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2009 UIL Spelling Study Manual

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Word List edit

For words with a * contestants must also know definitions.

1. aardwolf

The insectivorous mammal species Proteles cristatus, of South Africa, related to and resembling the hyena. [Afrikaans, from Dutch aarde (“‘earth, soil’”) + wolf (“‘wolf’”). Used in English since the 19th Century.]

2. ab initio*

(law) Refers to the time from when a legal document comes into force. [From Latin ab (“‘from’”) + initiō, ablative singular of initium (“‘beginning’”).]

3. abscise*

/əbˈsaɪz/ to cut off. [From Latin abscises, past participle of abscidere, formed from abs- + caedere "to cut".]

4. acanthoid

similar to a spine in shape

5. acarid

/ˈækərɪd/ Any parasitic arachnid, such as mites and ticks, of the order Acarina [from Ancient Greek 'akari', mite]

6. accessible

/əkˈsɛsəbˑl/ Easy to approach or obtain [From Latin 'accedo', approach]

7. accessory

/əkˈsɛsərɪ/ Having a secondary, supplementary or subordinate function by accompanying as a subordinate; aiding in a secondary way; being additional; being connected as an incident or subordinate to a principal; contributing or being contributory. Said of persons and things, and, when of persons, usually in a bad sense; as, he was accessory to the riot; accessory sounds in music.[From Latin accessorius]

8. accolade

/'ækəleɪd/ An expression of approval; praise. 2. (music) A brace used to join two or more staves. [from French accolare, to embrace]

9. accruement

the act of accruing (accrue - To increase, to augment; to come to by way of increase) [from French accrû, Old French acreü, past participle of accroître, Old French acroistre to increase; from Latin adcrēscō (“‘increase’”).]

10. acerbated

/ˈasəbeɪtɛd/ past tense of 'to acerbate' (acerbate - to exasperate, make bitter or sour)[From Latin acerbates, past participle of acerbare, from acerbus.]

11. Achilles tendon

a tendon of the posterior leg

12. acknowledgeable

/ækˈnɑl.ɪʤeɪbəl/ able to be acknowledged

13. acrimonious

Of words, arguments, quarrels: bitter; mean-spirited; sharp in language or tone

14. acromegaly

(pathology) A chronic disease marked by enlargement of the bones of the extremities, face, and jaw that is caused by over-activity of the pituitary gland.

15. ad hoc*

/ˌæd ˈhɒk/ for this particular purpose 2. created on the spur of the moment, impromptu [From New Latin ad hoc (“‘for this’”).]

16. ad interim*

at the interim, 'in the meantime'

17. adjacency

The quality of being adjacent, or near enough so as to touch.

18. adjuration*

a grave warning or earnest appeal [From Latin adiūrō (“‘beg earnestly’”), from ad- (“‘near, at; towards, to’”)' + iūrō (“‘swear by oath’”).]

19. adjustable

able to be adjusted (adjust - To modify.)[Ultimately from Latin ad (“‘to, up to, towards’”) + iustus (justus), “‘correct, proper, exact’”)]

20. adscititious

derived from something intrinsic, inherent. [From Latin adscitus, from past participle of adsciscere to admit]

21. adulterate

Corrupted; impure

22. advisory

adj. Able to give advice. N. advice, warning. [Example: The advisory committee could only offer advice, but since that was almost always accepted they had real power. ]

23. aeroallergen

Any airborne allergen (such as pollen)

24. Aesopian

Employing or having an ambiguous or allegorical meaning, especially a political meaning [From Latin Aesopius (“‘Aesopian’”), from Ancient Greek Αἴσωπος (Aisōpos), “‘the famous Greek fabulist Aesop’”]

25. affability

The state or quality of being affable, friendly or approachable.

26. affenpinscher*

a terrier-like toy breed of dog.

27. affiant

The individual witness whose statement is contained in an affidavit or sworn deposition. [Example: Further affiant sayeth naught. (A centuries-old statement that is still used on some legal documents as the final declaration prior to the affiant's signature.)] [From form of verb Old French afier, from Late Latin affidare. Related to affidavit.]

