What is Amiblitz (or Amiga Blitz Basic)?


Amiga Blitz Basic is amiblitz. A few features of Amiga Blitz Basic that make it distinctive are:

  • Structured BASIC language format, for modern, high quality coding
  • Compiled (not interpreted) executables for fast execution speed
  • Easy use of Amiga sound and graphics through special commands
  • Full access to Amiga ROM libraries and custom hardware
  • Runtime debugger
  • Active user base and ongoing development (as of 2006/2007)!

Amiga Blitz Basic was originally developed as commercial software under the name of Blitz Basic and then Blitz Basic 2 by Simon Armstrong and Mark Sibley of Acid Software in New Zealand. It was later re-released as freeware under the GNU General Public License. More recently Bernd Roesch and others of Amiforce have continued development of the editor and compiler, under the name Amiblitz.

Amiga Blitz Basic is free and can be downloaded http://www.amiforce.de The download file contains an installer and full instructions. Amiga Blitz Basic requires either an original Amiga computer with Kickstart and Workbench versions 3.0 or above, 12Mb Hard disk space, and an FPU, or an emulated Amiga (such as UAE or Amiga Forever) running on modern PC hardware. The latter is likely to be much faster and trouble free.

Amiga Blitz Basic Manual