Karrigell is an open Source Python web framework written in Python

The Python 2 version is the stable release. A version for Python 3.2 and above was released in February 2011


Explains "how to" build web applications. This section only applies to the Python3 version

  1. Pronounce "Karrigell"
  2. Install
  3. Write the "Hello world" script
  4. Build a simple HTML page
  5. Write an interactive application in a single script
  6. Use the POST method
  7. Upload files
  8. Redirect to a URL
  9. Insert dynamic values in a template
  10. Insert an image, a stylesheet, a Javascript in a document
  11. Manage encodings
  12. Set, read and erase cookies
  13. Import a module


This tutorial explains how to build a simple web based application : the example is a CD collection. The home page will show the list of records, with a counter of visits and a "login" link. People who successfully log in will be able to add / edit / remove records

The first step is to install Karrigell. Download the latest version, unzip it in a folder, open a console window and in this folder run python Karrigell.py. This will start the built-in web server on port 80

  1. Home page
  2. Managing The Database


  1. Counter
  2. Test Mysql
  3. Set Content-type header

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