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Cryptozoology is a pseudoscience concerned with the study of alleged animals. That is, creatures which have been attested to exist in folklore or urban legends, but whose real existence has not been confirmed by mainstream zoology. It's a wide-reaching field, with creatures of interest ranging from the down-to-earth bipedal apes like Bigfoot and the Yeti, to the more out-of-this-world Mothman, and even real extinct species like the thylacine, whose survival continues only in anecdotes.

Nearly all of the alleged animals studied by cryptozoologists will, in all likelihood, never be proven real. However, understanding the stories these creatures inhabit can give useful insight into popular culture, folklore, and the cryptozoology subculture - both online and in the wild.


A carving of Bigfoot.

Introduction Edit

A cryptid said to live in deep wooded areas.

Folklore Edit

Geography Edit

Lock Ness Monster

Sketch of the monster.

Introduction Edit

The Lock Ness Monster is perhaps the most famous cryptid, as it was frequently mentioned in 20th century popular culture.

Location Edit

The Loch Ness Monster is purported to live in the freshwater lake Loch Ness, which is located in Scotland.

Evidence Edit

Despite a number of surveys, expeditions, and novel investigative methods, no scientific evidence of the Lock Ness Monster has ever been found, while earlier "evidence" of its existence has been found to be falsified.


Drawing of Moth Man.

Moth Man is a alleged creature said to live in West Virginia, near the Ohio River. In particular, the city of Point Pleasent holds a festival in honor of the purported Moth Man every year.

Some consider the Moth Man to be a harbinger of ill omens, with some claiming sightings predate disasters.

Dover Demon

The Dover Demon is a humanoid reported from Dover, Massachusetts. Some say that it looks like a grey alien, or that is has glowing eyes.

Loveland Frog

Artistic illustration of the loveland frog.

The Loveland Frog is an alleged cryptid said to be seen near Loveland, Ohio

Flatwoods monster

Artistic impression of the Flatwoods monster.

The Flatwoods monster is a cryptid from West Virginia folklore.