Application Development with Harbour

Cross platform application development is a challenging task. Many script languages are designed to run on interpreters that are available for many operating systems. The harbour-project has a different approach. It is capable of compiling native applications for many operating systems like MS-DOS, Windows (32 & 64), Windows CE, Pocket PC, OS/2, GNU/Linux and Mac OS X and you only write one source code. The Harbour Project is a Free Open Source Software effort to build a multiplatform Clipper language compiler.

If you know nothing about harbour, you will get step-by-step instructions and many working code samples that help you get started so you can feel the power


  1. Introduction
  2. Installation
  3. Harbour Overview
  4. Control Structures
  5. Programming with Functions
  6. Object Oriented Programming
  7. Database Connectivity
  8. Understanding Workareas
  9. GUI Programming
  10. HbIDE
  11. Multi Thread
  12. OS Specific
  13. Debugging
  14. Reference

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