28. affirmation

A declaration that something is true; an oath. [From Latin affirmare, to assert.]

29. aggress

N. aggression; v. To set upon; to attack. [From Latin aggressum, past participle of aggredi (“‘to attack, assail, approach, go to’”) < ad (“‘to’”) + gradi (“‘to walk, go’”) < gradus (“‘step’”); see grade.]

30. agilely

with agility

31. agranulocytosis

An acute condition involving a severe and dangerous leukopenia, particularly of neutrophils, causing a neutropenia in the circulating blood.

32. agrology

A sub-discipline of soil science which addresses optimising crop production

33. aigrette, aigret

/ˈeɪgɹɪt/ A feather or plume, or feather-shaped item, used as an adornment or ornament [from French aigrette, 'egret']

34. Airedale

A district in the West Riding of Yorkshire surrounding the vale of the River Aire, OR an Airedale terrier, a breed of large dog

35. alcalde

/alˈkalde/ Mayor or other administrator [From Arabic القاضي (al-qāḍī) ‘judge’]

36. aldosterone

mineralocorticoid hormone, secreted by the adrenal cortex, that regulates the balance of sodium and potassium in the body

37. aleatory*

/ˈæɪlɪətɔri/ Depending on the throw of a die; random, arising by chance [From Latin āleātōrius, from āleātor (“‘dice-player’”), from ālea (“‘a die’”)]

38. Aleutian*

Of, from, or pertaining to the Aleutian Islands (a group of islands in the northern Pacific Ocean, west of Alaska), or to its inhabitants, their culture, or their language

39. alexandrite

(mineralogy) A form of chrysoberyl that displays a colour change dependent upon light, along with strong pleochroism.

40. alienator

one who alienates (alienate - To estrange; to withdraw affections or attention; to make indifferent or averse, where love or friendship before subsisted; to wean; with from)

41. All Fools' Day

April Fools' Day.

42. alliterative

In the form or style of alliteration

43. aloe vera, Aloe vera

The resin of the trees Aquilaria agallocha and Aquilaria malaccensis, known for their fragrant odour

44. altiplano

a high plateau. [From American Spanish from Latin altus + planum - high plain]

45. alumnae

plural of alumna, a female graduate or student

46. alveolus

a small cavity or pit, (anatomy) a small air sac in the lungs, where oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged with the blood.

47. amandine*

(cooking) Served with almonds

48. amanuensis

One employed to take dictation, or copy manuscripts; a clerk, secretary, scribe. [From Latin āmanuēnsis (“‘secretary’”), from ab + manus, "by hand".]

49. ambient

surrounding, enveloping [From Latin ambiens (“‘going around’”), from ambiō (“‘go around’”).]

50. amercement

A non-statutory monetary penalty or forfeiture

51. Americanism

A preference to the United States and the ideas it represents, OR A word, phrase or linguistic feature originating from or specific to American language usage. [Example:However, the -ize spelling is now rarely used in the UK in the mass media and newspapers, and is hence often incorrectly regarded as an Americanism.]

52. amniotic*

/æmniˈɑːtɪk/ Pertaining to the amnion (amnion - (anatomy) the innermost membrane of the fetal membranes of reptiles, birds, and mammals; the sac in which the embryo is suspended) [From Latin for "membrane around a fetus", from Greek "bowl in which the blood of victims was caught", from ame, (bucket)]

53. amoral

(of people) not believing in or caring for morality and immorality

54. ampicillin

(pharmacology) A broad-spectrum antibiotic having a beta-lactam structure

55. amplitude

The measure of something's size, especially in terms of width or breadth; largeness, magnitude;(physics) The maximum absolute value of some quantity that varies; (mathematics) The maximum absolute value of the vertical component of a curve or function, especially one that is periodic

56. ampullae*

a two-handled vessel with a swollen middle, sometimes used to hold holy oil or wine

57. anaglyph*

A decorative ornament worked in low relief; 2. The three-dimensional effect created by spectacles that have usually one red and one bluish-green lens and a stereoscopically modified film

58. analects

A collection of excerpts or quotes, u. those of Confucius

59. analphabetic*

not alphabetic

60. anecdote

A short account of an incident, often humorous

61. anechoic

lacking echos; that absorbs sound (Example: "The basoonist settled into the anechoic chamber and prepared for another grueling recording session.")

