mIRC Scripting is a built-in, interpreted scripting language for the mIRC IRC client for Windows. It is an easy-to-use and flexible script for uses ranging from automating and simplifying IRC tasks to making mini-programs such as file servers and away systems. Some people even utilize scripts to completely skin and program the IRC interface. These are usually called "full scripts," while individual, smaller scripting projects are known as "remotes" or "addons," or "snippets" for really small scripts. This wikibook will attempt to explain all the aspects of mIRC Scripting, starting from the very basic parts of the language for beginners, and delving into the more advanced topic for experts.

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A picture of the mIRC 6.31 script editor, with a remote script loaded.

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1. Starting From Scratch  

2. Learning the Ropes  

3. Advanced Subjects  

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