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What is Bad Science? Edit

This book is based on articles from the Bad Science column written by Dr. Ben Goldacre. A British doctor and journalist, author of the "Bad Science" column in the Guardian Saturdays newspaper. Most of his writing is focused in telling just how the media sometimes gets it wrong reporting on "pseudoscience" (false science) as true science, this subject is also covered on his website/blog,

"Bad Science" for the classroom, created by Planet Science and Dr. Goldacre with the help of teachers: brings fun activities to do with students as a way to demonstrate that not everything you read as science is in reality "proper" science.

Activities Edit

The following activities are available, but if you have ideas for other Bad Science activities, feel free to add them.

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These activities are aimed at 14-16 year olds, but there's nothing to say you can't try these with any age group... it's all in the name of scientific literacy... let’s not all get hypnotised by pseudoscience!

article "Ignorance Is The Opposite Of Bliss" 28 January 2006