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A-level Physics

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Edexcel (Salters Horners)

This Wikibook is about A-level Physics, designed to follow the Edexcel (Salters Horners) syllabus, but is not endorsed by Edexcel. It will hopefully be useful as a revision guide or for alternative explanations to the ones in your textbook or from your tutor.

AS Units edit

PSA1: Physics at work, rest and play (6751) edit

  • Higher, Faster, Stronger (HFS)
  • Good Enough to Eat (EAT)
  • Spare Part Surgery (SUR)

PSA2: Physics for life (6752) edit

  • Digging Up the Past (DIG)
  • Technology in Space (SPC)
  • Sound of Music (MUS)

PSA3: Coursework (6753) edit

  • Experimental skills
  • Visit

A2 Units edit

PSA4: Physics on the Move (6754) edit

  • Transport on Track (TRA)
  • The Medium is the Message (MDM)
  • Probing the Heart of Matter (PRO)

PSA5i: Coursework (6755/01) edit

  • Practical project

PSA5ii: Physics from creation to collapse (6755/02) edit

  • Build or Bust? (BLD)
  • Reach for the Stars (STA)

PSA6: Synoptic test (6756) edit

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