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Karrigell/Import a module

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If you want to load a module in the Python standard distribution, or in a third-party package installed in the distribution, just use the usual

import mymodule

You might also want to import a module specifically designed for your web application. In this case you can't use import, because of the algorithm used by the Python interpreter to find a module by its name : the interpreter searches for a module of the specified name in a list of folders, and you can't reliably modify this list to add your application folder, because in a multithreaded server you have no control on it

So for this kind of module, you should use a different syntax :

mymodule = Import('')

The argument of Import() is the url for the module, it is resolved by the server as for all other urls

This module can use all the built-in names defined by Karrigell : this means that an imported module can itself import other user-defined modules by Import(), use the names in HTMLTags, etc