Java Web Application Development With Click Framework

Click Framework is a modern Jakarta EE web application framework, providing a natural rich client style programming model. Click is designed to be very easy to learn and use, with developers getting up and running within a day.


  • Very easy to learn
  • Component and Page Oriented design
  • Event base programming model
  • Automatic form rendering and client/server side validation
  • Page templating
  • Velocity and JSP page rendering
  • High performance

The design philosophy behind Click is best summarized in the Swedish word lagom which translates to not too little or too much, but optimal.

If you want to dive straight into some code examples see the Introduction.

Otherwise if you want to know why anyone would want to build another web application framework read Why Click?

The Click project has been lead by Malcolm Edgar, and has included contributing developers Phil Barnes, Ahmed Mohombe, Naoki Takezoe, Christian Essl, Stephen Haberman and Bob Schellink.

Click was hosted by SourceForge and later by Apache (ASF).

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Why Click
  3. Pages
  4. Controls
  5. Configuration
  6. Quick Start
  7. Best Practices
  8. Extras
  9. Building
  10. ClickIDE
  11. Velocity