This book is meant to be a reference for the BASIC dialect Monkey, published by Blitz Research Ltd.

History edit

Monkey is a BASIC dialect programming language that translates Monkey code into multiple cross-platforms. Currently the supported target platforms include Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS, HTML5, Flash and XNA.

Monkey is the latest programming language by Blitz Research Limited, following BlitzMax (2004) and BlitzBasic (2000), two prior BASIC programming dialects from the same author.

Compilation edit

Monkey code is translated into the target language via the Trans tool and into a native compiler depending on the target platform. Monkey requires the use of other compilers and development kits to reach the end target. This process is largely automated with the accompanying IDE, Monk (2011) and Ted (2012).

Modules edit

Modules provide the runtime functionality of Monkey. They are stored in the modules directory inside the Monkey directory, and accessed via the Import commands.

Code Example edit

Function Main:Bool()
	Local hex:Int = $f0c090

	Return True
End Function

Function HexToColour:Void(hex:Int)
	Local r:Int = hex Shr 16 & $0000ff
	Local g:Int = hex Shr 8 & $0000ff
	Local b:Int = hex & $0000ff
	Print r+":"+g+":"+b

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  • Third-Party Modules

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