MIRC Scripting/Info/Manual of Style

This manual of style will be undergoing major work as the wikibook is belongs to is being constucted.

Basic Wikibook StyleEdit

  • The main format of the page hierarchy this book looks like this:
  • Title Page
  • Section
  • Chapter
  • Subpage (If any)
  • Every chapter/subpage should contain sections. The main idea of a section should be a first-level header. A sub-topic should be a second-level header. An offshoot of the sub-topic should be a third-level. There should be no need to go beyond a third-level.
  • Every content page MUST use the {{MIRC_Scripting/header}} template with the proper parameters and it must be the first item on the page. A content page is a page listed in, you guessed it, THE TABLE OF CONTENTS! This means do not use the header template on Images, Templates, pages in the section /Info/, or any other page that ISN'T a chapter of the book.
  • To make sure you don't break Firefox browsers, use : in place of * when there's multiple bullets. e.g. Instead of **** use :::*, instead of ** use :*, and so on.
  • For code examples, use a table, like so:
<syntaxhighlight lang="langname">
code goes here
  • For code in the middle of a sentence or commands for a user to type, use <tt>
  • For continuity's sake, most images should go on the right, because most of them are already over there, and it looks better.
  • Consult the main author BEFORE making massive changes, or any changes to a template/image

Development Stages StyleEdit

  • Please don't forget |devstage= in the {{MIRC_Scripting/header}} template. Also, make sure that the dev stage on the bookshelf, total progress for the book header, and each ToC entry is up to date.

Page StyleEdit

  • All pages not images or templates should have [[Category:MIRC Scripting]] on them.

Image StyleEdit

  • All images need [[Category:MIRC Scripting Images]] on their page.

Template StyleEdit

  • All templates need a usage section. It should be inside <pre> tags and should explain the syntax and usage of the template.
  • All templates also need [[Category:MIRC_Scripting_Templates]] on them.

Author Page StyleEdit

  • Nothing on the list of authors should be changed other than adding {{MIRC_Scripting/Author}} templates. The only other data besides an Author template should be the special thanks.
  • If a field does not apply to you, leave it alone.

To-Do Page StyleEdit

  • Please sign things to do with the four tildes (~~~~).

Use Common SenseEdit

Even if something might go against the Manual of Style, this is not written in stone, and not everything is covered in here. As long as it looks alright and is helpful the book it will most likely be fine.