62. aneurysm, aneurism

/ˈæn.jɚ.ɪz.m̩/(pathology) An abnormal blood-filled swelling of an artery or vein, resulting from a localized weakness in the wall of the vessel [Ancient Greek ἀνεύρυσμα (aneurysma), “‘a widening, an opening’”) < ἀνά (ana), “‘up’”) + εὐρύς (eurys), “‘wide’”).]

63. angelology

The study of angels. Angels have been grouped into nine categories, from lowest to highest: angel, virtue, archangel, power, principality, minion, throne, cherub, and seraph

64. angiography

(medicine) A medical imaging technique in which an X-ray image is taken to visualize the inside of blood vessels and organs of the body, with particular interest in the arteries, veins and the heart chambers

65. anhydrous

having little or no water

66. anneal*

(metallurgy) To subject to great heat, and then cool slowly for the purpose of rendering less brittle; to temper; to toughen

67. annotator

one who annotates (annotate - to add comment to a text)

68. annuitant

one who receives amounts of money regularly over a certain fixed period

69. antecedent

/æntəˈsidnt/ something that precedes another

70. antediluvian

literally "before the flood"; Extremely ancient or antiquated; old; prehistoric (before Noah's Ark.) [From ante- + Latin diluvium flood]

71. antemeridian

Of or relating to morning; that happens in the morning.

72. antenatal

occurring or existing before birth

73. anthropocentric*

Placing humans at the center of something, giving preference to humans above all other considerations [anthropo-, meaning man, human]

74. anticatalyst*

substance that hinders a reaction, usually by affecting the catalyst

75. antidepressant

An agent that prevents or counteracts depression

76. antifungal

That inhibits the growth of fungi; antimycotic

77. antihero, anti-hero

(literature) A protagonist who proceeds in an unheroic manner, such as by criminal means, via cowardly actions, or for mercenary goals

78. antipathies

79. antipruritic

80. antitussive

81. aparejo

82. aphonia*

(medicine) Loss of voice; the inability to speak

83. apnea

84. apophasis

85. appendectomy

86. appetence

87. appliqué

88. apprenticeship

89. apraxia*

/ә'præksıә/ Total or partial loss of the ability to perform coordinated movements or manipulate objects in the absence of motor or sensory impairment; specifically, a disorder of motor planning [From Greek απραξία (aprāksiā), “‘inaction’”); From a- (“‘without’”) +‎ praxis (“‘action’”)]

90. arachnophobia

91. arbitrary

92. arbovirus*

Any virus that is transmitted by an arthropod

93. archetype

94. arduousness

95. arenicolous*

(biology) living or burrowing in sand

96. Argonne

97. Aristotelian, Aristotelean

98. arraign*

To officially charge someone in a court of law [French arraisonner (to verify the cargo of a vessel or avion), from raison]

99. arrhythmia

100. arthritis

101. ascendancy, ascendency

102. ascertain

103. askew

104. assayer

105. assemblage

106. assiduity

107. assumpsit

108. asthenopia

109. astigmatism

110. astrogate*

(science fiction, intransitive) To astronavigate; to control and guide a spacecraft

111. astutely*

In an astute manner

112. atrioventricular

113. atrophy*

/æ.trə.fi/ (pathology) A reduction in the functionality of an organ caused by disease, injury or lack of use.

