types of ceramic ware to enhance the aesthetic of the ceramic wares.
On the endnotes, by producing this book, it is hoped that the ceramicist as well the industrial ceramic producers may have an understanding of the basic theory of the ceramics and their defects and the ways to solve them.

Fine crack line found on the mug

All of defects that are listed here are grouped accordingly to the processes where it mostly occurs:

Table of Contents edit

Bisqueware/Biscuitware edit


Glazed ware/Glost ware edit


Decoration edit

Colour flow
Colour variation

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