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  1. Skript+
  2. Python 3: working with files and digital assets
  3. JavaScript
  4. HyperText Markup Language
  5. The Pollen Programming Language
  6. Annotated King Reference Manual
  7. PascalABC.NET
  8. Some Basic and Inefficient Prime Number Generating Algorithms
  9. LaTeX
  10. Portability and the C Language
  1. Scala
  2. Visual Basic .NET
  3. Windows Batch Scripting
  4. C Programming
  5. Chipmunk Basic pocketManual
  6. Software Development from First Principles
  7. Learning Python 3 with the Linkbot
  8. Eric 6 User's Guide
  9. Bug Free Programming
  10. PlanoTse Handbook for Job Search Automation

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