114. attrition

115. audiology

116. audiophile

117. Augustinian

118. austerity

119. Australasia

120. autochthonous*

/ɑːˈtɑːkθənəs Native to the place where found; indigenous [example: Two of the most celebrated of the evolutionists reject the autochthonous view, for Darwin's Descent of Man and Haeckel's Hist. of Creation consider the American man an emigrant from the old world, whatever way the race may have developed] [Literally, "native to the soil"; from autochthon +‎ -ous]

121. autocracy

122. avarice

123. aviarist

124. avocados

125. azalea


Word List edit

131. bacteriology*

(biology) The scientific study of bacteria, especially in relation to disease and agriculture.

132. baedeker, Baedeker

Proprietary name of a longtime series of travel guidebooks.;(by extension from the proprietary name) Any travel guide, advice for travelers, or guide pertaining to other subjects (Example: "His middle-of-the-road guidebook to the Georgians (Henry James to T. S. Eliot) will be a useful Baedeker for literary sightseers." [1934, "Literary Guide: Review of The Georgian Scene by Frank Swinnerton," Time, 3 Dec])

133. bain-marie

in cooking, a large pan containing hot water, into which other smaller pans are set in order to cook food slowly, or to keep food warm [French, from Medieval Latin balneum Mariae Maria’s bath]

134. balletomane

/bæˈlɛt.əˌmeɪn/, /bəˈlɛt.əˌmeɪn/ An enthusiastic ballet fan

135. ballonet*

one of several small balloons, inside a dirigible, that can be inflated or deflated to control buoyancy during flight

136. balsamic*

/ˌbɔːlˈsæmɪk/ Having the pleasant odour of balsam; balmy, fragrant (Example: "he stood in the road, fragrant with the odor of the azaleas in the undergrowth and the balsamic breath of the low-hanging firs, which were all fibrously a-glitter wherever the moon touched the dew in the dense midst of their shadows." [1891, Mary Noailles Murfree, In the "Stranger People's" Country, Nebraska 2005, p. 14]

137. banderilla

(bullfighting) A stick with a sharp end and a decorated end, which a bullfighter stick into the bull's back.

138. bandoneon

(music) A small Latin American accordion played with buttons.

139. bangalore torpedo

pipe bomb [1]

140. Barbary Coast

141. bariatrician

doctor of bariatrics [bariatrics - (medicine) The branch of medicine dealing with obesity and weight problems.]

142. barramunda

Any of several Australian fish of the genus Ceratodus; the lungfish

143. basil*

A plant (Ocimum basilicum), OR the leaves of this plant used as an herb

144. basilisk

/ˈbæz.ə.lɪsk/ A mythical (and heraldic) snake-like dragon type, reputed to be so venomous that its gaze was deadly; (zoology) A treedwelling type of lizard, of genus Basiliscus. [From Middle English < Old French basilisc < Latin basiliscus < Ancient Greek βασιλίσκος (basiliskos), “‘royal, imperial’”) < βασιλεύς (basileus), “‘king’”).]

145. bassoon

/bəˈsuːn/ A musical instrument in the woodwind family, having a double reed and, playing in the tenor and bass ranges [From French basson, from Italian bassone, from basso (“‘bass’”) + augmentative suffix -one.]

146. batophobia

fear of something tall

147. bayou*

a slow-moving creek [From American French bayou, from Choctaw bayuk (“‘creek’”).]

148. beatific

blessed, blissful, heavenly [From beatify, from Latin beatificare, make blessed, from beatus, blessed + ficare, make, variant form of facere, make]

149. beef stroganoff

A dish of sautéed pieces of beef (or a substitute) served in a sauce with sour cream [Named after the Stroganov family, a distinguished Russian family involved in the settlement of Siberia; however, keep in mind that the 'stroganoff' in the word is not capitalized like a name would be]

150. beefalo*

A cross between a domestic cow and an American buffalo or bison, or the meat of such a hybrid.

151. Bella Coola

small community in British Columbia

152. belletrist*

one who writes belles-lettres (belles-letteres - literary works valued more for their aesthetic qualities than for any informative or educational content)

153. bellicose*

Warlike in nature; aggressive; hostile

154. bellwether

anything that indicates future trends [from bell + wether, originally a sheep with a bell around its neck that led a flock]

155. Bengalese


156. besom

A broom made from a bundle of twigs tied onto a shaft. [Old English besma, from West Germanic *besmon.]

