Antiracist Activism for Teachers and Students

This book is intended for use in an undergraduate teacher education course that focuses on teaching and learning in multicultural ways. It contains an overview of the history of antiracist activism in the U.S. and information about who activists are and the type of work they do or have done. Sample curricula provide teachers with reliable lesson plans they can use in K-12 settings so that students will be able to learn about the activists and the projects with which they were involved. The book will also highlight the ways in which students have become involved in school and community projects that challenge the inequities they see. Contemporary student-generated social action projects originating in K-12 settings will also be explored.

Chapters edit

Points to Consider for Teaching Anti-racism edit

Analyzing Literature for Children and Adolescents edit

Anti-racism and the Arts edit

Students Taking Action edit

White Anti-racist Activists edit