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C++ is the extension of C programming language and developed by Dr. Bjarne Stroustrup between 1983-1985 at AT&T Bell labs in New Jersey[1]. C++ is widely used in software infrastructure including desktop applications, servers like e-commerce, web search or SQL servers, and performance-critical applications like telephone switches or space probes)[2].

This book just tries to cover the basics of C++ in easy way. Nothing more, nothing less.

Development stage: 90% (as of December,20, 2016) First Program
Development stage: 00% (as of November 1, 2011) Variables
Development stage: 70% (as of December 6, 2016) Playing with operator
Development stage: 70% (as of December 6, 2016) Making statement
Development stage: 30% (as of December 16, 2016) Reading & Writing Files
Development stage: 20% (as of December 16, 2016) Pointing to Data
Development stage: 00% (as of December 16, 2016) C++,Peeking Advanced topics

Further Reading edit

For more information, see the following books:

  • C++ Primer by Stanley B. Lippman, Josée Lajoie, Barbara E. Moo(2012)
  • Accelerated C++: Practical Programming by Example by Andrew Koenig and Barbara E. Moo(2000)

Footnotes and References edit

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