157. bestowal

the act of bestowing

158. bête noire

An anathema; someone or something which is particularly disliked or avoided; an

object of aversion, the bane of one’s existence. [French, literally ‘black beast’.] 159. bêtise

silliness, folly, stupidity

160. bibliofilm*

"A bibliofilm is a series of still images on 35 mm. standard safety photographic film."[2]

161. bibliopole

a bookseller, especially of secondhand or rare books

162. bilirubin

pigment in bile

163. bioaccumulation

The process by which substances accumulate in the tissues of living organisms

164. bioenvironmental

165. bipedal

166. bivouacked

167. blandisher

168. blepharoplasty

169. bolster

170. bonbonnière

171. bonsai

172. bookmobile

173. bordure*

(heraldry) A contrasting border round a shield

174. Botswana*

A country in Southern Africa (formerly Bechuanaland). Official name: Republic of Botswana

175. bouillon

176. bouldering

177. braceros

178. brachydactylic

179. brainstorming

180. bravissimo*

181. breathtaking

182. brevet*

A military document entitling a commissioned officer to hold a higher rank temporarily, but without an increase in pay

183. bric-a-brac

184. brigand

185. brinksmanship

186. brochette

187. broncobuster*

A person who breaks horses so that they can be ridden with a saddle (Example: Over in the large corral a bronco buster, assisted by two of the cowboys, was engaged in roping and throwing some wild mustangs.)

188. brownout

189. buckram*

A coarse cloth of linen or hemp, stiffened with size or glue, used in garments to keep them in the form intended, and for wrappers to cover merchandise. (Example: 1882: Buckram was probably from the first a stiffened material employed for lining, often dyed. — James Edwin Thorold Rogers, A History of Agriculture and Prices in England, Volume 4, p. 557)

190. builddown, build-down

191. Bunsen burner*

192. Bunyanesque

193. burgage

194. bush leaguer

195. Bushido, bushido

References edit


Word List edit

For words with a * contestants must also know definitions.

196. caballero

A horseman, particularly in the Latin American context

197. cachexia*

A systemic wasting of muscle tissue, with or without loss of fat mass, that accompanies a chronic disease

198. cacoëthes

compulsion, mania

199. cadastre, cadaster

a public survey of land for the purpose of taxation

200. cadaverous*

Corpselike; hinting of death; imitating a cadaver [cadaver - dead body (cadō (“I fall”) as a metaphor for "I die", also source (through comb. form -cida) of the -cide in suicide, homicide etc.))]

201. cahoots*

collusion or collaboration to nefarious ends.

202. Cahuilla

tribe of Native Americans

203. calamari

squid as food, especially cooked in the form of calamari rings

204. calculator

A mechanical or electronic device that performs mathematical calculations

205. calliope (instrument)

A musical organ, consisting of steam whistles played with a keyboard. Often used with merry-go-rounds

206. callosity

A callous demeanour; insensitivity or hardheartedness

207. callowness

he condition of being callow; immaturity.

208. calorimeter

An apparatus for measuring the heat generated or absorbed by either a chemical reaction, change of phase or some other physical change

209. camera-ready

Art or "hard copy" (a document or graphic art) that requires no additional work to be done to it before copies of it can be reproduced. It is commonly used in situations where separate documents will be compiled into a single compilation, such as compiling technical publications into a conference handout.

210. Camorra, camorra

The Neapolitan equivalent of the Mafia

211. campestral

Relating to open fields or uncultivated land.

212. camphor*

(organic chemistry) A white transparent waxy crystalline isoprenoid ketone, with a strong pungent odour, used in pharmacy

213. candor*

the state of being sincere and open in speech; honesty in expression [from Latin for "brightness"/"brilliance")

214. canoeing

A water sport involving racing in canoes or kayaks.

