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This category contains resources on creating a print version for a book.

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  1. The Prison-Industrial Complex/Printable version
  2. Creating a Virtual Machine/Printable version
  3. ITIL v3 (Information Technology Infrastructure Library)/Printable version
  4. Survey of Communication Study/Print version
  5. Transportation Systems Casebook/Printable version
  6. Database Design/Printable version
  7. Foundations of Computer Science/Printable version
  8. OpenMP/Printable version
  9. Programming Fundamentals/Printable version
  10. Applied Programming/Printable version
  1. Learning anatomy/Printable version
  2. Introduction to Computer Information Systems/Print version
  3. The Prison-Industrial Complex/Printable version
  4. Introduction to .NET Framework 3.0/Print version
  5. VirtualBox/Print version
  6. Hacking/Print version
  7. Kannada/Printable version
  8. Human brain/Printable version
  9. Using Wikibooks/Print version
  10. Art History/Printable version

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