MIRC Scripting/Info/Authors

List of AuthorsEdit

These people contributed a lot to the writing of the Wikibook and have their contributions listed here.

Author: PiemanXC
Email Address: YHaloTharSir@gmail.com
IRC Nick/Server/Channel: Pieman or Godot, irc://irc.scrollrack.com/ScriptX
AIM Screen Name: PiemanXC
MSN/Windows Live Messenger Screen Name: PiemanXC@hotmail.com
Contributions: I am the main author of the wikibook and the main contributor to it.

Special ThanksEdit

These people didn't make major edits to the book, but still made valuable contributions to the writing process.

  • Mike.lifeguard was a huge help to me as far as wiki markup, espeially Templates and categories, how to do things, and overall support.
  • Darklama helped me out with my templates.