215. canorous

melodious, resonant

216. cantankerous

stubborn, cranky, surly

217. caponata

a Sicilian dish of baked aubergines with capers, olives, pine nuts etc, normally served cold

218. capstone

Any of the stones making up the top layer of a wall 2. A crowning achievement

219. carabiniere

member of the Italian Carabinieri

220. caracal

A type of mountain cat, of genus Caracal, native to Southern Africa, Turkestan and India

221. Caracas*

capital of Venezuela

222. carbohydrate

A sugar, starch, or cellulose that is a food source of energy for an animal or plant; a saccharide.

223. Carboniferous, carboniferous

Containing or producing carbon

224. carcinomatosis

(medicine) The widespread presence of carcinomas that have metastasized throughout the body

225. cardiothoracic

Of or pertaining to both the heart and the chest

226. careen*

To lurch or sway violently from side to side.

227. caret

A mark [^] used by writers and proof readers to indicate that something

is to be inserted in the place marked by the caret. 228. carping

Pertaining to excessive complaining.

229. carpophagous

230: Cartesian

Pertaining to Descartes or his mathematical methods

231. caryatidean*

in likeness of a caryatid (a sculpted female figure serving as an architectural support taking the place of a column or pillar)

232. cassation

The abrogation of a law by a higher authority; annulment.

233. casus belli*

an act seen as justifying or causing a war

234. catachresis

235. catacomb

236. catatonia

237. catch phrase

238. catharsis

239. cavalcade

240. cavernicolous*

241. cecropia moth*

242. celerity

243. celestial, Celestial

244. cenotaph

245. Cerberus

246. cerebrovascular

247. chacma

248. chador*

249. chalcid*

250. chamfer

251. chancel

252. chandelier

253. charcuterie

254. chargeable

255. chary*

256. cheekiness

257. chenille*

258. chenopod

259. Chickamauga

260. Chinook, chinook

261. chirography

262. cholera

263. chop suey*

264. chorea

265. churlish

266. ciborium

267. cinephile

268. circularity

269. circumfluent

270. cirriped

271. citrine*

272. claque

273. clarification

274. class-conscious

275. clemency*

276. clerihew

277. cloister

278. clubbable, clubable

279. coadjutor

280. coalescent

281. coaxial

282. coccygeal

283. cognomen

284. coiffeuse*

285. coleoptile

286. collaborationist*

287. collage

288. colloquy

289. Colombia

290. colonelcy

291. commemorate*

292. commissariat

293. commodore

294. compatible

295. complicity*

296. complimentary

297. compote

298. compurgation*

299. conchiferous

300. conchoidal*

301. concoct*

302. concordance*

303. concretize*

304. concussive

305. condemnatory

306. confederacy, Confederacy

307. congelation

308. congregant

309. conjugate

310. conjuration

311. consort*

312. consternation

313. constitutionality

314. constraint

315. contemporaneous

316. contextual

317. contraption*

318. contravene

319. contumacy

320. convenable

321. convergent

322. convulsion

323. coolant

324. coquille

325. cordiform*

326. coriander

327. cornice

328. coronagraph, coronograph

329. corporal*

330. corroboree*

331. coruscation

332. corvine

333. Cossack

334. cosset

335. costumier

336. counterclaim

337. counterterroism

338. coup d' état

339. covenantor

340. covertness*

341. cozenage

342. craniosacral

343. crape myrtle, crepe myrtle

344. crêpe de Chine

345. cribbage*

346. criosphinx

347. critique

348. crop-dusting

349. croustade

350. cryonics*

351. cryptogenic

352. ctenoid

353. cuadrilla*

354. cultrate

355. culturati

356. cupidity*

357. cupriferous

358. cuspidor

359. cyclamate

360. cynicism, Cynicism

361. cystic fibrosis

362. cytotoxin*


Word List edit

For words with a * contestants must also know definitions.
363. dactylogram
364. daikon
365. danseuse
366. Dardanelles*
367. de Stijl
368. debasement
369. decapitate
370. decasyllabic
371. Deccan
372. declamatory
373. decorous
374. decrescendo
375. decussate
376. defenestration*
377. deferred*
378. definitude
379. defrayal
380. deglutition
381. deionize*
382. deliquesce
383. Delmonico steak
384. Delphian
385. demagogic*
386. démarche
387. dendrochronology
388. denotation
389. deodorant
390. depersonalize
391. depiction*
392. depository
393. depressant
394. dermabrasion
395. desacralize
396. desensitize
397. designee*
398. desuetude
399. desultorily*
400. detrition
401. deus ex machina
402. devious
403. dewlap
404. dexterously
405. diable
406. diapason
407. dictatorial
408. didactics
409. dilatory*
410. diplopia*
411. disarmament
412. disciform
413. disclaimer*
414. discountenance
415. disembogue
416. disenfranchise
417. disincentive
418. disorientation*
419. dispossessed
420. disquisition
421. dissenter, Dissenter
422. dissolvent
423. dissuasion
424. distrait
425. dithyramb
426. divagate
427. divorcée (female)
428. Doberman pinscher*
429. dodecaphonic
430. dogmatism
431. doloroso*
432. Doric order
433. dorsolateral
434. dosimetry
435. dowager's hump
436. dragoman*
437. dramatization
438. dreidel, dreidl
439. drosophila, Drosophila
440. dulcet*
441. dundrearies*
442. duopoly
443. dyed-in-the-wool
444. dyscalculia
445. dysphonia


For words with a * contestants must also know definitions.

446. Easter lily 
447. ebullition*
448. eccentricity*
449. echolalia
450. ecocide
451. econometrics*
452. ecophysiology
453. edema, oedema
454. educible*
455. effervescence
456. efficacy
457. effulgence*
458. egregiousness
459. eidolons
460. El Niño*
461. El Salvador
462. electorate*
463. elitism, élitism
464. ellipticity
465. elocution
466. emanate
467. embarkation
468. embellishment
469. embrasure
470. embryonic
471. emplacement
472. emulsible
473. en masse*
474. encephalitis
475. encroaches
476. endocrinology
477. endogamy
478. endorphin
479. ensconce
480. ensiform
481. ensilage*
482. enthrallment
483. entropy
484. eonian, aeonian
485. epidemiology
486. epigenous
487. epiphenomenon
488. epiphyte
489. episodic*
490. eponymous
491. epoxy
492. eristic*
493. erumpent
494. escapism*
495. escapology
496. escutcheon
497. esoteric
498. Estonia
499. ethos*
500. etiolate
501. eupeptic
502. eupnea*
503. eureka 
504. euripus
505. evangelist, Evangelist
506. evocative
507. ex libris*
508. exclamatory
509. execrate
510. executive privilege
511. exergue
512. exhortation*
513. exhumation
514. exigent
515. exonerate
516. expiate
517. expostulation*
518. extensor
519. exudation
520. exurbia
521. eye rhyme* - rhyme created using words that look similar but are not pronounced in a rhyming way
522. eyespot


523. facilitation
524. fait accompli 
525. familial* - Of or pertaining to family. 
526. fashionmonger
527. fastidious
528. fathomless
529. Faulknerian
530. faultfinding
531. featherweight
532. febricity
533. femininity
534. ferine
535. fetlock*
536. fiancé (male)*
537. Fibonacci sequence
538. ficus, Ficus
539. figurehead
540. filched
541. filial
542. fishmonger*
543. fissionable
544. fissiped
545. flagelliform*
546. flamenco*
547. flange
548. fleeciness
549. flout
550. fluoroscope
551. foliicolous
552. foray
553. forceps* - An instrument used in surgery or medical procedures for grasping and holding objects, similar to tongs or pincers.
554. forethought
555. forgettable
556. Formica (trademark)
557. forswear, foreswear
558. fourragère
559. franchisee
560. Fräulein, fräulein
561. frenetic, phrenetic
562. frugivorous
563. fruition
564. fugacious* - Fleeting, fading quickly, transient. 
565. fugleman
566. funambulist
567. fungistat
568. futurity race* - a race that competitors enter in advance